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  • In Mapletown if you pause the intro when Patty falls over after the grass starts bulging to turn into a roof you will see she isn't wearing her undies while these are clearly visible sticking out from under her dress throughout the intro's remainder.
  • In Fairy Tail if you pause at certain scenes you can see strange creatures such as a strange fish/thing/God-knows-what coming out of the water and farting. Some are harder to notice than others.
  • One Piece:
    • A lot of crowd scenes in the anime feature a guy with a panda mask, or a full costume. The Pandaman is never on screen for more than a few seconds, and always hidden like Waldo in a group of other characters.
    • When one freezes the scene where Luffy shows his first wanted poster, there is a small bit of text under his bounty worth. Roughly translated, it's a This Is a Work of Fiction Disclaimer.
  • In Rumiko Takahashi's Fire Tripper (only available on VHS), look very closely at the flames in the early scene where Shukumaru is trying to rescue his little sister Suzu from the burning building. Is that Suzuko, the teen version of Suzu from the future still decked out in her school uniform, standing in the doorway? Why, yes it is, for all of about two frames before the flames cover the shot.
  • In Super Dimension Fortress Macross, among the buildings destroyed in the first episode are the studios Studio Nue, Artland, and Anime Friend, which all worked on Macross. The Studio Nue building has a picture of their chibi-nue mascot on it, and the mascot's facial expression changes to a frightened one while the building collapses. (The mascot is depicted in the lower left corner of the image here.)
    • In The Movie adaptation Macross: Do You Remember Love?, while Hikaru is flying through the Laser Hallway just before he reaches Bodolza, he fires several flights of missiles. One of the missiles is a can of 'Tako Hai'. One of the other missiles is a can of Budweiser.
  • Project A-ko has several of these:
    • Similar to the Macross example above, some of the missiles are sake cans.
    • The brief scene showing the interior of the Max 5000 mecha reveals that it contains a shishi odoshi.
    • In one scene where B-ko is in the background, she very briefly takes out some paper fans, waves them around, then puts them away.
    • Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group has a scene where one of the spies shoots a firework rocket which goes out the window and explodes. At the instant it goes off, there's a picture of C-ko waving paper fans.
    • In the opening of Cinderella Rhapsody, a split-second before a cut, some of the pool balls split in half.
    • And during the broadcast of the alien invasion in Final, Kenada, Kei, Yamagata, and his girlfriend are briefly seen with their backs turned, watching a row of monitors.
  • In episode 10 of Dirty Pair (the TV series), during the aircar chase, Yuri can briefly be seen making the akanbe gesture out the window of the aircar.
    • In one of the OVA episodes, pausing on the "before-after" slides of Hustle users reveals some additional effects of the drug that are otherwise not alluded to in the episode — for instance, one user's IQ went from 180 to 60.
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  • In Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki episode 7 ("The Night Before the Carnival"), when Ryoko intentionally has a Crash-Into Hello meeting with Tenchi, at the moment of the collision, there is a picture of both of them drawn in Super-Deformed style.
  • Ranma ½ has eye catches in a few of the collision flashes as well. Among them are;
    • Ukyo holding the arms of a Voltron-like robot.
    • Shampoo, naked.
    • Ryoga with a word bubble screaming OH MY GOD - because he's looking at Ranma and Akane embracing stark naked.
    • In the anime it's not uncommon to see characters from Rumiko Takahashi's older works like Urusei Yatsura in a quick crowd shot, or in the case of Cherry the priest, as a statue.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • At least once, during a collision (Chibi-Usa landing onto Usagi) there was even a shot of Usagi naked, "sadly" drawn in a Super-Deformed style that prevented any chance of Fanservice.
    • In one episode, her English assignment has a bit of text referring to a tired businessman going out for "comfort" from a young woman after work. The last frame barely shows a line about the girl in question being a new-halfnote 
  • Subliminal frames (A filmography term for frames that last well under a second while playing) were often done for slapstick moments in the earlier seasons of the Slayers anime. Some examples include a frame of Zelgadis with a rose in his mouth after Lina kicks him in the first season and a shot of a super-deformed Amelia after she gets hit in the head with a mace in the second.
  • Ergo Proxy has most of its back story spread throughout the opening credits in this form.
    • Most of the notes in episode 16 are poems and short stories by Stanley Donwood. A quick search reveals he has a connection with Thom Yorke of Radiohead, who wrote the ending song.
  • The first time Excel gets dropped down the very, very, very long pit, she passes by a number of shout outs that can't really be caught unless you go very slowly.
  • As with Unreadably Fast Text, Studio SHAFT loves this trope. It's used a lot in all of their comedy titles.
  • In Episode 3 of Cowboy Bebop, during the casino montage, one of the slot machines shows handwritten, only-slightly-butchered English instructions, only it's not for the slot machine. Read it carefully and you realize it's for Tetris. Then in episode 15, there's a scene where the camera follows a car from a side-view perspective. One of the cars going the opposite direction is a yellow Fiat 500, as occasionally featured in Lupin III.
  • Gundam Wing does this a couple of times. In the episode where Heero is hospitalized, the computer display includes text taken from the readme file for Photoshop's TWAIN plugin. More subtly, when Quatre is shown examining the blueprints to Sandrock, the startup screen includes several technological references to other Gundam series, including the movable frame from Zeta Gundam and the ALICE artificial intelligence from Gundam Sentinel.
    • When Heero deactivate the nuclear missiles, you can see a sign that says "Intel Outside".
    • G Gundam does this as well with the last episode or two where various Gundam's from various series help fight in the end. Such Gundams inlcude the original, the Zeta Gundam, and some Wing stuff in there as well to boot.
      • Which doubles as a Early-Bird Cameo. G was the first Alternate Universe Gundam series, W was the second. There was a bit of overlap when both were in production at the same time, making this cameo possible.
    • Also in G Gundam, during the second opening sequence, you can see a man wearing a Next Generation-era Starfleet uniform in the crowd around Argo Gulski. This man is actually series director Yasuhiro Imawaga, who's on the record as being a giant Trek fan.
  • In chronological episode 11 of Haruhi Suzumiya, Mikuru actually has an extremely brief Panty Shot when she jumps over the camera.
  • From episode 9 of Your Lie in April. Little Kaori can be seen among the audience (behind Tsubaki's seat) that watching Kousei's first performance just after his mother's death.
  • Near the beginning of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, right after Ed tells Al that he rigged the evil lair to explode, there's a cutaway to show some pipes blowing up. If you pause just before the explosion you see an unflattering drawing of Colonel Mustang on one of the pipes. It's implied that Ed did it.
    • In another episode of the first anime, "Fullmetal vs. Flame," there's a scene in which Edward and Mustang are fighting. Ed hides in the crowd of military onlookers because Mustang can't possibly blow everyone up for the hell of it. Mustang taunts Ed out with a short remark, which causes Ed to reveal himself in the crowd. Mustang sends a streak of flame that way that blows up the area, sending military men flying everywhere. One man flies directly in front of the camera, moving so fast you barely see him; however, a freeze frame will reveal that he has the most hilarious (blue) face that the artists have ever done in that anime.
      • He also looks a little like Seiji Mizushima, the director.
    • Before that, in the third episode of the same anime, we see a few quick pans over "Intro to Alchemy", a textbook Ed and Al are familiar with. However, examining the text after pausing the episode will reveal that it was apparently copy-and-pasted from a review of "Alchemy and Herbalists", a Dungeons and Dragons sourcebook.
  • Practically every second of every episode of Pani Poni Dash! contains some reference or Shout-Out to something, often unbelievably obscure. The blackboard in particular contains different text every time it's viewed; it's often covered in text, with five or six references at once, and appears for only a split second. The PDF liner notes that come with the Fansub can stretch to over twenty pages.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • The show has this to a small degree in the opening, and to a much larger degree during End of Evangelion. End of Evangelion has Misato being blown into pieces and a brief shot of fan mail Anno received, to name only two.
      • Kaworu's face is shown in a completely red picture, just before we see Rei in moonlight.
    • Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 has Asuka fanservice featured like this.
    • It has also become a tool of foreshadowing or messing with fans' heads in Rebuild of Evangelion.
      • The Evangelion Mark.06 is hiding familiar battle damage under its helmet.
      • The medical display of Asuka's Angel infection shows it spreading through all the same spots as Asuka Langley Soryu's injuries in End of Evangelion.
      • The latest trailer shows Asuka wearing her old plug suit, battle damage and all.
      • Even more Ultraman references have been squeezed into shots involving the Adams.
    • An unintentional example: Madman Entertainment's DVD release of the original TV anime has a little extra. As documented by Reddit user Superhondanut, while viewing Shigeru's profile in the MAGI files that are on the Collection 0:7 volume, a short clip of now-former porn star Annabel Chong in her undergarments can be seen during the menu loop that focuses on the profile. It turns out that this was an authoring error by Madman, and that clip — which was actually from the documentary Sex: The Annabel Chong Story that they also released — was mistakingly inserted into an anime DVD.
  • A lot of the Shout Outs in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt are quick blink-and-miss freeze frames.
  • In Metropolis, after the character Lamp is shot and killed, a candle appears by his head for a second or two.
  • English-speaking fans of the sweet shoujo series Angélique were rather surprised to see text from an article about Queer as Folk show up as an eye-catch background in the second OVA series.
  • Code Geass has a few of these. For example when Anya is looking through a photo album if you freeze at the right moment you can see a picture of Milly groping Shirley. The first season has a lot of (usually) very good English text on video monitors that give out a lot of little bits of information like minor character details for both the Black Knights and Britannians.
  • Episode 12 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. "When did Nanoha arrive in the nick of time?" you may wonder. Well, slow down the episode at the scene just before the commercial break, and you will see a single frame of Nanoha's Instant Runes appearing in the path of Dieci's massive beam attack.
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba:
    • If you pause the anime's first opening at around the one minute and fifteen second mark, you can see Rui on a tree branch in the background, the Mother demon in the background behind and to the right of Inosuke, and the Sister demon behind Zenitsu.
    • During Tanjiro’s fight against Yahaba, there’s two different angle shots of the same stance where Tanjiro works his way out of Yahaba’s vector powers, one shot has Tanjiro’s Water Breathing attacks embedded with the usual water effects, but the other quick shot has Tanjiro perform his attacks without any water around his sword despite it being the exact same scene; in any other series this would be an animation error, but in here the animators did a quick nod to the fact none of the elemental visuals accompanying the Breathing Styles are real, they are just visual flair to make their attacks look cooler.
  • L riding a bike (among other Death Note characters) in an episode of Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid.
  • Similar to the Sailor Moon example above, Slayers has some single-frame eyecatches that can only really be seen in freeze frame. A memorable one includes a super-deformed Gourry mooning the audience.
  • K-On! episode 2x13 zoomed into Azusa's plateful of Yakisoba and showed her fellow band-mates in miniature, lounging on a noodle in their swimsuits. Three frames, total.
    • Honey, I shrunk the Keionbu?
  • Kuniko's Panty Shot in the finale of Shangri-La (if that counts as a Freeze Frame Bonus).
  • What's Squidward doing in my Gunman?
  • In the final episode of Bakemonogatari, we get an upskirt of Shinobu. Most people will probably only realize that there should have been an upskirt somewhere in there later on. It's an upskirt and not a Pantyshot because she's only wearing a bandaid.
    • Bakemonogatari in general contains countless examples of this trope, thanks to the frequency of "black" and "red scenes," sudden blank frames inserted into the animation which occur when the protagonist blinks or is experiencing considerable emotion. Although they usually don't contain anything other than a few Japanese characters which pertain to the situation, and they probably aren't intended to be read, they sometimes contain important information. In the first episode, for instance, much of the show's background is laid out in this way, but is impossible to read without pausing.
  • Pokémon: During the first episode of the Club Battle, as we get over a pan of the contestants, Georgia appears twice. Or rather, Georgia appears, and Zorua disguised as her makes a quick cameo.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
  • While we're on the subject of FLCL, it's also worth mentioning an equally-insane effort by one of the directors, Dead Leaves. In a scene where the prisoners get shot, a penis flies off and into another's mouth. It appears around the 17:38 mark, visible in the general area around the robot prisoner's head.
  • Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, during some of Mai Shiranui's fight scenes, particularly the last one, careful frame-by-frame viewing reveals several brief nipple slips. Considering Mai's outfit, her fighting style, and her sizable endowments, it's surprising this sort of thing never seems to happen in any of the games.
  • Tiger & Bunny has fun putting in a number of freeze frame bonuses, from informative (Wild Tiger is a former holder of the King of Heroes title, and Mr. Legend was responsible for Jake Martinez's arrest) to amusing (Samantha's photo album included Barnaby's suggestive speedo pics, and someone managed to get an exclusive interview with Lunatic).
    • Every single time there is text on the screen it is in fully thought out sentences and paragraphs, from the news ticker below Hero TV to the data on a computer screen to the books read.
  • Episode 5 of Myself ; Yourself has a significant scene involving a tanuki. Two episodes later, a "Tanuki Express" truck zips across the screen.
  • This trope tells you Rukia of Bleach doesn't wear a panty underneath her long skirt. This snapshot shows nearly as much of her lower anatomy as is allowed.
  • Shakugan no Shana - While lasting longer than most examples, in the third episode of season 1 of the anime when Shana trashes various teachers, one of them looks like Adolf Hitler.
  • The Idolmaster - Haruka and Chihaya have a sleepover in an apartment building named "Mber". Haruka, Chihaya, and Imber were in a robomantic love triangle in Idolmaster Xenoglossia.
  • Urusei Yatsura has some of these hidden in collision flashes, often in the form of a character's eyes being briefly depicted as large circles with something written inside. It also has some high-speed tracking shots (often used for chase scenes) where various things are briefly visible as the "camera" rapidly moves past them; in episode 158, for example, a shot like this briefly shows Lupin III and Jigen in a yellow Fiat 500.
  • The opening for the Battle Tendency arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has brief images of thorny vines over a scene of Joseph punching and posing; this is a Call-Forward to the next story arc, ''Stardust Crusaders, where Joseph develops a Stand named Hermit Purple.
    • The JoJo openings contain several of these; for example, in Battle Tendency's opening, the name Kamikaze Douga briefly changes into Kamiarashi Douga, a reference to Wammu's Divine Sandstorm attack. In Stardust Crusaders' second opening, the song's title ("JOJO ~ Sono Chi no Kioku"note ) changes into the title of the Phantom Blood's theme song ("Sono Chi no Sadame"note ) for about one frame.
  • Girls und Panzer is full of little details only available when looking like this, such as the correct 'plume' from the muzzle flashes in some of the shots of tanks firing.
  • Space Battleship Yamato 2199 has a lot of Surprisingly Good English visible in freeze-frames. It also has a massive spoiler hidden in one... at the end of Episode 25, a freeze-frame shot of Dessler's ship exploding reveals that he's cheated death for the third time.
  • In AKIRA when Tetsuo gets a headache after arguing with Kaneda and starts getting visions, you will see a series of scenes that yet to occur in the film at that point such as Tetsuo's flashback to meeting Kaneda, his mutation, and Tokyo blowing up.
  • This is used during several of the Lupin III Made for TV Movies and television specials:
    • In Lupin III: Dead or Alive, Lupin is shown researching the "sand" he found at Drifting Island. The computer screen briefly gives out the atomic weight and number. The computer Engrish calls it Atomic Quantity, but the numbers are for the weight and number of Gold.
    • There's also a brief instance in The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure where, if you pause at just the right moment during the close-up of the boat jump sequence, you'll see a little kid with his hands up the tour guide's skirt, with his hands on her ass!
    • And in the television special, Albatross: Wings of Death, there's two close-ups of Fujiko's naked fanny as she's running through Lumbach's plane. The first is relatively easy to catch as she runs into the frame, the other is so brief that it almost requires you to pause, then go frame-by-frame in order to see it.
  • Shimoneta has several between its OP and ED sequences:
    • The most noticeable one, during the OP, is the profile shot of Ayame as she poses back-to-back with Tanukichi. It last just long enough for viewer to see she really is naked while in her Blue Snow disguise.
    • During the chorus, there's a still frame of Bikin-chan cupping her hands between her thighs to hold her skirt down, right as a member of Gathered Fabric has pulled her panties completely off her legs.
    • And the ED of episode 9 has still frame of Oboro that confirms he really does look like a lady - even when fully nude. Not only does he have a woman's figure, you'll also see he's crossing his arms over his chest the same way a woman does, when topless.
  • Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie has one that's very easy to miss, if you don't know about it, or know when to look for it. But if you pause during the montage sequence in Calcutta, right before the soldier gets shot to death, you'll see Akuma meditating against the wall.
  • During episode 9 of Gourmet Girl Graffiti, in a blink and you'll miss it moment, Shiina and her mother appear on the television very briefly when the announcers on tv mention the new year while Kirin is attempting to feed Ryou.
  • Naruto:
    • In one scene of Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja you can see, during one of his birthday parties, Naruto's parents were drinking champagne. Naruto has a glass too, albeit filled with milk.
    • There are two of these in the canon movie, The Last: Naruto the Movie:
      • For a brief moment in the beginning, Kushina's green scarf can be seen among all of the other things in the Third Hokage's box.
      • Also in the beginning, when Hinata is knitting her red scarf in her house, there are two dolls that look like Hinata and Naruto sitting together on a drawer.
  • In Green Legend Ran when Ran and Aira have a splash fight, at one point when Aira returns fire she has a brief nipple slip.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • The Eye Catch sequences in the anime adaptation usually display useful information about the world, filling viewers in on various subjects such as the three Walls, 3D Maneuvering Gear, and more. However, they pass after a few seconds, so it's difficult to read unless you pause them first.
    • In Episode 1, there's a split-second shot of a decapitated statue wearing a soldier's outfit sitting by a fireplace during Eren's cryptic dream at the beginning. Keen-eyed viewers who've read the manga will notice that it's a statue of Helos, the savior of Marley who slayed the Earth Devil and joined forces with the Tybur family to overthrow Karl Fritz.
    • In Episode 37, immediately after Hannes is eaten, a group of flowers being splashed with blood briefly flashes on screen. The exact same group of flowers splashed with blood from Eren's cryptic dream in Episode 1.
  • There are hidden frames in the first episode of the Phantom Quest Corp. OVA that translated some of the Japanese text in the episode (computer screens and Ayaka's business card). This was made possible because it was originally released on CAV LaserDisc (made sense; the anime was produced by the Pioneer LaserDisc Corporation) which allows frame-exact seeking. The VHS release displayed the frames in an extra section at the end of the tape while the DVD was specially encoded to allow seeking to those frames via the DVD menu. Also, at the start of the first episode, like in ''Green Legend Ran" above (same producer), there is a single-frame nipple slip where the blanket on Ayaka's bed slips just enough. There's another Fanservice moment at the end of the last episode, but it's for longer than a few frames.
  • In Hanayamata, when Naru and friends look at a list of their school's clubs, it includes a school idol club, a tank club, and a love research club (shout-outs to Love Live!, Girls und Panzer and Koi-Ken! respectively).
  • In Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, a Monster of the Week-to-be is looking at a list of results.Takashin Matsuji got third.
  • Bubuki Buranki uses this in its opening, providing the kanji for Bubuki ("dance battle implement") and Buranki ("dance violence implement"). Without noticing that, "Bubuki" and "Buranki" just seem like nonsense words. Further into the opening, it also names the main characters and the heroes' weapons.
  • In the final episode of Mazinkaiser SKL, when Yuki analyzes the Iron Kaiser and the Gravity Curtain, her computer screen displays text copied from the English version of That Other Wiki — specifically, the articles for "Robot" and "Gravity" respectively.
  • The opening of The Big O has sets of layered newspaper clippings, which are obscured by spinning black shadows of the show's plot items. These clippings are a mix of English and German, and include multiple pieces about jazz festivals and performances, including an announcement of the death of Lester Young (an actual famed jazz saxophonist who died in 1959). Could be a case of Shown Their Work, as the series was produced in 1999 and was set 40 years after a mass amnesia event, making the article very eerily synchronous.
  • At the end of Castle in the Sky when Laputa collapses, you can actually see Colonel Muska falling to his death among the debris, it's at the part where the camera focuses on a big chunk of the castle as it's falling
  • Doubles as Foreshadowing in Danganronpa 3. In Side:Future episode 9, during the scene where the group is investigating Kirigiris' lifeless body, you can see a familiar and empty bottle rolling past. It's the first hint that her condition isn't as dire or permanent as it appears...
  • In Beyond the Boundary, when Mirai briefly looks at a nude photo of Ai, pausing reveals that a heavily blurred nude is actually there.
  • In Persona 3: The Movie: #4 Winter of Rebirth, when Makoto first summons Thanatos, there's a short flash where his silhouette changes to that of Ryoji Mochizuki.
  • At the end of the second episode of Bokurano, when Ushiro elbows Waku, causing Waku to fall off the robot, for a moment, Waku has a vacant expression on his face, rather than one of surprise or pain. This foreshadows that he'd died before he fell.
  • BlazBlue: Alter Memory: When Ragna parries Ada's attack at the beginning of his fight with the Clover siblings, his expression is actually one of tedious resignation than anger or fear. Highlighted by Blazen!:
    Ragna's Inner Monologue: This. This is my life. Just once, I would like to have a day, where I don't have to deal with any of this FUCKING HORSESHIT!
  • Assassination Classroom:
    • The kanji displayed at the back of the classroom changes as the episodes progress. The text reads, "Assassination", "Speed of Sound", and "Tentacle".
    • The "S.A.A.U.S.O." logo on the students' knives and weapons is a detail featured only in the anime. Pause at the right time and you'll find that it stands for "Special Arms Against Unidentified Slimy Octopus".
    • The English print in the newspaper article describing Koro-sensei's assault on a pro baseball game becomes ten times funnier in the anime.
      Article: encounter such a situation when I was pitching in a good condition. What the hell was it?" I am embarrassed since my teammates make fun of me, saying "JAPANESE HEITAI" and my wife gave me a meaningful comment, "I envy you". I had hard time a little bit to recover...
    • The "Poison Storage" manga in Episode 5 is pretty amusing, but it's easy to miss since it's only glanced over for a few seconds.
    • The second opening lists all the students' names in English, including a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Kimura's real given name, "Justice", which isn't revealed until a few chapters later.
  • The second opening to A Certain Scientific Railgun plays with the trope, as the camera points up for a moment as Mikoto passes overhead as if to tease with a split-second Panty Shot. But by this point, everyone knows Mikoto will have none of that, as (proven again by the opening) she wears Modesty Shorts under her skirt.
  • In Catnapped! when the giant Papadoll attacks the city and the cat people are evacuating their demolished houses, the Pink Panther can be spotted briefly in the crowd.
  • Bloom Into You has a few cases in the anime version.
    • When Yuu examines an old School Play script in Episode 4, Mio Nanami(Touko's dead older sister)'s name can be seen in the cast list.
    • Several of the text messaging conversations can be read if you pause and look closely, from Miyako making fun of Riko for being unathletic to Yuu messaging Natsuki.
  • Pop Team Epic's anime adaptation has an entire skit dedicated to this, in the form of Episode 2's "Pop Team Epic Ridiculous Fortunes". They range from rather mundane ("Decent luck: The cat is cute") to Shout Outs ("We know") to really specific:
    Terrible luck
  • During the ninth episode of Asteroid in Love, Ao gives Shiori a plan for living at Mira's house called "Proposal for a New Life," compiled by her friends. Its content only appeared for a second or so, and Crunchyroll only translates its heading. Some of its contents becomes essential to understand some of what Ao does to follow Mira to Ishigaki. To cope with the extra expenses arising from her living separately, she has to work at the Suzuya Bakery; and this is why she can get a salary advance from Moe.


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