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Fridge Brilliance

  • 'Mother' is considered a filthy word, or even as a joke. Did this book predict Your Mom as a joke?
    • Strictly speaking, no. Hilariously, given The Savage's fondness for Shakespeare, the Bard had some good Your Mom jokes in his repertoire. One standout example comes from Titus Andronicus:
      Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother.
      Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother.
  • Sending the "divergents" to the islands instead of culling them is not only in line with World State morality (since it allows them to attain their greatest level of happiness), it's also very smart policy for at least three reasons.
    • First, it allows the World State to keep and make use of those divergent intellects. Even the World State can use true independent thinkers (to come up with new and better technology for propitiating the masses, if nothing else), and there is always the chance that some catastrophe or Outside-Context Problem may come up, in which case the World State may suddenly need that capacity for innovation. And if that day ever comes, those minds are right there on the islands, ready for use.
    • Second, it helps ensure 100% divergent removal. If they culled the divergents, some at least would successfully hide themselves and undermine the system. But those who are smart enough to hide themselves are also smart enough to realize that the islands represent their best chance for a fulfilling life, and to deliberately get themselves sent there.
    • Third, in the event of catastrophic failure of the World State, the islands act as a failsafe to ensure humanity's survival. They are the most intelligent and free-thinking humans on Earth, which means that in the event of a full failure of the System they have the best chance of being able to build a new civilization.
  • For another reason why this 'brave new world' to us looks like hell look at its description of the characters' Blue-and-Orange Morality: 'good and bad' is now "happiness and unhappiness". Good and bad focuses on your actions and how they benefit or harm others and society as a whole. Happiness however seems more focused on your own personal benefit rather than anyone else's.