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Fridge / Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Case 5: Turnabout Substitution

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Rhea keeps giving drinks to Apollo during their date, while taking little herself. She probably planned for him to sleep soundly while she went out and killed Erlenmeyer. At the same time, her allegedly sleeping at Apollo's place would provide a convenient alibi for her.
    • It also gave her the perfect opportunity to steal Apollo's bracelet, which conveniently goes "missing" the next day, when he could have used it to make certain of his client's innocence. This was "coincidentally" right after he mentions to her that the bracelet actually works outside the courtroom as well.
  • Remember when Rhea said that a lot of problems could be solved by anagrams? Try to anagram "Rhea Wits". C'mon, try it! Can't figure it out? The anagram of "Rhea Wits" is "it was her".

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