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The Hotel opens in 2009
Hell House LLC is an indie found footage mockumentary horror franchise written and directly by Stephen Cognetti. The franchise is about the haunting of the Abaddon Hotel in upstate New York, where people check in but don't check out. There are many disquieting rumors about the Abaddon going back to its original owner Andrew Tully. After shutting down for years the Abaddon was re-opened as a Halloween haunted house attraction with disastrous results. Since then the police have covered up what happens while attempting to keep the public out. This hasn't stopped thrill-seekers and amateur ghost hunters from breaking in to find out more.

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  • Hell House LLC covers the story of the Hell House LLC crew as they launch their new attraction in the Abaddon Hotel. As work goes on increasingly strange and unexplainable things happen, culminating in the disastrous opening night that claims the lives of fourteen people including most of the Hell House crew. Five years later documentarian Diane Graves goes digging for answers and is given a sack full of tapes documenting everything that happened at Hell House.
  • Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel picks up three years later following the disaster on Hell House's opening night. Investigative reporter Jessica Fox and her team, with the help of Diane Graves' colleague Mitchell Cavanaugh, break in to the hotel looking for information that could blow the whole coverup wide open. What they find is more than they're prepared to handle.
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  • Hell House LLC III: The Lake of Fire finishes out the series. In 2018 media mogul Russel Wynn buys the property to use as the set for his hit New York interactive theater show Insomnia. He invites reporter Vanessa Shepherd to film everything going on backstage even inviting her to give cameras to all the crew members with instructions for them to record everything they see and turn it over to Vanessa. The recordings and Vanessa's investigations uncover more of the mysteries of both the Abaddon Hotel and Russel Wynn as the series reaches its apocalyptic conclusion.

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