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Fridge / Black Mirror: The Entire History of You

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Black Mirror Fridge
Series One
The National AnthemFifteen Million MeritsThe Entire History of You

  • Fridge Brilliance for The Entire History of You. The memory grains that store everything you're doing at every point in your life are a clear metaphor for social networking, and the habit of recording everything one is up to as a status update. Do you really want to keep all that around forever? Rendered somewhat scarier by Facebook's introduction of a "timeline" feature, which quite literally lets you zip around to see your exact thoughts, location, and activities at any point in your life where Facebook has data to display, from your birth onwards. Virtually everything depicted in the programme is now at least vaguely possible.
  • In The Entire History of You, Liam's suspicious and paranoid behaviour — when you think that spouses in regular circumstances who believe their partner is cheating on them are usually 'right', then his behaviour is totally justified, and magnified, by being able to replay all the memories to pick up on all the things that triggered those thoughts over and over again over the years.
    • Also a commentary on one possible and unhealthy relationship people can have with e-communication and social media: poring over our partner's texts, tweets, status updates etc., reading into tiny details, obsessing over who they are communicating with and how and when — all of which feeds and amplifies our worst paranoid instincts.