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Fridge / All Hail King Julien

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why does Maurice follow Julien's plans every single time?
    • Season One: After the events of King Me, who wouldn't want to be around the kingdom hero?
    • Season Two-Four: Maurice probably realizes off screen that his plans would always be solved sometime
    • After the events of I, Maurice: Maurice realizes that he would be killed without Julien. He owes Julien loyalty, even if Julien doesn't exactly respect him.
  • In "King Julien Superstar", why was Clover the one who had an issue with being in a band where Timo uses his invention to make them sound better? Well, thanks to Timo, they sounded like a stereotypical boy band, you can't hear any female voices in their songs and Clover was the only girl. In other words, while Julien, Maurice and Mort also sounded different, Clover didn't even sound like a person of her own gender, which probably added to her frustration.

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