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  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Italy is the Id while Germany is the Superego and Japan is the Ego. Ironically, Italy did not know of this trope since China's advice confused him.
    China: "I have to go now-aru. Let Id lead the way, not Ego-aru."
    Italy: "WAIT! WHO'S 'ID' AND 'EGO'?!" Too late. "AWW! I don't get it at all!"
  • There are two sets in Akatsuki Kitten: Phoenix Corporation Overhaul, working under the author:
    • The three main girls: Goldstone (the Superego), Diamond (the Id), and Opal (the Ego).
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    • If we go with the three highest rankings, however: Goldstone (Ego), Opal (Id), and Chimera (Superego). The author implies that Opal and Chimera used to be reversed, however.
  • From Constant Temptation are Mello (the Id), Matt (the Ego), and Near (the Superego).
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf: The Power Trio of the three badass Smurfs: Tuffy (Id), Duncan McSmurf (Superego), and Hefty (Ego).
  • In Caelum Academy Of The Arcane there is:
    • Id: Inferuno, Jugger
    • Superego: Arashi, Rigel
    • Ego: Shiro, Virion
  • Subverted in First Try Series with Team 7. Kakashi tried to see them as this, thinking they mirrored his own team but is dead wrong. Naruto hates both his teammates, Sasuke is anti-social and abrasive and Sakura sides with Sasuke no matter the situation. So basically Sasuke is The Spock but there is no "Mccoy" or "Kirk" to keep him in check.
    • In Legacy Of The Rasengan:, Naruto tends to alternate between The Kirk, The Mccoy and The Spock which tends to throw the team dynamic off what with Sakura being The Mccoy and Sasuke being The Spock. Makes it very complicated since Naruto has to, at times, play a one-man Freudian Trio to get the team to work on any level.
  • In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and its subsequent sidestories have characters in different groups at the same time. This includes:
    • Rumi (Id), Jun (Superego), and Mari (Ego).
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    • Ibuki (Id), Taira (Superego) and Abe (Ego).
    • Yuki (Id), Miu (Superego) and Tomoko (Ego).
    • Yuki (Id), Erin (Superego) and Tomoko (Ego).
    • Jiro (Id), Gentaro (Superego) and Kengo (Ego).
  • In Necessary To Win, there is one such trio among three students of the Nishizumi school. Kikuyo is The McCoy, a compassionate and idealistic maid for the head instructor, who is torn between her loyalty to her mistress, and her desire for the well-being of her mistress' daughter, to whom she is a mother figure. Ami Chouno, a JGSDF instructor who helped train Oarai's tankery team, is The Kirk, who shares many of Kikuyo's desires and conflicts, but also reminds her of practical considerations. Takako Kubo, who, in this fic, is Black Forest's coach, is The Spock, believing that harsh methods of discipline are entirely justified and necessary in order to make Black Forest a winning team. Interestingly enough, The Spock in this case gets along with The McCoy better than The Kirk, with whom she had a falling out over her methods of discipline.
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  • In Lauralot's Shadow Selves fic, Scarecrow and Jonathan are written as a "functional" version of dissociative identity disorder. Chapter 61 reveals that Jonathan works as the superego of their team while Scarecrow acts as the id - and Scarecrow "had no idea where their ego was". In a more traditional sense, the author mentions that they recorded their psych notes as Superego: Batman, Joker: Id, and Ego: Bruce Wayne.
  • In Sight, Ichigo, Zangetsu and Hakuran: Ichigo is the Ego, the conscious self, acts as the mediator between Hakuran and Zangetsu and reconcilates Zangetsu's suggestions with Hakuran's desires. Zangetsu is the Superego acts as Ichigo's conscience and is better at strategy and recognizing social conventions, such as knowing when to tell Ichigo how to lie through omission. Hakuran as Ichigo's Inner Hollow is the Id, the base desire. Hakuran is always itching for a fight, does not censor himself in his language and has a childish curosity.
  • There are a lot of Freudian Trios in Super Smash Brothers Guardians Arise, considering that a lot of chapters introduce three characters at the same time. Some examples being:
    • Aly (Id), Eric (Superego), and Mars (Ego).
    • Nao (Id), Kai (Superego), and Teal (Ego).
  • Swing123 and garfieldodie's Calvinverse has something akin to this in a sextet:
    • Calvin and Socrates are the Ids, the latter more so.
    • Hobbes and the MTM are the Egos.
    • Andy and Sherman are the Superegos, the latter more so (again).
  • Takato, Ruki and Chaos all form one of these in the Tamers Forever Series.
    • Id: Chaos — the living embodiment of disorder and thus the most impulsive of the trio.
    • Superego: Ruki — a sentient A.I and thus the most intellectual of the three.
    • Ego: Takato — the balance between the two.
  • In Hope for the Heartless, we have the Invisibles (though there are four of them), the creations and servants of Cosmic Entities called the Fates.
    • Id: The second and the third Invisible (who act like Single-Minded Twins nearly always) are both wild, fun-loving and optimistic pranksters squeezing enjoyment out of nearly every situation, no matter how bad that might be. They hardly care for the Fates' instructions and continuously disobey them. Eventually the Fates give up trying to enforce a particular rule on them (being The Voiceless).
    • Superego: The first Invisible acts as the serious leader of the group. It tries to follow the Fates' instructions more than the others and is considered boring by them, being often called Dusty. It can barely stand The Prankster duo and is constantly the butt of their tricks.
    • Ego: The fourth Invisible is the most sensitive and the least vocal of the group. It uses to observe the others' antics with amusement. Sometimes it even happily joins The Prankster duo's schemes or does something wild of its own.
    • Their differences are finely shown and explained when the Horned King nearly chokes Avalina to death and locks her up: the second and the third Invisible channel their agony into fiery rage rather than grief, the first Invisible turns its agony into a wall of ice, and the fourth Invisible sobs uncontrollably.
  • This Bites!:
    • Meta example: As of Chapter 26, the three authors designate themselves as this, calling themselves the Cross-Brain; Xomniac is the Ego, CV12Hornet is the Superego, and The Patient One is the Id.
    • Additionally, the three mates of the Straw Hat Pirates seem to be this: first mate Zoro is the Id, second mate Nami is the Superego and, appropriately, third mate Cross is the Ego.
  • In Ethereal Chronicles, we have:

For the races, we have:

  • In The Sanctuary Telepath with the London Three:

    • Id: John (loving, protective, attacked by a creature of instinct)
    • Superego: James (logical, genius, keeps the other two in check when necessary)
    • Ego: Janine (generally reasonable, but feels deeply, believes in the "lesser evil" - sometimes can switch to Id, causing John to take up the role of the Ego)

    • When there's just the two of them, Janine and John fluctuate between Superego and Id with little problem, both being partly Ego the whole time.
  • In Aesir: Cross Wars, the three main characters have this dynamic :
  • A Better Class of Criminal has Bookworm/John Binder (Id) Vinny (Ego) and Freddy (Superego) unusually, it's Bookworm who is the de facto leader of the group, and the other two who moderate his excesses.
  • The three protagonists of The Spectrum Game has:
    • Azurine as the perky and friendly, but somewhat ditzy Id.
    • Inigo as the calm, cynical and snarky Superego.
    • Silas as the balance between the group, making him the Ego.
  • The three main characters in the Teen Titans Our Own League books, Robin/Damian, Superboy/Conner and Wonder Girl/Donna are respectively the Superego, the Id and the Ego. Damian rigidly acts according to efficiency and logic (even when the logic only makes sense to him), and Conner is passionate to a fault and rarely looks before he leaps, while Donna is meditative and decides who's course of action is best taken. Her knack for this is the reason she is nominated leader of the New Titans in the first book.

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