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  • The Wotch uses this as an alternative to its usually more direct sort of genderbending, by (repeatedly) swapping the characters of Irene and James. Happens so often that it doesn't even bother them anymore. Irene even liked being swapped, and has agonized about asking to be intentionally switched.
    • In "What's my age again?", this gets a little more complicated. When Anne uses the amulet that turns her older brother Evan into Lilly, she sneezes during the spell, causing Evan's mind in Lilly's body and vice versa. Like in Birdy the Mighty, Lilly and Evan are in the same body, but they are completely different people.
  • An Applegeeks arc involves Alice switching bodies with a megalomaniacal little girl.
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  • In Sidekick Girl, the eponymous character gets switched with her useless but decorative boss and immediately complains about the cliché.
  • The Gender Bender version shows up in The Dragon Doctors when Mori's Spell Gun explodes.
  • PvP did this with Brent and Skull.
  • This was a central element in a Mountain Time story arc.
  • In Girly, there is an arc where many primary and secondary characters get switched around due to a "fist-powered" ray.
  • In Sluggy Freelance a filler storyline by Phil Foglio has Torg and Zoe switch bodies, but unable to remember anything that happened during the bodyswap once it's reversed.
  • El Goonish Shive in side story arc "Goonmanji" features a simultaneous pair of switches.
  • A NSFWnote  comic by Ian Samson involves two lovers swapping bodies to teach each other what pleases them the most (which in her case, involves Wall Bang Her).
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  • Wright as Rayne has a one-sided version of this. Vigilante Alex Rayne is forced to inhabit the body of teenage girl Dorothy Wright, but Wright's mind is in some kind of stasis.
  • Joked about in Questionable Content, where Hannelore thinks this is happening because she dreamed about it.
  • One of Lamerix's inventions in Jix caused Lauren and Jix/Lamerix/Remula (all three of Remula's personalities) to switch. The trio caused Lauren to break her arm as they were not used to walking without a tail.
  • In Off-White, the humans want to transfer the white spirit wolf's spirit into a human body to bring back the balance that was lost when the human white spirit disappeared. It must be a wolf because the only thing they have to go by is an old legend that pairs wolves and man together as being created at the same time.
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  • In Tales Of Gnosis College, Willie and the lady professor he does work study for achieve a temporary and apparently accidental Freaky Friday Flip through an experiment with hypnosis and drugs. It leads to a torrid example of Professionals Do It on Desks.
  • In L's Empire, Void and Gemininman end up in each other's bodies the second time Spearhead is defused, due to Present!Pix's inexperience with his fusion powers. Coincidentally, the page that they swapped went up on a Friday.
  • The comic Lady Valiant has superhero fanboy Tom switch bodies with the titular hero after being caught in the crossfire of a fight, later learning that her secret identity is that of his homeroom teacher's. While she remains in a coma in his body, he tries to keep her life running with his best friend as the only person aware of the switch. Barring dressing in a more provocative manner once for class and being more aware of his new body, Tom is more interested in goofing off, testing his new powers and making notes out of them and needlessly spending Lady Valiant's admittedly large amount of money than anything else.
  • A one shot villain in Arthur, King of Time and Space restrains Arthur, gloats about becoming high king, pulls the switch ... and then realises that now he's the one in the restraints.


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