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For the film:

Fridge Logic

  • Apart from "How did he buy that much with $1,000,000?", there's also "Where do you find an abandoned castle in the United States?" This was Lampshaded by Shay.
    • ...Texas, it turns out. 1415 Wooldridge Drive in Austin, to be specific.
    • Why did an FBI agent let Preston, a juvenile delinquent who inadvertently laundered $1,000,000, not only get away, but kiss him in front of her coworkers?
      • Aside from the dubiousness of putting his own values on the check, possible forgery concerning the house, and not getting adults involved sooner, he didn't actually commit any crimes. He got the money legitimately from a legitimate source he had no way of knowing was crooked, and spent it on legitimate items. As for the agent, being undercover at the bank she knew from the beginning that he had gotten the money and needed to prove it, but apparently not keep him from spending it. At the end she thought he was a sweet kid and left him hoping rather than crushing his crush- the kiss was a reward for his help in the investigation, and that's how she'll explain it to her coworkers. Finally, it's a 12 year old boy wish fulfillment movie.
      • Additionally, it’s perfectly legal to write whatever you want, in terms payee and amount, on a blank check, and as long as there’s money in the account to cover it, everything’s good. There are actually some limited instances where making out a blank check is a reasonable course of action, but otherwise, this movie shows why it’s generally a stupid thing to do.
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    • A synthesized voice has a peculiar quality most real human voices don't. Why wasn't this picked up by the sellers of real estate?
      • No reason for them to care, a buyer is a buyer, and a check is a check. If some guy is a security paranoiac that only speaks through a computer, who are they to judge?
      • Maybe they assumed that Mr. Macintosh has a vocal disability and uses a machine to speak for him?
      • Preston does make the excuse of a sore throat or laryngitis (it's been a while since I watched the movie) as to why Mr. Macintosh isn't talking himself. It's likely they just accepted this as the truth, thinking he was just an eccentric millionaire who didn't want to strain his voice during the bidding process.
  • Preston's home gets broken into by the crooks at one point. They even break the door down. And then they leave. This never gets brought up again, even when Preston is brought back home at the end of the movie.
  • Many people think Preston's parents were being complete assholes because they were more concerned about his bike getting damaged rather than the safety of their son, who was almost hit by a car. However, has anyone considered the possibility that Preston (either due to apathy or just being too shaken up by the event to talk about it) just didn't bother to tell them about the near hit and only mentioned that his bike simply got run over.
    • He was likely shaken up about almost being hurt and freaked his parents only cared about his bike. When a kid’s bike is run over (unless they leave their bike in their driveway) most parents ask if their kid is ok first even if they’re kid is not physically hurt they are likely a little freaked out about what happened and need a hug. Preston’s parents go into a rant about him being irresponsible with his bike despite the fact that Preston was almost hurt.