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Fridge Brilliance:

  • During the scene at Coop's cabin in "The Bends," Kennex borrows Dorian's turn of phrase, addressing him as "man," and Dorian calls Kennex "my friend" in his reply instead of "man" as he usually would. It gets a sarcastic comment from Kennex, but if you consider Dorian's use of "man" as commentary on the separation between himself, as an android, and the humans around him who casually treat androids like equipment... it's possible that Dorian was pleased by Kennex calling him "man," taking it as a sign that Kennex thinks of him as a person, and thus upgraded him from "man" to "my friend" in response. In this context, Dorian's pause and facial expression following Kennex's "so we're friends now, great" looks kind of like a "there's no pleasing this guy, is there?"
  • When John is having fun at Paul's expense by making up all sorts of embarrassing stories about his "hospitalization", at one point he, in all apparent seriousness, claims Paul got an infection from a sexbot. The worried look on the officer's face after that suggests either she has her own personal sexbot she's been less than meticulous about maintaining, or she's been having a relationship with Paul and is worried she might have gotten something from him.
  • Anthropomorphic androids working law enforcement seemed well Ridiculous up until the point where Dorian got a NBC in the face.
  • When Danica (the XRN) needs a body replacement she breaks into Vaughn's facility and commandeers a sexbot body, then proceeds to wreak havoc. Do we really think a recycled sexbot is engineered to the same specs as a military combat android? It makes sense when you realize that Vaughn set the whole thing up and probably had an appropriate body waiting for her, disguised as a sexbot.