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This index is a list of media adaptations featuring the public domain vampire Dracula, who originated from the famous horror novel of the same name.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Hellsing (1997-2012): The main character, Alucard, is pretty much Dracula himself (combined with Vlad the Impaler), just with a more modern look, and elements of the novel crop up here and there.
  • Dracula Everlasting (2012): An OEL (Original English Language) manga, which sees Dracula taking over the body of a young man, and the descendants of the heroes of the novel facing off against him.
  • A manga adaptation under the "Manga Classics" line was released in October 2019.
  • Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned was a...loose anime adaptation of the Tomb of Dracula comic book series.

    Comic Books 

  • Dracula (1897), the original novel written by Bram Stoker. Although the author never made any official sequels or adaptations, the fact that the titular character entered the public domain, has resulted in him becoming a prolific stock character appearing in many unrelated works of fiction.
  • The Dracula Tape (1975): A somewhat comedic take on the original tale, in which Dracula depicts the story from his point of view, and how things in the novel were actually a huge misunderstanding. It also had a sequel in which Dracula encounters Sherlock Holmes.
  • Anno Dracula (1992): A series of books which depict an Alternate Universe, where Dracula actually won during the events of the novel, and proceeds to spread his vampirism through most of Europe. Despite the title, Dracula isn't the main character (though he does make appearances), instead following a series of various characters and how the undead lifestyle affects London.
  • Out of the Dark by David Weber has, as part of the big twist at the end, Dracula's appearance.

    Live-Action Films 

Universal Horror films

Hammer Horror films

Miscellaneous films

    Live-Action TV 

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Dracula Dossier is a tabletop RPG based around the Dracula mythos, using annotated versions of the original book and short story to give players hints.
  • The Fury of Dracula is a series of board games set eight years after the events in the novel, with one player as Dracula and the others as vampire hunters.

  • Dracula (1924), a stage play directly adapted from the novel, and which inspired the 1931 movie.

    Video Games 
  • Castlevania (1986–present), a series of Konami games featuring Dracula as the main antagonist.
  • Dracula Unleashed (1993): A FMV game for the Sega CD and later PC and DVD which acts as a sequel to the original novel and focus on Quincy's brother, Alexander, coming to London to look into his death just as new string of supernatural killings begin.
  • Dracula Resurrection (2000-2013): A series of point and click adventure titles in which the hero confronts Dracula. The first two games act as sequels to the original novel, the last three are focused on encounters with Dracula in later timelines.

    Western Animation 


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