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Odds are that if you happen to stumble across this page you already know about the Anime Theme Song Game and how "God Knows" is the most overly used Running Gag of the forum game. If you don't, here's a quick rundown of the game (a more detailed explanation can be found on the Anime Theme Song Game Archive):

The Anime Theme Song Game is a forum game found in the Manga & Animé subforum. It's basically a 20 Questions game with Animé theme songs (OPs and EDs only note ).


The "God Knows" Running Gag originated in Dorkus' first post on the the forum game.note  Ever since then, the gag has thrived within the thread to the point of reaching memetic proportions. This page is dedicated to every use of the gag found on the Anime Theme Song Game thread.

Link to the Anime Theme Song Game

Link to the Anime Theme Song Game Archive

Note: The organization of this page might change soon as this page was recently moved from a post on the thread to where it is now.


God Knows Archivenote 



Post only:


Other Variations:

When God Knows Was Used in Conversation and Monologues:

  • Post 1131: God Knows is an illegal song.
  • Post 1319: Tomu: No. I just want to use God Knows... again [lol]
  • Post 1435: I though that it had already been stablished that Tomu's liking for clues that aren't ordinary was a running gag just as much as Dorkus and God Knows
  • Post 1935: Or something like "God knows what this song is."
    • Post 1936: Isn't God Knows technically an illegal song anyway? (I don't recall it being used as an opening or ending at least)
  • Post 2761: I am dissapointed I come back and I didn't have a chance to make my God Knows... joke earlier [sad]
  • Post 3559: (I'm guessing "God Knows...?" is a running gag around here?)
    • Post 3560: Asking if it's God Knows is a running gag, since insert songs are invalid.

"Is it God Knows?", "Is it God Knows...?" or "It is not God Knows."note 

NOTE: Updated up to post 3682 (from 1 on) and 10651 (from 10000 on).


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