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Fridge Brilliance

  • During Shiina's first encounter with Shou as Akumetsu, she recognizes his face and speech pattern. In spite of this, he acts like he doesn't know her and even calls her 'Miss' at one point. At first it seems like it's just Shou screwing around as per usual, but later in the series you find out that the Shou she's known for so long is actually one of many affiliated clones that lead different lives from each other. Once you learn that, it becomes apparent that he was actually telling the truth.
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  • When you find out that the Shou clones each have different jobs, it suddenly makes sense why Akumetsu has access to so many items, gadgets and weapons. Their combined earnings are enough to buy whatever they want. Plus, thanks to almost all of them either living with parents or residing in the cloning plant, living expenses aren't an issue.
  • How does Shou have so much knowledge of economics and politics at such a young age? Shou's clones all have plenty of time on their hands, right? Well since there are so many of them, it would only make sense for each one to study a different area of politics, for efficiency's sake. And since each of their memories gets transferred to the new clones when they die, that gives each new clone even MORE knowledge.

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