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Get your funeral attire ready.

Unmarked spoilers are present throughout the subpages. Read at your own risk.

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    In General 
  • The opening sequences come with plot-relevant music (typically to go with the silhouettes foreshadowing the plot).

  • Oddjob breaks off a statue's head by throwing his hat at it, and later on breaks Tilly Masterson's neck the same way.
  • Bond kills a henchman with electricity in the prologue. Guess how he kills Oddjob at the end.
  • Bond warns Pussy about the consequences of shooting a gun in an aeroplane at high altitude. In the climax a gun is fired in an aircraft and blows out a window, causing Goldfinger to be sucked out and fall to his death.
  • Bond ordering Goldfinger to lose at gin rummy in the beginning is later used in the golf game when Bond tricks Goldfinger into losing the game.

  • After Bond kills Largo's Dragon Vargas with a spear from a speargun, Domino says "It should have been Largo." At the climax Domino kills Largo the exact same way.

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service 
  • This line from Tracy.
    Tracy: People who want to stay alive play it safe.
    • Bond also gets his first look at Tracy through the telescopic site of his rifle. Three guesses as to what happens to her at the end.
    • Draco makes his offer to give Bond £1 million in exchange for Tracy's hand in marriage on the night of the 13th.
    • During the whirlwind romance sequence, Tracy is seen stroking a passing black cat. They are typically a sign of misfortune and death.
  • The Ominous Music Box Tune use of "Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown", which hints at Blofeld's gift of a music box to the girls.
  • "Teresa was a saint." In real life, Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross was sent to Auschwitz and died a martyr in 1942. Tracy died not long after saving the man she loved.
  • Meta example: The whole resignation from Her Majesty's Secret Service business would mirror Lazenby's decision to quit the series.
  • Another meta example regarding Lazenby's decision to quit the series: In the Bond Gun Barrel sequence, Bond gets on one knee as he fires the gun, as if he's bowing farewell. Then, the blood that would normally turn everything red wipes him out of the picture as well.

    Diamonds Are Forever 
  • While Bond is in the Whyte House he sees a painting of the owner, Willard Whyte. Later he meets and rescues Willard Whyte and discovers he looks just like his picture.
  • Plenty O'Toole is thrown out a window and ends up landing in a pool. Later she's killed by Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, who tie her to a weight and throw her into a pool to drown.
  • When Bond first meets Tiffany Case she's wearing a black wig. Later she sees black hair in a pool and thinks it's her wig: it's actually the hair of Plenty O'Toole. Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd thought Plenty was Tiffany wearing the wig.

    For Your Eyes Only 
  • Before being taken on a ride by Blofeld, a priest informs Bond that a helicopter from Universal Exports is coming to pick Bond up. He then makes the sign of the cross toward Bond as the helicopter takes off, hinting at the helicopter being a death trap meant for Bond.

    The Living Daylights 
  • After the sniper sequence in Vienna, when told that he disobeyed orders Bond snarls that if M wants him to resign, he'll welcome it. The very next movie, M revokes his licence to kill.

  • When Ourumov and Xenia steal the GoldenEye equipment and set the satellite to fire on Severnaya, look at The Big Board carefully; the second satellite's orbital path is clearly visible.
  • Our first glimpse of Alec Trevelyan comes as he is pointing a gun at Bond's head shouting at him in Russian.
  • Some of the lyrics to the theme echo Trevelyan's future motives. Not that this is new for the franchise, but it's used in a more subtle manner to hide the plot twist.
  • This exchange between Bond and M early on in the film becomes this after it turns out Trevelyan is alive:
    M: Avenging Alec Trevelyan will not bring him back.
    Bond: You didn't get him killed.
    M: Neither did you.

    The World Is Not Enough 
  • When Elektra is working on her laptop, you can see framed photos on her desk of her mother (Elektra clearly inherited her good looks from her mom) and her maternal grandfather, but not her father. This is a clue to eagle-eyed fans that Elektra loathes her father.
    • Near the beginning of the film (right after the Q sequence), Bond reads a press release on Elektra King. A prominent quote is attributed to her, highlighting her real personality:
    Elektra: I've never really known what direction my life is taking, which I find exciting. My friends are all very game to join in any mad schemes I might suggest so we often end up in really strange places wearing very odd costumes!

    Die Another Day 
  • The body-altering technology in Cuba, and the savage ferocity with which Gustav Graves attacks Bond in their duel. These are clues that foreshadow the revelation that Graves is Colonel Moon Not Quite Dead.

    Casino Royale 
  • Bond was only able to defeat Dimitrios in Poker because he had the absolute nuts (best possible hand) before the river card was even drawn.
  • Bond getting knocked from the tournament is treated by Vesper as a result of his reckless behavior, when in fact he was making a very sound judgment call in assuming he would win the hand. It makes sense upon subsequent viewings why Vesper would refuse to buy him back into the game, and it's not because he's reckless.
  • Figuring out Le Chiffre's tell (placing his left hand to his forehead above his left eye) is a key part of Bond's strategy in the poker game. He later tells Vesper that everybody has a tell, except her, which is foreshadowing that he can't tell she's been lying to him about her motives.

    Quantum of Solace 
  • When M tells Bond that Vesper kept a lock of her lover's hair in her apartment, Bond seems surprised, saying she didn't strike him as the sentimental type. M replies "Well we never really know anyone, do we?" Only minutes later, her own bodyguard is revealed to be a Quantum infiltrator, and injures her before leading Bond on a chase through Siena.
  • Once Dominic Greene is brought into the plot, there are a lot of shots that casually include water in the composition.
  • Greene was found with oil in his stomach and two bullets in the back of his head. Bond gave him a can of oil, but didn't give him a gun. It's implied in Spectre that SPECTRE, the real mastermind behind Quantum, did the deed.
  • Quantum, along with their color-designated code names are like SPECTRE and their respective number designated code names. Hence, it hinted at the latter group's presence.

  • The opening credits sequence foreshadows multiple elements of Bond's mission to Asia, Bond and Silva's backstories, and the climactic showdown at the titular Skyfall manor at the end of the movie.
    • The theme song also has a few - the chorus in particular indirectly mentions that there will be a battle ("We will stand tall, face it all together, at Skyfall.")
    • When Judi Dench's credits appears, it takes place in a graveyard. Sure enough, M dies by the film's end.
  • In the first scene, M orders Bond to leave Ronson behind so he can get the hard drive back, sacrificing one life for the greater good and not having to risk the lives of more agents. She orders Eve to shoot at Patrice for the same reason, even if it means the possibility of hitting Bond. As we learn later, she did the same thing to Silva. It didn't go well.
  • M's line "Oh, to hell with dignity! I'll leave when the job's done!" foreshadows her final scene at the end of the movie.
  • Bond's line to Severine, "Someone usually dies."
  • A very subtle example that overlaps somewhat with a Call-Back to Casino Royale: in the earlier film, Bond tells M "I thought M was a randomly assigned letter, I had no idea it stood for..." clearly implying that M's real name has an 'm' in it somewhere. In Skyfall, we're introduced to an authoritative senior figure (played by a big-time actor), named Mallory...
  • As they're arming up at Skyfall manor, Kincaid produces a hunting knife and comments that "sometimes the old ways are the best". Guess how Silva meets his end.
  • In addition, Judi Dench's M is referred to as Emma at one point, implying it may be a nickname as well as a codename.
    • Though it's more likely Kincade assumed he heard "Em" and that it would be nice to be formal. They didn't have the heart, and didn't see the necessity, to correct him.
  • The "crown" on M's head in the mocking video Silva sends is actually the MI6 building, foreshadowing that he's going to attack it.

  • When she's about to pass out from drinking too much, Madeleine jokingly observes that there are two James Bonds. Which hints at his relationship with the villain.
  • At the Rome SPECTRE conference, multiple members of the board are attempting to justify funding for their ventures due to the "surveillance initiative", which foreshadows the true nature of the op Blofeld is running with C.
  • South Africa being bombed right after they reject C's plan is another tip off. If you've seen Sherlock, you might just suspect C anyways, as he plays Moriarty there.
  • Early on in the film, as Bond is taken to the new Q Branch, he passes by the Vauxhall Cross office, which Tanner mentions is set to be demolished. It is at the climax of the film when Blofeld takes control of the demolition charges with his own detonator and tries to bring the place down on 007 and Madeleine Swann.
  • M gives a speech wherein he states that glass will inevitably break and leave pieces behind as he is announcing the end of the 00 program per C's influence. At the climax, M's fight with C leads to glass shattering above their heads. C slips on the glass shards and falls to his death.
  • M explains to C that a man having a licence to kill also means having a licence not to kill. At the end of the movie Bond decides to spare Blofeld's life.
  • In the same scene as above, he asks C if he's ever actually killed anyone in person (as Bond and M both have). C doesn't answer, and can't meet his eye. He gives it the ol' college try in the climax.
  • Oberhauser uses a variant of the "No, Mr. Bond, I expected you to die" line, and possesses a Right-Hand Cat, which hints at his actual identity. The viewer might be tricked into thinking it's merely a Call-Back to earlier films, though...
  • M explains to Q that the tracker that allows them to follow Bond's movements also allows C to follow Bond's movements. This would explain how Mr. Hinx is always able to find where Bond is going, as C is working with Blofeld.
  • The photo Bond looks at in his apartment features him as a boy with the older Oberhauser and the face of the other boy has been burned away. Not only hints at the villain's past with Bond (and the whole photo is seen later in Blofeld's base), but also the damage that will occur to Blofeld's face when the watch blows up.
  • When Mr Hinx reaches the corpse of Mr White, he looks up at the security camera mounted on the wall behind the man and smiles. This foreshadows Oberhauser revealing that he managed to hack the camera and acquire the footage of White's suicide from said camera.
  • The opening shot of the film. The epigraph "The Dead Are Alive." It foreshadows everything, from Judi Dench's cameo as M, Mr. White's condition, Mr. Hinx surviving the car crash, Oberhauser being alive twice, and Bond escaping Vauxhall Cross.
  • Q mentions that he has two cats. Oberhauser has one.
  • The opening credits feature Bond and Madeleine falling through the air, which is how they escape the rigged Vauxhall building.

    No Time to Die 
  • Bond saying to Madeleine "we have all the time in the world" while the score is an instrumental of the eponymous song from On Her Majesty's Secret Service is enough to hint at a tragedy, given how that movie ends. And indeed one of the couple dies, only it's the other one this time.

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