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     Fridge Logic 
  • What on Earth is Werman trying to do? He wants to Take Over the World, okay, but how is summoning a demon going to help him with that? He doesn't appear to have any control over Kullervo at all — he's just a lackey. Even if Kullervo succeeds in his plan, it'll be Kullervo who takes over the world, not him. This is especially suspect considering that Kullervo hates humans — why does he think Kullervo would be willing to give him anything once he'd outlived his usefulness? Even Didja Redo's rewrite doesn't address this one.
  • How did Olly know about the spirits' Weaksauce Weakness? Rex makes sense since he was under Kullervo's orders, but she's just a random villain who shouldn't know anything about the Book of Prophecy! The whole sequence just reads like a Diabolus ex Machina.
  • Related to the above, but, why doesn't Olly take the Book of Prophecy while the Player Character is unconscious? She tries to grab it, the spirits stop her, then she neutralizes the spirits and...throws the Player Character in a Cardboard Prison without taking the book? Why?

     Fridge Horror 
  • The entire mechanic. You've probably gotten about ten minutes into the game before realizing that you just made every Royal Soldier in the game unjust, stole the wisdom of a young girl (and then gave her Illness), and entirely rewrote the relationship between two siblings before running out of MP.
  • The ice spirit, Neaky, has her voice sealed so she can only speak in a rasp, to reflect the quiet harshness of winter. However, it takes a moment to realize that her voice isn't magically sealed, but instead her throat is being physically crushed by her neck brace.

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