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  • No More Heroes has the entire backstory of the Final Boss, which is told entirely in fast-forward. Travis explicitly fast-forwards it, to avoid raising the game's age rating. (Here it is slowed down.)
    • In the second game, second-to-last boss Alice Twilight burns a few pictures before her showdown with Travis. If you somehow take a good look at these pictures, you'll notice she has a husband and son and some form of link with similarly-named Margaret Moonlight.
  • Unreal Tournament has a smiley face painted on the front of the Flak Cannon's secondary fire shells, which is nearly impossible to notice in normal gameplay, except if you get headshot with a flak shell. Then that image is the last thing to go through your head.
    • The Redeemer missile object has "Adios!" scrawled on the side, fitting for a man-portable nuclear cruise missile.
    • Using console commands to drastically slow down the game speed (very drastically), it's possible to see exactly how the game handles decapitating headshots: the head of the character model simply shrinks down to a dot and a head gib is spawned. Not interesting from any plot perspective, but interesting nonetheless.
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  • Time Splitters 2 does the same as Unreal Tournament (you can zoom in and see a tiny head using a sniper rifle at point blank). Team Fortress 2 also does it with the Eyelander/Skullcutter's kill animations. Furthermore, you can make a ragdoll in Garry's Mod appear to have no head by simply deflating it until it becomes invisible. This is because it's a lot easier for both the programmer and the computer/console to simply scale vertices or force them all into one point than to actually add to or take away from the 3D mesh.
  • Halo has these a lot of times on the bullet casings coming out of guns. However, in 2, on Legendary, you can see Jason Jones (Co-Founder of Bungie Studios) wearing only boxers with his hands behind his head, kneeling. What the hell were Bungie doing when that was taken? Wait, don't answer that.
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  • In the ending cinematic of Metal Gear Solid 2 while Snake is talking to Raiden, if you pause at the right point, and zoom into the crowd, a still-living Vamp is clearly visible.
  • Super Robot Wars loves to do this especially with the ultimate attacks of Banpresto Original major villains.
    • In Super Robot Wars Z, the enigmatic Asakim Dorwin's Ley Buster attack ends with a Mind Rape that's designed to fuel Wild Mass Guessing. Most of the images that flash across the screen are (probably) merely gothic artwork with meaningless symbolism, but if paused at just the right time, others show possible clues to his past and connection with other characters and plotlines. It doesn't help that he even tells his opponent that he'll show them "my past, my sins, my fate, and my despair".
    • Super Robot Wars Alpha 3's true final boss Keisar Ephes has an ultimate attack that, if you freeze the animation in certain places (it can be viewed on YouTube), shows the boss standing on a pile of all of the guys you can recruit, as if foreshadowing his victory. Unlike other examples, it's more just for Oh, Crap! factor.
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    • If you pause during the An Ares' strongest attack in Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen, images of Barbiel in despair and Supreme God Z can be seen.
  • In Super Smash Bros.. (the original N64 game), the characters have a typical electric damage animation for most of Pikachu's attacks. Many of them showing the skeleton of the attacked character. But, if you attack Samus, and pause in the right frame... you'll see her suitless model, with no clothes at all. She's really well done, but is faceless. This resulted in a Good Bad Bug in which pausing at the right time after hitting her with Ness's PK Thunder would leave her like that.
  • Mega Man ZX Advent has one in the form of Model P, when you open the Transform menu as it, for a single frame it has the face of Model PX from the original game instead. (Video
  • The ending of Dragon Age II has one. Look at the book Varric and Cassandra are handling at just the right moment and you'll see an illustration of Shale chasing pigeons and another of a woman who looks an awful lot like Morrigan.
  • Final Fantasy XIII had Siren, who was Boduhm's Fal'cie, almost completely removed from the game, except for one of the flashbacks when Serah tells Snow she's a l'cie.
  • The mission intro cutscenes for Modern Warfare.
    • Even more so for Black Ops, if you can manage to read through the microfiche dossiers before they are redacted. They give you a pretty good backgrounder on all of the characters, and the plot.
  • During Deathstroke's victory screen in Injustice: Gods Among Us, he sits down in front of a computer waiting for his next contract. Just before the shot of him sitting comes up, there is a shot of the computer's "Cotract Pending" screen, where names like Judas Contract, H.I.V.E. and Doom Patrol can be seen along with "open contracts" for characters like Dick Grayson (a.k.a. Nightwing), Kyle Rayner (a Green Lantern member also known as the superhero Ion), Garfield Logan (a.k.a. Beast Boy) and Floyd Lawton (a.k.a. Deadshot).
  • Several characters don't get closeups in the intro cutscene of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 but are still visible in the background in battling other characters.
  • In Sonic Unleashed, a Dreamcast with controller is briefly seen just prior to Dr. Eggman firing the Wave Motion Gun to fracture the planet and awaken Dark Gaia. It's in the frames where you get an overhead shot as Eggman has his finger in the air. He also has the Dreamcast in his Egg Mobile right before Dark Gaia emerges and swats him away.
  • Punch-Out!! The NES version has a bearded guy in the crowd who never moves. He only nods in one occasion: When you can One-Hit Kill an opponent.
  • Just before the Twilight Thorn appears in Kingdom Hearts II, there is a moment when Roxas turns around to see it appear. Just before it cuts to a close up of Roxas, you can see an Organization member, if only for a few frames.
  • In the Team Fortress 2 official short "Meet the Spy", pause at the beginning scene where it shows the list of alerts. You'll see some pretty funny ones listed. There are actually large numers of jokes and Easter Eggs hidden in the various Meet the Team videos that can only be spotted by pausing the video and knowing where to look.
    • Extreme slomo videos have revealed that airblasted rockets, which appear to change direction instantly, actually stop and spend a few milliseconds rotating to the desired direction before flying off again.
  • Some of the Star Bit "constellations" seen in the backgrounds in both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, which only appear when Mario is traveling from one planet to another. You need to get those Star Bits immediately before Mario finally arrives on the next planet.
  • There are a couple of them in Brain Dead 13, which is basically Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • One of the many things that fly out of Fritz's coat when he's falling down the stairs is a porno mag with Vivi's (clothed) breasts adorned on the cover.
    • Also, if Lance can't make a choice in Vivi's Salon quick enough, Vivi will quickly expose his neck (and his bare chest and man nipples for a bonus!) before sucking his blood!
  • In Devil May Cry 3, the intro cutscenes of the missions have the number of the mission hidden on it. Some are fairly obvious (The corpses of the enemies killed by Lady's bike exhaust in Mission 3 form the number 3, Mission 5's intro fades out on a spray of blood shaped like a 5 and so on), some not so much.
  • In Devil May Cry 4, in the opening cutscene where Nero battles some mooks, Dante can briefly be seen standing on a rooftop observing the battle.
  • All of the characters' info cards in Lollipop Chainsaw. The game displays each one for about two seconds each, so you won't have enough time to read all of the info on them.
  • In Portal 2, during a later test GLaDOS tells you a supposedly sped-up version of the instructions for that chamber. Slowing it down reveals it to simply be a line from Moby Dick.
  • In the "Raphael Trailer" for The Stanley Parable, the trailer lists a list of emotions that you can feel throughout the game, including, "Orange", "Being at the Beach", and "Being the Beach".
  • Final Fantasy VIII has two:
    • The giant TV screen outside the Timber TV station, when not in use for the president's broadcast, is covered with a strange rolling pattern of red noise. If you freeze-frame a shot of the TV screen it's possible to make out the text that the "noise" is made up of, lines reading "IAMALIVEHEREBRINGMEBACKTHERE" and "IWILLNEVERLETYOUFORGETABOUTME". These messages are coming from Sorceress Adel, whose imprisonment in an orbital tomb is the source of the radio interference.
    • During the end FMV sequence, near the end of Squall's epic breakdown/hallucination scene, there's an extremely brief shot of Squall with an empty black void where his face should be.
  • There's a very minor one in the WildStar Flick "Adventures:" there is a portrait of Ish'mael the Bloodied, the star of "Classes," in the Granok hide-out and he yelps when the door is slammed into his face.
  • Haunting Ground: The opening cinematic has Fiona awake in the cellar of Castle Belli, with nothing but a bedsheet to cover herself. If you pause at exactly 2:49, you can see she isn't wearing anything underneath it.
  • The introductory cutscenes in The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Console) have loads of text that can only be seen if you pause at the right time. The Compsognathus intro in particular includes Foreshadowing for the Brachiosaurus level and a Breaking the Fourth Wall joke.
  • In Until Dawn, Matt jumps up in front of a mounted telescope while Ashley is looking through it. When this happens again with Mike looking through them, it is briefly visible that this time, the person jumping up is not human. Much later, Hannah's distinctive tattoo can be fleetingly seen on a wendigo when it runs past.
  • Undertale has one for the first boss. If Toriel kills you, she has a unique sprite for her reaction, only seen for a fraction of a second.
    • Sometimes when backtracking in the game, you may see that Flowey is there, and upon seeing you walk towards him, he goes back into the ground. This foreshadows that he's been following you throughout the whole game.
  • In the intro of The Elder Scrolls series spin-off game, Redguard, the camera pans over a library. There is a set of five books where, if you pause, you can see that the books have the following titles: The Elder Scrolls Arena, The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind (which was in pre-production), The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and The Elder Scrolls Romanelli (this is simply a meaningless placeholder name since Bethesda hadn't settled on "Skyrim" yet). The amazing thing is that Bethesda had already decided on "Oblivion" for a title as far back as 1998 (Oblivion being released eight years later) and they had decided on making a fifth game down the line.
  • During the Chapter 3 execution in Super Danganronpa 2, the blackened is briefly shown naked when screaming orgasmically.
  • Super Hot has a rather fascinating and hilarious in-plot EULA that scrolls by at lightning speed.
  • Whenever you launch Sonic Dreams Collection, a boot-up sequence happens very briefly, with different messages appearing on it for a split second each time.
  • The "20 Years of PlayStation" trailer for LittleBigPlanet 3 has some PS1 games lined up on a shelf. They read Spyro the Dragon, Gran Turismo, Croc, and Oddworld.
  • The various games of the Call of Duty franchise is known for packing an incredible amount of plot-relevant information in the introductory cutscenes of each mission. Most notably, the seemingly purely decorative rapidly scrolling text at the end of each mission intro in Call of Duty: Black Ops III is actually a coherent narrative that, if taken at face value completely undermines the story of the video game proper and turns it into a "Shaggy Dog" Story.
  • Arthur's Nightmare has one in the ending. As the protagonist (who's all but stated to be a less-than-content fan of the original show) goes to delete a whole folder of rants about the series from his computer, other folders with similar labels from other PBS Kids series (specifically, Cyberchase, Dragon Tales, and The Magic School Bus) can be seen briefly.
  • Quite a few glimpses of shadowy figures, eerie black vapors, and the Ager brothers are scattered here and there in The Lost Crown. Most are distant background glimpses, but if you watch the corners when Nigel is in danger, you're likely to see the last of these lurking in the shadows very close to him.
  • Skullgirls:
    • At the end of Filia's Hairball special, for a brief moment her face is obscured and Samson looks straight at the camera.
    • If Ms. Fortune loses with her detachable head detached, she'll try and raise her eyes with a completely ridiculous expression on her face before flopping down again.
  • The trailer for League of Legends' release on Mac was full of allusions to various characters. Some of these are directly panned over, but others are only visible for a split-second. Examples include a crayon drawing of Mordekaiser and the full contents of the weapons board, including Soraka's bananas.
  • BlazBlue:
    • The last hit of Taokaka's Astral Finish is actually delivered by Jubei, swiping in from the top-right of the screen. In Taokaka vs. Jubei matches, Torakaka delivers the last hit instead.
    • If Noel misses her Muzzle Flitter command grab, she does a split-second Wild Take with comically-panicked eyes before landing. Similarly, Bang has a split-second look of surprise on whiffing his Daifunka super.
    • When Hakumen draws his BFS, most of the blade actually goes through the side of the sheath so he can do it in one fluid motion. In The Anime of the Game, this is deliberately played up as a dramatic magic effect.
    • Electrical attacks (eg. Rachel's lightning, Kokonoe's traps) cause X-Ray Sparks, each unique to the character. While some versions are obvious like Hakumen's entirely-mechanical insides and Arakune having no bones at all, subtle details include the tiny robot inside Carl's hat and Relius Clover apparently having an artificial arm.
  • Illusion of Gaia: when some of the monsters explode upon death in typical NES- and SNES-era video game fashion, you might be able to see a screaming face appear in the fire. This can be seen, in particular, when the giant centipede boss of the Great Wall is defeated since a dialogue box opens and pauses the game mid-explosion.


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