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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "And Then There Was Shawn," Shawn declares that virgins never die. Cory, Topanga and Shawn are all confirmed to be virgins. Who are the only three to make it through the episode?
    • Shawn claims he will get "as sick as you can possibly get without actually dying." Killing everyone, including your brother and girlfriend, to make sure your best friends' relationship works out is pretty sick.
    • Notice who comments on the matter: Shawn obviously knows that he's a virgin; he probably knows that Cory & Topanga are too - likely because Cory's complained to Shawn that Topanga won't do anything; Jack & Eric both proudly declare they're going to die - Shawn was living with them at the time, so either they've had girls round or they've talked about it in Shawn's presence; Angela doesn't comment, which foreshadows Angela's revelation to Topanga in "Promises, Promises" that Shawn can't hold a serious conversation on the matter.
  • Topanga going from a Granola Girl to a normal girl with a weird name is just her going through phases as she gets older, and a justified Characterization Marches On. Kids may be goth or hippies at one age, then grow out of it. Even some of the most conservative, hardworking adults were rebels in their youth.
    • Even more so when you remember that her parents were hippies as well, and so pre-pubescent little Topanga is probably just mimicking them. As she gets older she establishes her own identity.
  • The reason Shawn wears hippies clothes and 1970s fashion is because his family's poor. His clothes are hand me downs and from charities.
    • Likewise, why does the same thing apply to Cory in early seasons? His clothes are Eric's hand-me-downs, hence why he undergoes such a change in his style by the time he's in his senior year.
    • Shawn gets nicer clothes later on - as he can range farther on his own, he can find out where the good used-clothing stores are, isn't growing as fast as in middle school, and finally gets a job.
  • In the episode "And In Case I Don't See Ya" Rachel has a flashback to where she destroyed her stuffed rabbit by putting it the garbage disposal and was traumatized. A few episode before that Eric cheers her up by singing "Little Cabin in the Woods," a song about a rabbit running from a hunter (which is their roommate and her future boyfriend Jack's last name) to keep safe from harm. Because of the incident as a kid, the song cheers her up because the rabbit gets away safely. Could also be a foreshadowing to her and Jack's relationship not working in the long run.
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  • Speaking of Rachel, it's revealed in her first appearance "His Answer", that she gave up a scholarship to Yale in order to follow her then boyfriend to college at Pennbrook. This is a parallel to Topanga, who in the previous episode also decided to give up Yale in order to attend college with Cory at Pennbrook. Rachel's nasty break-up at the beginning of the episode is meant to show what could potentially happen between Cory & Topanga(thankfully it doesn't).
  • In "And Then There Was Shawn," the Death by Sex trope is invoked when Shawn states that virgins never die, then Jack & Eric (Who both accept they're going die) are both killed. Angela doesn't comment either way in that scene, so why does she die? What skin color is she, again?
  • Jack becoming more of a hard-ass in season 7. At first glance, one might think it a random characterization change, or possibly a result of his breakup with Rachel. But in "Honesty Night" from the previous season, Rachel tells him he's too nice and passive. His personality change was, at least partially, inspired by this. He's trying to prove he's not passive.
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  • While Cory is the star of the show, the show takes on a new meaning if you apply the title to Shawn. Shawn goes from a kid from the wrong side of the tracks to a confident young man. He goes through more hardships than Cory from being in foster care, to dealing with alcoholism and real life issues, discovering he had a long lost half brother, as well as losing his father who was a deadbeat. The title can apply to any of the main male characters who are students during the series.
  • After rewatching the pilot, where Feeny makes Cory understand the values taken from Romeo and Juliet, as well as Cory's dislike of girls, made me realize it's a set up for the rest of the series. Cory himself learns true love as the series goes on.
  • In "The Psychotic Episode", in Cory's second nightmare, Shawn is supposed to make a speech on Louis Pasteur, but he's doing magic tricks instead - specifically one where he tries to make milk disappear. What is Pasteur most famous for? Discovering pasteurisation, a technique used most commonly on milk.
    • Maybe Shawn really knew what he was doing - he does say "It has everything to do with Lou, trust me." Then again, it's not really Shawn who does or doesn't make this connection - it's Cory's subconscious, as it's his nightmare.

Fridge Logic

  • Season 5's "If You Can't Be With The One You Love" features Shawn develop a drinking problem, and at one point he grabs a bottle of beer from the fridge in the apartment. Except that beer shouldn't be there, as when you do the math, Eric & Jack are both under 21 (The legal drinking age) - Eric was confirmed to be 3 years older than 15 year old Cory in the Season 3 finale & started college a year late in Season 5, which would make him 20 by the end of that season; & "Then There Was Shawn" reveals that Jack is 8 months younger than Eric.
    • I thought that Jack was older than Eric? Eric mentions something in that same episode about being the lookout because he is the oldest. Jack then responds with "I'm the oldest" to which Eric replies, "Yeah, but I've lived the longest."
    • Eric claims to be eight months older than Jack in "Boy Meets Real World", which makes sense since he started college a year late. Eric said that to the camera when Jack wasn't around, so maybe Jack just thinks he's the oldest and Eric's "I've lived the longest" is actually correct.
      • Plus, bear in mind that the events of 'And Then There Was Shawn' was all Shawn's dream and doesn't have to be taken as gospel. It's entirely possible Shawn doesn't even know who's older between Jack and Eric. Either way, it's not, like, outside the realm of possibility that a 20-year-old college student may have some beer in his fridge. Jack probably doesn't drink given his history and his reaction to it, but Eric likely does.
      • If it is Eric's beer, that explains why he gets dumber in the later episodes.
    • There is one more possibility: The beer actually belongs to Alan, as he is in the habit of dropping by to hang out with Eric.
    • Also from the same episode, the cops let Cory and Shawn go due to being minors and having no prior arrests. Didn't Shawn get in trouble for blowing up a mailbox?
      • Depends. Is Shawn over 18 at the point he was let go, and did the mailbox thing happen prior to his 18th birthday?Because if so, his juvenile records had been sealed, and officially did not count.

Fridge Horror

  • Mr. Turner is in a vehicle accident in the season four episode "Cult Fiction" and is Brother Chucked but appears in an off screen Continuity Nod in the fifth season finale. Since he survived and we know little of his fate, it's possible he was paralyzed.
    • Jossed. He appears in the Girl Meets World episode "Girl Meets the New Teacher" and he's just fine. In-Universe, everyone already knew that.
  • In the finale of the first season, there's a non-canon joke where Cory and Shawn use the power of their minds to make Minkus disappear. Like Mr. Turner, Minkus is then Brother Chucked, and doesn't appear again until the above mentioned episode where a Continuity Nod is given to Mr. Turner. It seems that Cory and Shawn really did make Minkus disappear into another dimension, and it took him years to return.
    • Either that or Minkus was telling the truth. John Adams High seems like a big school and it's not uncommon for people in schools with thousands of students to not know everyone in their grade, or see them on a regular basis. It's also possible Minkus moved away and came back later on.
  • This article demonstrates that the show is filled with FridgeHorror.

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