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Fridge Brilliance

  • Many fans were annoyed at Ben's reduced competence and attitude towards Rook, especially early in Omniverse. However, considering that in the first episode Gwen and Kevin left just a few hours ago both of these things make sense.
    • From Alien Force onwards, Ben has always been part of a team with Gwen and Kevin. Even if he says he can do this solo he still instinctively fights as if he has them backing him up and vice versa, since that's what he's been used to since he put the Omnitrix back on. Even with Rook he still needed time to adjust to his new partners fighting style.
    • His attitude towards Rook also makes sense, as he is a total stranger fresh from the Academy assigned to functionally replace his best friend and cousin. The fact that Ben had no input or warning about this development makes his initial hostility somewhat justified.
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  • You can't really blame Chadzmuth for never having attended Intergalactic High Court prior to the series. Besides the likely hellish law school he went to taking much of his youth, give or take the galvan intelligence, such an event is probably once in a millennium perhaps even rare: What kind of crime would be so terrible it'll require every living being in the whole universe? Since neither the Highbreed, Vilgax or Maltruant have triggered one they're either that good to cover their legal tracks or the Intergalactic High Court is under a massive Godzilla Threshold reserved for the absolute worst crimes imaginable. Little wonder Chadzmuth predicted it'd end up as an unishment, he'd probably compare it to getting tried in Supreme Court for jaywalking if asked to elaborate.
  • Albedo's ultimate aliens look quite different in Omniverse when you compare them to Ben's in Ultimate Alien (Ultimate humungosaur is grey instead of green and has a horn on its face, Ultimate Spider Monkey has an extra pair of arms and lacks the spider-like legs and Ultimate Echo-Echo has a pair of cables from the shoulders to the forearms). According to Word of God, the Ultimatrix creates the ultimate forms by running a simulation of that species in a worst case scenario...when Albedo built a new device, he run those simulations again, getting slightly different results.
  • Khyber's pet, when confronting Ben, doesn't transform into the fitting predator to Ben's current alien until "It Was Them". This suddenly makes sense when you realize in all the previous confrontations, Ben transformed after him, while he was already in alien form when the pet confronted him in this episode. Word of God hinted this was intended.
    • 'Of Predators And Prey' reveals it can rapidly transform into different forms at Khyber's command. Why didn't it do this before? Ben only recently discovered it was one creature and not a large number of isolated incidents. Khyber was trying to maintain the element of surprise by keeping Ben in the dark.
  • Gwen's voice actor from the original series didn't return to voice young Gwen and is instead voiced by Ashley Johnson, the voice of Gwen now. If you listen you can hear her trying to sound like her original, but you can tell the difference. Now if you want a canon reason as to why her voice sounds different as opposed to the hand wave of The Other Darrin... This is an 11-year-old just going through a little puberty!
    • This is also the explanation Zak's change in voice as he's presented as 16 instead of 13 here.
  • Malware is defeated rather easily in the first episode, and almost seems to be exaggerating his ego and cleverness when asking if Ben has any last "Pithy quips or clever observations", before easily running off when confronted with Feedback. He got what he needed already (a sample of the Omnitrix's code). He just needed an excuse to retreat.
  • Ben never getting the alien he wants, despite the Omnitrix's upgrades makes sense as he has so many aliens now that he probably only has time to hope he's getting the one he wants.
    • OTTO Motives shows best why Ben taking the time to look for the right alien can have consequences. He's taking so long to cycle through them all to find the one he thinks is right for the situation (it worked, but the not the point) that by the time he's picked it, Kevin's car is falling to its doom. Any longer trying to look for the right alien might have got them all killed.
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  • Why is the use of the Nemetrix so powerful against Ben, when, logically, the lifeforms in the Omnitrix are dominant and are able to fight back against their predators? Because Ben fights entirely on instinct, meaning he's far more vulnerable against the predators in the Nemetrix than their actual prey. He's never been taught how to fight against them, while they know exactly how to deal with him, putting him at a severe disadvantage.
  • Rook's given name is Blonko, pronounced identically to the Spanish word for the color 'white', blanco; and what color is Rook's face?
    • Light blue.
      • No it's clearly White dude.
      • You're both wrong; it's grey.
      • Actually, it's both.
      • That's face paint. His skin is more likely more of a periwinkle color if we look at Kundo's face.
  • In Rook's culture, using contractions (it's, he'd, etc) is considered very rude and most members of his race avoid doing it. However, Rook uses a contraction in a commercial bumper ("It's R&B, it's Rook and Ben!"), seemingly in an out-of-character moment...but the bumper is in the style of a rap video. Normally, rap is known for cussing and other "rude" language—to a Revonnahgander learning about it for the first time on Earth, using contractions fits the style perfectly!
  • It was pretty much implied or outright stated that Ben has never been popular in school, until UA where his identity was revealed. So the fact that Billy Billions is so jealous of how popular Ben was when they were younger should be a case of Canon Discontinuity, right? Wrong! The examples of Ben being more 'popular' than Billy are told by Billy, who, with his skewed perception and highly inflated ego, is a case of an Unreliable Narrator. We can easily see how the situation actually played out when you think about it.
    • The case of the teacher picking Ben to answer the question despite not knowing the answer, had Ben acting like his typical prankster and trouble-causing self. Yes, he was getting attention that Billy wanted, but the kids around them didn't seem particularly interested in what Ben was saying.
    • And with the picking teams, it's implied that Ben and Billy are the last two to be picked. Not what you'd expect of someone so popular, eh? And the reason for the blonde girl picking Ben over Billy? Well, wouldn't you rather pick the boy actually in the gym uniform and isn't wearing a bow tie that could become a choking hazard in the right (or wrong, really) circumstances?
      • That, and about Billy knowing that Ben could turn into aliens? Not a case of continuity error, as it's pretty much shown that, although having an ego that size of his head, Billy is fairly smart. And stalkerish, considering he was on a helicopter watching for Ben. So him figuring out that Ben could transform considering how much Ben likes "going hero" isn't very hard to believe. And Billy not telling anyone is also obvious, seeing as how he wouldn't want to make Ben even 'more' popular than he perceives him to be.
  • Ben 23 is shorter than Ben 10, less mature than Ben 10, has the old Omnitrix, and has a voice similar to when he was ten-years old. This is a reality where Grandpa Max has died and Ben 23 has lived without his influence, fighting against Azmuth thinking he was an "evil monster hater alien". In this reality you could say that without Grandpa Max, Ben 23 hasn't grown as much as Ben 10.
    • His younger age and immaturity could also explain why, despite being, per Word of God, younger than regular Ben, has nearly as many Aliens as him: Unlike regular Ben, who per Alien Force had taken a hiatus at some point from being a hero, Ben 23's been doing it continuously. He unlocked his 50 aliens from his original 10 over time. It's also why, also per Word of God, why he doesn't have Jetray: he didn't get Jetray unlocked with the other 10 starting Alien Force set.
    • Ben 23 is somewhere, by word of God, between 12 and 14. That implies that he unlocked something between 20 and 10 aliens a year, depending on how old he exactly is. Canonically Ben unlocked 4 aliens without scanning or having someone like Azmuth or Xylene unlock, suggesting that for him over the course of about 2 and a half to 3 months. That suggests a rate of Ben unlocking, normally, about 12 aliens a year with frequent use. With or without scanning aliens, given that there was no way Ben 23 would have let an alien unlock forms for him, the math actually works out pretty well.
    • This also why Ben 23 has a higher opinion of his version of Pesky Dust (Nighty Knight) than Ben does: 23 probably unlocked the alien more naturally and was able to actually see what it did on his own unlike Ben's own situation. Similarly being cute likely was useful for marketing for Ben 23, a concern that Prime Ben rarely if ever has.
  • Why did Khyber's pet need Khyber's command to change form? Because the coding of the Nemetrix wasn't complete: It was functioning on the prototype Omnitrix's code, which also explains why Khyber's pet transformed so rapidly and uncontrollably in "Outbreak".
  • In Omniverse, Ben has been turning into the wrong alien quite a few times. Derrick says that these transformations are entirely Ben's fault. This makes little sense when you realize that this barely happened in Alien Force-until you realize that in Alien Force he was dealing with all new aliens as opposed to his old ones with a new look. He simply doesn't recognize his old aliens with the newer Omnitrix.
    • If you look at the new iPad-style interface on the Omnitrix, you can see that it has the advantage of showing all the aliens in that particular "playlist." As a trade-off, the transformations are represented by small faces instead of the more descriptive holograms of the past Omnitrixes. In the heat of the moment it would all too easily to select the wrong alien.
      • Indeed, at the start of the episode "Many Happy Returns", Ben wants to go XLR 8, yet plainly chooses the Rath face, who he turns into. Seeing as how the two aliens look nothing alike, maybe Ben needs glasses.
    • A few times in the older series he tried to transform into an alien like Rath while the hologram was that of Goop, it is possible that he doesn't really look sometimes and is in a rush. That being said, the size and choice of icons of faces on the new Omnitrix aren't as easy to distinguish as the older models silhouettes or holograms.
  • Throughout the series, Classic Ben's favorite alien was stated to be Feedback. He said that Feedback felt like he was a part of him in some way. Guess who voices Feedback? the same person who voices Modern Ben.
  • You probably noticed this already, but look at Ben's new look: the design is similar to his 10-year-old self, and the color scheme is more like AF and UA.
  • How did Ben 10,000 come up with the idea of creating an Omnitrix (or rather, two) that can combine DNA from two species to turn him into hybrids? He probably remembered that time when he was 10 and he removed the faceplate of the first Omnitrix, causing it to do exactly that.
  • The reason that Ben gets Feedback again might be due to the fact that Malware, having absorbed the Omnitrix's code earlier in his life and destroying Feedback, might have left him with residual data. Enough data that the Omnitrix would notice and give back.
    • That's still contradictory with the fact Azmuth clearly stated a failsafe prevented the Omnitrix from ever accepting Conductoid DNA in the first place.
      • And then you realize that it's a new Omnitrix.
      • Which is still a case of Fridge Logic : by that logic, Azmuth should have known that and placed Feedback's DNA in the new Omnitrix again. He may be a dick, but that's pushing it to think he wouldn't do that.
      • Perhaps Azmuth thought it would be better off for Ben to deal with the consequences of losing an alien form, to help him cope with loss, since as he put it himself, Ben doesn't seem to learn much from winning.
      • I keep saying this is overestimating Azmuth's dickery, and even if it was the real reason, you'd expect them to actually mention it.
      • Omniverse tends to Flanderize some aspects of the show, such as the Omnitrix's time outs, and Ben's intelligence level. Honestly, with this theory of Azmuth being this much of a dick, he's probably a much nicer guy then how he could've turned out in the show.
      • Who ever said that AZMUTH included the fail save? It could have been Malware.
  • While Water Hazard defeating the Ultimate Panuncian may seem like an Ass Pull, it actually makes sense. If the high pressure of the water was continuously sprayed into the mouth of any creature, it would be very difficult for that creature to breathe, even at the size the Panuncian was.
  • The fact that Khyber specialized in countering Ben's alien forms by using the Nemetrix to give him control of their natural predators may bring to mind a plot point from the Ben 10,000 arc, where Ben won the day by dropping the alien forms and fighting as himself. Shouldn't Khyber have looked up the natural predator for humans just to be safe? Well, how do we know Khyber himself doesn't cover that?
    • Humans don't have a natural predator. Which is why Khyber's pets can never beat Ben, even when they have the advantage. We're Apex Predators.
    • This is even more awesome when you consider that very few other aliens are implied to be this, the only other confirmed one being Upchuck's race.
    • Um, Polar Bears hunt humans if they catch us in their environment. That's why Eskimo Babies don't cry.
      • Yeah, but they are not our predators. Only thing that could fight an Apex Predator is another Apex Predator.
  • That padlock hanging from Kevin's neck may just be a ready source of hardened steel for Kevin to absorb at any time.
    • Even better, apparently he keeps a piece of Taedenite in there.
  • In 'Something Zombozo This Way Comes', Ben doesn't really seem scared of clowns again until Max is turned. It seems logical for Ben to be scared of his grandfather becoming a zombie, let alone a clown. The idea of Max becoming a zombie clown was terrible enough to put the fear back in him.
    • Furthermore, it's implied that the flashback where Max is in clown makeup is when Ben acquired his fear of clowns in the first place.
  • At first it doesn't make sense that Earth us suddenly a strategic point that an empire like the Incurseans could use to conquer the galaxy when it's been regularly described as backwater. Until you remember that this was after Ben's reconstruction of the universe. Of course he'd made it that much more important.
    • Alternately, it's a strategic point because it's a back-water planet; being desolate from the rest of everything would provide a measure of prep-time before the in-bound enemy arrived, which an out-bound enemy wouldn't care as much about.
  • Big Chill being redesigned to be larger and more muscular suddenly makes a bit more sense when you realize that his name is Big Chill.
  • Why are there so many predatory alien species preying on smaller but more intelligent species (Buglizards to Lediopteranns/Stinkfly's race for instance)? Because predation by these species over millions of years led to adaptions in mental ability to counter their brute strength, with the members of the preyed on species not able to adapt being eaten and as a result leaving only more intelligent offspring.
  • It makes sense that Alien X could survive the Annihilarg because the Celestialsapiens exist outside the universe. Atomic X was vulnerable to the Chronosapien time bomb because it wiped out everything except that particular universe.
  • Proctor Servantis sees Ben as the greatest threat there is to the universe, despite all evidence to the contrary. Miguel De Cervantes wrote Don Quixote, a story of a man who chases after imaginary threats.
  • Ben's increased liking of scary things makes sense: He turns into aliens, some of which are rather frightening, on a daily basis.
  • When Helen and Manny were first introduced in Alien Force, they showed some basic knowledge of who the Plumbers were but none of the Plumber's Kids concept the overall series introduced. While targeting everyone they assumed to be alien invaders, they expressed a belief at one point that they were ordinary humans mutated into the half-alien hybrids they are now. Come the Rooters arc, this notion is actually proven correct.
  • In the original series episode "Ken 10", Ben 10,000 explained he included aliens such as Stinkfly and XLR 8 in Kenny's Omnitrix so he could run away when things get too intense. Among the other aliens he included was Toepick, whose power is revealed in the Omniverse series to involve his hideous face that can scare literally anybody. In a way, this could be seen as another method Ben 10,000 is giving his son to escape intense situations, as Kenny could've simply scared his opponent and made a break for it while they were down.
  • Prior to this series, the reason Ben had his Omnitrix removed between the original series and Alien Force was never shown or hinted at. With Omniverse revealing his confrontation, and resulting trauma, with Malware, we may now have a catalyst for his retirement.
    • We may also have a source for another aspect of he series via Malware, or rather a lack of Malware. With how much Ben sought out being an alien form in the form of Feedback, it is not hard to see that a timeline where Malware did not destroy Feedback as the source of the original Ben 10,000. Ben would have never have removed the original Omnitrix without Malware, meaning he'd have never had it reform and reset like in Alien Force. It is also not hard to see a Ben in that situation begin to overuse transformations in general as a take on the 'don't use Feedback as much' intervention, which would slowly lead to Ben staying as them constantly as we saw in Ben 10,000's first appearance. This would have also led him to see the forms as second skins and not individuals or 'pets', which would have led to him ceasing to name them. Age 15/alien force's Highbreed and Vilgax incidents would probably have just sealed the deal on who Ben 10,000 would be until his past self came through crosstime.
  • One of the things that bugged me about Alien Force with Kevin was his claims of being told about the Plumbers as a kid by his mom, but when he met Ben back in "Kevin 11" he seemed to have no idea about aliens. With the introduction of Servantis, it makes sense. He implanted fake childhood memories within Kevin of those stories long after that episode. As far as Kevin was concerned, he knew about aliens his whole life. But one has to wonder how Servantis altered the first encounter with Ben then.
  • During the climax of the final episode when Ben is holding a Big Bang and weaponizing it against Maltruant, one thing that is questionable is Ben constantly switching forms despite there being no reason to and no indication that he is even using the quick change feature. However, this suddenly makes sense when you look back at the thirteenth episode of the franchise, 'Secrets', during which Ben is constantly switching forms not because of a quick change feature (he hadn't discovered it yet) but because the Omnitrix had been subjected to too much energy. Ben wasn't quick changing, the Omnitrix was switching him through each of his aliens due to the massive energy surge caused by Feedback attempting to absorb the Anihilaarg's Big Bang.
  • If I recall correctly, the aliens in the Omnitrix (save for a few like the Andromeda Five and Cham Alien) are the best of their species in terms of genetics. This explains why Ben was able to beat Looma with Four Arms when she beat every other Tetramand she's ever fought. Four Arms literally the perfect male Tetramand.
  • Ghostfreak returns in this series, now in Ben's complete control. He also got a redesign, complete with shackles around the Omnitrix. At first you'd think this was just to make him spookier like all the other Ectonurites shown, but then you realize this form isn't Zs'Skayr. This Ghosftreak is 'bound' to the Omnitrix.
  • More Fridge Heartwarming; at the end of the Showdown 2-parter when Ben asks if Azmuth is going to thank him and Azmuth just gives a sarcastic comeback. Sound's like he's being a Main/Jerkass, until you consider his words. "You expect me to put on some humiliating display every time you save a planet or two? Who has that sort of time?" In other words: "If I thanked you every time you pulled off a major feat of heroism I'd never get anything done." It's Azmuth's way of complimenting how much good Ben does for the universe while maintaining his usual level of aloofness.
  • It is implied that Ben had not used Blitzwolfer or Snare-Oh (the once Benwolf and Benmummy) after the original series, while it is implied that he did rename, and thus probably use, Frankstrike (the once Benviktor) at some point after first using him. Given that Frankenstrike is a lot more straightforward and physical than the other two, Ben probably liked him/found him more natural to use. Blitzwolfer had Kai-based baggage was also probably a factor.
  • The art style, continuity, voice actors, etc being frequently altered by beings with multiple personalities that paralyze themselves until agreement can be reached...are we talking about Celestialsapiens or the writing and executive staff of the various series?
  • When Ben first transforms into Gravattack, Crashhopper, and other aliens introduced in this series, he doesn't recognize them at all and doesn't have a name for them (since they are new, of course). However, the first time he transforms into Shocksquatch, he immediately says "Shocksquatch, cool.", meaning he knew the alien. The only time Ben used Shocksquatch before was in Heroes United, thus meaning the crossover is canon.
  • Some have wondered about why Ben 23 has alien forms that shouldn't have been avaliable to him based on his scope and time scape, like Toolboxx (Armadrillo) and Teeny Weeny (Nanomech). However there is a possible source for those forms: Ben Prime. The Omnitrix's may have synced up at some point, leading to them adding aliens to each other that they didn't have originally. Omnitrixes have synced up in the series before.
    • It is also possible that the Ben 23 Omnitrix is more like the reboot Omnitrix with aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy being in it natively.
  • Attea’s plan may not make perfect sense at the end of the Frog War arc. It seems quite obvious that her hatred of Ben is very much genuine, noticeably when she went out of her way to fight him multiple times with Milleous not even present. However, if one were to connect all the possible implications, it kinda starts to work. When Attea was hunting down Ben in “The Frogs of War: Part 1” she actually wasn’t trying to kill him, rather negotiate with him, willing to temporarily put their differences aside to help conspire against and defeat her father Milleous. Once he was disposed of, she was likely going to betray Ben and try to eliminate him and his friends as well. However, once she saw how handsome Ben’s Incursean form was, she decided to spare him, lying about her original ulterior motives, and was content enough with Milleous out of her way.
  • Why do Ditto’s powers work differently here than in the original series? Simple, this is the new and improved Omnitrix, and it would make sense that it would remove some of the alien’s huge flaws, or at the very least, make the transformations more practical. Case in point, the life/pain link between the Ditto clones is now phased out.
  • Azmuth's rather strange naivete towards the misuse of his inventions like the Sword of Ascalon is actually answered when Albedo gains Azmuth's intelligence; he immediately realizes how pointless his hatred and criminal actions were before Ben pulls the plug on him. If this is the way Azmuth sees the universe as his regular point of view, it's no wonder he doesn't fully consider the possibilities of his inventions as weapons. Consider that the actions of conquerors like Vilgax cause pointless destruction to suit their vanity and revenge-obsessed beings like Albedo ultimately make their lives worse in the long run, Azmuth may not be able to fully understand why any being would actually choose such self-destructive paths when being "good" is more rewarding and healthier in the long run. Word of God even states that Azmuth is too smart to be evil, which probably explains his Surrounded by Idiots attitude.
  • During the first episode of Omniverse when we see kid Ben in action, he tells Malware that he is not the first Galvanic Mechamorph he's dealt with. The statement at this point isn't wrong if one was to consider previous fights with Malware...but telling Malware that would be stupid even for Omniverse kid Ben. However note the episode Trouble Helix where Ben's mistransformation is Four Arms trying to go Diamondhead. Diamondhead proved to be the best alien to fight Malware, possibly even more so than Feedback. We can assume that Ben fought a Mechamorph offscreen at one point as Diamondhead and kid Ben remembered that.
    • He could also be alluding to Kevin, who did turn into Upgrade during "Framed" in the Classic show.
  • Why do Attea and Looma seem to enjoy fighting Ben over the remote in “Catfight”? The answer may be more simple than you think. Because both Tetramand and Incursean cultures have an established affinity for violence/war, it would make sense that Ben trying to beat them up for the form-changing device would come off as romantic by their standards. It also helps further detail the plot of the episode: because both of them want to marry certain aliens (Bullfrag and Four Arms), they not only get to choose his respective alien forms, but also get the thrill and attention they want by forcing a worthy male opponent to chase a respective girl.
    • Matt Wayne has confirmed this for Attea. While Bullfrag is still Attea’s favorite, she is nonetheless aroused when Ben in general is “conquering” enemies on major scales.
  • The Omnitrix in Alien Force was mentioned by Word of God to have a feature that automatically downloads each alien's powers into the user's mind. This feature appears not to be present in the new Omnitrix, seemingly adding on to the Informed Ability that it's an "improved version," right? However, notice how from the episode "Outbreak" onwards, Kickin Hawk (and every new alien used after) have no trouble figuring out their powers (the only possible exception is Gutrot, and even he knew plenty of things in his debut that he logically shouldn't have). It seems that when Blukic and Driba fixed the Omnitrix, they must have reactivated this feature.
  • The fact that the recreated Ultimatrix appears to possess both a master control and the ability to switch from ultimate to ultimate makes sense when you considerhow it works; it is not the source of Albedo's transformations, this remains the work of the genetic alterations he made to himself in Ultimate Alien, the recreated Ultimatrix simply stabelizes his DNA, allowing him to remain in any chosen alien form he wishes, as such there is no need to route it all through his human form. Meanwhile however the evolution function worked on the original Ultimatrix in the recreated Ultimatrix it clearly evolves the active DNA, so when Albedo transforms, the Ultimatrix simply evolves the new DNA.

Fridge Horror

  • Practically everything in Khyber's trophy room becomes massive Fridge Horror when you realize most aliens whose body parts are present are sentient beings in the Ben 10 Universe.
  • In the episode "So Long & Thanks for the Smoothies" the universe is destroyed thanks to the Annihilaarg. Ben then copies the universe and everything continues as normal except he has a stylin' new jacket. The horror kicks in once you realize that this universe is just a copy. All the characters we've grown to know and love are all dead and the ones we will be viewing from now on are just a bunch of glorified clones.
    • Kind of makes you stop and wonder, has this ever happened before?
    • This assumes that Alien X didn't simply shuffle every living thing that existed one nanosecond before the Annihilaarg went off into the new universe. It's Alien freakin' X! He can do that, and it arguably makes more sense, since we can assume that beings that Ben isn't aware of (and could thus not "clone") are still present in the new universe.
    • However, it seems that Derrick is going with the idea that Primus was wiped out of existence thanks to the Annihilaarg. So either this was intentional, which makes no sense as Ben has no reason to wipe it out of existence, or he forgot to put it back. It wouldn't be a very long stretch to assume that Alien X can bring people back, but the real question is if he can.
    • I don't think Alien X can bring people back and yes, Word of God is that the new universe made is not an exact copy of the old, hence things like Primus not existing and other various Retcons in certain areas and new character looks, like Gwen's and Kevin's (and the way their powers work now.) Since places, appearances, and powers are different, it can be assumed that the characters themselves really are new existences entirely. It didn't matter if Ben wasn't aware of certain beings, since Alien X (or, to be more precise, Bellicus and Serena) were, being omnipotent and all that, so they were copied, albeit imperfectly.
      • Gets even worst when you take in account the fact that Primus isn't the only thing to have been Ret-Gone; according to Word of God, characters such as Eunyce have removed as well. Who knows how many other people didn't get brought back thanks to Ben's incompetence to use Alien X?
      • This may also mean the likes of Julie coming back are likely very slim as well.
      • Well, Julie's appeared in the series after the Annihilaarg hit. However, this very well may explain why they were broken up in the series.
  • "Hot Stretch" involves a bunch of aliens trying to literally cause a volcanic eruption in the middle of Bellwood. While Ben did stop it, of course, who knows how many people might have died in this sudden apparition of lava in the middle of the inhabited town? Especially seeing how entire buildings are seen touched. To make things worse, the aliens get away with it.
  • What did Malware absorb that made him look so reptilian looking?
    • A Tachyon Cannon. It disrupts every individual cell with matching DNA taking the target apart on a sub cellular level. Malware absorbed it. He looks like he does now. Kind of a bit of Fridge Logic as to how it makes him look like that, but oh well.
      • He did just get ripped apart on a sub cellular level. Maybe Malware couldn't make himself look the way he did before, or deliberately changed himself at his first given opportunity to do it. And why wouldn't he? His old form still was incredibly recognizable to the typical Galvanic Mechamorph, and considering Malware believes himself superior he'd probably want to make himself as different as possible. Either that or Rule of Cool.
  • "Store 23" seems like such a cute and funny episode...until we see Ben 23 and the idea of him beating up the allies that the original Ben 10 and tearing them apart.
  • Malware destroying Feedback, if you think about it. Before narrating the event, Ben mentions that Feedback felt like he was part of him, more so than other aliens. Malware pulled him out of Feedback. Ben must have felt like if a part of him was being ripped off from him before seeing said part being destroyed right in front of his eyes... no wonder then that he was so horrified and traumatized by the event.
  • The Gourmands devour their own planet before moving on to another world. They've done this several times, meaning they've caused the destruction of multiple ecological biomes. And everyone is generally okay with this.
    • The planets looked barren actually. Since they can eat anything they might not need a biome.
  • Eyeguy's redesign isn't too different from his original one, save for the fact that he now has eyes in the palms of his hands. Now then I'm not too sure about this, but if he's fighting with Eyeguy and he makes a fist wouldn't he be curling his fingers into his eye? What about if he blocks a punch with his hand?
    • Those eyes would safely move out of the way.
  • The Nemetrix holds the DNA of the primary predator of every species in the Omnitrix. What kind of Eldritch Abomination hunts To'kustar?!
    • Or having a counter of Alien X.
      • Anything immune to Alien X's abilities or better yet, just something that can cut off the minds from each other, Alien X has plenty of exploitable weaknesses, it doesn't have to be brute force.
      • The Nemetrix can't create a counter that doesn't already exist. It only brings out the "natural predator" of a given Omnitrix alien. It stands to reason that Celestialsapiens don't have a natural predator.
    • The predator of the To'kustar is apparently a virus. Despite being only a concept now, one can only imagine the sheer horror. A small being taking down the To'kustar makes sense, but just how big would they be?! Or are they the same size as human viruses, but just much worse?!
  • The implications behind the Esoteric Happy Ending of Frogs of War. So Attea is in charge of the Incursean Empire, now? Congratulations, heroes: you just unleashed in the Galaxy a Psychopathic Manchild over a Galactic Conqueror in charge an empire with the required technology to blow up planets just by drawing switch. Sure this will go well for everybody...
  • How did Ben know about Toepick's scary face in the first place? Did anyone saw it beforehand?
    • I don't think he even knew who Toepick was at that point. He just transformed into him and Psyphon was just creeped out by seeing him, which are his powers. Just seeing him will make you tense up in fear. Though, that makes Toepick himself walking Fridge Horror.
      • It may also make his entire species a walking tearjerker when you think about it.
      • Derrick J. Wyatt has said that even Alien X would be terrified by Toepick's face. It's that level of a Brown Note. But presumably they aren't affected by looking at each other.
      • Derrick J. Wyatt also mentioned that Ma Vreedle isn't scared of Toepick's face because she saw worse. Which raises the question: What did she see that's worse than Toepick's face?
  • The episode "Rad Monster Party" finally introduces us to the Anur System, home of the various "monster" aliens. While a bit of creepy-ness is to be expected from the home system of the alien versions of the Universal Monsters, there's one thing that seems to be present in this system that REALLY makes it stand out in this troper's mind: the massive cobweb-like structures that stretch across the system in all directions and seem to connect all the various planets and moons in the Anur System to one-another. Does this mean that the Anur System is home to some manner of gigantic space-spiders so cosmically massive that they make Way Big look like Nanomech?
  • Per Word of God Ultimate Ben 10,000 is no longer Ben's future and original Ben 10,000 featured in the Original Series as well as Omniverse is Ben's future that is canon again. That's good and all, until one remembers what that implies. The Omniverse Ben is going to mutilate Vilgax into pieces, is going to loose the joy of being a hero for about a decade, is going to isolate himself away from Gwen and Max, and Kevin is going to have severe relapse issues. Thanks Wyatt, that is so much better.
    • This is actually subverted in a way. Many of Wyatt's WOG statements can easily be contradicted and are often seen as unreliable even by the Ben 10 wiki (which uses these statements). Take Primus for example; Wyatt said that is was destroyed by the Anihilaarg yet one of the writers, Matt Wayne who specifically stated "Nothing's definite until we address it in Omniverse" and this logic can be used to discard every single WOG statement about the series. In fact Matt Wayne also said that the future in the original series and Omniverse is "just one of many possible futures".
    • The way I see it, the futures seen in the Ben 10 shows are always in a state of flux as to which future is Ben's true future. When we see the first Ben 10,000 in the original series, he didn't remember doing the same thing when he was 10. This establishes that Ben's future was already changed when older Gwen brought him & 10-year-old Gwen to her future where Ben turned into who he did, thus it's based on the trajectory he was on at that moment and he changed, then it was changed after he saw it, making it an alternate timeline. When we see the second depiction of Ben 10,000, it's established he's a different version. Similar, but very different. When 16-year-old Ben came into contact with this one, while that Ben 10,000 remembered the events of the episode, and presumably some more of the adventures that came to pass afterwards in Ultimate Alien, when it came to the end of the series, the timeline shifted again due to Ben gaining the new Omnitrix. The future we saw in UA was true at the time, but it became alternate at that point. The Ben 10,000 we see in Omniverse is clearly a different one than in the original series, and I really wish that the Ben 10 Wiki people would make the distinction. This new Ben 10,000 is influenced by the events of Omniverse and is very similar to the original series' depiction, but isn't exact. This is how I see these 3 depictions of Ben 10,000. This is helped by the fact that they have different voice actors in each series. In the OS, he's voiced by Fred Tatasciore, in UA, he's voiced by Sean Donnellan, and in Omniverse by Judd Nelson. Omniverse's Ben 10,000 future is also depicted with broad strokes in regards to being the one from the original series. The episode with Kenny was already declassified as canon by Man of Action, Ben 10K's personality is more jokey like Omniverse's Ben rather than more serious like originally depicted, he has the Biomnitrix (what's the point other than new toys or visuals in episodes by the way?) instead of the upgraded Omnitrix, Kenny's not being trained to be a hero, Kevin's still reformed rather than being evil and in the null void, he's still in a relationship with Gwen in the future, Devlin's nowhere to be found, Argit's in the future, and a whole bunch of other stuff that's either contradictory, or not explained. The designs of everything is just fanservice that doesn't make sense. I get that Ben would look the way he does, maybe Gwen, but why in the hell does Kevin still have the design from "Ken 10"? It doesn't make sense. Has it been mentioned that Derrick J. Wyatt has a hard-on for the original series so large, he retconned things from AF and UA and didn't bother to explain their disappearances other than that he hated them? Seriously, that's why I take most things in Omniverse with a grain of salt.
    • We see it as Broad Strokes, but Wyatt sees it as 'the' same guy. Meaning, as noted before, The Omniverse Ben is going to mutilate Vilgax into pieces, is going to loose the joy of being a hero for about a decade, is going to isolate himself away from Gwen and Max, and Kevin is going to have severe relapse issues. Thanks Wyatt, that is so much better.
  • Vilgax pretty much skinned Malware’s corpse and wore his skin as armor.
  • If you go back and re-watch The Most Dangerous Game Show, you'll probably start to realize that Zenith is a monster, and that this episode is much darker than you previously thought. Think about it: Ben discovers The Most Delicious Game on the Extranet, and Rook tells him that it's a very popular show. Of course, they later find out that all the losers get sent to the Null Void for Zenith to feed on later. This has to have happened many times before. Who knows just how many people have gone missing in the Null Void because of him? And you just know that people from all across the universe have been watching it without any clue that this was happening. People enjoyed watching it, too! Zenith's likely going to be in prison for a really long time. For countless abductions!
  • This show and Ultimate Alien all take place in the same year, and likely not even in an entire 12 month period. Considering everything that happened in both shows (up to and including two Kevin mutations, the universe blowing up, a former personal hero turning evil, a relapse of his fear of clowns, nearly killing himself after his Ultimate Forms try to kill him, etc), one has to wonder if Ben's odder behaviors in Omniverse are because something in Ben cracked.

Fridge Logic

  • With Servantis' 'mind wiping' scheme, there is a lot of problems with that plot; for one, he'd had to look for Kevin's family and change their memories of Kevin's long-lost father. Then he had to make fake records of Kevin and the Helper's parents who were 'plumbers' and give them badges to fit in. Then he had to mind-blast all of the Plumbers, especially veteran members, to make it so that no one at the Plumber Academy could even get o them. But the problem with this? How would he have even KNOWN that they would have met up again at all because he'd have to see the Highbreed Invasion coming or some other threat for Ben or Kevin to look for the plumbers. That is too much foresight to even be possible, even with his super intellect.
    • Plus how would he even get to Max? He targeted Ben all the time and couldn't reveal himself without the Magistrata knowing.
    • And let's not forget the fact that he would've had to go through all the hassle of creating an entire species and said species home planet. Considering that multiple people outside the Milky Way, such as Pandor or Inspector 13 know of Osmosians and/or Osmos V Servantis must've had to deal with a shit ton of paperwork. Aggregor himself has a direct route to Osmos V which likely has other Osmosians on it and let's not forget the key to Ragnarok's spaceship that Devin, Kevin's father, supposedly hid. If everything we know about Osmosians is a lie then Servantis practically created a spaceship that destroys stars and hid the key hoping that Ragnarok wouldn't come back for it. Just how big of a web does the Rooter conspiracy go?

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