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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Given that Hill is corrupt, the warrant is completely illegal, and while the Wayne corruption would be a scandal, in the eyes of the law, the corruption never happened. Hill doesn't care, of course. He wants a public scandal, not an arrest. It backfires on him big time.
  • There's a pragmatic reason for why Thomas and Martha Wayne kept Bruce in the dark about their criminal dealings beyond Evil Parents Want Good Kids: he was friends with Oswald Cobblepot. They couldn't risk From the Mouths of Babes giving the Cobblepots the heads-up, let alone anyone else.
  • Hints at the Children of Arkham Leader's Identity:
    • Vicki only approaches Bruce at times when she could further the cause of the Children of Arkham. She was at Wayne Manor when Falcone was dropping by, despite it being a press-restricted event. She was present at the press conference where the allegations against the Waynes were first presented, then promptly visited Wayne Manor after police had confiscated everything, asking for a statement from Bruce. She also arrived immediately after the drugged Renee shot and killed Falcone, again asking Bruce for details. The former two could be used to hurt Bruce, the latter could hurt the police department.
      • Concerning the last one, she was in all probability the one who drugged Montoya, knowing it would seriously hurt the department. This is further justified as Montoya mentioned she was last in/near the ladies' room before the drug kicked in.
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    • Penguin's choice of Vicki to serve as the new moderator is not a coincidence. She was Lady Arkham all along and the Leader's tape was her own "moderating" all along.
    • How did the Leader know Batman was at the station? She was the one who gave him the address. It's also why she knew Catwoman didn't lead him there.
    • Vicki somehow managed to score an interview with the Leader... or rather, she wrote her own propaganda from the perspective of an interview.
  • Selina Kyle owning and enjoying The Scarlet Pimpernel has some hilarious parallels to her own story. Of course she'd love a story about a heroine compelled to work against her dashing Love Interest!
  • While some may find it odd that Harvey can still turn evil despite being saved. But, as the DCAU established, Harvey is prone to moments of outbursts as "Big Bad Harv" when stressed, the drug given by the Children of Arkham only exacerbating his condition.
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  • It can be surprising how initially relatively friendly Cobblepot quickly turns into a complete prick when he shows up in Wayne Enterprises. It's all a clever plan to drive Bruce angry enough to later during the conference doze him on Psycho Serum and expose as a dangerous madman.
  • Why can Batman easily defeat Riddler despite the latter's fighting skills? After his encounter with Lady Arkham, Batman must have trained rigorously to fight against people wielding staffs.
  • Why does the promotional materials for the second season show that Alfred losing his eye is the canon outcome? Well, just remember how he got it. During the fight with Lady Arkham, Bruce has two options: Take off his mask or keep it. Taking off the mask results in Bruce getting a part of his ear blown off while keeping it results in Alfred getting his eye mutilated. In short, the canon outcome of Alfred getting his eye getting deformed shows that Batman isn’t the mask, Bruce Wayne is.
  • In the last encounter with the Riddler, he forces you into a game where he asks you riddles, and if you get them wrong he will kill one of the Agency operatives, but if you get it right, he will blast Batman with his sonic device. Fridge brilliance applies when you answer his last question, where he asks who the real genius of Gotham is, with either "I am" or "Not Riddler;" he still blasts you, meaning Batman's answer was right.
  • More like fridge tearjerker, but at the end of the final confrontation with Riddler, one dialogue option has Batman say that the phrase "thick as thieves" is a lie. Where have we heard this phrase before? All the way back in season one, episode one, where Alfred is discussing Bruce and Oswald Cobblepot. Looks like what happened between them affected him more than we realized.
  • Harley's iconic nickname for John Doe ("Puddin'") actually comes with an extra layer of depth considering what a pudding actually is. A shapeless mass poured and molded into a specific form of choice. Just what she is planning to do to him under her "mentoring" into a proper "Clown Prince of Crime".
  • In the Vigilante!Joker path, even though John already has his bleached-white skin and green hair, the location of his psychotic break means that the Joker was still "born" in Ace Chemicals.
  • Batman uses a Batarang to cut open Bullock without sterilizing it. Does Batman use anti-septic materials for his equipment?
  • When John lashes out against the Agency and becomes the far less stable Joker, he lets himself fall backward off a bridge, literally going "over the edge."
  • Throughout the Vigilante Path, whenever John laughs, you can hear him hiccuping and groaning with every laugh, always sounding like his laughter is restrained. It's only when John embraces his insanity and villainy that the laughter feels natural and clear, with no hiccups or restraint.

Fridge Horror

  • It's a little strange that Roland/Blockbuster wound up in Arkham, of all places. But think about it. Batman shoved what was basically a taser right into Blockbuster's mouth. Who's to say that didn't wind up giving him brain damage?
  • In Season Two, Episode Four, it's revealed that The Pact's reason for both taking Riddler's body and raiding SANCTUS is so that they can mix his blood with a super-virus to supposedly create a miracle cure-all for their respective conditions. While most of them are stopped and remanded to Agency custody, Agent Avesta reveals that Waller ordered samples of the supposed cure saved as a way to keep the captives in-line, and under Agency control. Now where have we heard that idea before?
  • In the Villain ending when The Joker detonates the bombs around the bridge, Batman is forced into a sadistic choice to save three bystanders with the third one dying no matter what you do. But in the Vigilante ending we aren't given these choices when The Joker detonates the bombs as Bruce is in a different spot when they are triggered which means all three died in the blast. In addition the agents Bruce knocked out on the way to stop the Joker likely died when the blast occurred. So far Vigilante Joker is proving to be more dangerous than Villain Joker.
  • During the Villain Route Joker and Harley gas everyone in Wayne Enterprises and several spots in Gotham, Bruce is going to have a lot on his hands trying to rebuild his life.
  • The board at Wayne enterprises once again talk about firing Bruce since he was seen in the company of psychopaths but they are gassed by Joker before they can follow through. But in the Vigilante Route, The Board is free to fire Bruce and since Waller most likely won't bother to back Bruce's story about going undercover if she and Batman part on bitter terms, Bruce is going to have a tough time explaining this to the Board.
  • During the Villain Route The Joker tases Batman after the fight at Ace Chemical and when Bruce wakes up he's dressed up in a suit which implies The Joker saw him naked (or at least in his underwear) while personally dressing him up since he wants to keep Bruce's secret identity safe. Squick. Selina is in her casual attire but she says she was caught at the facility so that means the Joker stripped her and clothed her himself too.

Fridge Logic

  • Bruce, Alfred and everyone else start talking about how all of these "costumed freaks" started coming out of the woodwork after Batman arrived — except it's established constantly that The Riddler was in operation long before Bats came onto the scene. It's also hinted that the Pact, too, were in operation before Bats, and just laid low when The Riddler did.
    • To be fair besides the Riddler, all of the villains Batman faces in the Tell Tale verse only started showing up after Batman began operating in Gotham. But despite most of them having motivations outside of Batman (Catwoman only came to Gotham for a job, Lady Arkham and Penguin were on a dark path long before Batman though it's implied by their dialogue that they were inspired to act because of Batman's actions.) it's hard for people to not associate Batman with the new breed of super Criminal plaguing Gotham regardless of actual culpability. ( Joker and Two Face notwithstanding.)
    • And with The Riddler, Catwoman alludes to him having changed drastically since she'd met him in Europe, so he likely wasn't as cut-throat as he recently became - she even mentions in Episode 3 that his staff had been purely for show at that point. So when he was on a crime-spree in Gotham, while he was still playing Criminal Mind Games by taunting police with clues, he probably hadn't hit Absurdly High-Stakes Game levels yet.
  • In Season 2, Episode 1, The Reveal about the explosion at Wayne Tower being caused by a missile is bizarre in that nobody thought it was external - in a city as large as Gotham, you'd imagine at least a handful of witnesses would have spotted the missile speeding its way there.

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