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And this is just the Showa Era!

The Tohoverse is The 'Verse that Toho's Kaiju films are set in. It's perhaps best known as the place that Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster inhabit.

The Tohoverse is notable as one of the first Shared Universes in film along with Universal Horror, and for hosting some of the earliest Crisis Crossovers in fiction in the form of the aforementioned Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster and Destroy All Monsters, released decades before the trope became standard franchise procedure.

Tohoverse continuity is rather complicated, the best way to describe it is that Godzilla (1954) is the only film that happens no matter what, and that several Alternate Timelines springboard off its conclusion, for the sake of clarity and completion, several non-canon films and Alternate Continuities will be placed in this article due to the presence of Tohoverse characters and concepts in those pieces of media.

See also the MonsterVerse and the Shin Japan Heroes Universe, both of which feature elements of the Tohoverse in starring roles.

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    List of Timelines 
  • Showa Era: The official Godzilla timeline from 1954 until 1975, in this timeline, a second Godzilla appeared in 1955 and battled Anguirus, but after King Ghidorah appeared on Earth, he had a change of heart and became the Earth’s greatest defender.
  • Heisei Era: The first Alternate Timeline, at the tail-end of the Cold War a second Godzilla with a Wild Card morality shows up due to a volcanic eruption, and proceeds to ravage humanity while also fighting against even greater evils. Infamous for the Continuity Snarl that arose from whether or not previous films were erased from the timeline.
  • Godzilla 2000 Timeline: In this timeline, a second Godzilla showed up just in time for the Turn of the Millennium and did battle with the Millennian UFO.
  • Godzilla vs. Megaguirus Timeline: A What If? timeline where the Oxygen Destroyer was never built, and thus the first Godzilla lives to the Present Day, a black hole device was attempted as a means of getting rid of Godzilla, but giant dragonflies were released instead.
  • GMK Timeline: In 2001, the ghosts of World War II’s civilian casualties wrecked havoc in Japan in the form of Godzilla, also notable for the fact that a Godzilla-like creature appeared in 1998, but it’s been clarified that it wasn’t the real Godzilla.
  • Kiryu Saga Timeline: The timeline where Toho’s “other” Kaiju Films take place, currently the last timeline to branch off from the main Tohoverse.

    Works set in the Tohoverse