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Fridge / Black Mirror: The National Anthem

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Black Mirror Fridge
Series One
The National AnthemFifteen Million MeritsThe Entire History of You

  • The kidnapper in "The National Anthem" — an anonymous individual who with one action sows the seeds of chaos within an entire community and forces them to dance along to his tune through provocative, vulgar, and inflammatory actions, derailing all discussion until it's about him and what he's done and making everyone else do, all pretty much just to prove a point about how stupid everyone else is for getting caught up in what he's done. So, basically a glorified Troll, in other words.
  • Also regarding the kidnapper in "The National Anthem": it's possible that he committed suicide because the public appeared more concerned with pressuring the Prime Minister into acceding to his demands rather than worrying about the Princess's safety. If he wasn't a sociopath, realizing how horrible people can be would make a plausible Despair Event Horizon.
    • Fridge Logic: the episode deftly avoids the questions over how one man acting alone could possibly pull off the kidnapping of a high-profile royal, or whether he was indeed acting alone.
    • It's also possible that he just killed himself in order to escape punishment; after all, kidnapping and holding a princess hostage would probably result in life imprisonment.
    • Maybe he was someone she trusted, and he took advantage of her trust in order to kidnap her, which contributed to his reaction. And that also contributed to him choosing to use his own finger rather than hers. Maybe she was a big fan of his art so they became acquainted...