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Stewart Felfoss Stenstrøm Stardust jr. is a fictional character created and played by Danish comedian Anders Matthesen. He has worked as a sailor, musician and hot dog vendor. Matthesen seems to have developed a I Am Not Spock relationship with the character, and even portrays Stewart as an Enemy Within in his Anden paa Coke? show, who attempts a Split-Personality Takeover in the show's climax.

Stewart's family includes:

  • His very abusive father, who used to beat Stewart with all sorts of instruments.
  • Vivian, his bedridden and antisocial wife.
  • Danny, his drug-addicted, kleptomaniac son.
  • Terkel, his nephew (main character of Terkel In Trouble).
  • Aske, another nephew of his (main character of Checkered Ninja).

Stewart Stardust has appeared in several media:


Live-Action TV

Stand-Up Comedy



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