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Fridge Brilliance

  • With the addition of Supergirl in the Invasion! Crossover. The Arrowverse has not only made its version of the Justice League but has also made its own version of the DC Trinity. Green Arrow (Batman), Flash(Superman), and Supergirl( Wonder Woman).
  • Some people were disappointed about The Reverse Flash's death in "Legends of Tomorrow" because they believe it should be his Arch-Nemesis who kills him. But when you think about it it's better this way. The Flash is a firm believer in Thou Shalt Not Kill and never enjoys death even when it's an enemy. As much as he hates Eobard, if he killed him he'd jut feel bad that he'd betrayed his moral code. In the end, what killed him was The Black Flash, who was created because Barry found a way to beat Zoom without actually killing him even if he may not have actually realized it. So by not breaking Thou Shalt Not Kill Barry set in motion the events that led to Eobard's death without him having to be there or live with the guilt and took down two of his biggest enemies with one move, arguably making the season 2 finale his greatest victory, even if he doesn't know it yet.
  • Every annual crossover has featured a main character meeting their child for the first time in someone else's show
    • In "Flash verses Arrow" Oliver catches a passing glimpse of his son William he then meets him properly the following year.
    • Carter and Kendra watch a video in "Legends of Yesterday" telling the story of their past lives and Vandal Savage made by their past incarnations son Aldus.
    • Stein finds out about the creation of his daughter Lilly in the first part of "Invasion".
    • Barry speaks to his Kid from the Future Nora briefly in part one of "Crisis on Earth X" while she's posing as a waitress in order to watch her parents get married.

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