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A model line and anime series featuring animal-shaped Humongous Mecha.

Zoids is set on the planet Zi, a mostly desert-like world where the human population lives with Zoids, native mechanical lifeforms that can be turned into deadly fighting machines.

Most of the stories concern battles between the Helic Republic, the Guylos, and Zenebas Empires. This is told in the "Battle Story" in each of the model kits, though the animated series doesn't follow them too closely. These models have been sold in North America, Europe, Japan, and elsewhere periodically since the 1980's, rarely accompanied by the storyline.

Unique in all of the series is the animation style. The people and most of the environments are animated traditionally, but the Zoids are CGI. The process is generally well done; the CG uses Cel Shading and matches the frame rate, making it noticeable but not distracting.

The animated series takes a lot of inspiration from the Gundam franchise, with the first two series having a war theme and later series lightening it up with a tournament storyline.

Zoids (dub title Zoids: Chaotic Century), was aired in 1999 and is the first anime series. Taking elements from the Battle Story, Chaotic Century focuses on Van Flyheight, a boy who comes across a small Zoid known as an Organoid, which he names Zeke (Sieg in the original Japanese), sleeping in a pod hidden in an old ruin. He also discovers a mysterious girl he names Fiona (Fiine), who happened to be sleeping in the pod next to Zeke's. Zeke has the ability to resurrect Zoids, so after restoring an abandoned Shield Liger to life, Van takes it to help Fiona find "Zoid Eve". Along the way, they meet up with the smuggler and trader Moonbay, the mercenary Irvine, and end up getting caught up in the war between the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire that takes priority over finding Zoid Eve.

The second season of Chaotic Century, Zoids: Guardian Force, takes place two years after the end of the first season. Van is part of a special forces unit founded to help keep the peace between the Republic and the Empire. As he reunites with Fiona, they find themselves opposing a mysterious group that seeks to cause chaos all over the planet. While Chaotic Century had concluded its story, it left a lot of the backstory concerning Fiona and Zoid Eve a mystery. Guardian Force delves heavily into the backstory and finally gives a conclusion to the characters' timeline. The show had such a fan following that Cartoon Network actually relented to fan complaints that the last four episodes were not aired during its Toonami run and ran a marathon of those last four episodes.

The second anime series, Zoids: New Century, takes place centuries after the previous two, events from the first two seasons only vaguely being canon and confirmed as such by voiceovers left out of the dub. The world is more or less at peace, and battles between groups of Zoids are now a national spectator sport. The story focuses on Bit Cloud, a wandering Junk dealer seeking to build the perfect Zoid. Bit runs afoul of the Blitz Team, one of the competing teams of Zoid warriors, and while imprisoned, ends up befriending the Liger Zero, a tempermental Zoid that usually doesn't let anybody pilot it. The Liger Zero seems to like Bit, however, so the Blitz Team allows him to work off his debt by piloting the Zoid for them. As the story progresses it reveals an organization that likes to break the normal rules, calling themselves the Backdraft Group. New Century is actually the first Zoids anime to be released in North America, premiering on Cartoon Network's Toonami block. Chaotic Century was aired later, usually early in the morning after the end of Adult Swim programming and before the resumption of Cartoon Network's regular programming.

The third series, Zoids: Fuzors, is similar in theme to New Century, but set in its own continuity. It shows off the concept of the Fuzors, Zoids that can combine with other Zoids to boost their power or give them new abilities. Fuzors was also aired on Toonami, but was canceled after only 13 of its 26 episodes aired. Eventually, all 26 episodes were shown in Australia. In a curious change, the series was shown in Japan after its US release. The Japanese version had new animation added, to the point where the second episode is completely different.

The fourth series, Zoids: Genesis, is also in its own continuity, and is set after a terrible cataclysm wrecks the civilization on Zi. This series only had a limited release outside Japan. Genesis was believed to have been a Franchise Killer; however…

The fifth series, Zoids: Wild, was announced to the complete surprise of the fandom 12 years later. It follows Arashi, a young wannabe Zoid Rider who tames the rare wild Zoid Liger, who previously escaped from the world conquering Death Metal Empire. Together, they fight against the Empire's forces to keep the rest of Planet Zi from being overrun.

Shortly after the conclusion of Wild, Zoids Wild ZERO was released. It follows Leo Conrad and Buzz Cunninghame, who run into a girl named Sally as she searches for her missing grandfather, a researcher who helped terraform the world of Zoids two generations ago. Another researcher is also looking for her grandfather, with vaguely sinister intent.

The original '80s release of the models in the UK was accompanied by a Marvel UK Marvel comic, which stands entirely in its own continuity. It followed the story of the survivors of a human prison ship which crashed on what they think is an uninhabited planet but is in fact Zoidstar, former capital of the Zoidaryan Empire. The Zoids are the android-piloted war machines of the Zoidaryans left to run amok after the (almost) total extinction of their masters. Thanks to the actions of the last remaining Zoidaryans the Zoids have divided into two antagonistic armies — the Blue Zoids and Red Zoids — and are fighting a brutal war across the ruined surface of Zoidstar. A third faction soon arises dedicated to uniting the other two and conquering the galaxy.

A spate of video games take place in their own pocket continuities, Mega Crossovers of several of the above, or some combination of the two. Notable entries include the Turn-Based Strategy game Zoids Assault for the Xbox 360 and the Zoids Saga Role-Playing Game series for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, along with a Commodore 64 game simply titled Zoids and released during the kits' original 80s heyday. Genesis is also included as one of the series in Super Robot Wars K, which is considered a good sign for Takara Tomy and Bandai to work together.

It also spawned a Spin-Off model line called Soukou Kyoshin Z-Knight, which is about Earthlings' humanoid Humongous Mecha developed from Zoids. It was moderately successful, but was ultimately discontinued in 1993. It also has a short promo OVA by Sunrise.

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    Tropes Used in the Franchise as a Whole/The Battle Story 
  • 2D Visuals, 3D Effects: The Zoids themselves, of course.
  • Aborted Arc: The Rebirth Century storyline was aborted with the cancellation of the model line.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Any blade or blade-like weapon is generally treated as such.
  • Ace Custom: Helic's personal Kentauros as mentioned below, Karl Schwarz' Saber Tiger and Iron Kong customs, not to mention the Dengeki Hobby Magazine Zoids like Saint Gale Impressa and Rez Tiger.
  • Action Girl: Rosa Lauri, bodyguard of President Helic and his eventual wife. Two notable feats are taking on Franz (an Empire soldier) in sword to sword combat on top of a Battlerover and Roadskipper and letting him live after she trounced his ass and piloting the Kentauros (a Gojulas/Ultrasaurus/Salamander/Gordos hybrid Zoid that was Helic's personal ride) against an enemy Zoid that Helic could not defeat — she grabbed said Zoid and flew really high into the sky before turning upside down and piledriving it into the ground. She survived. Helic very promptly afterwards asked her to marry him.
  • All There in the Manual: The toy series' Battle Story plot-line.
  • Animal Mecha
  • Attack Drone: Depends on the continuity, but especially Zabat and the first four chimera Blox.
  • Beam Spam: The only purpose for Gunbluster.
    • Also used with Seismosaurus. Thirty-one double-barrelled lasers makes for an awesome light show.
  • Beehive Barrier: Several Zoids, particularly the Shield Liger series, can generate these.
  • BFG: Too many to list, but "buster cannons" as seen on certain Gojulas models are good examples.
  • Big Bad: Evil Emperor Guylos in the Battle Story. Unusually for a Big Bad, he ended up dying of old age.
  • Cannon Fodder: Most of the smaller mecha, except when piloted by a significant character.
  • Chainsaw Good: The Spinosapper Zoid.
  • Chest Blaster: A few, but King Gojulas especially.
  • Combining Mecha: In 1989 Shoteagle, Gorgolauncher, and Thundercannon combined with the few Grade Up Zoids, later in 2001 this was done to a very minor extent with Berserk Führer and a handful of much smaller Zoids, then in 2002 combining was the Rule of Cool for the Blox Zoids. Taken further with Fuzors in 2003, dropped with Genesis, brought back with Neo Blox in 2006, and gone since 2007.
  • Cut Short: Several toylines were cancelled with unreleased products. The Rebirth Century line had an accompanying text story that was never completed either.
  • Death Ray: Charged Particle Cannons.
  • Dub Name Change: Wardick is changed to Warshark.
  • Emergency Weapon: The Gojulas Giga can fire a massive energy blast from the 32 spikes on its back, at the cost of greately weakening the Zoid.
  • EMP: The Neo-Zenebas Empire was particularly fond of these: the Dimetrodon has jamming abilities, while the Grounchar and Dark Spiner can completely freeze enemy Zoids.
  • Empathic Weapon: According to the Battle Story, all Zoids are living, sentient beings that can override their pilot's control if necessary. In fact, most characters refer to their Zoid as a "partner" rather than a "vehicle". In the anime, to what degree the Zoids seem alive and how people treat them varies widely between characters, continuities, and even individual mecha.
  • The Empire: There's plenty of sympathetic Zenebas characters in the Battle Story, while the first appearance of the Guylos lot marks 'em as rather merciless, playing this trope very straight... though by the newer stuff they're nicer, and confusingly enough (Neo)Zenebas replaces Guylos as the evil empire later on in the 1999-2003 Battle Story.
  • Energy Weapon: Pretty much every Zoids storyline has these. But for some bizarre reason, the Seismosaurus' thirty-one double-barrelled mini-lasers behave like real lasers in its model, Battle Story and video game appearances.
  • Expy: In all four series, the main hero pilots a Liger-type Zoid, his sidekick pilots a wolf, and The Dragon pilots a theropod zoid. Fuzors is the only anime where the Big Bad Zoid is not a Tyrannosaurus-type.
    • Not to mention that usually, The Hero's Liger-type will have or acquire a form that utilizes some sort of Cool Sword or BFS.
  • Facial Markings: Actually justified a bit in source material. Apparently, the unusually high metallic content of the atmosphere of the planet Zi causes changes in humans similar to drinking water with colloidal silver in it—meaning it changes the color of your skin. The implication is that as generations passed, the mutations became less noticeable as their bodies adjusted. In Guardian Force, it's stated that the dominant race of humans came from Earth within memory, so they hadn't adjusted fully; by the time of NCZ, they were almost totally accustomed to it. No explanation for why Zoidians had those markings, though.
    • The zoidians were around long before the humans arrived. presumably this happened to them too.
  • Gatling Good: Gator, Megatopros, Gunbluster, Dark Horn, King Gojulas, Gun Sniper, Elephander with its Assault Gatling unit, Shadow Fox, Scissorstorm, Laserstorm, Energy Liger.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: The Helic Republic and the Zenebas (and later Neo Zenebas) Empire in the Battle Story, while Zenebas was a man who believed they should strike their enemies first he was also a loving father and a kind leader, the only truly evil decision he made was allying with Guylos, and he regretted that. Meanwhile, Helic was a good man, but he was never a warrior, and when he had taken back his lands he still pressed on. This is really obvious however between Ray Gregg and Wolf Muroa, both want peace (Ray under the Republic and Wolf under the Empire) and think the war has gone on long enough.
  • Guns vs. Swords: Occurs fairly often, protagonists tend to have some sort of blade weapon on their mecha.
  • Hellish Horse: Evil Pegasus, which is black with red wings toting a pair of gold lances and a golden horn called Thunder Blade. Even more frightening is how much collectors pay to get one.
  • Hover Skates: Especially powerful zoids can move this way, usually using thrusters all over their body rather than specifically foot-mounted ones.
  • Humongous Mecha
  • I Don't Like the Sound of That Place: Every location on Nyx, aptly labeled "The Dark Continent". The old line mentioned places such as the Bloody Gate and Devil's Maze, while most place names in the newer line are from Norse mythology (Yggdrasil Mountains, Sessrumnir City...)
  • If It Swims, It Flies: Practically all aquatic mecha in Zoids are capable of near-supersonic flight.
  • Invisibility Cloak: In the form of active optical camouflage, formerly the big thing regarding Helcat and Diablo Tiger but cheapened and thrown onto practically everything in the anime (or can actually be used on everything in some of the games).
  • Jack of All Stats: Depending on the continuity, Red Horn, most lion or tiger types, Command Wolf types, Black Rhimos, Bearfighter, and Shadow Fox amongst others.
  • The Juggernaut: Ultrasaurus, Death Saurer, Mad Thunder, Gilvader, King Gojulas, Gojulas Giga, and Seismosaurus. In Battle Stories, these zoids were consider unstopable when they were introduced. Most of them eventually got dethroned, except the King Gojulas that got destroyed by meteor shower instead.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Liger Blue Souga, which just places one onto its side when using the Gusoku Myoko armour.
  • Knight Templar: Störmer in the battle story who wanted to make "a better Zenebas empire" for himself and princess Elena.
    • And then there was Wolff, who wanted to do the same thing for the Neo Zenebas Empire... and in doing so, had to kill the current Republic president: his aunt, Louise Elena Camford, whose middle name makes her exactly who you'd suspect in disguise. Whoops.
  • Large Ham: Again, Störmer. But then, given that he piloted a Gilvader, it's understandable.
  • Laser Blade: Via technicality, every blade on the mecha themselves has at least some physical component to it beyond energy. Elephander has one coming out of its nose!
  • Lightning Bruiser: Depending on the continuity, anything with "liger" in its name plays this straight, the Energy Liger usually fits this to extreme degrees.
    • Mecha of the Geno Saurer family generally fit this role as well.
  • Mecha Expansion Pack: Half the point of the models.
  • Mechanical Animals: This centers around naturally occurring robotic animals humans use for combat, transportation, and other activities. While normally smaller animals such as foxes and turtles do get upscaled in the anime and toys to accommodate human pilots, normally large animals like elephants, whales, and dinosaurs are also present. The zoids can be upgraded with better armor and weaponry, with a few special ones such as the the lion-like ligers and the T-Rex like genos being able to undergo evolution. Later series introduced smaller zoids that could attach and augment the larger ones naturally, such as an owl that could enhance the sensory input of it's partner.
  • Mechanical Evolution: The Zoids Bible says that they originally descended from simple metallic life-forms, evolving pretty much exactly the same as on Earth except for the appearance of the Zoid Core. This makes less sense when you consider that Zoids reproduce asexually, dinosaur-type Zoids didn't die out completely, and "convergent evolution" just doesn't work like that.
  • Merchandise-Driven: Inherent with the nature of the show.
  • Mighty Glacier: Many, but notable examples include all the Gojulas types, Death Saurer, and Ultrasaurus.
  • Mini-Mecha: Plenty of lesser-known lines were these. Often featured open cockpit designs, or even just a seat.
    • Frightening considering Ptero Rayse and its Mach 2.5 top speed without so much as a seat for it's pilot. No, if you're a Ptero Rayse pilot you just deal with it!
  • Missing Mom: The mothers of all four protagonists are absent without explanation.
  • Mooks: Rev Raptors are like the Zaku of Zoids: numerous, used extensively by the villains, and easily destroyed.
  • More Dakka: Gunbluster, King Baron and Brastle Tiger.
  • Multiform Balance: The Liger Zero and Berserk Führer armours, as mentioned above. Battle Story and other variants give us the Liger Zero X (an Empire version designed for electronic warfare) and various packs for the Berserk Führer that replace its iconic "eggbeaters" with high-powered boosters (Storm CAS), hybrid particle cannons (Jagd CAS), or a high-output reactor and missile pods (Zenebas CAS).
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Killer Spiner, Evil Scorpion, Evil Pegasus, Anna's Death Stinger called Killer From the Dark...
    • Not to mention some of the weapons like Hyper-Killer Fangs or Killer Lance
  • Palette Swap
  • Pile Bunker: CP-08 Pile Bunker, used by Rev Rapter and Iguan.
  • Puppet Gun: Using the Gun Sniper for its intended purpose involves the pilot being turned around in the cockpit to fire the Zoid's rifle, which is also its tail.
  • Series Mascot: Liger-type Zoids tend to be at the center of a lot of the marketing, and one is usually the Zoid of choice for the protagonist. In particular, Liger Zero is one of the most recognizable Zoids due to it being one of the first Zoids ever exported to North America, being featured prominently in Hasbro's marketing, and its significance in the New Century anime.
  • Shock and Awe: Liger Zero X, Grounchar, and to a lesser extent Dark Spiner.
  • Smoke Out: Command Wolf types, König Wolf types, Guysack, Shadow Fox, and Saberlion.
  • So Last Season: Done quite literally. The powerful Zoids from the previous series tend to end up as fodder for the ones in the newest.
  • Static Stun Gun: Liger Zero X
  • Sucking-In Lines: Some continuities will use their own versions of this for charged particle cannons.
  • Super Robot: King Gojulas, let's put this into perspective: it alone turned the war from "Helic fighting guerrila combat" to "The Guylos empire is almost dead". Its roar would shake Zoids and break them apart, his chest cannons obliterated armies, if anything got close, it simply picked it up and tore it in half. It took a meteor shower to put it down. This is understandable, considering that it's the Zoid equivalent of Mechagodzilla.
  • This Is a Drill: Spinosapper's laser excavator, although it's circular instead of conical.
  • Time Skip: Original Battle Story -> New Battle Story. Zoids: Rebirth Century started to fill the gap until it got cancelled.
  • Units Not to Scale: Inverted by Chaotic Century/Guardian Force/New Century Zero.
  • Vibro Weapon: King Gojulas' "super sound blaster."
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Due to the nature of the Battle Story, it's never confirmed that Elena was killed or if she was simply sick of it all and escaped.
  • Worthy Opponent: Ray Gregg to Wolff Muroa, it began when Ray spared Wolff to save his men, and grew from there when Ray caused the death of Anna, Wolff's childhood friend (technically, Anna set her Zoid to self-destruct when she realised she had lost). From there it snowballed out of control until they had their final showdown in the Zero Falcon and Energy Liger respectively. They had a rather peaceful resolution, however.

    Tropes Used in Fuzors 

    Tropes Used in Genesis 

    Tropes Used in the UK Comic 

    Tropes Used in Various Video Games 
  • Awesome, but Impractical:
    • In Saga, Zoids sized LL or above can only be placed in formation with S-sized zoids. This can severely limit your party options if you want bring along a Gojulas or anything bigger. The following games would instead change this so that it only affects size XL, with most of the zoids in this class being so powerful that they don't need much backup.
    • Fusion/Unison in Legacy and Saga: Fuzors. This allows you to combine 2-4 zoids into a single unit mid-battle which grants a powerup and one action per turn per pilot. However, fused zoids do not gain the benefits of any equippable weapons, armor or stat changing items any of the component zoids might have. This usually means that instead of fielding the components of a powerful fuzor, it's usually a better idea to drop in the same number of more powerful single zoids with good equipment instead.
  • Badass Longcoat: Arrow and Kouki, both in blue
  • Bait-and-Switch Boss: Prozen becomes this in Saga: Fuzors. Up to the point he appears, approaching visible zoids in the overworld would always trigger a boss fight. Approaching Prozen's Death Saurer in the second trip to the Chaotic Century world triggers... a cutscene in which Van one-shots him with the Blade Liger. The actual boss follows soon after.
  • Big Bad:
    • The Emperor in Saga
    • Gard Krueger in Legacy
    • Emperos in Saga: Fuzors
    • Viper in VS.
    • Reika Hexe in Battle Legends
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: The infamous localization of the GBA Zoids Saga 2 as Zoids Legacy. Ruuji becomes Luge in Zoids Full Metal Crash.
  • Canon Foreigner: Saga: Fuzors changes up things by having its focus primarily be on the then still-airing anime it shares its subtitle with, which results in the game's protagonist Will becoming this as he joins Mach Storm and fights alongside them as their second best pilot after RD.
  • Character Select Forcing: In the Saga games beginning from 2/Legacy, the player can technically put any pilot in the party in any Zoid that the party owns. However, most pilots specialize in certain Zoid types, allowing them to use higher level(and thus, more powerful) Zoids of those types without a penalty, effectively forcing the player to use them like that.
  • The Dragon: Blood Keel to the Evil Emperor in the first Saga game. Fittingly, he and the rest of his team show up Dragon Their Feet as a Post-Final Boss.
  • Evil Counterpart: The BF to the Zero in the Silver Beast Machine God Game Boy Color game. And how.
  • Fantastic Racism: Emperos, the Big Bad of Saga: Fuzors is a Zoidian who believes humanity to be a lesser species that needs to be conquered and/or exterminated. This also extends to his primary trio of enforcers.
  • Kid Hero: Alster and Athle.
  • Let's Play: Starting here, with the two would-be LPers ending up Trapped in TV Land.
  • Long-Lost Relative: The Emperor turns out to be Athle's long lost brother in Saga. Of course, As the Emperor is a megalomaniac who killed their parents and wants to rule Planet Zi across all of space and time, this means he's the Cain to Athle's Abel.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: because of how weapons worked in "Zoids Battle Legends" (weapons of the same type fired all at once) you could stack smaller missile launchers on a large zoid. IE 32 missiles every time you fire when using a Gojulas Giga.
  • Mad Scientist: Opis from the first Saga game. So much so that his Japanese character description uses the exact words (well, in katakana) "mad scientist".
  • Mysterious Waif: Juno in Saga 2/Legacy.
  • New Meat: Shoma Cheval is this to the Blue Unicorn Squad in Battle Legacy.
  • Original Generation: All the main characters of the Saga games, as well as the VS./Battle Legends main characters. As for Zoids, there's the Trinity Liger, the Geno Hydra, the Blitz Tiger, the Death Meteor, the Victory Liger, and the Victory Rex and its various combinations with other Zoids (and that's just from the Saga games).
  • Sibling Rivalry: Lance and Arrow in Infinity Fuzors
  • The Stoic: Arth in Saga.
  • Unflappable Guardian: Regina to Athle in the Saga games.
  • You Killed My Father: Athle towards the Emperor in Saga. Will towards Crown in Saga: Fuzors.

Alternative Title(s): Zoids Genesis, Zoids Fuzors, Zoids Legacy, Zoids Saga