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Fridge Logic

Fridge Brilliance

  • George H. W. Bush was a CIA director in the 1970s. "John Case" who was his VP's Agent X in the 1990s, said he was pulled off the Husk case by his then Vice-President (who would have been Dan Quayle, serving under Bush). Since the previous "Case" recognized the signs of a CIA-style cover-up, it stands to reason that Bush Sr had Quayle pull back his agent to keep from crossing swords with the CIA.

Fridge Horror

  • What did Richard Nixon do with his power under S5 as Vice-President, and what did he put Spiro T. Agnew up to in his tenure as Vice-President?
    • In fact, whatever did S5 do to make Washington bad in domestic/international politics? You have the US supporting various dictators in the Cold War, law enforcement going after local/foreign political activists, surveillance on minority communities after 9/11. The possibilities are endless.

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