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A franchise created by Evan Crose. A series of works that all share the same continuity. It started in the July of 2015 with the release of the Animated Critic Blog. It started out as just a simple Review Blog that was also a passion project for Evan until he added a Story Arc to the blog and thus decided to create more shows that all fit into the same universe and storyline. The universe spans many forms of internet mediums including Blogs, Web Videos, and even Web Serial Novels. Most of the shows in the universe are review shows with a storyline in the same vein as Atop the Fourth Wall. In fact it Evan says it was all inspired by the work Linkara was doing. There are exceptions though with things that are just made for the story. For a full recap of the entire universe Evan has a page on his blog with all the episodes of every show that's apart of the universe, and it's all in chronological order. You can find that here. It's extremely helpful as a lot of the time things are posted out of chronological order.


List of things that are a part of the universe.

  • Animated Critic (July 8th 2015-Present)-An animation review blog and also the beginning of the universe. It follows a character named Evan (which creator Evan has said is pretty much exactly like him) as he covers the best and the worst of the animation industry from shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and Steven Universe to movies like The Legend of the Titanic. He also does side shows on the blog like Extra Thoughts where he talks gives extra thoughts over previous reviews and talks about occurrences in the animation industry, Quick Thoughts where he reviews newer episodes of cartoon shows, Evan Vs Disney where he reviews every film in the Disney Animated Canon, and Anime Critic which is a review show for Anime. Also has the occasional review from his brother Max. The shows on the blog all have an interconnected storyline which introduces characters like Kevin, Adora, and Ashley.

  • Animated Critic The Show (May 27th 2016-Present)-Follows the same Evan character from the blog, though doesn't include characters like Ashley, Adora or Kevin. The premise is the same as the blog. Evan reviews cartoons and anime while an on going storyline takes place. Other characters include a Pokemon plush of Cyndaquil. It was originally announced in November of 2015 and finally made it's debut months later in May of 2016.

  • Comic Strike (July 13th 2016-Present)-A review blog for comic books and comic related material staring Ashley from the Animated Critic Blog.

Major Crossovers (Usually of the Crisis variety.)

  • A Roar In Time (January 5th 2017-Present)-Pokémon and Pokémon characters have come to the real world. This was caused by a hole in space time ripping after Dialga and Palkia were fighting. Now our heroes with their new found allies Dawn, Lucas, and Barry must stop the entire Space Time Continuum from falling apart. This crossover was made for the 10 year anniversary of the American release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. For a list of characters that participate in it check out the events own, separate page.

Stuff that is Not Released Yet But Have Been Announced.

  • Magnificent Music/Sucky Songs-A show that follows a character named Allen as he tries to cover the best and worst the music industry has to offer. Evan has also announced that this show well also include a storyline. Other than that little is known.
  • The Simple Things-Follows a character named Mr. S. A very happy and optimistic man that we'll talk about things often overlooked in life.
  • Weird Food Combinations-An unscripted show where a character named Chef Combo well use whatever food he has access to to create a truly weird combination of them.
  • The Polybius Legend-Follows the Evan character and his friend Rob as they try to uncover the mystery of the urban legend of Polybius. According to Evan it well be released some time after the 3rd blog arc, The Virus Arc. That may have been changed though as The Virus was switched out with another arc, The Ghost Boy.
Shows that were cancelled during development
  • Theater Acts-A show that would've followed a character who's name was not announced. He would review theater and Broadway productions. It was canned as finding fotage for these productions is quite hard.

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