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Breaking Bad

  • When Walt was recording his suicide-confession tape while in fear of being arrested, he specifically mentions 'This is not an admission of guilt', as well as 'I only had you in my heart.' Later episodes reveal Walt to be protective of his family, and his Lack of Empathy towards anyone else outside the circle, and also the fact that he decides to cook meth for himself and the power he gets as an illegal drug cook.
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  • The amount of vindictiveness Walt shows to the bullies in the clothing store shows just how sadistic Walt can be, which becomes more and more apparent as the show goes on.
  • Walt is told by the doctor when he receives his cancer diagnosis on his birthday, that in the best case scenario, he has only two years to live. Walt dies exactly two years later, just not by cancer.
  • Hank takes Walter Jr to a SRO to try and scare him straight about marijuana, and it sounds like something out of the worst after-school special ever, with all his bullshit about gateway drugs. Only look at what's happened to Walter over the last five seasons and ask yourself, "What did Hank say about gateway crimes again? How they ruin your lives?"
  • Krazy-8 tells Walt, "This line of work doesn't suit you, Walt." regarding his budding meth cooking business. Although Krazy-8 might have been softening Walt to kill him later, Krazy-8 proves to be absolutely correct, as due to an emergency Klingon Promotion made by Walt meant he was naive about how exactly the criminal world worked, making so many mistakes that his empire crashed in little more than a year. Walt was better off in hindsight using his talents in any legal field.
  • Walt refuses the Schwartzes' offer to pay for his cancer treatment, due to his pride about accepting charity and his unresolved issues regarding Gretchen and Grey Matter. In an example of Irony, this is how Walt finally gets his remaining $9.72 million to his family, by threatening the Schwartzes into donating it to them in an 'act of charity', although unknown to everyone but them they'll be using Walt's drug money.
    • Walt also refuses an easier exit offered by Elliot, who promised him a job and insurance that will not only help his treatment, but more importantly, will actually leave enough for his family once Walt passes away. In later episodes, it's revealed that the Pride and power of making pure meth has got to his head, to the point where unknown to even Walt, he gets a Motive Decay. He also refuses a risk-free Cut Lex Luthor a Check opportunity for this very reason.
  • Several Cold Opens in season 2 reveal progressively more of a mysterious crime scene, the circumstances of which are not revealed until the finale. Moreover, the titles of the episodes spell out the impending disaster: "737"/"Down"/"Over"/"ABQ". Plus, the teddy bear in the plane crash also foreshadows Gus's death.
  • A lot of the chemistry classes in the first season, like the one about explosions. Walt's lecture on chirality doesn't appear to have any relevance on anything later in the episode until you remember that methamphetamine is a chiral molecule.
    • In more metaphorical and symbolical sense, however, the lesson on chirality becomes meaningful when considering Walt's Heisenberg persona. Heisenberg is made of the same elements as Walt, and he looks the same, yet he is also Walt's evil mirror image. Where Walt was "inactive", i.e. keeping his head down and trying to confirm to the expectations society put on him, Heisenberg is "active", i.e. being aggressive and confrontational and his actions makes waves that causes Disaster Dominos to fall everywhere. And where Walt uses his intelligence on a noble and benign purpose, i.e. teaching, Heisenberg uses the same intelligence on a malevolent purpose, i.e. commit crimes.
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  • In "Over", Jesse wants to bring Jane breakfast in bed, but she walks on him in the kitchen. He says "You weren't supposed to wake up", and she responds "Ever, or...?" A few episodes later, she dies asphyxiating on her own vomit while the two sleep off a heroin binge.
  • You can tell Hector wants Gus dead early in their confrontations, but it doesn't appear to mean much as Hector can't do anything. Come the Season 4 finale, however, he finally gets his revenge... and sorts out Walt's problems at the same time.
  • Hank's condition in "One Minute" before he kills Marco is exactly like the time he's injured in 'Ozymandias'. Sadly, this time he didn't survive.
  • In the season 2 premiere, you see Skyler looking fondly of old photos of her and Ted after she and Walt start having marriage troubles. Ted isn't even introduced at that point and doesn't appear till 6 episodes after.
  • Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, a faceless international conglomerate, was first mentioned significantly in Season 4, when it is revealed that the company owns the industrial laundry that houses the superlab. The company was shown to own Los Pollos Hermanos in the fine print of a television ad in Season 3. The company's full role was only revealed in Season 5.
  • At the beginning of "Peekaboo" we see Skinny Pete stomp out a beetle. Later, Spooge's head gets crushed by an ATM. Both were done without second thoughts and the same aloof amount of ease.
  • Season five starts with a flashforward, giving a tantalizing glimpse of how the series will end.
  • Gus once said Walt, "A man provides. Even though he is not appreciated." Walt manages to win in his original goal, providing money to his family, when he becomes a nation-wide most wanted, with his family disowning him.
  • In a fit of anger, Jesse calls Todd "Ricky Hitler". Todd's uncle has prison connections in the Aryan Brotherhood. Also, he later ends up in captivity of Todd's uncle.
  • Twice in "Phoenix". First Jane tells Jesse to roll over on his side after shooting up in case he vomits ("Lie on your side, or you might choke"), and Walter does the same thing for his infant daughter. When Walt tries to shake Jesse awake at the end of the episode to talk to him, Jane rolls over on her back, and a few minutes later throws up and starts choking.
  • In "Full Measure", when Saul is pitching the Lazer Tag arcade hall to Walter as a potential money laundry, he jokingly says "plus, you get to shoot at kids". In season 5 one of Walter's scemes ends up with a kid being shot.
  • In the fifth season, Marie a couple of times while babysitting jokingly says she loves Holly so much she never wants to let her go. When Walt's secret gets out, she tries to abduct Holly for her own good.
  • At the beginning of season 2, Jesse tries to convince Walt to sacrifice his life for him, since he's going to die of cancer anyway. Fast-forward to "Felina," in which Walt is fatally wounded after pushing Jesse to the ground to spare him from being hit by the rigged machine gun.
  • After the truth about Gus Fring gets out, the DEA chief ruefuly muses over how he was friends with the man for years, even inviting him into his own house for dinner, and not once even suspected who Gus really was. This fiasco forces him to resign. A bit later Hank will face the same dilemma - he'll find out that his beloved brother-in-law Walter is the notorious drug-dealer Heisenberg he's been chasing for a year and that should he expose him, Hank's career will be over as well. It gets better, he dies when in process of arresting him.
  • Early in season 5, Skyler tells Walt she doesn't want her kids living in a household where people being murdered is brushed off with "shit happens." Fast forward a couple of episodes later, and Todd says "shit happens" after murdering a kid.
  • In "Blood Money", Badger's Star Trek script may foreshadow some of the events of the final season. Badger claims that the crew of the Enterprise are having a pie eating contest, and that it is down to just three: Kirk (Hank), Spock (Walter) and Chekhov (Jack). Kirk is the first to leave, foreshadowing Hank's death in "Ozymandias". Chekhov has Scotty (Todd) helping him, but when Uhura (Lydia) walks in, Scotty accidentally gets Chekhov killed, leaving Spock as the winner. If Todd hadn't become attracted to Lydia, Walter likely wouldn't have killed Jack and his gang, as they had to keep Jesse alive in order to keep making the meth, prompting Walt to go after them.
  • Ted stumbles slightly over his rug, which he takes the time to go back and smooth out before going to answer the door for Skyler. Later, Huell and Kuby come to force him to sign a check for the IRS. Guess what Ted trips over when he tries to make his escape?
  • In Season 4, Andrea tells Jesse that she'll "die first" before letting anything happen to her son Brock. Fast-forward to "Granite State," and Todd shoots her in the head. Fortunately, Brock does survive the series.
  • Walt ominously mentions Victor while disregarding Mike's request for hazard-paying Gus's men. Walt not only kills Mike regarding Gus' men, but his downfall can also be attributed to Walt's words, "He flew too close to the sun, and got his throat cut".
  • Jesse establishes Walt as a credible threat and as one to never be underestimated, when he states that 'Seriously guys, what you guys are expecting, the exact opposite is going to happen'. Hank, Gomez and Jesse successfully arrest Walt, only for Walt's Nazi backup to arrive, kill Hank and Gomez and imprison Jesse. Walt arrived back in Todd's life, where he planned with Lydia to Mercy Kill Walt. Well, Todd was killed along with his uncle and his crew, and Lydia herself was poisoned with ricin when Walt made his final entry. Jesse expected to cook one more batch of meth, only for Walt to arrive back in his life, and Jesse suddenly going free, as all his captors are dead.
  • When making thermite to cut through a lock, Walter tells Jesse a story about how it was used in World War 2 to take out a German super-gun called Gustav. Walter ends up using explosives to kill Gustavo Fring.

Better Call Saul

  • One of Chuck's earliest acts is to try to convince Jimmy to give up the McGill name due to Howard's insistence to which Jimmy innocently asks, "Whose side are you really on, Chuck?" Chuck is revealed to be behind Howard's efforts to block Jimmy's law career in HHM.
  • When Jimmy informs Chuck about the influx of new clients, Chuck despite the EMS ravaging him, goes to check the neighbor's house for the news being suspicious. This is an early hint about his condition being purely psychosomatic.
    • It also foreshadows the extent Chuck will eventually go to hinder Jimmy later on.
  • One of the first things Lalo ever says to Nacho is "You're gonna die." It's innocently in reference to tasting Lalo's cooking, but prophetic, as Lalo's presence sets off a chain of events that ends in Nacho's death.
  • The first thing Jimmy ever says to Howard in the series ends with "and you will atone!" Howard does end up paying very dearly for siding with Chuck against Jimmy, ultimately (if indirectly) leading to his murder at Lalo's hands.
  • In the Flash Forward opening of "Wine and Roses", a worker places a Saul Goodman cardboard cutout in the dumpster. This alludes to Saul's brief hiding place after running from the authorities in "Saul Gone".