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Fridge / Albedo: Erma Felna EDF

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Fridge Horror

  • According with Word of God, the whole anthropomorphic cast are not uplifted animals,note  but technically genetic constructsnote  What does really mean anyway? That means the Creators experimented with themselves using human subjects first or the cast are basically chimeras or mutants just to bypass many of the evolutionary steps that could required normally thousand of years, meaning the Creators or at least, the human members behind the whole project are incredibly amoral beings, without any regard of the lives of their subjects or even themselves if they used human subjects along the way.
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  • Erma and Toki's relationship has this component as well, if you take into account the species of both girls. This is even discussed, both for humor and also seriously as well, by both Word of God and fans alike, how both girls could react if they find the truth about how Erma's non-sentient feline ancestors did with Toki's respective ones.

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