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  • A crossover between Dragon Ball Z and Tenchi in Tokyo has Cell's search for Android #17 and #18 take him through to Tenchi's high school the day the girls would have run roughshod over the school festival. This drags Tenchi and the others into the Z-Warriors' fight for the future, leading to Yuugi performing a Heel–Face Turn and a Redemption Equals Death by being the one who sacrifices their life to stop Cell's self-destruction instead of Goku.
  • Amazing Fantasy has Izuku walk down an alleyway to investigate a purple figure climbing up a wall instead of a shady underpass while on his way home from middle school. As a result, he's bitten by a genetically modified spider instead of meeting All Might, giving Izuku the powers of Spider-Man.
  • Much of the canon plot diverges significantly in Anything Goes Game Changer because Ranma happened to meet Ryoga's father and learned a sensor technique from him. This leads to Ranma meeting Miya Asama which leads to him learning manners from her (along with sparring). As a result, he leaves a message to Ryoga that he got dragged off on a training trip by Genma (thus preventing Ryoga from getting cursed), has a friendlier meeting with Shampoo (and as a result doesn't get her as a fiance), makes a better first impression on the Tendos, and Ukyou is convinced to give up her claim on him as well.
    • Ranma's actions have also resulted in Akitsu serving him rather than Mikogami, Uzume being able to pay Chiho's hospital bills by posing for photos with Ranko, and several Sekirei not being winged by their canon Ashikabi due to Ranma interfering whenever he finds unfair fights between Sekirei.
  • Child of the Storm leads to the not inconsiderably sized nail that James Potter was indeed Thor Odinson undergoing his first attempt at this humility thing. As expected, it ended badly, leading to a memory wipe and an adjustment of the approach for the New Mexico attempt. Once Thor gets his memories back, and Harry discovers who his father is, he ends up blossoming under the influence of his family and the Avengers (and, you know, actual affection), developing a much more comprehensive friend network and becoming far more confident and open with his feelings. Other changes include the likes of Sirius Black not having to live as a fugitive and the Dursleys getting locked up. On the other hand, the revelation that Harry is Thor's son sparks the likes of HYDRA, Lucius Malfoy, and the Red Room into action, leading to a brutal shadowy war being waged between SHIELD/the Avengers and HYDRA, in which Luna Lovegood, Arthur Weasley, most of MI13, a lot of the Ministry's upper echelons and almost all of MI6 are among the many thousands of casualties. And since Harry's been repressing a lot of rage, as a result of numerous near-death experiences, an actual death experience and failing to save, as he sees it, Luna Lovegood, then seeing his father get shot and put into a coma, he occasionally teeters on the edge of becoming the next Magneto, something not helped by his developing Psychic Powers (Jean Grey's a cousin of his on his mother's side of the family), and his connection to the Phoenix.
    • Also, with the integration of the Potterverse, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aspects of the main Marvel Universe, the DC Universe, and The Dresden Files, it already scattered quite a lot of prior nails.
    • In chapter 80, Doctor Strange quotes the Trope Namer as part of his explanation for his actions, having outright weaponized the trope to deadly effect. Just a few of these nails, as listed in the final chapter, include: Harry Dresden becoming Wanda Maximoff's boyfriend and apprentice, putting him in line to be Sorcerer Supreme; Lex Luthor getting Adaptational Heroism; the creation of Ultron presumably being averted due to Tony's justified fears after JARVIS is hijacked; James Bond getting resurrected as a kind of Living Weapon; Bucky Barnes joining the Avengers and bringing all of his considerable experience as the Winter Soldier with it; and MI13 , T'Challa, and most crucially Harry taking several levels in badass due to their near-fatal experiences. And that's during the duration of the first book alone.
  • Code Prime:
    • Due to Optimus being present at the Shinjuku Memorial and later witnessing the Lancelot fighting the Purebloods and the Seekers, Lelouch learns that Suzaku is the pilot of the Lancelot significantly earlier than in canon.
    • Airachnid's attempt at taking control of the Insecticon horde goes a lot differently thanks to two factors. The first is that instead of it being Starscream with her, it's Soundwave. The second is Hardshell being a Composite Character. In the original series, Hardshell was largely The Brute and shared little of his game counterpart's intelligence or personality. Here, the initial differences are described as a result of Hardshell changing due to losing to Grimlock, making him forgo intelligence and weaponry in favor of strength. He also carries the Undying Loyalty for Megatron, and, as Soundwave plays via recording, Shockwave observes that Hardshell, Kickback, and Sharpshot can't be controlled via frequency like normal Insecticons. This causes Airachnid's gambit to fail and gives Megatron an entire legion of Insecticons immediately, with Airachnid forced to continue working with the Decepticons at the moment.
  • Co-op Mode: Because of Gaia's presence in the story, a lot of things in the Wormverse change - with the most important one happening so far being Contessa abandoning her previous Path of Victory to follow Gaia's plans; this leads to more changes down along the line.
  • In The Disney Chronicles, the contact between the Disney worlds and Equestria hugely affects the outcome of the stories. Examples include:
    • Pinocchio:
      • When the ponies discover the truth about Pleasure Island, they rescue all the boys who were turned into donkeys, fighting off the Coachman and his goons. Then, after the Blue Fairy changes the boys back, the ponies return them to their parents in the village. And as a result of the fight, the Coachman dies when he falls off a cliff to his Disney Villain Death.
      • At the end of the story, Jiminy Cricket follows the ponies back through the portal to Equestria and joins them on their subsequent adventures.
    • Fantasia:
      • The ponies' presence in the Rite of Spring segment and their attachment to the dinosaurs there leads to them saving several baby dinosaurs from joining the rest of their kind in extinction.
      • Also, in the Intermission, Octavia's compliment with the Soundtrack lead to him seemingly falling in love with her.
      • In the Pastoral Symphony, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash get into a fight with Zeus. The outcome of this battle ends with the world's inhabitants hailing the ponies as heroes.
  • This trope is played with in the fic Distorted Reflections; a crossover between Stargate SG-1 and Jeremiah, the premise of the storyline is that Jeremiah is an alternate universe that diverged from the timeline SG-1 are familiar with at some point in the eighties, as analysis of their shared histories reveals that a few recent presidents were different in the two realities. While the obvious difference is the release of the "Big Death" in the Jeremiah universe, other subtle changes are observed as SG-1 spend time in this universe, including the continued survival of old foes and allies like Frank Simmons or Martouf, as well as an unexpected revelation about the true identity of the host of the Tok'ra Malek.
  • The divergence point between the main Earth's Alien History timeline and its Mirror Universe is the Doctor being present at the Battle of the Citadel to sabotage the Mekon's forces. Without him, the Mekon successfully conquers Citadel space and uses the Omega particles to destroy FTL capabilities in TeTO space, crippling the alliance. This, combined with the Race then abandoning TeTO to avoid further conflict with the Mekon, causes a rise in xenophobia and revanchism, eventually leading to TeTO becoming the Terran Empire.
  • Fate/Parallel Fantasia: The reason the Fifth Holy Gail War ended up happening the way it did was that many years ago, Zouken stole the Jeweled Sword Zelretch from the Tohsaka family. After the Fourth Holy Grail War, Zouken used the Jeweled Sword's power to charge the Grail fragments he put inside Sakura and awaken the Black Grail. But since the Jeweled Sword deals with the Second Magic (alternate universes), this is what caused False Servants from different universes to be summoned.
  • Glassbreaker: Superb Song of the Valkyries, being a Fusion Fic between Senki Zesshou Symphogear and Worm, removes several nails on both sides.
    • On the Symphogear side, Annette Hebert was the host of Finé instead of Ryoko Sakurai, with Ryoko instead triggering with a Thinker power, thereby greatly reducing any chance that Finé might Body Surf into Ryoko later. note 
      • Kanade's Relic broke while she was in the middle of singing her Superb Song, preventing her canon death. And with Ryoko able to create replacement Relics, Kanade can return to active duty.
      • Finé's reincarnation being all the way in America prevented Chris from being kidnapped like she was in canon, allowing her to join the team much earlier than she did in canon.
    • On the Worm side, Leviathan was destroyed with a prototype Kadingir when it attacked Kyushu. Not only did this prevent Kyushu and several others and masses from sinking as they did in canon, but it caused Behemoth and Simurgh to go into hiding instead of launching further attacks. However, Earth Bet still faces monsters in the form of the Noise.
      • Because Simurgh went into hiding in Antarctica after Behemoth was killed, it never turned the biotinker Sphere into Mannequin.
      • Because Sphere never became Mannequin, Emily Piggot was able to get prosthetic replacements for the organs that got ruined in Ellisburg.
      • Finé was not able to disguise her subsuming Annette Hebert's soul as she did with Ryoko's in Symphogear canon. As a result, it made it seem like Annette was going crazy, thereby straining her relationship with Taylor and Danny.
      • When Emily Barnes and Alan Barnes were ambushed by the ABB in the alley, they found Alan's dead body and traces of the Noise afterward, but no sign of Emily's body, hinting that Emily has taken the role Chris initially had in Symphogear canon.
      • Because of her mother going crazy and her best friend disappearing, Taylor Hebert pushed back when Sophia Hess tried to bully her. This got some respect from Sophia but ruined Taylor's chances of being able to change schools.
      • Because she didn't become part of the Terrible Trio as she did in canon, Madison Clements took Taylor's place as the Bully Magnet in Winslow, while Taylor became a minor Bully Hunter.
      • During one of the moments she was in control, Annette Hebert gave the Relic Shénshòujìng to Taylor. Not only did this prevent Miku Kohinata from obtaining said Relic, but it also prevented Taylor from triggering. note 
  • The Bubblegum Crisis / Ah! My Goddess crossover A Goddess Comes to Call starts when Keichii, instead of wishing that Belldandy would stay with him, wishes for the girl who would be perfect for him and ends up with Chihiro Fujimi. Fifty years later, Linna accidentally summons Belldandy and wishes for her to stay with her, resulting in the goddesses (and Mara) getting involved with the Knight Sabers and boomers. Also, Girls' Love ensues.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters happens because of a small yet major change to the end of Jackie Chan Adventures' Demon World story — as Shendu is being resealed, he spitefully destroys the Book of Ages, triggering a Time Crash that destroys the JCA universe and merges the remnants of it with the W.I.T.C.H. universe. With the Chans and all of their allies and enemies added into the mix, the war on Meridian starts undergoing major changes.
  • Hero Academia D×D: Being a Fusion Fic of My Hero Academia and High School Dx D causes several differences to the plot:
    • Due to having the Boosted Gear, Izuku scores first place in the U.A. Entrance Exam, while Bakugo only takes 5th place. Conversely, as Izuku didn't need help landing after taking out the Zero-Pointer, Ochako scores lower than in canon, taking 10th place.
    • Izuku makes more of an impression on Ravel Phenex - enough that she transfers to U.A. much sooner than she transferred to Kuoh Academy in High School D×D.
    • The USJ class trip involves Classes 1-A and 1-B instead of just 1-A.
  • A lot of people die who would have otherwise been saved in Hybrid Theory because the presence of so many new people running around means that any given Contrived Coincidence in the source material, such as a Sailor Senshi being in a specific park at a certain time, simply might not happen.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC provided the question of "what would happen if Bryan Singer never worked on Superman Returns?" The result: DC handed Directorial rights to Michael Bay which resulted in being one of the highest-grossing superhero movies of all time, Nolan leaving due to Executive Meddling resulting in The Dark Knight never being made, Bryan working for Fox to avoid various misfires with the Marvel movies, and for some reason, bowler hats were back in style.
  • Discussed in Infinity Crisis;
    • While musing on their pasts with Thor, Kara expresses her fear that she might have become as bad as her enemies if she hadn’t been raised by the Danvers once she arrived on Earth.
    • In the later spin-off Brothers of Thunder, when Jane Foster (now Thunderstrike after proving worthy of wielding Mjolnir) arrives on Earth-8096 with Thor, she learns that her counterpart on this Earth is a paramedic rather than an astrophysicist, and acknowledges that she did consider that as a career.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail:
    • The story opens with one, as Chloe and her classmates learn that Ash is the Alola Champion. This leads to her classmates pressuring her into challenging him to a one-on-one battle, kicking off a chain of events that brings all her hidden resentments surging to the surface, triggering a confrontation where she yells at Goh, Ash, and her father before running away from home, encountering the titular Train.
    • The Train picks up Chloe before Episode 29 of Journeys — the episode where she starts becoming interested in Pokémon after realizing how rude she was to Yamper in the past. Because of this, Chloe's bias against Pokémon remains, while the other events of that episode play out without her.
    • One of the major sources of Chloe's frustration is that she felt neglected and left behind. If anyone had noticed and acted upon what they'd observed about her struggles, she might not have ended up on the Train. Professor Cerise is particularly furious after learning that one of his assistants had noticed she seemed to be having trouble, but never mentioned it, blaming him for his inaction.
    • It's eventually revealed that, following an incident at school that alerted Professor Cerise to how his daughter was being bullied, Mr. Bradbury advised him to get her into therapy and offered him contact information for a counselor. The Professor ignored this. Late in Arc 2, Mr. Bradbury gives him the same phone number, and Aldrich can only scream in frustrated agony at being reminded of the squandered opportunity.
    • Lexi notes that if Grace and Simon had not immediately betrayed him, burying him alive and leaving him for dead, they likely would have been able to exploit his abilities to their own selfish ends.
    • The Unown Arc happens because Sara does not keep her big mouth shut right in front of a very pissed-off Parker. Needless to say, her entire life is ruined because of it and she is sent into the foster system.
  • Infinity Train: Knight of the Orange Lily:
    • Much of the plot is driven by the idea that a lot of what Lillie went through throughout Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon could have been avoided if Gladion had simply come forward and shared what he witnessed on that one fateful evening. Lillie realizes this, shattering her Big Brother Worship and spurring her to confront him.
    • Before Gladion heads off to tackle the Grand Trials, Lillie catches him on the beach and gives him a parting gift... and calls him out for the way he abandoned her before, accusing him of caring more about the idea of being a hero who 'saved' her through his noble self-sacrifices than actually helping her when she needed him the most. This conflict winds up drawing the Train to him, whisking him off on a drastically different type of adventure.
  • Know Thyself: the Prelude: The canon events of The Matrix occurred a year prior - including Cypher's betrayal and the crew-members he killed - but Neo is not the One. While Neo was still able to adapt to reality and becoming a full-time member of the Nebuchadnezzar, it is implied that Neo still resents Morpheus for getting his hopes up and unplugging him for it. When Harry shows promise of being the One, Morpheus does not get his hopes up and decides to wait and see what happens, though he decides to take him on as an apprentice.
  • Know Thyself:
    • Given Harry's absence for the past two years and the time and resources that ensures Harry's safety while attending Hogwarts, he doesn't begin his attendance until All Hallow's Eve.
    • Harry is inducted into Ravenclaw House instead of Gryffindor.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Aside from the fact that Shinji is Superman in this story, there is also his origin. Lara dies before Jor-El finishes the rocket, leading him to place a computer database of Krypton and Kryptonian DNA inside of the rocket instead. The rocket lands in Antarctica instead of Kansas, where Yui finds it. Upon receiving a message from Jor-El, she decides to artificially inseminate herself with the stored DNA, leading to Shinji becoming half-Kryptonian.
  • Legacy of the Red Sun: Kal-El lands on Tatooine after Luke dies at the age of four. Darth Vader discovers Luke is his son and destroys Tatooine, and years later kills Kale's adoptive family and Leia's.
  • Light and Dark DEUX: The New Adventures of Dark Soichiro has the basic premise involve Soichiro losing the memory bomb that Blud gave him, so he now remembers that he is Dark Yagami, and so the timeline drastically changes.
  • In The Lone Traveler, this gradually becomes how the eponymous Traveler operates as he travels around the multiverse.
  • Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight, a Fusion Fic of MLP and Lyrical Nanoha has the Jewel Seeds landing in Ponyville instead of Earth, thus setting the events of the three Nanoha series in Ponyville instead.
  • A Man of Iron has Tony Stark taking Jon Snow back to Iron Pointe with him, meaning that he isn't there to befriend Samwell Tarly at the Wall. As a result, Sam is rescued by Tyrion before he takes his vows, while Dolorous Edd is the one to become Lord Commander Mormont's steward.
    • Iron Man intervenes at Ned's execution, saving his life but causing a panicking Joffrey to kill Sansa by accident. Ned is then able to take over the Northern rebellion, managing to avoid many of the mistakes Robb made in canon — among other things, Robb is made to go through with his betrothal to one of Walder Frey's daughters, earning House Frey's true loyalties. He also refuses to release Jaime, instead of sending him back to be imprisoned in Winterfell.
    • The North's better situation leads to Roose taking Gretin Frey as a wife instead of Walda, because he's looking for a strong partner who can give him a better heir, rather than just someone with a big dowry. Also, he and Walder are staying loyal to the Starks, strongly enough that Tywin's not even bothering trying to win either of them over.
    • The far more serious situation with the Lannisters leads Tyrion to decide not to take Shae to King's Landing.
    • Thor's presence, and a show of force, cause all the Storm Lords who declared for Renly to turn cloak to Stannis. In turn, this better war footing means Stannis refuses to compromise his ideals by having Melisandre assassinate the other contenders, spurning her offer as dishonorable.
    • Since Jon is taken in by Tony, Grenn is the one who becomes Lord Commander Mormont's steward.
    • As Asha and Vanko's Roaring Rampage of Revenge is done entirely without Balon's blessing, he's forced to abandon his own plans and conquest and withdraw all Ironborn to Pyke just so he can reaffirm his control of his own people.
    • Mystique impersonating Jaime and the Starks having no reason to try and trade him away means he stays locked up in Winterfell until the Ironborn attack, at which point Bran, Meera, and Jojen recruit him to aid them in fleeing and making their way North of the Wall.
    • Due to needing to take a late-night piss, Jeor overhears the Black Brothers preparing to mutiny against him at Craster's keep. As a result, he manages to flee and survive, shortly after being captured by Mance, which allows him to start allying against the Others.
  • The Mermaid and the Genie starts when Flounder finds Genie's lamp shortly after Triton has destroyed Ariel’s human collection. As a result, Ariel never makes a deal with Ursula and is still able to talk upon becoming human, making her relationship with Eric progress more smoothly.
  • My Hero Playthrough: After recognizing his new power (The Gamer), Izuku rushes home to experiment. As a result, he is not there to slow down Sludge or inspire All Might and Bakugou dies.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, the teams are very different from the original RWBY story. Izuku is the leader of Team Mandevilla (MNVW) with Pyrrha, Nora, and Weiss. Ruby is the leader of Team Raspberry (RSBR) consisting of Shouto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou, and Lie Ren. Tenya Iida is the leader of Team Tabby (TABY) consisting of Tsuyu Asui, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long.
    • Mountain Glenn is nothing more than abandoned ruins in the main RWBY canon, but Toshinori's intervention has allowed it to become a small, protected city that's as heavily guarded if not more so than Vale. It's also Izuku's and Katsuki's hometown, having become known as the "City of Hope" for Toshinori's heroics with a statue dedicated to him as thanks.
    • During the attack on the Underground Training Facility, Izuku immediately sends out a distress signal as soon as he and the others are confronted by the Monochrome League. This allows Toshinori to arrive to save them much earlier than he did to save Class 1-A in his home series, keeping him from having to push his limits and saving Aizawa from being grievously wounded by Nomu.
    • Tenya has Team TABY cooped up in their dorm while studying for their final exams. Because of this, Blake isn't at Vale's docks that day to meet Sun, and his role as Blake's confidant is passed to Izuku. Things get even more complicated for Sun when Team MNVW and Team RSBR happen to see him while he's already being chased by Team MADE, meaning that twelve Huntsmen and Huntresses-in-Training (including Ruby, Weiss, and Pyrrha) are running after him.
      Sun: Oh wow, this just isn't my day is it?
  • My Miraculous Academia:
    • Izuku finds the Butterfly Miraculous before he could have encountered the Sludge Villain. This means he never encounters the Sludge Villain or All Might, he never puts Bakugo in peril and he never receives "One For All".
    • Since Izuku didn't need to train to wield One For All, Degoba Beach is still a dump, Momo offering for Class 1-A and 1-B to clean it as a bonding exercise between classes.
  • Peace of Mind, Piece of Heart is an Infinity Train crossover fic starring Catra from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Steven from Steven Universe: Future, with both characters boarding the train before or during the final story arc of their respective shows. Catra boarding the train takes the place of her and Glimmer's confrontation, and thus their combined abduction, at the end of season four. Meanwhile, Steven boards the train shortly after the events of "Mr. Universe". As Catra and Steven travel the supernatural locomotive, the B-plot of the fic covers how Catra's absence affects the war against Horde Prime in She-Ra's fifth season.
  • People Like Us retells the events of Joker (2019) that examines what would happen if Arthur Fleck met someone who was able to relate to him and help him with his problems. That someone? None other than Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. The story follows the development of their relationship and Travis's influence on Arthur gradually changes the events of the movie until it becomes something else entirely.
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear: WXD Unlimited: There are several changes to Earth Bet due to the involvement of characters from Symphogear:
    • Leviathan sunk Japan, causing Kadingir, Durandal, and Gungnir to be lost and both Yatsuhiro and Fudo Kazanari dying, with Fudo dying fighting Leviathan.
    • Ryoko died after getting caught in Leviathan's attack and Fine ended up reincarnating into a new vessel at the FIS facility who subsequently ended up dying when the Nephilim went berserk.
    • Maria ended up sacrificing herself to stop the Nephilim, meaning Serena is still alive.
    • Fine then reincarnated into Annette Hebert, vanishing after Faking the Dead with a car accident, but not before giving Taylor her Symphogear.
    • Genjuro saves Riley from Jack Slash, killing Jack in the process and causing the Slaughterhouse Nine to dissolve. He also saves Chris while in Val Verde, and adopts the two of them along with Tsubasa.
  • A Shadow of the Titans: Per Word of God, this is the reason that Cyborg attempts his undercover mission at the HIVE from Season 3 despite the plot still being in the timeframe of Season 2 (going by Slade's cameos) — Jade's presence and actions have ramped up the HIVE's threat level enough for the Titans to do this. And Jade seeing through his disguise cuts it short before Cyborg catches Blood's attention, thus seemingly preventing the Season 3 Story Arc from ever happening.
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K's starting premise is that discovering the eponymous game as a child gave Shinji Ikari a hobby that helped him build confidence and strategic, tactical, and interpersonal skills, with the resulting Character Development changing the way he deals with the events of Evangelion canon.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Several nails influence this fic: The first one is a minor miscalculation on Jor-El's part, which results in Kal-El's ship crash-landing in Germany, killing him, and STAR Labs taking it for analysis; the second one is STAR Labs's funding being cut heavily by Seele as part of their Evil Plan, eventually turning it into a glorified sperm bank; the third one is Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu wanting to have a baby and so going to STAR Labs to get an in vitro fertilization; and the fourth and most important one is her being good friends with Emil Hamilton, who does the procedure... and as the former head of the Kryptonian retrieval project and knowing how powerful Kal-El would have become (and seeing how screwed up the world is becoming), takes a brief dip in the (benevolent) Mad Scientist pool and fertilizes the ova that will be Asuka with Kryptonian DNA.
  • The Tabula Avatar Universe kicks off with the Scoobies being uploaded to Baldur's Gate 2 when the Trio find the unbroken memory crystal from 'Tabula Rasa'.
  • Tara Sheppard diverges from canon when John Sheppard visits Sunnydale in time to draw Tara and Willow from their room to answer the door, with the result that Tara isn't accidentally shot by Warren and starting a new chain of events for both the Scooby Gang and the SGC.
  • Thousand Shinji: The premise is shortly after being abandoned by Gendo, Shinji met a time-displaced disciple of Tzeentch -Chaos God of Manipulation and Sorcery of the Warhammer 40,000 universe-, who taught him the ways of plotting and scheming among other skills. As a result, Shinji grows into a very different person from his canon self, and when summoned to Tokyo-3, he begins his own machinations to repay his father for his "kindness".
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Legends of Tomorrow crossover "Two for the Price of One", Leonard Snart and Gage Petrozni are revealed to be counterparts to each other, and a talk about their histories prompts Snart to speculate that their lives diverge because Gage was adopted by a couple who were Snart's neighbors after his mother died giving birth to him and his father took off. Snart observes that it's good that Gage didn't have to put up with their father, but he is saddened (by Snart's standards) that this means his sister Lisa doesn't exist in Gage's world.
  • In The Unicorn At Hogwarts Twilight Sparkle's presence in the Harry Potter universe has repercussions ranging from Harry not getting onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team in the first year to Peter Pettigrew being exposed and captured two books ahead of canon. On the other hand, Word of God stated that he wrote Hermione out of the story's main plot because he felt that she and Twilight Sparkle are too similar in personality and characteristics, and so felt that not having her attend Hogwarts would be better for the plot. Thus, Twilight was sent to a version of the Potterverse in which a nail had already changed the plot somewhat.
  • Warning Letter: Sayu Yagami just happens to be home when she hears her brother, Light, go on an insane rant when Lind L. Tailor calls out Kira on TV. Not long after that, she learns of the Phantom Aficionado Website and asks The Phantom Thieves to steal her brother's heart. This leads to Light undergoing a Change of Heart that stops his Kira rampage much earlier in canon, along with a string of various dominos falling from there.
  • The whole point of The Weaver Option is to alter the past of the Imperium of Man by introducing parahumans into its past, setting up a chain reaction of changes.
  • Queen Serenity coughed while casting the resurrection spell that would revive her daughter along with everyone else. The result? The Moon Princess is Nanoha Takamachi, as seen in White Devil of the Moon.
  • In Wonderful!, the point of divergence is Slaughterhouse Nine's early rampage. Taylor lost her father instead of her mother, and triggered, gaining superpowers. When Emma was attacked by the ABB she helped Sophia to save her. Taylor and Emma remained friends, Sophia became Taylor's tolerated acquaintance, and Taylor never was bullied.

2 Broke Girls
  • Unexpected uses the fact that the series established that Max and Caroline attended the same party a year before they met and uses that to give them a chance to meet before Caroline loses her money when Caroline asks Max for help dealing with a wine stain. This leads to Caroline setting up the cupcake business and signing it all over to Max before she loses her money, and subsequently moving in with Max once she becomes poor. The story concludes by looking at their lives together a year after the Channings went bankrupt, as Caroline blows Max's mind by admitting that she is in love with Max, when Max was sure she was going to screw things up by admitting her own feelings.

Ace Attorney

  • A Complete Turnabout takes place in a universe where the DL-6 Incident never happened. As a result, Edgeworth never abandoned his dream of becoming a defence attorney, Misty was never disgraced, Mia became a detective, Maya became a singer, Phoenix became a prosecutor, Dahlia became a good person and Edgeworth's girlfriend, and perhaps most importantly, Redd White was never stopped and Bluecorp has grown into a massive and dangerous organisation known as "the Network"
  • Double turnabout! Paradise of light and shadow Starts with a paragraph of this trope, explaining how small change can cause massive changes in the future. Namely how Larry's girlfriend picking up object 5 cm away from what she was supposed to grab had snowballed into Doug Swallow getting murdered 8 months earlier that he should've died, Diego never getting poisoned, Dahlia's plan to poison Phoenix succeeding (although he lands in a coma, not in a coffin), and Iris getting accused of this.
  • Atroquinine is Thicker Than Water has two nails. The first is that Thalassa gave one of her earrings to her son Apollo and one of her bracelets to Trucy, a reverse in canon. The second is that Kristoph Gavin, wanting to tie up any loose ends of framing Phoenix for using forge evidence, adopts Trucynote  after her father's trial and disappearance. Her having the bracelet means she can better use her powers to perceive tics that someone is lying, which Kristoph uses to unveil witness testimonies in court.

Ah! My Goddess

  • The Goddess and the Sky starts when Keiichi drops the phone in the dormitory, and the wish that should have gone to him ends up going to Sora instead, who proceeds to accidentally wish that Belldandy would marry her. As a result, Keiichi isn't kicked out of his dormitory, gets an angel named Malaika and is Ship Teased with Sayoko, while Sora and Belldandy are forced to leave as their dormitory room is only supposed to have one occupant and end up renting a haunted apartment occupied by Erdgeist, an Earth Spirit Third Class.
  • The Vain Rose's Garden diverges from canon when Keiichi receives a wish from Peorth rather than Belldandy.

American Dragon: Jake Long

  • The nail in American Loaded Dragon: Jake Long is Jonathan Long, Jake's dad, being filthy stinkin' rich. Before he and Susan get married, Lao Shi becomes concerned with the attention his wealth could potentially bring if he remains out of the loop, so Susan and Loa Shi are granted permission to reveal to Jonathan the existence of the Magical World in exchange for keeping any children he and Susan might have a secret from the media. This manages to divert the story heavily from the show, with one example being Jake's character; instead of being a Brilliant, but Lazy Jive Turkey, the fic manages to make Jake polite, studious, and well prepared.


  • Survivors diverges from canon when Jor-El and Zor-El build a single space pod for both of their children; as a result of it, Kal and Kara make it to Earth at the same time.
  • What Have They Lost? sees Barry learn that Flashpoint had more consequences than he initially expected; Oliver now has a teenage son who was conceived when Oliver snuck into a college party as a teenager, both of his parents died on the Queen's Gambit, Thea has grown up with the name 'Mia Dearden' and never knew her true parentage, and Laurel is still alive and a singer in the band 'Birds of Prey' (who also possesses her sonic scream) while Quentin Lance is a drunken mess. Barry is naturally left feeling further conflicted about the changes he caused in Flashpoint, as his actions have saved Laurel but essentially destroyed Quentin.
  • Vigilantes' Dawn: Switching Laurel with Sara initially seems to have caused only some minor changes, but the ripples eventually begin to snowball into greater changes.
    • The most obvious change is that Laurel, not Sara, is the one who received training from the League of Assassins and becomes the first bearer of the Canary mantle. In exchange, Sara is the one to "run to the law", by following her dad's footsteps and becoming a cop. Tommy also never develops feelings for Laurel, only seeing her as a good friend.
    • The switch seems to imply that Laurel was given different missions from the League than Sara, leading to her last mission in Russia. During that mission she spotted Oliver, which prompted her to fake her death and ditch the League for him. Together, they easily managed to kill Kovar and then spent the rest of their time on Lian Yu while Anatoly arranged their "rescue".
    • Since Laurel returned with Oliver, his relationships with his friends and family are considerably warmer since she is better able to act as his conscience and is not an Elephant in the Living Room like Sara was. This especially applies to Quentin, who, in canon, took years to really soften on Oliver.
    • Another vigilante means that Oliver is better able to balance between his civilian life and his vigilante life. For example, after Helena's assassination of Paul Copani, Oliver stays with Moira instead foisting the responsibility on Thea, thanks to Laurel taking care of the investigation for him.
    • Since Laurel takes care of Helena, Oliver never meets nor becomes romantically involved with her, and kills off Frank Bertinelli a season prior to his canonical death. Helena also never receives any vigilante training, and the Triad remains untouched.
    • A minor example: as Laurel never went to law school, she never met Joanna De La Vega. As a result, Joanna works at Merlyn Global and is better acquainted with Tommy (who she may or may not be romantically involved with).
    • Because Laurel came home with Oliver, the League gets involved with the affairs of Starling City in Season One rather than Season Two, with Nyssa making an Adaptational Early Appearance.
    • Laurel and the Dark Archer immediately recognize each other as former members of the League, which gives Oliver and Laurel an early lead on his identity after Nyssa enters the scene.
  • In the Supergirl (2015) fanfic Future Shock once Kara debut's as Supergirl, her future memories quickly begin to go off the rails. What she doesn't learn until halfway through the second story is why it happened so quickly, and that the cause happened long before her arrival in the present.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Alternate History is a fan-comic where Aang broke out of the iceberg twenty years later than in canon. Most importantly, this leads to Zhao successfully taking the moon. Yue is taken prisoner and waterbending is impossible.
  • An idea thrown about but poorly executed is what would happen if by turn of events or a reversal of roles, Azula was the one that was banished instead of Zuko? The executions leave a lot to be desired, as they usually turn Azula into Zuko with a Uterus note for note.
  • Towards The Sun presents the question: what would have happened if Zuko hadn't joined the Gaang in season three? The answer: An emotionally and physically compromised teenage Fire Lord knowingly working himself to death trying to handle the politics of ending a war with a Gaang that does not trust him.

Back to the Future

  • "The Almanac Chronicles" (a canon-compliant fic about what Biff of the 1985-A timeline did in Back to the Future Part II once he got the Gray's Sports Alamanc) has several, but one in particular stands out. President John F. Kennedy is not assassinated on November 22, 1963. It is implied this was due to Biff saving someone's life while on vacation in the Bahamas, a vacation he would not have taken had he not made his fortune from the almanac.

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

  • In Did I Make the Most of Loving You?, even discounting everything changed because the characters now have advance knowledge of the future, such as Bill no longer pushing Zak to become a pilot, Roslin uses her political connections to ensure that Adama becomes an admiral before the fall of the Colonies.


  • A Grudge Not Held has Rangiku never getting hurt by Aizen's lackeys and therefore giving Gin no reason to join him for revenge. Gin is still the captain of the Third Division, but as he spends most of his time with Rangiku (who is now his Vice Captain instead of Toshirou's), he formed more bonds and more concerns about others (he still has an incredible sadistic streak, though). This leading to him and Rangiku busting Rukia out of her jail. Several matches up to the Deicide arc are changed. Also, there are other important factors such as Hitsugaya is the one who follows Aizen instead of Gin, Harribel is killed by Yamamoto, Gin never develops the poison in his Bankai, Rangiku is stronger because she was trained by Gin, etc...
  • Not Quite As Planned: What might have happened if Ichigo had been a few seconds slower when recovering his powers in the Shattered Shaft? This story answers that question in the most awesome way possible.
  • A Protector's Pride: What if Ichigo confronted his Inner Hollow instead of running away from it? Things quickly snowball from there.
  • Substitute School, First Semester: What if Rukia had succeeded in only giving Ichigo half her power?
  • Sight: Because Ichigo can see spirits, Benihime and Zangetsu are able to train him to be an efficient fighter. Because of this and the fact he has the cooperation of his zanpakutou and inner Hollow, Ichigo wins his fight against Grimmjow when Zangetsu lets him go into Bankai. He wins the fight but loses the battle when Tousen shoots him in the back.

Boardwalk Empire

  • A Redditor created an outline positing how seasons 2 and onwards would've differed if Dabney Coleman's throat cancer hadn't forced the writers to cut short the Commodore's storyline and pushed Jimmy to the front of the conspiracy, if Paz de la Huerta's behavior on set hadn't led to her being fired and Lucy being written out of the season, Michael Pitt's own on-set behavior hadn't left the writers needing to write Jimmy out as well, and if Owen Slater had been Margaret's brother Declan (as per early casting calls).
    • The big change in season 2 would be that rather than be the emergency leader, Jimmy would likely have stayed the Commodore's errand boy and his envoy to New York and Philadelphia. The Commodore would go into business with Manny Horvitz, however, the alliance with Horvitz would still be scuttled, but because of the Commodore's antisemitism (as established by the scene with the Henry Ford pamphlet in Season 1) rather than Jimmy stubbornly refusing to repay the debt he ows Horvitz. Following the attempt on his life in his shop, Horvitz would still retaliate, but by attacking the Commodore's house and killing Jimmy's mother Gillian. This would've led to Angela acknowleding the weird relationship Jimmy had with his mother, and led to Jimmy breaking ties with the Commodore to side with Nucky again.
    • Nucky and Jimmy would make a deal where Nucky takes out Horvitz in exchange for Jimmy taking out the Commodore and leaving Atlantic City. Jimmy settles in New York with Angela, Tommy and Richard, and continues his heroin racket with Luciano and Lansky. Meanwhile, Lucy abandons the daughter she had with Van Alden and resumes her stage career in New York, Van Alden flees to Chicago, Eli goes to jail, and Margaret backstabs Nucky after seeing through his lies that he killed the Commodore (instead of seeing that he killed Jimmy, because Jimmy is still alive). Luciano and Lansky don't betray Jimmy; instead, he gets cheated out of his inheritance because the Commodore's will left everything to his maid and he never changed it.
    • Owen being Margaret's brother changes his dynamic with Margaret, because he's hostile towards her for what she did to get passage to America, while she views him as a hypocrite due to his role in the IRA. Over seasons 2 and 3, though, they'd reconcile as their relationships with Nucky fell apart.
    • In season 3, Jimmy would become addicted to Lansky's heroin, taking a toll on his personal and professional lives. He only realizes he needs to straighten up when he finds himself having to wait outside with the other drivers at George Remus's infamous 1922 New Years Eve party.
      • At the same party, Nucky ends up running into Lucy, who's become a success on Broadway, and fills in for Billie Kent. Lucy begins to worm her way back to Nucky's side, successfully, which makes Margaret contemplate running away with Declan. Following Benny Siegel's attempt on Rosetti, Rosetti would have Lucy murdered in her apaartment. Nucky would respond by sending Declan to whack Joe Masseria (like he did with Owen), only for Declan to be killed by Richard Harrow (since he indirectly works for Masseria by way of Lansky and Luciano). Jimmy would reconcile with Nucky as Eli makes deals to get Capone to come to Altantic City to help them take out Rosetti.
    • For season 4, things would stay the same except that Jimmy would take over the role filled by Eli's son Willie, as he's forced by Nucky to resume his education at Princeton. So while Knox / Tolliver would still blackmail Eli, it would be over Eli's murder of George O'Neill in season 2. Richard Harrow would be working for Murder Inc. out of New York until the job begins to burn him out.
    • For Angela, she'd be introduced to anarchism in season 3 and get involved with Louise that way. Jimmy thinks she's having an affair with Richard, leading to him having a falling out with Richard. Things go well for Angela and Louise until Louise is killed during a bombing. In season 4, Angela would go into hiding with the help of Richard. She'd meet another nice girl who turned out to be a Pinkerton agent working for Jimmy, and he'd use her past history with Anarchism and homosexuality to take custody of Tommy from her. In season 5, Nucky would try to help Angela out, only for her to be found not guilty via an Insanity Defense and committed.
    • Season 5 would cover the trial of George Remus, the Capone-Moran war in Chicago, and the White vs. Black Hand War in New York, which also involved Al Capone. They would likely be tied together with New Jersey through a fictional Irish faction led by an Irish take on Gyp Rosetti. Eli would get involved in the New York war after sleeping with Van Alden's wife and getting her knocked up, and get involved in the assassinations of the new Irish gangster and Pegleg Lonergan. In Atlantic City, Jimmy would take over Atlantic City in the Thompson brothers' absence, killing Ed Bader when Bader tries to put a stop to his heroin deals. Ultimately, the season would end with the establishment of the Big Seven in the East Coast and the Capone-Moran truce in Chicago.
    • Season 6 would see the final war between the older mobsters and their ruthless replacements. For the Chicago arc, Eli and Van Alden would get involved in the Capone-Moran war, and ultimately be the fake cops that participated in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. For New York, Capone would have his falling out with Frankie Yale and have him murdered. Arnold Rothstein's murder would also slot in here. In Atlantic City, Nucky (backed by Capone) would be at war with Jimmy (who's being backed by Masseria). This war would end with Nucky killing Jimmy, then calling the Atlantic City Conference as a peace treaty. Nucky would also adopt Tommy as a foster son. Chalky's rivalry with Doctor Narcisse would culminate in him getting Daughter Maitland to kill the corrupt doctor, with Chalky becoming Daughter's enforcer as she takes over Narcisse's enterprises.
    • Season 7 would largely be the same as the canon Season 5.


  • In A Monster's Nature, things start to change when Caitlyn shows a slightly more positive response to Brandon's attempt to apologise for breaking her wrist.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • In Kallysten's and Kantayra's Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum the memory crystal that is accidentally crushed as the Reset Button in the episode "Tabula Rasa", isn't. This leads to the personas and assorted odd relationships the Scoobies adopted in the presence of Laser-Guided Amnesia growing into their own characters.
  • Splinter initially appears to have relocated Angel Investigations to a world where Angel lost his soul after he had sex with Darla, with Wesley and Buffy dead and Cordelia now in a psychiatric ward with her eyes missing while Angelus is attempting a ritual to destroy the world that involves removing human livers. However, after realising that 'Angelus' of this world still has his soul, the group realise that the actual divergence was after Vocah attacked; Wesley died in the bombing, Cordelia tore out her own eyes to try and escape her repetitive visions, and 'Angelus' is actually using the livers to prevent the destruction of his partially realised reality, having fallen so far that he is focusing on the final goal to avoid thinking about the human cost.
  • The premise of Buffy the Vampire: Awakenings is that the Master accidentally turns Buffy during the season one finale.
  • In The Pride of Sunnydale Xander is possessed by a primal lion spirit rather than hyena and retains his possession.
  • Worlds Apart diverges from canon when the Watchers' Council come to Sunnydale to collect Alcathla's statue at the moment Angel is returned to Earth, the Council taking 'Angelus' captive to assess him for use in Buffy's Cruciamentum. As a result, Angel befriends Wesley while in the Council's dungeon before the two are sent to Sunnydale, which leads to Wesley convincing the surviving Kalderash clan to anchor Angel's soul.
  • The One With The Angelic Face series changes from canon because the gypsy curse that gave Angelus a soul also turned him into a woman, who takes on the name Angela but still falls in love with Buffy.
  • In The Hell-er-Nator: Chaos Machine the true nail isn't a kid buying the last military rifle before Xander, but Ethan Rayne being hired by Wolfram & Hart to perform his Halloween chaos, resulting in him having the money to purchase far more costumes and use a more potent spell.


  • In "Flashforward", when a temporal anomaly causes Kate Beckett of 2012 to swap places with her 2009 self, her attempt to investigate her mother's death using the leads she found in the future results in her being killed by Bracken's assassins. As a result of Beckett's death, America is now on the brink of nuclear war with China because Castle and Beckett weren't there to save a prominent politician's daughter ("Linchpin") while Bracken encourages the current paranoia to make his own bid for the presidency, forcing another group of time travellers (as featured in "Time Will Tell") to send the Castle of this new 2012 back in time to convince 2012-Kate not to do anything impulsive.

Castlevania (2017)

  • Turning Point:
    • The biggest divergent from canon is that Dracula returned just in time to save Lisa from the witch-hunt and turn her into a vampire to heal her wounds.
    • In-canon, the Bishop responsible for Lisa's death is killed over a year after by a nigh-creature. Here, Dracula has him captured where he tortures and kills him personally.
    • In-canon, Carmilla joins Council of Vampires alone on behalf of Styria. Here, she is joined by Lenore on Morana's recommendation.
    • Alucard meets Sypha as the Speaker's caravans are traveling, as opposed to meeting her with Trevor beneath Gresit.


  • Ernesto de la Cruz's murder of Hector Rivera has raised a bunch of AUs that shows how any slight deviation could've led to Ernesto being exposed as Hector's murderer much earlier. Or what would've happened if Ernesto reconsidered his decision and didn't go through with the poisoning.
    • Somos Familia: A nail so big it borders on AU. What if Ernesto hadn't killed Hector?
    • Dead Men Tell Tales: This fic diverges from canon because Hector knows from the very beginning that Ernesto murdered him. Because of this, Ernesto cannot reap the benefits of his fame in the Land of the Dead.
    • Witnesses: What if there was a witness when Ernesto killed Hector?
    • El Camino a Casa: What if Ernesto's poison took longer to kill Hector, and he was able to make it to the train before the poison kicked in? He ends up lingering for a full day before dying. It's long enough that the Riveras all know Ernesto is responsible, and when he comes to Santa Cecilia to get the songbook, Imelda blackmails him out of being able to steal the credit to any of Hector's songs with the threat that she'll go public and humiliate him if he does so. She also sends him reminder letters every year on the anniversary of Hector's death for the next forty years. Ernesto manages to rebuild his career and ultimately comes to accept that Hector was right; he didn't need Héctor's songs to succeed and he could've found success on his own without his friend. His guilt takes a toll on him in the form of problem drinking, which eventually causes him to die of alcohol poisoning forty years later. Imelda never imposes the music ban, although she's close on doing so but instead blames her misfortune properly to Ernesto.
Code Geass
  • Dauntless (Allora Gale): What if Clovis found Lelouch before the series started?
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of Britannia: What if Lelouch had never been banished?
  • Code Geass Lionheart of the Revolution follows what would happen if Lelouch was trained in Knightmare combat and self-defense while a prince of Britannia. Notably, Nunnally would not be paralyzed and blinded in the attack that (supposedly) killed Marianne, and she would join Lelouch in the Black Knights as Void.
  • Nil Desperandum combines this with Peggy Sue. While Lelouch's mind is sent back in time, the true nail is Nunally dying during the Invasion of Japan. Luluka and Suzaku miss their rendezvous with Genbu Kururugi because they take the time to bury her. As a result, Suzaku never kills his father or becomes an Honorary Britannian, instead becoming Luluka's closest ally.
  • The Black Emperor: What if Lelouch had confided in Milly before the series start?
  • Armed Resistance: What if Nunnally died before the series started?
  • Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion: What if Lelouch had better prepared for his rebellion against Britannia?
  • Decayed: What if Suzaku was killed by Clovis's Royal Guard after trying to protect Lelouch?
  • Code AEON: The pairs that end up together when V.V. transports Zero, Kallen, Suzaku, and Euphie from Kamine Island have changed, with Kallen ending up with Euphie and Zero ending up with Suzaku. The ensuring struggles led to both Kallen and Suzaku learning that Zero is Lelouch.

  • In The PreDespair Kids, Hope's Peak Academy hosts a competition called the Hope Games, a mix of a relay race and events that the students had to complete. Those who come in last each time are eliminated. One of these events was a truth or dare challenge, which got more and more intense as it went on. One of the dares involved Mukuro being forced into "scaring" Taka...which she did by revealing that he has feelings for Mondo on live television. This sends him into a Heroic BSoD and causes her to have a My God, What Have I Done? moment. However, the shock and guilt of the incident is also what ultimately results in her deciding to turn her back on Ultimate Despair and try to save everyone before The Tragedy even begins. This is what resulted in the blog changing from a prequel into an Alternate Universe.
  • System Restore diverges from canon when Togami trips and falls during the blackout at the party. This results in Hanamura killing Komaeda instead of him, drastically changing the events that follow.
  • Three-Point Shot also has this as its premise for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Kokichi Ouma, partially out of curiosity and partially out of amusement, tampers with the crime scene of the first murder by picking up the shotput ball and throwing it back up to the top of the bookshelves. This leads to the mastermind being exposed as the true culprit and executed, meaning that the original protagonist, Kaede Akamatsu, survives past the first chapter.
  • I'd Trade My Life For Yours has a similar premise as Three Point Shot, but with a different execution- Shuichi Saiharanote  ends up Taking the Heat for the first murder and being executed.
  • An Encore From My Crying Heart has a similar premise as the two fics above, but with yet another different execution. This time, Shuichi Saihara takes the First Blood Perknote  and leaves the school, leaving Kaede to take his place.
Danny Phantom
  • Lady Lucks Favor asks what if the first sentient ghost Danny met was Desiree? Since the only ghosts Danny had fought so far are more animalistic and unintelligent like the ghost octopi, and Desiree isn't being overly malicious, Danny instead asks her questions about herself and ghosts in general. As a result, Danny not only figures out several powers sooner, but also has a friendlier relationship with some ghosts.

Daredevil (2015)

  • The fanfic series The Boxer's Daughter is an AU with Matt Murdock gender-flipped. In most stories where the author changes some massive aspect of the story, like a character's gender, that's all they change. It's like rewatching the show again only with different pronouns for that character. In this fic, changing Matt's gender actually changes quite a lot about the plot: the work pretty much maintains the core of the original story, but it introduces a lot of new characters, a number of characters that were killed in the actual show instead live or vice-versa, while some actions undertaken by one character instead get taken by another. These little differences end up making a huge impact on the narrative.
    • In episode 3, Nelson & Murdock refuses rather than accepts James Wesley's check when he comes to hire them on John Healy, so Fisk resorts to hiring Larry Cranston to get Healy off. Instead, Mattie gets Fisk's name by beating up Detective Hoffman. This means that in episode 6, the sniper that shoots Detective Blake also kills Hoffman and wounds Ben Urich.
    • Because of Hoffman being dead, Healy is later sent to kill Blake after he regains consciousness, but Mattie stops him, and consequently also brings Brett Mahoney in on the Fisk investigation a lot earlier than he was involved in the show. Healy and Blake thus survive to sell out Fisk.
    • Foggy doesn't follow Karen when she goes out at night to talk to Elena, so the guys that jump her manage to break her ankle before she can mace them. She is forced to spend the next few weeks walking around on crutches. While she finds out where Fisk's mother is hiding, the fact that she and Ben have been injured means that Brett and Foggy have to pay the visit to Marlene. Thus, it ends up being Foggy who kills Wesley. Given the circumstances, Mattie realizes Ben is likely going to be targeted by Fisk next, and rushes over right as Fisk is confronting Ben. She engages Fisk in a fight long enough for Ben to escape. Thanks to Ben being alive, he's able to get to Owlsley and convince him to turn himself in to the police before Fisk can have him killed.
    • In a minor one, while Fisk still targets Elena Cardenas' building to lure Mattie into the ambush by Nobu, he does it differently because of Mattie being a woman. In the show, he hires a junkie to murder Elena. Here, he has Typhoid Mary burn down her apartment. Typhoid Mary is also responsible for a later attempt on Ben and his wife after Mattie thwarts Fisk's attempt to kill Ben.
    • Stick ends up getting killed in this retelling of season 2, much earlier than he meets his death in The Defenders during the actual continuity. Jacques, the Frenchman that Stick hired to kill Elektra in the actual show, ends up taking Stick's place in The Defenders, and lives.
  • When The Rest of the World Walks Out is an AU of the Daredevil: Born Again story from the comics. In the canon story, Foggy and Matt part ways after Matt gets disbarred at the grand jury hearing (thanks to Fisk's machinations), and don't meet up again for a number of (real-time, not comic-time) years. Subsequently, Fisk blows up Matt's house, leaving Matt's costume to be found in the wreckage as a means of letting Matt know exactly what's happened. Matt then confronts Fisk in his office, only to be beaten up and then drowned in a taxicab, and later is taken in by a convent where Sister Maggie resides. The author was not happy about Foggy being removed from the picture really early in the story, so he decided to change that.
    • The nail in this story is that instead of separating from Matt after the grand jury hearing, Foggy decides to drive over to Matt's house to check on him and make sure he's okay, and shows up just as Fisk blows up Matt's house and Matt finds his Daredevil costume in the wreckage. As a result, Foggy learns Matt is Daredevil many years before he would find out in canon. Things then stay roughly close to canon until Matt's confrontation with Fisk and the beatdown, just that Matt is rooming with Foggy instead of in a flophouse, meaning his mental deterioration is not as severe as in the comics. Foggy follows Matt here, and as a result seeks to intervene when Fisk's men are trying to drown Matt in the cab. Spider-Man rescues them both and takes them to the Night Nurse's clinic.
    • Because of Matt being still in touch with Foggy and Spider-Man, he ends up being able to talk through his legal troubles and realizes that Nick Manolis (the cop who Fisk bribed to perjure testimony against Matt in exchange for his son getting a life-saving operation) is the key witness. Matt learns from Peter about Manolis being hospitalized when he and Ben Urich are attacked by Lois in Fisk's effort to silence him. Matt thwarts Lois's attempt to finish Manolis off in the hospital while he's on the phone with Ben, which is what prompts Fisk to still have Lois killed in custody while she's trying to come clean with Ben. Fisk realizes that he can't have Manolis killed now without his death being seen as suspicious, but just to make sure nothing can be traced back to him, he arranges the death of Lew Sherman, the intermediary he had used to communicate his orders for Manolis to frame Matt.
    • Some plot points are completely unchanged. Specifically, the subplot with Karen's pimp is unchanged too with minor alterations. The climax, when Fisk deploys Nuke to wreak havoc on Hell's Kitchen, is unchanged but with a few minor alterations, and the Avengers' interference at the end has no changes to it at all.
    • Ultimately, all of the immediate problems (Fisk's vendetta, Matt's disbarment, Karen's addiction and stalker) are still solved and the characters end "Born Again" actually in roughly the same place they got to in canon, just a few years ahead of schedule and with a lot less angst and lies/miscommunication. And due to the fic being written when the Netflix show came out, some minor elements of that ended up being incorporated into the story as well, such as Foggy's girlfriend Marci Stahl being a colleague of Foggy's at Kelco, Fisk's front of Confederated Global (from season 1) getting name-dropped, and Foggy's middle name being Percy (as established in season 2).
  • Take a Deep Breath - I Got Your Back is an AU for the second half of season 3. The point of deviation is after Dex attacks the New York Bulletin on Fisk's orders and kills Jasper Evans with Karen's gun. In canon, Foggy serves as Karen's lawyer when she's being interrogated by Ray Nadeem at the FBI office. Here, though, Foggy's injury when Dex knocked him out at the Bulletin was worse (enough to put him in the hospital), and consequently, Matt, rather than go straight back to the church to get stitched up, goes to the FBI office to serve as Karen's attorney for her questioning.
    • Because of Fisk's "story" to Nadeem back in episode 5, Nadeem still views Matt as a suspect, and wants to question him about the allegations Fisk made. Matt invokes his fifth amendment rights, and negotiates Nadeem to "you let me defend Karen here, and I'll tell you everything I know." The questioning then begins, with Nadeem directing his questions to Karen, but the questions gradually become more directed at Matt as Nadeem shifts to asking how he and Karen found Jasper Evans. This ends up being the first Karen knows about Matt visiting the prison, as Nadeem asks Matt about the part where Matt stole Foggy's Bar ID and made contact with Vic Jusufi, and the tapes have all gone missing (due to Fisk being careful to omit the fact that he ordered prisoners and guards to attack Matt, and then had his men try to drown Matt in a taxicab).
    • The stress of the interrogation causes Matt's wounds to open up as he tries to end Nadeem's line of questioning and leave with Karen. He passes out from blood loss, and Nadeem has to take him to the hospital. Karen rushes to the hospital ahead of them to tell Foggy what happened, so that Foggy will be there for Matt when he gets released. When Matt regains consciousness, Nadeem tries to question him both about all his scars (injuries Matt sustained from his nightly outings as Daredevil) and about the prison visit. Matt stops short of admitting he's the real Daredevil, but convinces Nadeem that he's innocent and never worked for Fisk. He insists on getting himself released from the hospital, and after managing to shake off Foggy, goes to the church, has his scene with Sister Maggie, and then encounters Karen.
    • Like in the show, Karen goes to the hospital to see Ellison, and is fired when she refuses to give up the real Daredevil. But, having her faith in Matt elevated on account of him risking arrest to come defend her from Nadeem's barrage of questions, she goes back to the church to track him down and finds him there. In an effort to motivate her, he offers for her to come along with him to track down Melvin and find the imposter.
    • Matt and Karen go to Melvin's place together and interrogate him. When Melvin tries to lock Matt in the room with the second Daredevil suit, Karen pulls her gun on him and demands he let Matt out. When the FBI turn up, things get messy. Melvin is still caught, while Matt and Karen escape, Karen having to shoot and wound one of the agents trying to apprehend Melvin during the fight.
    • While this happens, Nadeem decides to go to the prison and talk to Michael, the client Matt spoke to as pretense to inquire about Fisk's stay. Michael tells Nadeem about how the Albanians were protecting Matt from the guards and inmates Fisk sent to kill him. Having this information means that when Nadeem learns that the fake Daredevil is Dex, he can't help but suspect that there are other agents in Fisk's pocket. Matt and Nadeem still break into Dex's apartment, and Nadeem still gets shot by Dex during the escape. At that point, Nadeem begins making plans to get his family out of town, but this still goes awry but for other reasons.
    • Fisk realizes Matt or one of his allies has gotten to Nadeem when Nadeem begins throwing questions at him about his part in Jasper Evans' release, why he would lie about Matt being an associate of his, and his past association with Daredevil. Needing attention drawn off of Evans' death and the Bulletin attack, Fisk tells the Bar Association about Matt stealing Foggy's Bar ID to visit the prison, causing them to investigate Foggy and suspend his law license. This stops Foggy's campaign for District Attorney in its tracks as Foggy can't campaign while he's under investigation, and he can't call Blake Tower out in public about the information he uncovered from Marci's briefs about how Fisk is selling protection to other criminals. So he has to improvise: he delivers the information to Ellison for the Bulletin to publish while also making an unsuccessful attempt to strongarm Ellison into rehiring Karen. Then he uses the threat of bad media coverage to pressure Tower into opening a case against Fisk.
    • Karen still makes her visit to Fisk like in the show, but her motivations are different. Unlike in the show, Karen knows Fisk has the FBI in his pocket due to the information gleaned from Melvin, so she's more afraid of the FBI finding out she killed James Wesley. Thus she decides to visit Fisk and directly reveal it to him. Nadeem ends up taking Foggy's place as the one to intervene when Fisk snaps. But rather than it be luck that someone intervened before Fisk could beat Karen to death, Nadeem is there because Karen called him (while he was in the midst of preparing to send his family into hiding) and asked him to be there. Karen is unhappy that Nadeem barged in earlier than she wanted him to. She also unintentionally ends up bringing Nadeem directly into a trap, for Nadeem's boss Tammy Hattley is at the hotel when Karen makes her visit due to Fisk having ordered her to question Nadeem and secure his loyalty in light of his investigation into Dex. As Karen is leaving in the elevator, she narrowly misses being caught by Felix Manning, and overhears the gunshots as Hattley kills Winn and then she and Felix strongarm Nadeem into joining the conspiracy.
      • Karen's confessions to Matt about killing Wesley and her brother are different. Rather than happening back to back in the church basement as they hide out from the police following Father Lantom's death, Karen confesses to Matt over the phone about Wesley while Matt and Foggy are laying low in Fogwell's Gym, then gives Matt and Foggy a more in-depth breakdown of the rest of the details of that night when she goes to the gym to work with them and Nadeem. She doesn't open up to Matt about Kevin's death until after Fisk is back in prison.
    • Due to being under investigation, Foggy seeks out Matt and finds him at Fogwell's Gym, and discloses the information he'd uncovered about Fisk's extortion ring to Matt. Matt also opens up to Foggy about finding out that Sister Maggie is his mother.
    • Because Nadeem trusts Matt, Karen and Foggy a lot sooner than in canon, he trusts them with protecting him and his family. To ensure he'll have some way to mitigate any potential criminal charges against him, Nadeem officially hires them to be his lawyers and agrees to wear a wire to gather incriminating evidence against his colleagues and Fisk (the wire being obtained through Matt and Karen stealing recording equipment from the Bulletin). While that happens, Matt and Foggy go out to intimidate the gangs Fisk is attempting to recruit into his extortion racket, hoping to goad Fisk into making a mistake by hurting his wallet. And Karen goes to move Nadeem's family to safety.
      • Neither of these go well. While Matt and Foggy's effort to get Latimer Zyl (the Jewish boss) to turn himself in to Brett Mahoney goes off smoothly, their attempt to talk to John Hammer (the black boss) goes south when the corrupt FBI unit shows up to apprehend him for the parlay. In the resulting chaos, Hammer gets killed by an errant shot, Matt gets shot, he has to fight Nadeem to protect Nadeem's cover, and Nadeem has to murder the agent who shot Hammer when said agent finds out he's no longer loyal to Fisk.
      • In the meanwhile, Karen goes to get Nadeem's wife and son and move them to Brett's mother's place to shelter them (like happens in the show after the church attack). Before they can leave in Karen's car, Dex and another agent show up and capture the three of them. Dex takes them back to the Presidential Hotel and delivers them straight to Fisk. Fisk makes clear to Karen that as much as he wants to kill her as retaliation for Wesley's murder, Vanessa has persuaded him that killing Karen would cause too many problems. However, she knows too much about Fisk's operations for him to simply let her walk free, so he decides to force her into working for him by threatening to have her father killed.
      • Karen is thrown in a hotel room with Seema and Saami for the night. The next morning, Karen talks Dex into taking her to Felix Manning, and it is she and not Matt who gets Felix to reveal Fisk's role in the murders of Agent Winn and Dex's girlfriend Julie Barnes.
      • Meanwhile, at the 15th Precinct, Matt, Foggy, Nadeem and Brett work out a plan to infiltrate the Presidential Hotel to rescue their loved ones. While they're there, Matt notices Melvin being brought into custody, and learns from Melvin that there's another backup Daredevil suit that Melvin hid away at his original workshop, which gives Matt a better fighting chance against Dex.
      • Matt and Nadeem then barge into the Presidential Hotel. Nadeem handcuffs Hattley before going to rescue his family, while Matt gets the information about Julie from Karen and goes to confront Fisk and Dex. Karen provides a distraction for Matt by pulling the fire alarm to confuse the FBI guards along the way, before doubling back to help Nadeem. Upon learning the truth about Julie, Dex tries to kill Fisk and Vanessa, with Matt engaging them both until he's distracted by the sound of Karen and Nadeem dealing with other FBI agents in Seema's room and is forced to abandon them to go give Karen an assist. Dex chases after Matt...and Fisk chases after both of them, and the fight takes itself to Seema's room. A melee ensues between Matt, Karen, Fisk, Dex, and Nadeem. Nadeem is knocked out early by Dex. Dex manages to stab Matt in the back with a shard of glass from a mirror, and is defeated when Matt breaks his wrist, rendering him incapable of throwing things, then beats him to within an inch of his life. The fight then becomes a two-on-one, with Matt and Karen vs. Fisk. Fisk overpowers Matt after an exchange of blows. Karen then shoots Fisk several times with Nadeem's gun in an effort to slow him down, though Fisk's bulletproof suit keeps any of the bullets from penetrating. Before she can shoot Fisk in the head, Matt gets a second wind and beats Fisk into submission, and threatens him into the same deal he makes in the show (leave Karen and Foggy alone, and Matt will leave Vanessa alone)note . He then goes back to his apartment to get patched up by Claire Temple while leaving Karen to hold Fisk at gunpoint until Brett and Foggy arrive.

Date A Live


  • all of the things we did wrong.: When Artina recounts how she first met Nagi Clockwork when she encountered the heavily injured girl while checking a battleground for survivors, the Nagi she's telling this to is badly shaken, as she recalls witnessing the battle in question... but that wasn't how she met her Artina. While she had considered trying to intervene in the fight, she hadn't had any of her guns with her, just her wrench... whereas this alternate Nagi had brought her guns, but left her wrench behind.


  • Saviors of the Night is an AU of the Vampire Batman trilogy that diverges towards the end of Batman: Bloodstorm, when the Joker shoots Batman rather than Selina with his crossbow bolt; as staking on its own doesn't kill vampires in this continuity, after Selina drives Joker into the sewers, she removes the bolt from Batman's heart and he is restored to life.
  • The Part Of The Night series: The One Rule and its sequel The Wayne Legacy, an AU to the second half of The Dark Knight Rises. The story looks at Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle coming together and working to rebuild the Wayne legacy in Gotham (after still faking Batman's death), even adopting Stephanie Brown as their daughter, all because Selina has a moment of conscience and chooses to warn Bruce about Bane's plans for Batman rather than lure the Dark Knight into a trap.
    • One immediate result is that Bruce puts off going to confront Bane by about a full day. As a result, he's at home when Blake visits the house to ask for his help about deciphering Daggett's permits for underground construction. Bruce, Blake and Selina read through the information, and Bruce realizes that Bane is about to steal his armory from Wayne Enterprises. So as a result, he has Fox, Selina and an uncle of Rachel Dawes's work to relocate the Applied Sciences weapons to a safe place where he can access them and which Bane is unaware of, while letting Bane think he had the arsenal sunk.
    • When Bruce goes to confront Bane, the fight goes down the same as it did in the movie, but the ending is different since when Bane blows out the floor to raid Applied Sciences, all his men find is Selina (who had followed Bruce after he had sex with her in a hotel suite and left her a goodbye note). They capture her and throw her and Bruce into a cell that Bane has been keeping Dr. Pavel in for the last few months.
    • Because of the above deviations, Bane has lost the day that he had in the movie to have Bruce flown out to the Pit for imprisonment (since he's operating on a schedule, and the explosions are timed around the football game). Bane has to simply throw Bruce and Selina in Dr. Pavel's old cell and have a TV brought in from Daggett's penthouse for them to watch the news. And without access to the Tumblers or any of Bruce's toys, he has his men raid National Guard armories to steal military vehicles and weapons:
    • Selina being imprisoned alongside Bruce leads to her observing behavior from Bane that makes Miranda Tate's betrayal less out of left field for Bruce. Even before they're captured, she's able to figure out that Miranda has ulterior motives and is tailoring herself by tapping into Bruce's memories of Rachel.
    • Barsad, Bane's right hand and the sniper who shot down several cops during the bar fight shootout, is assigned by Bane to be Bruce and Selina's jailer. He regularly rapes Selina, until Bruce has been able to recover from the injuries he sustained from his fight with Bane. Once that happens, Bruce and Selina break out of the cell and kill Barsad by breaking his neck. (In the movie, Barsad lasted until the final battle, where he was killed by Foley using a gun taken off another mercenary)
    • The prison doctor who provided Bruce with the necessary exposition about Bane, how the mask is Bane's Achilles' Heel, etc. is not around since Bane (again) didn't have the time to fly Bruce to the middle east and throw him in the Pit. Barsad takes up the role of relaying the story of the warlord's daughter. While the job of figuring out Bane's mask and weakness ends up going to Selina.
  • This is how DC's Dark Mark Fan Verse is formed: the original Supergirl moved out of the planet after the events of Justice League of America #231-232, giving birth to a split timeline. Dream of the Endless then gets that Supergirl to interfere with the Crisis on Infinite Earths and save The Multiverse, which created several other new timelines.

Doctor Who

  • The Being to Timelessness series is an AU of the Tenth Doctor's era from "Tooth and Claw" onwards. It explores what would have differed if the various "Bad Wolf" references in season 2 actually led somewhere, instead of being red herrings. The author has plans to extend the AU to cover the Eleventh Doctor episodes but with Ten and Rose added into the mix.
    • The point of deviation is when the Doctor awakens Rose's telepathy midway through season 2. As a result, when Rose is sucked into the Void in "Doomsday," she isn't stuck in Pete's World. Instead, the TARDIS is able to reach across the Void during the nanoseconds before it closes, and uses the fragments of her still left inside Rose from when they were Bad Wolf to pull her back and deposit her on the prime universe version of Bad Wolf Bay in Norway.
    • Within To Make Much of Time, the fic covering the series 2 portion of the story, this process has very little impact on the plots of the intermediate episodes, with most of the changes happening below the surface level. Canon events are only really altered if there's an obvious cause and effect that results from a prior change. Though at the same time, the author also works around some things that she doesn't like from the canon by reverse-engineering a reason for the change. For instance, the Doctor snogging Reinette in "Girl in the Fireplace" doesn't happen because instead of going back through the fireplace, he decides to follow his lead of the clockwork droids. Another example is that the Doctor saves some of the remaining Ood from the base on Krop Tor at the end of "The Satan Pit" rather than leave them to die. The Doctor and Rose's relationship becomes a romantic one beginning after "The Impossible Planet" two-parter, and a sexual one as well after "Love & Monsters".
    • Things really begin to differ on a larger scale in Time is Still a Flying. Large chunks of the Series 3 plot arc stem from how broken the Doctor is over losing Rose, and Martha's unrequited feelings for him. Bringing Rose into that is a complete game changer.
      • The original lead in from "Doomsday" to "The Runaway Bride" is that the Doctor is giving a final goodbye transmission to Rose, harnessing the power of a supernova to reach through the Void crack. The conversation ends, and almost immediately after that, Donna appears in the TARDIS. As it goes in Time is Still a Flying, the goodbye conversation is now one where the Doctor and Rose are reaching out to Jackie. Then the Doctor and Rose go to sleep, and then the next morning, Donna appears in the TARDIS while the Doctor is silently praying for some sort of distraction for Rose.
      • Very often, Rose's better people skills change the path of conversations. In "The Runaway Bride," she hears Donna out, and comforts her over Lance's betrayal, and concludes with the suggestion that they don't start any more sentences with "Lance was right?" While in "The Lazarus Experiment," her presence smooths over Martha's faux pas and keeps Martha's mother from getting the wrong impression of the Doctor, leading to Francine being more suspicious of the Master's lies.
      • In "The Shakespeare Code," Rose is able to ask the exact questions to set the Doctor on the right course regarding the identity of the witches. That said, they still make the visit to Peter Streete because he's the only one who knows the address of the witches (Shakespeare doesn't know that—the only way they could learn where to go was by talking to Peter). But thanks to Rose's information, the Doctor already knows they are Carrionites before they see Peter.
      • In "Daleks in Manhattan" / "Evolution of the Daleks", things go down differently, since in the show, the two-parter is entirely about him being suicidal due to being face to face with the Cult of Skaro, who headed the Dalek army at Canary Wharf. The core plot of the story (the Cult of Skaro seek to create Human-Dalek hybrids in 1930s New York) is maintained, but the dialogue based on where the characters actually are emotionally is altered. So for instance, when the Daleks invade Central Park, rather than the Doctor begging the Daleks to kill him after they blast Solomon, he tries to negotiate: "could we maybe discuss other options? Because frankly, I’d rather not die. Besides, do you want to live in a world without me? I mean, what would the Daleks be without an arch enemy?”
      • In "42," Rose stays on the TARDIS and helps the Doctor and Martha figure things out remotely. Martha also is able to contact Rose to get the answers to the trivia questions the ship crew made as passwords, instead of her parents (with the conversation to her parents instead being an "If We Get Through This..." conversation).
      • In the "Human Nature" story, Rose and the Doctor are both fobbed, and married in their human lives. Not only that, but they share the same memories, and Rose figures out that their dreams are memories before John does, without having to open the fob watch.
      • Played with for "Blink" since, as a Doctor-lite episode, rewrites of this episode usually focus on the Doctor's half of the story, which is all-original since the only bits known are what is said by the Doctor and Martha on the Easter Egg video message, as well as the conversation Billy Shipton has when they greet him on his return to 1969. So most of this part of the story is entirely new, showing the Doctor and Rose going on a getaway to the Isle of Wight for their first anniversary,note  while Martha holds down a shop job at a clothing store so they can pay rent. The video message is almost entirely unchanged, except for the part where Martha comes into frame to gripe about having to pay expenses (which is replaced with Rose instead popping in to correct a choice of words said by the Doctor on the transcript, then Martha complains about the paradox that would happen if she didn't comply with the transcript).
    • Within "Time is Still a Flying", Rose's presence vastly alters the Master arc. For starters, it turns out that the events of "Doomsday" were orchestrated by the Master in an attempt to separate the Doctor from Rose, even though this would cause a paradox. Her managing to stay in the prime world thanks to the Doctor waking up her telepathic connection to the TARDIS forces him to improvise a few hasty alternatives.
      • Most notably, this happens with his efforts to leverage Martha's family. Like in the show, the Master sends his aides to Lazarus's demonstration in "The Lazarus Experiment," and they try to get Francine to be suspicious of the Doctor and think he's a threat to Martha's life, something further benefited from Martha's faux pas when introducing Francine to the Doctor in the show. Unfortunately, Rose, recognizing Francine as "a mother on the warpath", ends up inadvertendly disrupting the aides' efforts as she steps in and provides Francine with a plausible explanation for how she and the Doctor know Martha (that they're investigators from UNIT, which is semi-true since the Doctor actually did work for UNIT in the 70s or 80s). So as a result, Francine's only concern is about Martha being distracted from her studies by choosing to hang out with a couple who are involved in dangerous work. Francine doesn't slap the Doctor after Lazarus's initial defeat and instead just tells him she doesn't like that Martha hangs out with him and Rose. But in "42", we see she doubts the stories the Master's aides are trying to whisper in her ear. She balks at the idea of betraying Martha's friends to the the Master forces her to cooperate with him by kidnapping Tish.
      • When the Year That Never Was begins, the Doctor and Rose are kept on the Valiant for the whole year, but in separate rooms, meaning entirely new one-on-one scenes between Rose and the Master. The Master has Rose beaten at one point, then halfway through the year, he silences the Doctor's bond to Rose with a telepathic dampener, making it seem like he's killed her. When the Master is defeated, the Doctor's unwilling to forgive him for his heinous actions, instead giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. And unlike in the show, he can't help but side with Martha's family when they consider executing the Master, and it's Rose who has to talk down Francine. And after Lucy shoots the Master, and the Doctor and Rose burn the Master's body on the pyre, Rose finds his Horcrux ring and chucks it into a supernova to keep the Master from coming back again.
    • The case of the Doctor's severed arm that he lost during his duel with the Sycorax leader in "The Christmas Invasion" is one that stretches across the series 3 and series 4 rewrites.
      • The Doctor finds out about the severed hand well before the trip to Malcassairo in "Utopia" (as opposed to in "Utopia") because Jack comes by the Powell Estate post-Canary Wharf to check in on Rose, where he finds the Doctor and Rose clearing out the Tyler flat. The Doctor takes the hand back from Jack and burns it, knowing what kind of damage could be done if his biological code fell into the wrong hands. This doesn't have any apparent effect on the story until the Doctor's confrontation with the Master when they meet on board the Valiant at the end of "The Sound of Drums". Without access to the Doctor's biological code to make his laser screwdriver age him into an old man in a wheelchair, the Master instead subdues the Doctor by threatening to kill Rose (having overheard the Doctor confide to Jack his skepticism that Rose is capable of regenerating). The Doctor thus spends the entire Year that Never Was looking like a 35 year old, while the Master sticks to using psychological manipulation to torture the Doctor and Rose, with a particular flair for taunting each with what he's doing to the other. And there's no scenes with the Master parading the aged Doctor around on the bridge of the Valiant for the cameras.note 
      • How this really changes things is in the series 4 finale with "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End", because the two ingredients (the severed hand and a disrupted running reunion between the Doctor and Rose) that brought about the Metacrisis Doctor are eliminated. As a result, "Journey’s End" is entirely a Bad Wolf!Rose story. The Metacrisis Doctor's part is taken over primarily by Jenny and Bad Wolf!Rose. This also means the DoctorDonna doesn't exist either, whilst "Turn Left" is no longer about Donna because Donna didn't save a suicidal Doctor in "The Runaway Bride". Every reference during series 4 to there being something on Donna's back or which foreshadowed the DoctorDonna gets replaced with equivalent moments hinting at Bad Wolf. All of this means that Donna gets to keep her memories and her newfound confidence in herself. After the story, Donna becomes a recurring TARDIS traveller for a long, long time to come, and a part of the Doctor and Rose’s family circle until the day she dies (far in the future).
    • "Turn Left" is altered very drastically. The premise of the original story (where Rose was trapped in Pete's World) was that if Donna hadn't met the Doctor, he would have died along with the Racnoss. But "The Runaway Bride" went so differently in the Timelessness canon because Rose was there. So the Doctor wasn't crazed with grief and a need to kill something—such that even if they hadn't met Donna, he would have been just fine. As a result, Rose has to take Donna's place, and the seeds for this have been laid way back in To Make Much of Time, where the Doctor admitted he hadn't planned to survive blowing up Henrik's, until he met her. The Time Beetle itself doesn't work on Rose either, since unlike Donna, Rose is part-Time Lady. So instead, the events of the alternate timeline are depicted through a bad dream Rose has afterwards about Jackie being killed by the Autons, which is also how Mickey gets in touch with her to warn her about the stars going out.note 
      • Within "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End," Mickey proceeds to fill Rose's original role as the one dimension hopping between universes. His motivations are much different from Rose's in that he, Jackie and Pete just want to save the universe, compared to Rose (who had been trying to find a way back to the main universe even before the stars began going out). A side effect of this is that Pete is also part of the story, since he has to take over Mickey's original role alongside Jackie.
    • Melody Pond is still Amy and Rory's daughter, but she's never abducted by Madame Kovarian for the Silence's purpose as the Silence don't exist, and thus grows up with her birth name. She's also just a doctor, not a professor, by the time of the Lux expedition, and she isn't "human+".
    • In "The Unicorn and the Wasp", Rose manages to prevent the Vespiform from killing Lady Eddison's son Roger during the attack at dinner.
    • In the show, much of Colonel Mace's trenchant personality in "The Sontaran Strategem" / "The Poison Sky" is a response to the Doctor's outright antagonistic attitude, and this is what causes him to ignore the Doctor's warnings about the Sontarans' cheating, leading to Ross Jenkins and the other UNIT troops in the ATMOS factory being massacred by Commander Skorr's battalion in a one-sided battle. In this fic, the battle with the Sontarans gives the humans the upper hand for the entire duration, as the Doctor is reminded by Rose to play nice with Colonel Mace and the UNIT brass. Because of this, Colonel Mace agrees to hear out the Doctor and Rose (Donna's presence on the Sontaran ship, and the Sontarans' tactics and means of disabling the soldiers' guns). The Doctor and Colonel Mace hence come up with an alternate strategy that minimizes bloodshed to the UNIT troops: plant mines around the factory to contain the Sontarans inside. Once UNIT has the proper ammunition that can't be disabled by the Sontarans' technology, they are able to swiftly retake the factory and mow down any Sontarans who are unable to escape via their teleporter, while the Doctor and Rose seek out the cloning room where the real Martha is being held.
    • Every episode from "The Doctor's Daughter" onwards has a few extra deviations because not only is Rose added to the mix, but Rose convinces the Doctor to hold out on Messaline long enough to see Jenny revive. As a result, they take Jenny along with them in the TARDIS. These changes happen because there are so many things she's never done or seen before. She's both a young adult but also very very young in some ways. And having a child makes the Doctor much less reckless.
      • In general, most of Jenny's contributions are primarily related to Donna's character arc. In "The Unicorn and the Wasp," she identifies Donna's lack of self-confidence and puts her to task about it, and also partners up with her for the sleuthing sequences. In the Library two-parter, Jenny is trapped with Donna in the Library's interface, and Rose has to harness the power of Bad Wolf to free them.
  • In general, "series 3/4 with Rose" fanfics run on this trope since Rose's presence fundamentally changes a lot of the episodes, and the Doctor's dynamics with Martha and Donna.
  • The Choices Of Earth is an AU version of Torchwood: Children of Earth which basically opens when (as noted in the tagline) Jack concludes that "It won't kill Martha Jones to put her knickers back on long enough to make a phone call", rather than accepting Gwen's 'warning' not to interrupt Martha's honeymoon. As a result, the Doctor and Martha Jones are brought in to assist Torchwood in exploring what is happening to the children (also revealing that Martha's wedding to Tom Milligan was called off while suggesting at the circumstances that led to her marrying Mickey), which leads to Ianto and Steven surviving while the Doctor and Martha form a new relationship.

Dragon Age

  • In Walking in Circles, Solas being taken into the Circle of Ostwick causes a chain of events which lead Evelyn, the Inquisitor herself, to develop a much more radical view about the current world state. This in turn results in her becoming his ally and confidant in his plan of taking down the Veil, and he actually agrees with her decision (unlike in canon).
    • The Bad Future also happens differently from the canon game; instead of being resigned to his fate and imprisoned, Solas, in his grief and rage at losing Evelyn, gathers forces to take over Redcliffe Castle, making it his headquarters in his war against Corypheus. He also kills Alexius to take the amulet.
  • In Twice Upon an Age, the nail in question is the Elder One's orb having accidentally selected two Inquisitors instead of one. It's a Foregone Conclusion that the good guys will save the day, but having double the Inquisitors leads to recruiting both the mages and the Templars, as well as having double the antagonists since both Samson and Calpernia are present.

Dragon Ball

  • In Break Through The Limit, during Goku and Piccolo Jr's fight, Goku dodged an attack that he didn't dodge in canon, making his victory over Piccolo even greater. This prompted Piccolo not to develop a single technique to kill Goku, but to train his body as a whole to become stronger. And thus, when Raditz arrived Earth, Piccolo was much stronger than him. And things only change even further from this point onward...
  • MasakoX of Team Four Star does a monthly "What-If Week" feature on his YouTube channel where he explores scenarios pitched by fans. By far his most popular story is "What If Raditz Turned Good?", where Raditz barely escapes his original death and joins the good guys both out of loyalty to his brother and because Vegeta rejects him as a useless failure. This results in a timeline where Raditz becomes Bash Brothers with Goku (and just as bitter a rival to Vegeta), forms an Odd Friendship with Piccolo, helps the Z-Fighters take most of their enemies down more easily, and even marries Launch and has several kids with her, including a daughter who forms a Freudian Trio with Goten and Trunks.

The Dresden Files

  • In Fight and Flight, Harry Dresden decides to run away from Molly's trial, taking her with him. This results in them fleeing to Australia, the White Council hunting them down, and Ebenezar revealing his true relation to Harry earlier than in canon.

Elfen Lied

  • The fic Promise on the Festival Night begins with the plot-pivotal moment of Lucy asking Kouta what his cousin's gender is. Instead of lying and saying his cousin is a boy like in canon, Kouta answers truthfully and admits his cousin is a girl. When he notices how upset Lucy is (from jealousy, which he doesn't understand due to his young age), he asks her to come with him to the festival despite earlier saying he was only going with his cousin. This act convinces Lucy that Kouta really does care for her and she doesn't go on to murder Kouta's father and sister in a rage that night, which manages to heavily divert the story from canon.

Fairy Tail

  • Many of CrimsonStarbird's Fairy Tail fanfics all began with this.
    • Rise Up Once More: The Changeling from episode 19 of the anime is never resolved by the time of the Phantom Lord arc, meaning many characters are still trapped in each other bodies with weaker magic note . This leaves Laxus to take over as Guild Master with both his grandfather and Erza incapacitated (Makarov in particular due to his rage at Team Shadowgear's injuries triggering Mira's body's Satan Soul magic), Gray finding out about Lucy's past earlier because of his capture, Loke willingly tells Lucy that he's a Celestial Spirit since Natsu has his fate of fading away, and Erza heading to the Tower of Heaven in desperation to return to her body.
    • Kidnapping Erza starts with a sudden storm over Akane Beach prevents Erza and the others from heading there for their vacation, which interferes with Jellal's plan to sacrifice her to Zeref. After numerous delays, he decides to personally kidnap her, but gets caught by Mira and Lucy who thought he (in his Siegrain persona) was a pervert spying on Erza. Which ends up leading to Makarov to make Jellal stay as a temporary member of Fairy Tail for 30 days, otherwise he will share evidence of the Councillor's intrusion.

Far Cry

  • A Far Cry from Home is a series of one-shots detailing interactions between characters from the different Far Cry games(specifically, 3, 4, and 5), showing the ways things might have gone differently had they met one another, both before or after the events of the canonical games.
    • Chapter 1, "The Tiger and The Siren" focuses on Pagan Min travelling to Hope County, Montana, after the Project at Eden's Gate kidnaps his surrogate son, Ajay Ghale. The Project sends Faith Seed to seduce/murder Pagan by drugging him with Bliss so that he sees her as Ishwari, Ajay's mother and Pagan's Old Flame. She nearly succeeds, only to slip up because A)Pagan Min's taken enough drugs in his life that the Bliss can't affect him that strongly, and B)she called him "my darling", not "my love", as Ishwari used to call Pagan. note  Because of this, Faith Seed ends up with a Neck Snap thanks to a righteously-enraged Pagan, and it's implied that the rest of the Project will be next to suffer his Papa Wolf anger.
    • Chapter 2, "The Soldier and The Warrior", features Jacob Seed trying to brainwash Hope County's recent Deputy with one of his Social Darwinist speeches. Problem is, that Deputy is none other than Jason Brody, fresh from his experiences on the Rook Islands, which caused him to go somewhat mad- and as the saying goes, "you can't break what's already broken", so Jacob just ends up with Jason holding his own knife to his throat.
    • Chapter 3, "The Tigress and The Huntress", focuses on an AU where Ishwari Ghale decided Screw This, I'm Out of Here! and left her home country of Kyrat earlier than in canon, taking her boyfriend Pagan, her son Ajay, and her and Pagan's daughter Lakshmana with her to America. Kyrat was still plagued by Civil War up until Darpan(the old man from the Golden Path who gets captured and tortured to death at the start of Far Cry 4 canon) decided to fix Kyrat's problems by throwing Ishwari's old husband and Golden Path leader Mohan off a cliff. In the modern day, Kyrat is now making a name for itself with a worldwide pharmaceuticals company, with Pagan and Ishwari as the largest financial backers. And Amita- in canon a brutally pragmatic communist who was willing to convert Kyrat into a narco-country and conscript Child Soldiers to defeat the Royal Army remainders- is the company CEO in Missoula, Montana, with Ajay, after finalizing a bargain with Faith Seed's 100% benevolent co-op for access to their miracle flowers. Then she bumps into the Hope County Spirit Squad in a bar and gets some Ship Tease with canonical Cold Sniper Jess Black. Lighter and Softer, for sure.
    • Chapter 4, "The Father and The Prince", features the US Marshal of Hope County showing up to arrest Joseph Seed, except in this case the Marshal is none other than Ajay Ghale, who somehow got promoted after returning home from Kyrat. Enraged to learn that Ajay is a follower of the Kyrati gods instead of his own, Seed becomes obsessed with capturing and brainwashing Ajay- and it's implied that once Pagan Min gets wind of this, he will embark on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge upon those who would hurt his surrogate son.
    • Chapter 5, "The King and The Rook", features Pagan Min teaming up with Robin Baird (the author's O.C. Stand-in for the Judge/Deputy) in a Bar Brawl against a bunch of Dirty Cop|s, before preparing to shake up the criminal underworld. It's also hilariously implied that Pagan will end up treating Robin as a surrogate sister for Ajay.
    • Chapter 6, "The Mother and The Madonna", features a pregnant Faith Seed meeting a young Ajay Ghale in a park after he becomes separated from his mother. After reuniting the pair, Faith forms an Odd Friendship with Ishwari Ghale, who is implied to make sure that Faith Seed gets to raise her baby (and, therefore, ensure that she never gets lured into the Project at Eden's Gate by Joseph Seed.
    • Chapter 7, "The Healer and The Exile", features Daisy Lee, who took up work as a nurse after the Trauma Conga Line that befell her and her friends/loved ones on the Rook Islands, tending to Ajay, who recently got injured Far Cry Protagonist-ing, and the two have a connecting moment.
    • Chapter 8, "The Sinner and The Devil", features John Seed (or John Duncan, as he was called before he joined the Project) being introduced to Pagan Min at a business party. Entranced by the older man, he agrees to work as Pagan's lawyer. Pagan makes it clear that he's not interested in men, but he's happy to subject John to consensual Erotic Asphyxiation and snorting cocaine off his thigh. It's heavily implied that John defecting to Pagan will end up sabotaging Joseph Seed's plans of setting up his cult, and that John will end up transferring his unrequited attraction to Pagan over to his surrogate son Ajay once Ajay flies over to Kyrat to scatter his mother's ashes (though Pagan will set him straight about not making the first move).
    • Chapter 9, "The Devout and The Wildcard", features Hurk Drubman Jr. recounting to Sabal one of his Mind Screw hijinks with Ajay that apparently resulted in Ajay being turned into a honey badger after he and Hurk accidentally profaned a sacred temple to the Monkey god. This being Far Cry, the author has left it open whether the honey badger really is a metamorphosed Ajay, or if Pagan's soldiers just used a Smoke Out to distract Hurk, then Ajay got knocked out, woke up concussed, and eventually got taken to Pagan's palace to recover, and the honey badger is just a random honey badger (and possibly not even male) that Hurk happened to find when the smoke cleared. Sabal, forced to contemplate the possibility the first theory is true, restrains himself from Offing the Annoyance that is Hurk, then calls for a priest to restore Ajay's humanity, while deciding that the whole fiasco is somehow Amita's fault. note 
    • Chapter 10, "Soldier...", features Jacob Seed (when he was still a soldier before joining the Project at Eden's Gate) and his troops getting their plane shot down over the Rook Islands. After being taken captive by the Privateers, Jacob is brought before Hoyt Volker himself. Impressed by Jacob's reputation as a One-Man Army, Hoyt makes Jacob An Offer You Can't Refuse- since they can't sell him as a slave, he can work as Hoyt's new Dragon.

Fate/Grand Order

  • In Fate Grand Order Star of Hope, Kirschtaria Wodime, the leader of Chaldea's Team A, leaves his coffin before the Rayshift to give Kasumi Fujimaru of Team B a pep talk. This leaves both of them out when the bomb explodes, keeping Kirschtaria from entering a coma as in the game and joining Kasumi and Ritsuka Fujimaru as the last masters of Chaldea.

Fate/stay night

  • In Kariya's Legacy, Shinji Matou meets with his uncle Kariya Matou and as a result he becomes a much nicer brother to Sakura and became an artificial magus.
  • Another story actually mentions this trope by name; In Chaos Theory, the nail in question is that instead of letting Ilya vanish mysteriously into the night after her cryptic message, Shirou tries to make nice with this little girl who's clearly out on her own. This jumpstarts some Character Development for Ilya, letting her see that her target is more than Kiritsugi's favorite and not nearly as cold as her father was, becoming a what some consider a fanmade "Ilya Route".

Final Fantasy

  • There are a number of Final Fantasy VII "What If?" fics out there that take a look at what might have happened had the ending of Crisis Core had panned out just a little bit differently preventing Zack's death. One of the most egregious is By a Fraction of a Degree by findthetiger129, where Reno sneezing is the Nail. This is all referenced in Final Fantasy VII Remake when Cloud's party ends up altering the timeline, with one of the major changes being that Zack wins what was originally his Last Stand.
  • The Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core fanfic The Fifth Act, as opposed to going insane and getting manipulated due to his terminal illness Genesis is healed before he got truly desperate. Events diverge as Genesis never defects and becomes the Hero of Wutai instead of Sephiroth. Wutai surrenders early to regrow their own forces and make their own terms. Sephiroth never goes insane and Angeal betrays them when he suffers from degradation alone.
  • The Final Fantasy VII fanfic The Seventh Endmost Vision has, appropriately, seven of these, though only a few have been outright listed so far. They include Shinra putting the first Reactor in Wutai- which melted down, leading to the Wutai Wasteland and the Wutai diaspora settling in Midgar- and Tifa joining Cloud when he left Nibelheim, the latter of which led to her becoming a SOLDIER.
  • The Final Fantasy XV fanfic Another Butterfly Effect kicks off when Ignis comes down with the flu the morning of Noctis' departure from Insomnia, leading him to accompany Lunafreya instead of Noctis.


  • It literally takes The Weight Of A Snowflake to save Anna & Elsa's parents from drowning at sea. With the King and Queen still alive, Elsa's life changes drastically for the worse. She rebels against her parents and becomes the villain from the early versions of the script.
  • In Darkness Burning, the king and queen return safely from their voyage instead of dying at sea. As a result, Elsa is never crowned queen and the events of the film don't occur. Anna is sent off into an Arranged Marriage because Elsa's too scared to get married and provide an heir herself. As a result, Elsa becomes even more depressed and withdrawn into herself. She ends up attempting suicide, but her parents catch her before she bleeds out. The rest of the fic revolves around her recovering and learning to come out of her shell.
  • I'll Make Sure She's Safe: Kristoff chooses to stay with Anna upon returning her to the castle, rather than return into the mountains with Sven. As a result, Hans is unable to do his "Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you" speech and changes his plans. The Duke of Weselton ends up overhearing Anna, Kristoff and Hans' conversation and decides to lead a coup to kill Elsa himself. He pays some royal guards to go down to the dungeon to kill Elsa, but Hans kills them. He and Elsa manage to slip out of the castle and rally some of their guards to put up a deadly fight against those the Duke has swayed to his side. The battle is quickly lost and Elsa ends up being captured and sentenced to death by firing squad. Hans is freed from a cell by Rapunzel and Eugene, and then assists Kristoff in getting Anna to the square where Elsa is to be shot. Anna ends up jumping in front of Elsa just as the firing squad begin to fire their guns, freezing solid there and then. After Anna thaws out (like in canon), she punches out the Duke and he is thrown in the dungeons to await being sent back to his home country in disgrace. Meanwhile, Elsa appoints Hans to serve as an ambassador between Arendelle and the Southern Isles, which while not the crown Hans had hoped to achieve, is a decent enough consolation prize for him.
Fullmetal Alchemist
  • build your wings on the way down: The nail is Edward keeping the secrets of alchemy that he learned from the Gate by learning the Awful Truth.
    • Since Edward knows what a talking chimera entails and given the impression by Mustang that the military support Shou Tucker's endeavors, he doesn't bother investigating Tucker. Because of this Edward doesn't attract the attention of Basque Grand, but manages to gets to Hughes to intervene and keep it a secret when the worst does happen.
    • Chimera!Nina is housed with the Hughes as opposed with her father when the truth was revealed. This spares her from Scar and allows Ed time to save her.
  • From the Ashes is a fanvid for the 2003 anime where the nail is that Edward didn't transmute Alphonse's soul into armor. Ed goes through altered events compared to canon and some things don't even happen at all.

  • The catalyst for change in the "Broken Mirror" series occurs when Demona wishes for Puck to rid her of "the human Elisa Maza forever", with the result that Puck can't undo the spell that turned Elisa into a gargoyle when he restores the rest of New York to normal, even as the other characters concede that this is better than Elisa being dead.

Girls und Panzer

  • Erika Change is a 4koma showing Erika transferring to Oarai in Miho's stead, as part of a deal made by Maho to convince Miho to stay at their old school, resulting in Erika leading Oarai's team. Since Erika is the last person you would expect to willingly go to a school like Oarai, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Turtles is about Koume Akaboshi, one of the girls Miho saved from the sinking tank, transferring to Oarai along with her savior.

Good Omens

  • Shifting Heaven and Earth: Crowley (who gets the angelic name of Kralel here) narrowly avoided Falling with Lucifer, which causes him to stay an obedient angel in Heaven who has radically different views from his more rebellious demon self.
    • Since Crowley/Kralel never became a demon, Hastur is the demon assigned to Earth instead and Aziraphale has a much harder time dealing with him than the more noble Crowley, which causes him to be more reclusive and traumatized than his canon self.
    • Even when the fic shifts from showing how different Crowley and Aziraphale turned out in this AU to showing how fate and/or ineffable forces still cause them to eventually become much more like their canon selves, canon events still differ at some points like Crowley being the one who gets discorporated instead of Aziraphale and sharing Aziraphale's body instead of Madame Tracy's.

Gravity Falls

  • Stanswitch is a fanfic where it was Stan who got sucked into the portal instead of Ford and everything that makes this fic different from canon is because of this.
    • Ford's cabin isn't turned into a tourist attraction.
    • Because Ford isn't a gambler like Stan, Gideon doesn't use the false lottery check trick on him.
    • Ford becomes a teacher and a repairman for a living.
    • Ford finds out Wendy is Brilliant, but Lazy and encourages her to show more of it.

Harry Potter

  • In "What If Snape Died", we see a timeline where James fails to save Snape's life.
    • Remus Lupin and Sirius Black get expelled from Hogwarts for the prank, while James is forced to spend the following summer scrubbing floors in Hogwarts under Filch's watch. That and James having no time for friends ever since he and Lily started dating results in Peter Pettigrew being a loner for the rest of his days as a Hogwarts student.
    • Pettigrew still becomes a Death Eater but never gets a chance to spy on the Order, or frame Sirius with anything.
    • After graduation, James, Sirius and Remus hear no news from Pettigrew until after he's killed during a raid that took place right before James and Lily's wedding. Because nobody else overheard the prophecy, Dumbledore decides to keep it to himself out of fear the Potters and/or the Longbottoms might accidentally call Voldemort's attention to it if they knew.
    • Harry grows up with both parents until he is five. Then, while they are shopping in Diagon Alley, Voldemort and some Death Eaters ambush them. Lily sacrifices herself to save Harry, Voldemort is defeated and Harry becomes the Boy-Who-Lived.
    • James and Sirius are still alive to raise Harry despite Dumbledore still wanting him to live with the Dursleys. James said he'd rather kill Harry than let the Dursleys take custody of his son.
    • A year before the attack on Harry, Lucius Malfoy kills Frank Longbottom, after which Alice takes over as Potions teacher at Hogwarts to replace the retired Slughorn. Fudge is furious at Lucius's treachery, and after convicting Lucius and sentencing him to life in Azkaban, he implements a policy wherein everyone entering the Ministry has to roll up their sleeves on arrival to check for any potential Dark Marks, a process that nabs Barty Crouch, Jr. and a dozen other Death Eaters trying to worm their way into the Ministry ranks.
    • Xenophilius Lovegood finds out the truth about Voldemort's heritage, published it, and is murdered in retaliation by Voldemort's followers. His wife Pandora sells the Quibbler, and doesn't risk her life in any Charms experiments so she'd be around to raise Luna.
    • Slytherin's reputation as a house that produces Death Eaters is cleaned up due to Septima Vector becoming their Head of House, and her being much more mindful of her students to keep them from going astray.
    • Narcissa Malfoy, under the excuse of applying for a teaching position, enters Hogwarts to slip Riddle's diary to Percy Weasley. The basilisk petrifies Mrs. Norris at Halloween. Shortly thereafter, it petrifies Charlie Weasley and his girlfriend Sarah Womack, who are only saved through the intervention of the Bloody Baron. After another girl is petrified (during which Fudge still sends Hagrid to Azkaban without trial), James and Alice go down into the Chamber with Harry, rescue Percy, and slay the Basilisk. When the plot is thwarted, Narcissa quickly ends up joining her husband in Azkaban (Dobby frees himself when he grabs a piece of her robes as she's resisting arrest). As the one relative of Draco's not locked up, Sirius takes custody of him and raises him to be a non-bigoted Ravenclaw.
    • James becomes the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and Harry uses his link to Voldemort to end the curse on the job, a process which leaves James with a lightning bolt scar matching Harry's on his palm, and also destroys the Horcrux in the Gaunt ring.
    • Within a few weeks of Lily's death, James begins dating Alice, connecting over their shared trauma over losing their spouses to Voldemort. They eventually marry and have a daughter named Lily, who has the abilities of a Metamorphmagus.
    • During Harry's first year as a Hogwarts student, Quirrell takes the Astronomy position instead of Defense Against the Dark Arts. By the time he dies attempting to steal the Philosopher's stone, Voldemort has no Horcruxes to keep him alive.
  • A Different Dursley Family, by Lucillia. After getting caught for a prank, Vernon Dursley was expelled from Smeltings and had to go to a comprehensive school, where he learned to be tolerant, making him an Inadequate Inheritor as far as his father was concerned. Without his father's money or connections, he became a mechanic to earn a living. Despite this, he still married Petunia and had a child born in July, 1980. Considering "Dudley" an Unfortunate Name, he insisted his son would instead be named "Ryan". Vernon talked Petunia out of blaming her sister for her parents' deaths by arguing they'd be killed by Death Eaters anyway. Petunia also works as well.
  • While the basic concept of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is "Everyone is smarter and the Idiot Ball doesn't exist," the missing nail that brings about the most change is that Aunt Petunia reconciled with her sister Lily, and went on to marry a prestigious scientist instead of Vernon Dursley. As a result, Harry has a happy childhood and is a great deal smarter, more cunning, and more cynical than his canon counterpart.
    • That's just the last nail in the coffin of Potter canon. In reality it all started with Voldemort turning Harry into a baby version of himself as an infant, all because of the way souls work in this version of the Harry Potter universe. It's also implied that the canon version of Voldemort went completely insane, unless only the HPMoR version was born a genius.
  • In Harry Potter and the Power of Paranoia Harry doesn't go back to Hogwarts fifth year and puts his identity under a Fidelius Charm in order to hide from Death Eaters and the Ministry. When Hermione forgets his existence as a result and decides Hogwarts is unsafe, she has her parents pull her out of school, but not before mentioning it to gossip queen Lavender Brown. Rumor spreads and eventually Muggleborn and some halfbloods are leaving not just Hogwarts, but Britain itself, in droves. As the author puts it, "The Great British Muggleborn Diaspora began with a simple conversation between two teenage witches."
  • The Trope name is directly referenced in Once a Freak, Always a Freak. During the Triwizard Tournament, Hermione sides with Ron in his jealousy of Harry, spiraling Harry into a severe depression, culminating in him willingly letting the Hungarian Horntail kill him. Oh, but it doesn't stop there, because due to Hermione's actions, all of magic was destroyed by muggles. note 
    For want of a friend, magic was lost.
  • Not explicitly stated, but Word of God states that the divergent event in the 'original' future timeline depicted in Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past was that Voldemort made the Sorting Hat another Horcrux; fracturing his soul that many times compromised Voldemort's sanity and prompted him to mount a more ruthless campaign than his more subtle efforts in canon.
  • A Year Too Soon asks the question: What if Harry somehow went to Hogwarts a year earlier? Because Harry hadn't met Draco yet, he has no prejudice against Slytherin and gets Sorted into the house. While he does face prejudice from his house members for being a half-blood, his celebrity status and hard work cause most to treat him at least civilly and by the end of the year, Harry's considered the leader of the younger Slytherins. Furthermore, due to Harry being a Slytherin, Snape treats him better than he did in canon and Voldemort decides to feel him out for a potential alliance.
  • When in Doubt, Obliviate: When en route to Privet Drive, Sirius Black runs into Gilderoy Lockhart, who opts to be the one to raise Harry instead, and drops off an Obliviated Sirius at St. Mungos. As a result, Sirius never gets framed and sent to Azkaban. Instead he spends his recuperation setting up emergency Portkeys for his friends, which save the Longbottoms from getting tortured and driven insane. With actual parents around, Neville grows up with an actual spine. Being a Pureblood of good standing, he ends up getting to know Draco Malfoy well during social events, but can stand up to him due to not being a perpetually collapsing bundle of anxieties. With a peer of equal social standing who's not a simpering sycophant, Draco Malfoy becomes less of a prat.
  • In When Harry Missed the Trick Step, Harry avoids getting caught in the trick step while leaving the prefects' bathroom in Goblet of Fire, which results in him and Snape managing to capture Barty Crouch Junior as he's trying to steal Polyjuice ingredients and expose his role in recent events. As a result, Lupin is brought in to take Moody's place as the Defence teacher when Moody is sent to St Mungo's to recuperate, Harry's relationship with Ginny gets an "upgrade" when he comes back to the common room to find her sleeping to get over a nightmare, and Sirius gets a trial when Wormtail is captured (although Wormtail escapes after he's declared guilty).
  • Petrification Proliferation demonstrates that having a Basilisk run loose in the only magical school in Britain (where a substantial demographic of the Wizarding United Kingdom's children reside for most of the year) will NOT be ignored or treated lightly by anybody once the proper authorities find out, as they're magical Weapons of Mass Destruction.
    • In the aftermath of Harry's battle in the Chamber of Secrets, Dumbledore freaks out at the fact that the Monster of Slytherin was a Basilisk the whole time and immediately shuts down Hogwarts for the rest of the school year and contacts the Ministry of Magic to safely evacuate the students to its headquarters. This, in turn, has Amelia Bones call a full red-alert and send every Auror and Curse-Breaker that can be spared to Hogwarts to make sure the Basilisk is absolutely confirmed dead and make sure there are no others. What ensues from this event changes the course of the story:
    • While Madame Bones and Rufus Scrimgeour are taking Harry's witness testimony of the incident while he's under the effects of Veritaserum, Harry reveals the abuse the Dursleys had done to him. They tip off the Muggle police so Vernon and Petunia can get arrested for it, costing them their reputations, Vernon's job, and their custody of Dudley (who is sent to live with his Aunt Marge) in the process. Dumbledore also cancels the Blood Wards over No. 4 Privet Drive since they are useless now Harry won't be living there anymore.
    • Because the Hogwarts students were forced to leave everything behind, including their pets, during the emergency evacuation, the Aurors have to rescue all of them later. During the pet round-up, they discover that Peter Pettigrew is both still alive and an unregistered Animagus, thus proving Sirius Black is innocent of the Potters' betrayal and for murdering those twelve Muggles. He becomes Harry's guardian once he's physically and mentally recovered from his eleven-year lockup in Azkaban at St. Mungo's.
      • Because the discovery of Pettigrew being the traitor requires the Ministry to interview Lupin since he's the person who best knew both Sirus and Pettigrew, Harry also meets him three months earlier than he did in canon and also learns (along with the Weasleys and Hermione) that he's a werewolf at the same time. Lupin still becomes the next Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, but he only takes the job on the condition the Curse-Breakers remove the curse Voldemort put on it as long as they're dealing with the Basilisk situation at Hogwarts. Dumbledore agrees to this, meaning that it's very likely Lupin will be the teacher for longer than a year.
      • Pettigrew gets a seventy-five-year prison sentence and is locked up in Azkaban, meaning that he can't resurrect Voldemort as he did in canon.
    • Tom Riddle's diary confirmed Dumbledore's theory that Voldemort has indeed created Horcruxes to give himself immortality, just like in canon. However, since the Curse-Breakers, Aurors, and Amelia Bones had to examine every piece of evidence involved in the Chamber of Secrets incident, including the diary, the Ministry figures it out, too. As this is the Ministry not under Fudge's iron-clad control (who in canon would suppress anything Voldemort-related), and Fudge also refuses to get involved in helping clean up after the Chamber of Secrets incident to save face for arresting the innocent Hagrid, this gives Dumbledore more brainpower and manpower to find out what Voldemort's Horcruxes are. As a result, most of the Horcruxes are tracked down and are either destroyed or, in the case of Slytherin's Locket and Ravenclaw's Diadem, put under strict Ministry protection to figure out ways to extract Horcruxes without destroying the objects because they are too priceless to Wizarding Britain's history during the summer between Harry's second and third year at Hogwarts. While some of the Aurors do suffer substantial injures in the process (Kingsley Shacklebolt loses one of his arms to the Gaunt Ring, and Odo Proudfoot loses his leg to the Inferi while recovering Slytherin's Locket), as Sirius points out, it's still better than all the innocent lives that could have been destroyed if nobody knew about the Horcruxes sooner. While they haven't found every Horcrux by the time the story ends note , the story still ends with the good guys having a major advantage over Voldemort they didn't have in canon.
      • When the Healer who examined Harry after the Chamber of Secrets incident noticed an unnatural concentration of dark magic in his scar, Dumbledore reveals his theory about Harry being a pseudo-Horcrux of Voldemort's to the Aurors. To test this out, Dumbledore, Madame Bones, and Algernon Croaker summon Harry to the Ministry so they can compare his scar's magical signature to the one in the Diary, which confirms it well beyond a shadow of a doubt. This means that Harry (as well as Sirius, who came along as the examination required a guardian's consent) learn about this, as Dumbledore and the others feel as Harry deserves to know now that it's been completely confirmed. Croaker and his team then reassure Harry and Sirius that they will study the other remaining Horcruxes to find ways to remove the soul piece without destroying the object it hosts.
    • Because Lucius Malfoy is proved to be ultimately responsible for the Chamber of Secrets being opened by smuggling the diary to Ginny in the first place, he winds up in Azkaban for it. Narcissa decides to testify against him during his trial in exchange for a swift and clean divorce because she's not happy that her husband indirectly put her son in danger just to settle a petty grudge. While she makes it clear that she's not going to lose her prejudiced views or her political opinions anytime soon, Narcissa also reaches out to her cousin Sirius (whose status as the Head of the House of Black has been restored) and asks him to allow her and Draco back into the Black family so the remaining Malfoys can salvage their reputations and keep their political influence. Sirius agrees, but makes Draco work for it by having him promise he will stop bullying his classmates, especially Harry and his friends.
  • For Love of Magic diverges from canon when Vernon gives Harry up for adoption when he's five. Harry's adopted by a rich family who use him as a status symbol to show how caring they are, causing him to retreat into videogames. This eventually snowballs into The Unmasqued World among dozens of other changes.
  • In Very Big Dursley Family, Lily was pregnant at the time of her death and one of her spells sent her unborn child into Petunia, which supercharges the wards on Privet Drive. First, Harry's actually loved by his aunt and uncle. Second, Petunia and every other woman in the neighborhood ends up having several more children than canon (average seems to be seven or eight kids each) and every child conceived after the wards went up is magical. Third, such a large and loving family powering the wards means even approaching the Dursley family set Lucius Malfoy on fire, while Augustus Rookwood was struck by lightning when he followed them to Privet Drive with hostile intents. Finally, Harry talking with different people on the train results in most of Harry's first year classmates going to different houses than canon.
  • The premise of Magical Metamorphosis is that the Potter child comes out as transgender and changes her name to Holly. This event manages to spark such changes as the trio getting on Rita Skeeter's good side and Cedric getting away from Voldemort alive.
  • In the Remus Lupin Mentorfic series, Harry talks to Remus about his detention at the hands of Dolores Umbridge. His finding out about her treatment of students causes him to help Harry tell his story to other adults, even getting his case brought up in front of the Wizengamot. Several things branch off from this ripple, including:
    • Dolores Umbridge is sent off to Azkaban midway through the year; other professors finish teaching the students Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons, which apparently is a wild success. There's no indication what effect this has on OWL pass rates, however.
    • Sirius Black is hit with some Character Development, realizing he hasn't matured much over the years. As a result, he works on his impulsiveness and is more attuned to Harry's needs.
    • Harry is now better at communicating his needs to adults rather than simply suffering in silence. This enhanced skill averts the confrontation at the Department of Mysteries. Sirius thus survives Harry's Fifth Year. Voldemort's return is still publicized when Death Eaters show up there, however.
    • Harry learns about the blood wards that are in effect due to his living with the Dursleys much earlier, due to Harry's confiding in Remus about their abuse. Remus then attempts to get him out of the situation before Harry comes of age, with Harry's help and advice.
  • Dysfunctional is a fic that posits how books 6 and 7 would've progressed if Sirius Black survived the Department of Mysteries.
  • If Not for Umbridge posits how differently things would've gone with Dumbledore's Army if two Slytherin students, Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis, had joined.
    • Marietta Edgecombe deserts the group at the initial sign-up meeting, disgusted after Daphne prods Hermione into revealing that she jinxed the sign-up sheet to disfigure anyone who tries to snitch on the DA.
    • McGonagall finds out about the fact that Umbridge is making Harry write lines with a Blood Quill for his detentions with her when Harry approaches her to ask her to send a letter to Sirius that he doesn't want Umbridge intercepting. She informs Sirius and Lupin about this news, although they are aware that the bad publicity Harry has as a result of the Ministry's smear campaign will make it hard for anyone to side with him over Umbridge.
    • When Draco destroys Tracey's broom, Daphne and Tracey retaliate by sabotaging Draco so that Tracey can become the team's Seeker.
    • When Daphne finds out that Umbridge has suspicions about the DA's existence, she sets in motion a scheme to get Umbridge arrested and removed from Hogwarts. She's aware that Umbridge generally targets students who either won't talk or won't be taken seriously if they try to speak up, since Fudge is protecting her and Fudge also controls the press. However, at the same time, there are a lot of students in Hogwarts who also have relatives with massive levels of clout in the Ministry. So Daphne, Neville Longbottom (who people will have sympathy for as the Lestranges, the Death Eaters who tortured his parents, are among the Azkaban escapees) and Susan Bones (whose aunt Amelia runs the Department of Magical Law Enforcement) deliberately provoke Umbridge into giving them detentions in which they have to write lines with Blood Quills, knowing that the accusations will hold more weight coming from purebloods like them. They then tell their relatives about this, and Umbridge is quickly arrested and sentenced to Azkaban.
    • Fudge resigns a few months earlier from the Minister of Magic post in light of the Umbridge scandal as he was the one who enabled her to do all the things she did.
    • Dumbledore realizes that Snape is not the right teacher for Harry to learn Occlumency lessons from and instead has McGonagall take up the role after the winter break, while Amelia Bones steps in as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for the remainder of the year.

Hazbin Hotel

How to Train Your Dragon

  • Becoming Lífþrasir diverges from canon simply because Astrid was in a particularly bad mood on the second day of dragon training for various reasons, inspiring her to make a particularly cruel comment to Hiccup that drove him to leave the entire island when Stoick's later actions apparently affirm Astrid's words that his father has always been ashamed of him.
  • Black As Night again sees things change on the second day of dragon training; when Astrid's axe is hit by Nadder fire because she was a fraction too slow to dodge, during her subsequent argument with Hiccup, she swings her axe at his face in exasperation, only for the molten metal of the axe to strike Hiccup in the face and leave him blind.
  • It isn't explicitly shown in the narrative, which is chronologically set three years after the time when the first film originally took place, but Hiccup's musings in The Blacksmith's Apprentice make it clear that events diverged when he was kept too busy during the raid depicted at the start of the film to attempt to use the bola launcher to shoot down the Night Fury, with the result that he never met Toothless and was thus disinherited by Stoick after his poor performance in Dragon Training.
  • Since the release of the second movie, various fics, such as Night Speed, Nightfall or Wild Hearts look at a world where Hiccup was abducted along with Valka when she was taken by Cloudjumper, commonly resulting in him meeting Toothless ahead of schedule and developing a few dragonesque traits as he grows up.
    • As a flip side to the above, HTTYD A Mother's Touch looks at a world where Valka was never abducted, giving Hiccup a more understanding parent even if he is still socially isolated due to Valka's pacifist reputation.
  • The Home We Built Together:
    • Canon!Hiccup and Astrid don't get married until the end of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and they Marry for Love. Here it was arranged for them by their parents under Altar Diplomacy before they even start dragon-training.
    • Unlike canon, Hiccup goes out of his way not to socialize with the rest of the class, having to be literally dragged to the lookout pillar by Astrid.
    • Everytime Hiccup learns a trick from Toothless, Astrid interrogates Hiccup and he tells him how he actually did it, claiming he learned them from "research."
    • Astrid finds out about Toothless earlier than in canon.
    • Astrid discovering Toothless and the three of them discovering the nest and the Red Death happen on different nights.
    • Astrid joins Hiccup and Toothless at their campfire with the Terrible Terrors.
    • Snotlout, Fishlegs and the twins find out that Hiccup had tamed a Night Fury long before any of them had been chosen to slay the Monstrous Nightmare and are trained to do the same in the grotto.
  • What Lies Beneath:
    • Unlike in canon, Hiccup does not see Toothless after shooting him down and freeing him for years. Because of this, Hiccup never learns how to tame dragons, he never learns how to pacify dragons in the ring and he does not become the one to kill the Monstrous Nightmare.
    • Toothless does not lose his tail-fin from the Mangler's net, letting Toothless leave Berk.
    • When Stoick tells Hiccup that he will begin dragon-training, he actually notices when Hiccup tries backing out of it. It escalates until Stoick point-blank tells him to stop being himself, causing Hiccup to do just that.

Invader Zim

  • An in-universe example occurs in Blessing in Disguise — the Tallest travel back in time to when Zim was born to obliterate him before he can become the screw-up he currently is, only to discover once they've succeeded that not only are they no longer Tallest (since Zim never accidentally killed Tallest Miyuki and Spork), Irk is currently at war with the Meekrob (due to actions taken by Spork), and as they no longer have any of the advanced technology they used to (because without Zim, there was never any need to upgrade them to prevent him from ruining them), they're losing that war.
  • In Zim the Warlord: Irken Reversion, the six month coma that Zim goes into as he undergoes the Reversion ends up preventing the events of the movie. While certain details (like Dib becoming a gross mess due to his obsession with Zim's absence, and Professor Membrane experimenting with Childergy) still happen, Zim's transformation means that his focus is understandably elsewhere, so he never carries out his canonical plot.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • In Jade Dragon, a mysterious figure uses a magic mirror to send Jade back in time to the start of canon, but with her and Shendu having switched places. Multiple changes occur because of this:
    • Since Jade/Fei is more of a Benevolent Boss to the Dark Hand than Shendu, her dismissal of them doesn't lead to Valmont pointlessly sending Tohru to fight her, so he doesn't quit the team out of protest like in canon.
    • Since Shen doesn't look up to Viper the way Jade did, he insists on getting her arrested. So Valmont is later able to recruit her as extra muscle to the Dark Hand, which puts her in a position to accidentally get possessed by Fei and Jade.
    • Due to Tohru sticking around, Hak Foo isn't hired to take his place as The Brute.
    • Since Fei is more of a trickster than the more brutish Shendu, the Pan'ku Box was sealed inside another enchanted puzzle box to keep her from getting at it.
    • For some reason, instead of Paco, El Toro's sidekick is a girl named Rosa, and the J-Team has another new member in the form of a female PI named Lefevre. Jade has no idea where either of them came from.
    • The alternate J-Team actually sticks together after their first mission, intent on fighting all the Demon Sorcerers.
  • Queen of All Oni diverges at the start of season 4, where, rather than releasing Tarakudo, Daolon Wong's improvised spell instead transforms Jade back into the Queen of the Shadowkhan. After this, the story transpires almost the same as canon (minus Jade as the Big Bad), but with a growing number of differences — Viper, El Toro and Paco have a larger role in events, for starters, and there's a secondary group of MacGuffins that wasn't present on the show.
  • Queen of Shadows diverges at the end of Season 2's Demon Portal arc, where Jade's attempt to stop the Shendu-possessed Jackie from rewriting the Book of Ages damages the book and creates more radical changes than Shendu had planned. As such, Jade finds herself in a reality wherein she's Queen of a Shadowkhan empire conquering Japan.

Jessica Jones (2015)

  • Choices diverges at the point where Jessica first meets Kilgrave. It explores the premise of what would've happened if Jessica had always been immune to Kilgrave's power from the beginning, instead of it being something she only developed after he made her kill Reva. The short answer is that she's attracted to Kilgrave for much the same reasons as Stirling. Once the relationship inevitably goes south and Kilgrave becomes more controlling of Jessica through pure manipulation, Jessica immediately begins working out a way to get away from him, which she succeeds in initially. However, after a few weeks, Kilgrave manages to worm his way back into Jessica's life. Things end when SHIELD finds out about him, capture him, and throw him in the Raft. Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross, takes an interest in Kilgrave's mind control and hires IGH, the organization responsible for Jessica's powers, to experiment on him. IGH create an inoculation to Kilgrave's mind control, but Kilgrave escapes. He and Jessica end up working together to take down IGH so that his mind control powers can't be weaponized by the military. Trish takes the inoculation to make herself immune to Kilgrave, and Kilgrave ensures that IGH's lab gets destroyed along with all their work. Jessica and Kilgrave make a deal with Ross allowing them to walk free in exchange for a favor of his choosing every year. After her experience with IGH, Jessica doesn't trust any authority to imprison Kilgrave without trying to use his power for nefarious purposes, so she decides to keep him with her instead.

  • Invite Me In For the Thousandth Time diverges in season 3 episode 12, and shows what would've happened if Jessica, not Malcolm, had been the one who guarded over Trish in her apartment after she killed Montero and Nussbaumer. Jessica is much more successful at being the voice of reason to Trish, and is able to talk her out of going to the jail to break in and kill Sallinger, letting the justice system handle him. Instead of going to the Raft, Trish instead ends up landing a job at the New York Bulletin, working under Mitchell Ellison.

Kamen Rider Fourze

  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades starts with Kengo trying to save Gentaro from death (ep. 32). What actually happens? Gentaro was resurrected by a serpent called Ophiuchus who brainwashed him to believe that his friends didn't care that he died. This has caused the Kamen Rider Club to do their best to fight their former friend, brought in seven Kamen Riders and characters from their shows, and many stories detailing Simultaneous Arcs involved with many other secondary characters.


  • In Eternity the nail that sets the premise of the fic is that Enterprise managed to damage Yamato during the Kure raid, preventing her from participating in Operation Ten-Go, from there the changes are:
    • Nagato takes Yamato's place as the flagship of Operation Ten-Go, and since the Carrier part of US Navy deemed her not important enough as Yamato to sink, she managed to engage the Task Froce 58 Battleships and actually did quite a showing by severally damaging several ships by herself before being disabled and captured. Knowing that the Japanese would be furious that the enemy kept her as the war thropy instead of sinking her, the Americans used her as a kamikaze bait with the orders for her sole "escort", William D. Porter, to let the suicide bombers do as they wished. Despite these orders, Willie Dee's captain ordered the crew to shoot them down, which they did. Later they both sink during Operation Crossroads' atomic bomb tests.
    • Despite attempts to scuttle her, the Americans managed to capture Yamato. General MacArthur personally arrived to inspect her and was captived by her. She took Nagato's place in Tokyo Bay for Japan's signing of surrender, and after that MacArthur used his influence to essentially make her a part of US Navy, with her first combat action, both as a ship and as US ship, was during the Korean War shelling North Koreans.
    • In 1957, finding no support in securing Enterprise' retirement as a museum ship, Halsey contacts MacArthur with a deal: He will help the General in convincing the Government to keep Yamato on the more permanent basis, and in return the General will help him convincing the Japanese, who were looking to strengthen their nascent Maritime Self-Defense Force against the communist threat, to buy Enterprise. They agreed and succeeded, with Yamato becoming USS Montana, serving in US Navy until the 70s, and Enterprise becoming Yonaga (Long Night) and serving Japan, with Halsey as an advisor until his death in 60s, well until the 2000s, earning her titual nickname Eien (Eternity).

Kill la Kill

  • A Minor Miscalculation opens with the premise that Nui Harime accidentally kills Mako's parents instead of Ryuko's father, and examines the impact this has on the events of the normal story.
  • The canon story deviates in Natural Selection due to Ragyo seeing that the experiments to make Ryuko into a Life Fiber hybrid weren't a failure, causing her to be raised alongside Satsuki.

Kingdom Hearts

  • Runaway Wind diverges from canon when Sora releases his heart to save Kairi, unwittingly releasing Ventus as well. After Ven wakes up in Castle Oblivion, he finds Naminé and helps her escape from the Organization, throwing a Spanner in the Works for Marluxia's plan for Sora in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. It also leads to Roxas becoming suspicious of the Organization much earlier after he sees Ventus.
  • At the end of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, after Sora offers Ventus shelter in his heart, Ven goes back to sleep and Sora forgets about him until years later. In Second Chance, Sora is always aware of Ven as he grows up, the two coming to consider each other brothers. As a result, Sora, Riku and Kairi end up learning about other worlds, magic and the Keyblade years before the events of the original game.

Kung Fu Panda

  • The Vow: Shortly before Lord Shen undergoes his Start of Darkness, he gains as a lover a swan noble named Lady Lianne whom he nearly marries before his exile and whom he takes prisoner during the events of the second movie. Eventually, Shen marries Lianne yet sets her free out of love. This drives Shen into a state of depression so severe that when it's time to set sail for his conquest, he doesn't even gloat to the imprisoned Furious Five. He's then attacked by Jade, a dhole spy who's come to love Zhan the Wolf Boss. Her rant about Shen's willingness to bring everyone, including his loyal friend Zhan, down with him causes the peacock to knock Zhan unconscious and order him to be taken to the southern forests with the majority of his wolf pack. This way they're not around to die in Shen's final confrontation with Po (or for the Wolf Boss to be killed by Shen himself).
    • Shen himself survives from being crushed under a cannon because the deck under him collapses and he falls into the river. However, only a select few learn of his survival, and Lianne forces him to live as her secret prisoner so that they can raise together their son Zian who shall inherit Gongmen City once he's old enough.
  • Shen vs. Kai revolves around Kai escaping from the Spirit Realm a lot sooner than expected and getting mixed up with the still-active Lord Shen, almost immediately throwing the second film off the rails and making the bulk of the story an Evil vs. Evil showdown between the two villains. The actual heroes arrive late to the scene thanks to Kai's initial attack sinking the boat they were using, and only end up screwing with the plot even further when they finally make it due to forming an Enemy Mine with Shen, before Po even finds out what happened to his family. Ultimately, it turns out that the canon events did happen and the entire fic is the result of Shen making a Deal with the Devil for a second chance at redemption.

The Legend of Korra
  • Unstable Equilibrium starts with Asami's father Hiroshi, not her mother Yasuko, being murdered a decade ago. This ends up leading Asami, not her father, into siding with the Equalist movement.

Life Is Strange

  • What If's? is a fanfic taking place in the alternate San Fransisco timeline, in which Max and Chloe got together after breaking into the swimming pool, and Max anticipated the tornado hitting Arcadia Bay despite her bringing down Jefferson. Rather than look for a way to prevent it, Max warns Chloe and her friends about it so that they can protect themselves and pass the warning along to the rest of the town. Arcadia Bay is devastated by the tornado, but ultimately survives and recovers, with Max, Chloe and all the survivors continuing to reside there, and the game's last Sadistic Choice is averted; while Chloe and Max deduce that Max saving Chloe in the bathroom was the cause of it, they don't consider sacrificing Chloe to prevent it. Max is confirmed to have lost her time powers a year after she and Chloe became a couple.

The Lord of the Rings

  • In Sent Home Tied Up in a Sack, Elrond sends Pippin home from Rivendell. The results - The Bad Guy Wins Downer Ending (specifically, because Pippin wasn't around to cause Gandalf's death, he never became Gandalf the White, so he was unable to free Theoden from Saruman's power, or defeat Saruman himself later on; Wormtail is able to RAPE Eowyn, impregnating her and forcing her to miss the final battle, because Gandalf doesn't have the power to expose him; Faramir dies because Pippin isn't there to save him; and Pippin himself becomes a soldier of Sauron, who is able to reclaim the Ring). Nice Job Breaking It, Elrond.

Love Hina

Lyrical Nanoha

  • Game Theory: The central premise is that Precia Testarossa is a little saner than she was in canon, and consequentially knows that being an outright Abusive Parent is a really bad way of controlling Fate. The result is that canon gets turned on it's ear, and Butterflies Of Doom spread even more changes.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • What If asks the question of "What would happen if people in the MCU actually communicated with each other?" Loki's relationship with his family is much improved by Odin explaining why he adopted a frost giant baby, including admitting that few of his many reasons were noble. Project Insight is stopped by the entirety of the Avengers, which also means Black Widow doesn't dump all of SHIELDs files online and because Steve Rogers hasn't puzzled out that the Winter Soldier killed the Starks, he lets Tony know HYDRA had them assassinated. The Civil War is shaping up to never happen since Tony brought up the idea of working with the United Nations to Steve and warned him about Ross's greed when it comes to Enhanced like Steve, while Rhodey sat down and explained to Steve what exactly the United Nations is when the latter unthinkingly compares it to SHIELD.
  • You Are My Sunshine lampshades this in the first chapter. Mary Fitzpatrick asks to swap places with her coworker at a charity event, her coworker is so nervous about it that he spills champagne on Tony Stark, leading to Tony meeting Mary in the bathroom and spending the night with her. He finds out five years later that this night also led to him being the father of Mary's son, Peter.
  • In Turning Tables: In canon, the Daily Bugle doesn't antagonize Spider-Man until the end of Far From Home after the Snap was reversed. Here, the Daily Bugle starts making baseless accusations about how Spider-Man is responsible for the city's crime-rates the moment Peter gets back into the suit over a year after the blip started.
    • In Endgame, what leads to AT!Thanos gaining access to the primary timeline is when Prime!Nebula's network links with AT!Nebula after Rhodey returns to the prime timeline, knocking her unconscious, allowing them to discover their mission, gains access to the Pym particles and invading the Prime Timeline. Here it is Peter who accompanies her and her network goes off before he leaves. Not only was Peter able to get Friday to temporary block the signal, but they hitch a ride to Earth and create a distraction so that they could break into Avengers Tower and use Stark's advanced tech to undo it, Friday ensuring that all trace of their presence goes unnoticed. It is later revealed that Doctor Strange saw this moment with the Time Stone and it was the deciding factor to make it so that Peter survived the Blip instead of Tony.
    • Clint Barton died to get the soul stone instead of Natasha.
  • Open For All:
    • The events of Infinity War and Endgame still happened, but Tony survives the ordeal because Nebula was the one who killed Thanos instead.
    • Morgan Stark does not exist in this timeline, making Peter the sole heir to the Stark name.
    • Steve Rogers is still young and a member of the team.
  • The Devil's in the details:
    • Having lived with Matt — an enhanced vigilante and a lawyer — for most of his life, Peter here follows a procedure the moment he meets Tony Stark. When Tony tries involving him in hero business, Peter starts recording their conversation and May calls Matt who immediately puts to stop to any plans of his "internship". Because of this, Peter is left uninvolved with the Civil War (including the iconic airport scene) or anything involving Tony directly.
    • Spider-Man stopping the Vulture's sale on the Staten Island ferry is accompanied by Deadpool. Despite the havoc Deadpool causes, Vulture's plot is stopped prematurely and the ferry isn't split in-half like in Homecoming.
    • Not only to the Defenders meet regularly (both in and out of vigilante business), but at some point Frank Castle became a member.
    • Being Daredevil's son and unaffiliated with the Avengers on any level, Spider-Man is instead an unofficial member of the Defenders.
    • While Thanos' invasion, the Blip and Tony's Heroic Sacrifice still happened, the Infinity Stones weren't destroyed, the Space Stone falling back into SHIELD custody and the Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto, an arc in the story Peter and Matt learning about the stones and figuring out how to keep the Earth safe when another Thanos-level threat inevitably comes to get to them.

Mass Effect

Masters of the Universe

  • Forever He-Man has its inspiration in a He-Man episode where he almost has his sword destroyed. In the story, Orko not being able to catch the sword in time locks Adam in He-Man form for life.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Coeur Blanc flips the events of "Cat Blanc" on their ear by changing the nature of Adrien's realization: instead of figuring out that Marinette is Ladybug, he finally realizes that Marinette has a crush on him. Since he doesn't know that she's his crush, he decides to turn her down gently instead, with the story exploring the fallout of that.
  • In Fox Rain, Lila happens to stumble on Master Fu and impress him into giving her the Fox Miraculous while she's going to the Italian embassy in the aftermath of "Volpina", triggering a number of changes. So far she's slowing becoming nicer rather than crueler as in canon, and has accidentally made Gabriel stop suspecting his son is Chat Noir while allowing Master Fu to keep the Miraculous Book long enough to copy it whole.
  • LadyBugOut splits off from canon following the events of "Oblivio", as Alya's decision to post a video of Ladybug and Chat Noir Kissing Under the Influence and deliberately withhold the fact that they were missing their memories at the time gets called out by several of her classmates. Including Marinette, who decides to create the titular blog after Alya effectively declares that she can do what she wants because she's the best source of Ladybug news on the 'net.
  • Leave for Mendeleiev explores a reality where Marinette was moved to Ms. Mendeleiev's class at the start of the school year, leading to her making new friends and other relationships changing accordingly. Marinette also develops a lot of confidence she didn’t have before becoming Ladybug because she is no longer sharing a classroom with Chloe.
  • The One to Make It Stay diverges during the events of "Chameleon" when Rose sends a text to Prince Ali gushing about what Lila just told her, and he responds that he doesn't know who or what she's talking about. This leads to her and the rest of Kitty Section investigating, witnessing one of Lila's confrontations with Marinette, and rallying around their friend, becoming her staunchest allies and supporters.
    • Rose and Juleka inform the other girls of what they've learned, with Ivan handling the boys. While Alya, Nino and Kim all reject the truth, the others are more receptive, especially since they have proof of Lila's deception.
    • Since Marinette spends more time with Luka and the rest of Kitty Section, when she and Adrien have their memories erased by "Oblivio", she assumes based off the photos in her phone that she and Luka are dating, while Adrien believes that he's secretly in love with her. This leads to him confessing his feelings before she releases Miraculous Cure... and to Alya secretly recording it, posting a heavily edited version to her Ladyblog. That choice has massive ramifications, as Ladybug confronts and warns her that Rena Rouge is benched for the summer, and unless she shapes up, she'll lose the Fox permanently. Chat's also emboldened by the video, forcing Ladybug to put her foot down with him again — and his childish, spiteful behavior leads to Viperion debuting much sooner.
  • Scarlet Lady has Master Fu slip the box with the Ladybug Miraculous into Marinette's purse instead of sneaking it into her room. Unfortunately, Chloe then roots around in her purse and steals the earrings as part of her bullying, and ends up becoming the Nominal Hero Scarlet Lady.
  • The Smart Adversaries AU reimagines various episodes by asking 'What if one of the villains made a different decision?', exploring the results. Often, this results in somebody having their Secret Identity exposed. Ironically, these choices often end up hindering or harming Hawkmoth in the long run.
  • In to lose someone, Adrien was assigned to Ms. Mendeleiev's class rather than Ms. Bustier. This enables him to get away from Chloe's influence and have a more distant, outsider's view of his childhood friend-turned Alpha Bitch and all the drama Lila brings. Having more confidence in himself, he's less of a people pleaser, and supports Marinette rather than advising her to Turn the Other Cheek.
    • Marinette also has more confidence in herself and the value of her hard work. When Lila threatens to ensure that she loses all of her friends, she immediately realizes that this means they would lose her too — and that in the long run, they would be hurt more by losing her friendship than she would be by losing them.
  • In BURN THE WITCH, Rose is so inspired by Lila's 'good works' that she donates extensively to her charity, convincing others to follow her lead. Including Prince Ali, which leads to Lila's subsequent exposure when he investigates where the money is going and learns that her 'charity' doesn't even exist.
  • Of Patience and Pettiness diverges from Canon when Marinette executes a plan to expose Lila's true nature to the whole class just one week after the events of "Chameleon". Naturally, this causes a significant amount to change:
    • Mrs. Rossi immediately pulls her daughter out of Dupont after learning the extent to which she'd lied to her — including how the school hadn't been closed for months.
    • Marinette stops regarding Alya and the rest of her classmates as friends not just for how easily they turned upon her, but because the majority refuse to acknowledge they did anything wrong, tossing the blame around. Only a few of them actually show remorse and apologize to her for their actions.
    • Similarly, her crush on Adrien withers away after she realizes she was Loving a Shadow.
    • Rena Rouge, Carapace and Queen Bee are all retired. Luka becomes Arctic Fox, Kagami becomes Belle Abeille, and Nino eventually becomes Jade Tortue, as Alya outed his original identity.
    • Because Marinette no longer trusts most of her classmates, several students that receive Miraculi in Season Three never receive them here.
    • Following the battle with Hothead, Master Fu reclaims the Black Cat Ring from Adrien, having reevaluated his behavior and finding him unworthy. He then entrusts Marinette with the Miraculous Box so that she no longer has to race to his shop to retrieve Miraculi.
    • Adrian gradually falls out of love with Ladybug and begins pining after Marinette, believing that he can fix their relationship and make it even better than before.
    • Wayham is still akumatized into Party Crasher, but this leads to the minting of two new heroes: Jade Tortue and Ouragon.
  • Lady Fairy:
    • Marinette is blind and wields the Butterfly Miraculous instead of the Ladybug Miraculous.
    • After Marinette convinces Tomoe Tsurugi to allow her daughter more freedom, she starts by allowing her to attend Marinette's school.
  • Telling Lies? No, Mama: Lila didn’t clear the toast crumbs off her butter knife the first time and reused it in the butter over again, mixing crumbs into the butter. One day, while she’s at school, her mother sees the ruined butter and decides to instead get breakfast at a bakery on the way to work. She stops at the Dupain-Cheng bakery, and orders from Sabine, who recognizes her last name and asks if she is Lila’s mother. When Mme. Rossi confirms this, she is overheard by Aurore and Mirelle, two girls from Lila’s school, who get excited about her daughter. When asked why, the girls show Mme. Rossi the video interviews of Lila on the Ladyblog, lying about her celebrity connections, her fabulous vacations, and her friendship with Ladybug, the very hero that she told her mother was too incompetent to keep akumas at bay. Lila’s deceit is revealed to her mother unwittingly, and in a rage, she storms over to the school and confronts Lila in front of her whole class, screaming and ripping apart her and her lies for all foes and followers to witness.

Mob Psycho 100

  • A Breach of Trust: This is a world in which Mob and Reigen's paths have never crossed, in which 10-year-old Mob found psychic guidance in the form of the aging, retired tv personality Keiji Mogami, in which Reigen followed through on his plans to close the Spirits and Such Agency, in which a cruel twist of Mob's powers forces him to confront how dangerous he really is.

My Hero Academia

  • Juxtapose: A major theme in the fic, as per Word of God, is the divergence from canon events due to small changes butterflying into major effects. Several of these changes include:
    • The USJ Attack never happening because of how Kensei's kidnapping was prevented, something that was greatly implied to have happened in canon and a crucial part of what led to the Attack happening in the first place. This then leads to...
    • The Sports Festival's second stage changing due to the availability of a higher budget combined with forewarning of the increasing Villain threat.
  • I am [REDACTED]: Izuku's decision to attend hero school in America instead of Japan changes things for all of U.A., not just him.
    • Because Izuku is his successor, All Might followed him to America and became a teacher at the private hero institution Izuku attended. It's implied that the League of Villains shifted their base of operations to America as a result of that.
      • Because the League of Villains based themselves in a different country, many of the events of canon that they were involved in never happened, such as the USJ incident and Katsuki's kidnapping. However, the final clash between All Might and All For One a la Kamino Ward still occurred, just in America; though the exact circumstances that led to that confrontation are still unknown.
    • Tenya now has a prosthetic arm. It's implied he got this after his confrontation with Stain, and Izuku's absence from said situation led to the loss of his real arm.
    • Shoto has yet to make an appearance, but when mentioned he is described as "cold", suggesting that without Izuku, nobody else managed to get him to defrost and he continued to remain aloof with the rest of Class 1-A during their three years U.A. It's also not clarified if he's using his right side, though there is a high likelihood that he isn't.
  • Jackalope starts with Izuku becoming friends with a younger Kyoka Jiro, while Uraraka does the same, but with Himiko Toga. The former only changes Izuku's confidence a little bit, as well as some of his relationships, but the latter really changes things up as Himiko doesn't go insane from repressing her urges (Uraraka helps her direct her desires elsewhere) and, in trying to help Uraraka with her money problems, convinces her to join the League of Villains.
  • One of the central differences in the Good Neighbors AU is that Izuku listened to All Might's advice and switched career paths, aiming to become a police officer. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, the police refuse to hire him because he's Quirkless, and he ends up working as a 'mere' janitor.
  • Powdered Gold and Pottery is set in a world where Endeavor managed to outperform All Might and pass him in the Hero Rankings four years before the series began. This had several major impacts; chief among them:
    • All Might decided to retire, focusing on charitable efforts like the Peacemakers program. Said program led to several people meeting each other much sooner: Kirishima and Shinsou are now close friends, who are familiar with Toshinori as All Might's 'secretary', and Mirio met Midoriya through their Peacemakers work.
    • Because Endeavor achieved his goal of 'surpassing All Might', Rei and the rest of her family have been able to escape his continued influence — he no longer needs to live his dreams vicariously through Shouto, and was 'convinced' to let them go. This also means that Shouto has been getting therapy to deal with what his abusive father put him through, including a service dog named Hiro.
    • Another nail in this 'verse is that Izuku inherited a Quirk like his mother's, Force Pull. While Bakugou still dislikes him and they have a strained relationship, Izuku isn't nearly as intimidated, calling him 'Katsuki' rather than 'Kacchan' and openly acknowledging his friend's issues with making everything all about him.
  • The Emancipators has Izuku grow resentful and bitter towards Katsuki for all his bullying, to the point that when he tells him that he should 'take a swan dive off the roof', Izuku responds by vowing to himself that he'll be personally responsible for Bakugou's downfall and destruction. These darker thoughts and tendencies naturally shape how he reacts to events, doing his best to maintain a pleasant mask and not let on to others just what's going on inside his head.
    • During their first training exercise together, Izuku explains to Ochako why he's certain that Katsuki will fixate on him. Upon hearing this, Ochako refuses to let him use himself as bait for his own bully, and they instead come up with a different plan — one that leads to Ochako getting badly burned when Katsuki tests out his grenade gauntlet on her, leaving both of her forearms scarred. Izuku briefly blames himself for this before doubling down on his hatred for Katsuki.
    • Shinsou chooses to work with a slightly different group for the Calvary Battle, making Monoma a member of his entourage. This means that Monoma makes it to the next round instead of getting eliminated, and faces Izuku in their first match...but not before making a few snide comments that make Izuku decide that he hates him already, with the resulting battle having some long-reaching consequences as a result.
  • Unlimited kicks off when All-Might is slightly slower in tracking down Izuku, leading to the boy never gaining One For All or joining Yuuei, causing all kinds of differences as a result.
    • Aizawa is nearly killed in an ambush by Stain and gains a nasty scar.
    • Tensei avoids Stain because he was busy pulling Izuku out of oncoming traffic then talking to the boy about his Quirk and his younger brother Tenya.
    • One of the students is kidnapped and killed in a live broadcast.
    • Izuku starts doing an exercise regimen matching Saitama's and quickly grows to have similar power.
    • Bakugou loses his left arm and much of his left side in an attack by Shigaraki, Toga, and Kurogiri.
    • Because All-Might never had his second meeting with Izuku where he offered to give him One For All, Izuku hates heroes in general and All-Might specifically, seeing him as a combination of a Berserk Button and Trauma Button for reminding Izuku that no one believed in him.
    • As a test for Izuku, All For One gives him Eri, whom Inko later adopts.
  • Quirk: Incubus: With the discovery of Taya's sexual assault, Izuku and Bakugo are back to being friends.
    • Izuku doesn't cling to All Mights leg like he does in canon to ask him if he could be a hero, meaning that the Sludge villain doesn't escape and Izuku doesn't get One For All.
    • With all of the energy he has been stockpiling, Izuku is the only one in the crowd that goes along with Present Mic's attempt at riling the crowd at the Entrance Exam.
    • For the Heroes vs Villains Exercise, Izuku and Ochako are the ones playing the villains and Bakugo and Iida are the heroes.
    • In-canon, it was Iida who calmed down the student body when Shigaraki broke into UA. Here, it was Bakugo who did it.
  • Horizon: Star Driven:
    • When All Might saves Izuku from the Sludge Villain, he is able to ask All Might if he could be a hero without having to latch onto his leg to do it. Because of this, the Sludge Villain doesn't escape, Izuku never learns All Might's secret, he doesn't get the validation from All Might from trying to save Bakugo and therefore gives up on his dreams of being a pro-hero for good and he never receives One For All.
    • Since Izuku never gets One For All, All might takes Sir Nighteye's recommendation and gives it to Mirio shortly after Izuku would have gotten it.
  • In Anyone (created by the same author as Ascendant), two large nails change the course of canon:
    • All Might and All for One's battle happens a decade before the start of canon instead of about half that. Despite their canon injuries, All Might manages to find one of the villian's hideouts almost immediately, ultimately capturing All for One and sending the villian to Tarturus with everyone except said prison believing he's dead, instead of being in a mostly drug-induced coma for 10 years.
      • This results in Tenko Shimura not being raised by All for One, his family still living (though that's a seperate nail), and him having close ties to All Might and Gran Torino.
      • This also results in one of All for One's associates embezzling money from what was meant for his wife, Inko and his son, Izuku, leaving them in dire finacial and psychological straits until the second large nail happened below to ease things.
      • An unknown group heavily hinted to be the Villain Factory, attacks the USJ and Hosu with the Nomu but All for One has no involvement with this developement.
      • The Hero Comission has a far bigger influence in Japan than canon along with their corruption. These greatest hits include the creation of the Exemplars program, their employees being able to get away with most crimes (this also reveals their collaberation with Stain), them taking (sometimes kidnapping) people to train them, and implicedly helping in descriminating against those who have the wrong quirk or worse, no quirk.
    • Izuku nearly dies during his first year of middle school when a student electrocutes him due to his mumbling. The school decides to sweep the incident under the rug instead of prosecuting the student due to Izuku's Quirklessness. Both transfer out with the Midoriyas getting monetary compensation from the student's parents and Izuku getting homeschooled for the next two years.
  • The Norse Hero: Fenrir:
    • Shoto Todoroki is a girl in this version, going by "Shoko", and has already started dating Izuku by the time their first day of class starts.
    • The fact that Toshinori starts dating Izuku's mother Inko and eventually marries her was completely by coincidence, though it was a lucky break for Izuku as Toshinori was able to get Izuku training for his beast-form by the Cougar Hero Prowler and control over his fire-based abilities by Endeavor. Izuku doesn't find out that his step-dad is All Might until the first encounter against the Sludge Villain and Inko doesn't learn this until their fight against All For One.
    • Mineta gets a brief mention, but he doesn't become a member of 1-A. Instead, Monoma is a member of the class.
    • In canon, UA doesn't become a boarding school until after All might retires. Here, it's a boarding school from the start.
    • In canon, Bakugo's antagonistic behavior, while acknowledged, is often brushed off as something they could work on later. Here it is taken very seriously. After Bakugo nearly collapses the entire building during the Heroes vs. Villains exercise to get to Izuku, All Might has him sent to the principal's office as soon as Recovery Girl is done with him. They have him transferred to Class 1-B as a warning, Vlad King having more experience dealing with rowdy students that fit Bakugo's profile. Later, Bakugo continues to issue warnings that he will kill him himself, only to discover that Aizawa was hiding in the rafters of the room and Izuku was recording their conversation, getting Bakugo expelled right before they take their Hero Licensing Exams.
    • Izuku makes first-place in Aizawa's Quirk assessment.
    • In canon, Izuku is voted to class rep, only for him to pass that onto Iida after he managed to calm down the students during the break-in.
    • Izuku manages to kill the Nomu from the USJ incident before All Might shows up.
    • Izuku wins first-place at the Sports Festival.
  • Graffiti Heart: Has its own page.
  • 2 Inches Too Late takes place in a world where the attack that would have crippled All Might was off by two inches, which meant there was no immediate need for a successor, leading to many changes.
    • All Might's appearance is not the shadowed eyes look he had in canon, but the one he had in his heyday.
    • Midoriya never met All Might and turned to villainy after running away from home.
    • All Might never took the position at U.A., and people who would have been used to his presence in canon, like Inko and Class 1-A, freak out whenever they meet him.
    • Yosetsu, Tetsutetsu, and Itsuka are part of Class 1-A as opposed to Class 1-B.
    • In canon, Ochako managed to get into Class 1-A after saving Midoriya. Here, with Midoriya out of the picture, Ochako either failed the Entrance Exam, or only scored high enough to get into Class 1-B (it's not made clear).
    • Iida dies in his confrontation with Stain without Midoriya there to save him.
  • Butterfly has this mixed with Butterfly of Doom as a major theme.
  • The point of the For The Want of a Nail series, which starts with All Might's words crushing Izuku's hero dream, and certain nails moving Izuku along a path different from canon, mainly that Izuku remains quirkless and his quirk analytical skills receiving more of a focus:
  • Lavandula Somnambulist:
    • Izuku never gets One For All, entering the Gen Ed course with the hopes of entering the Hero course via the Sports Festival.
    • Having a quirk and being the son of Midnight, Izuku meets Shinso, Eraserhead and Present-Mic before he even enters UA.
  • Sleeper Hit AU:
    • There's no encounter with the Sludge Villain; as a result, Izuku didn't accidentally witness All Might's secret and was never entrusted with One For All. The Quirk ultimately ends up with Kirishima instead after the Kamino Incident.
    • While Izuku successfully passes U.A.'s Entrance Exam despite his Quirklessness, even saving Ochako in the process, he winds up unceremoniously expelled on his first day courtesy of Aizawa. This ultimately leads to him attending the Hamada Institute instead, serving as a major Cynicism Catalyst.
    • Izuku's absence from the 'Hell Class' naturally impacts how things like the USJ attack play out, with Asui and Mineta suffering Death by Adaptation. Something also happened to Iida Tenya, though their fate hasn't been detailed beyond the fact that they are no longer part of the Hell Class.
  • Exoteric has Tokuda Taneo, a Canon Foreigner from a Filler episode in the anime, publish an article about his suspicions that U.A. is secretly training All Might's successor. However, he fingers the wrong candidate, dragging Ojiro Mashiro into a media firestorm — and focusing the full attention of the League of Villains onto him and his family, with all that brings.
  • In Shiketsu's Augustus, the nail is Izuku becoming a Shiketsu student instead of UA. This changes everything about class 1-A:

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In Split Second, this is one of the defining tropes. The story follows Twilight, a White Mage, andnote  Sparkle, a Black Mage.
  • In Rainbooms and Royalty, the central conceit is that Princess Celestia was in Cloudsdale rather than Canterlot when the Mane Cast earned their cutie marks, and took Rainbow Dash as her student rather than Twilight Sparkle, despite knowing that the Pegasus was more inclined to athletics rather than academics.
  • The oneshot Tyrant shows what happens when Twilight Sparkle chooses to NOT give up her alicorn powers to Tirek to save her friends.
  • A Minor Variation is another story that changes the events of the Sonic Rainboom, in this case by having rainbow dash literally lose a shoe for want of a nail. It diverges a LOT harder than Rainbooms and Royalty.
  • In the past of RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse, Celestia went evil instead of Luna. Everything changes because of it.
    • And in The Cadanceverse both of them went evil, forcing Cadance to seal both away, leading the Elements of Harmony to go to a group of musicians instead. (Oddly, Fluttershy is still an element, albeit of Generosity rather than Kindness.)
  • Make a Wish has Scootaloo dealing with the implications of this when her wish to be Rainbow Dash's sister comes true, rewriting history. Her first concern is her own parents who, while they had been happy enough in the original timeline, appeared to be better off in a world where Scootaloo's birth didn't force them to marry each other. The flip side of this was Rainbow Dash's relationship with her family, which appeared to develop problems precisely because of Scootaloo's presence. Though this is somewhat subverted with her father, who characters say would likely be how he was regardless.
  • The entire story of The Path of Absolution - Punishment hinges on Diamond Tiara taking the time to read the letter that the Cutie Mark Crusaders wrote, leading to her not publishing it and causing a whole bunch of drama to follow, starting with the suicides of the CMC and ultimately going for more darker stuff.
  • The Manehattanverse got kicked off by the Elements of Harmony being moved from the ruins of the castle to the Manehattan museum of supernatural history several months before the effective first ep. As a result Twilight Sparkle is sent there instead of ponyville and meets a different cast.
  • In the Stallions Of Harmony Verse Twilight Sparkle already has friends (Sunset Shimmer and Moondancer), so she wasn't sent to Ponyville. Instead, Prince Blueblood was, along with Shining Armor acting as his bodyguard. They, along with four other stallions, become the Elements of Harmony.
  • In Parting Words and its sequel The Great Alicorn Hunt, history diverges rather dramatically when Twilight Sparkle finally gets sick of Celestia's Trickster Mentor ways and quits being her student. For starters, Sombra gets his flank kicked in less than five minutes, and when Twilight receives Starswirl the Bearded's last spell, she has enough self-confidence and stability that she gets it right the first time, and all six of the main cast ascend...
  • Nav often plays the role of a nail in Diaries of a Madman when canon plots from Friendship is Magic crop up. Most notably, A Canterlot Wedding ends very differently due to his presence.
  • In TD the Alicorn Princess, Twilight ends up being knocked out by one of Rarity's out of control storms. As a result, TD ends up taking her place, and events wildly diverge from the canon episode.
  • The Pony POV Series began with the alternate timeline Dark World where Discord won and turned the Mane Six into his brainwashed Co-Dragons before showing the primary timeline where he lost. The nail between the two timelines? Shining Armor.
    • While there are minor deviations between the POV Series and the main timeline, the big diversion comes from Discord having a Psychic Link with Diamond Tiara (his multiple times great niece) he uses to manipulate her into freeing him for round two.
    • The Wedding Arc has one big one: Queen Chrysalis is a Peggy Sue due to the actions of previous Big Bad General Admiral Makarov.
  • The Witch of the Everfree starts with Sunset Shimmer staying in Equestria instead of going through the mirror, due to having a panic attack right after Celestia throws her out, which prevents her from overpowering the guards escorting her out of the castle.
  • The The Freeport Venture series removes the mirror as the catalyst for Sunset Shimmer's fall, replacing it with jealously over Cadence's ascension that results her attacking the Princess of Love. Additionally, Celestia reluctantly allows Sunset to leave her tutelage after a long discussion, rather than Sunset running away in a fix of rage. As such, Sunset ends up in the titular Wretched Hive of Freeport. In an interest variation, this series does imply that everything in the show's canon still happened in an alternate timeline... by way of another For Want of A Nail story that takes place in the Sombra timeline that was seen in the season five finale, with that timeline also doubling as an alternate future.
  • In Loved and Lost, an extended retelling of the 2nd season finale, Twilight herself stops the Changeling army by using on all of them a shrinking spell Prince Jeweliusnote  showed her before Cadance and Shining Armor get a chance to blast the Changelings out of Equestria. Jewelius then holds all of the heroes but Twilight responsible for the invasion, turning the entire city of Canterlot against them. He removes the princesses from power and exiles them from Equestria along with Shining Armor, Spike, and the Mane Five while he takes the throne for himself. The outcasts then spend the rest of the story trying to earn back their lives and regain Twilight's trust while Jewelius (who at first worked with Queen Chrysalis before double-crossing her during the invasion) tries to keep their public image tarnished.
  • The Flash Sentry Chronicles: The events from the tv show and movies are retold with Flash Sentry now playing a main role.
    • Wonderbolt Academy is retold with Soarin being present at the academy.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!


  • An exam proctor getting food poisoning and getting replaced in the last minute results in Naruto becoming a ninja two years early in the First Try Series.
  • Name checked and discussed in the opening paragraph of Escape From The Hokage's Hat when Naruto shifts his aim ever so slightly:
    It is often said that for want of a nail, the battle was lost. While overly simplistic, this particular nugget of truth was surprisingly accurate.
  • In Naruto: the Secret Songs of the Ninja, at the point in canon where Haku "killed" Sasuke during the battle on the bridge, he actually did kill him. The resulting plot extrapolations actually follow the original spirit of the trope rather closely as as a result of Team 7 not entering the Chuunin Exam (and actually being away from Konoha during the finals as a result) the Sand/Sound invasion is not the Epic Fail it was in canon and Orochimaru successfully destroys Konoha!note 
  • In Catch Your Breath, where Kei's, a Self-Insert OC, simple existance and the ripple effect it brings, changes canon Naruto a lot. Whooo boy:
    • Due to a paralytic poison, Kei gets taken by Mist shinobi instead of Rin (who was the harder target then) and becomes the host of the Three-Tailed Beast. She planned for this eventuality in a way.
      • Rin not dying prevents Obito's Face–Heel Turn.
      • Obito not going insane and rejecting reality, in turn, means that there is no Mangekyo Sharingan to take control of the Kyuubi and set him upon Konoha (with the exception of Madara himself - who is connected to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and thus has a very limited range of movement.)
    • Kei's simple act of sharing her "foreknowledge" with her team, plus Jiraiya and Kushina, results in massive changes to the Naruto plotline:
      • Jiraiya goes to find Tsunade and together they save Yahiko - averting Nagato's transformation into Pain.
      • Tsunade returns to the village twelve years earlier than in canon, and later decides to stay.
      • Nagato comes to Konoha's aid, thanks to Jiraiya and Tsunade coming to Akatsuki's rescue after the Ripple Arc.
      • Kushina and Minato survive Naruto's birth.
      • Kei sharing the knowledge with Isobu, trying to befriend him, and nudging Kushina (who had already started to doubt her preconcieved bias against bijuu due to Kei's abovementioned spilling of the beans) to be more cordial to Kurama later results in Yang Kurama not rampaging all over Konoha.
      • And this twist of fate, in turn, results in Iruka's parents not getting killed.
      • Minato has Obito steal Sasori's files from Suna, likely to better prepare for the possibility of something like the canon Akatsuki being created.
      • And many, many more offscreen and unseen changes.
    • Due to having access to Kei's memories (and fuuinjutsu knowledge), Isobu tells Shukaku how to strengthen Gaara's seal from the inside. As a result Minato strengthens it from the outside. Neither of which happened in canon.
  • The whole point of The Tale Of Nagato Uzumaki, whose premise is "What would have happened if Nagato, Yahiko and Konan decided to follow Jiraiya to Konoha? Well, so far:
    • The most obvious ones, Nagato does not become Pain, Yahiko doesn't die, and their version of Akatsuki as an organization dedicated to create peace remains uncorrupted.
    • Nagato, Yahiko and Konan take part in the Third Shinobi World War, which causes Team Minato to get a different mission from blowing up Kanabi Bridge, and Kakashi, Obito, and Rin managed to survive.
      • Thanks to Obito surviving, he and Kakashi managed to stop Rin from trying to kill herself when she was made the jinchuuriki of the Three-Tails, and got Jiraiya to create a seal stopping the bijuu from escaping.
      • Since Rin surives, Obito doesn't pull a Face–Heel Turn, but Shishui Uchiha takes his place.
      • After the Kyubi's attack and Minato and Kushina's death, Nagato is made the Fifth Hokage, and becomes Naruto's guardian.
    • Yahiko stops the Kumo Head Ninja who just kidnapped Hinata before Hiashi can kill him, preventing the resulting incident and sparing Hizashi's life, which causes Neji not to grow up hating and resenting the Main House. However, this also sours Konoha's relationship with Kumo, since it was a ruse to get the Byakugan regarding the outcome.
    • Nagato forcefully disbands Root and kills Danzo, ensuring that the Uchiha Massacre never happens.
      • And thus, Itachi never joins the Akatsuki and stays in Konoha. Naturally, Sasuke's not an avenger, and his dream is merely stepping out of his brother's shadow.
      • Since Itachi, Obito, Konan, and Nagato aren’t in the Moon's Eye (the organization tasked in carrying Madara’s Eye of the Moon plan here), Zabuza, Haku, and Shusui end up taking their place and Orochimaru not defecting.
    • Nagato's own ideas of how the new genin teams should be causes Naruto to end up with Hinata and Shikamaru as his teammates instead of Sasuke and Sakura.
    • As well as many other changes.
  • In Son of the Sannin, the nail is the Sannin couple raising Naruto and being around Konoha as he grows up. Among the events changed are as follows:
    • Jiraiya manages to solve the Hyuga affair, saving Hizashi from having to sacrifice himself and warning Kumo not to try and pull something like this again.
    • Shizune encourages Hinata to go play with Naruto after catching her spying in him, leading the two to grow up as Childhood Friends. The increased confidence she gets from spending so much time with her crush means that Hinata not only remains heiress of her clan, but ends up at the top of their graduating class at the academy.
    • Having Hinata as a friend also curbs Naruto's attention seeking habits, meaning he is both more studious (though not necessarily smarter) and on better terms with his classmates.
    • Upon learning that the Kazekage’s son is a jinchuriki, Jiraiya visits Suna as an ambassador and offers to perform a seal on Gaara so he can control his Tailed Beast better. This also results in Naruto befriending the Sand Siblings earlier than in canon, and Gaara not growing to be Ax-Crazy.
    • When Itachi and Shisui’s attempts to defuse the tensions with the Uchiha Clan fail, they pull off their coup and attack Konoha. Among the victims are Hiashi Hyuga and Inoichi Yamanaka, and Hiruzen Sarutobi is injured to the point he can’t continue as Hokage, passing on the title to Jiraiya.
    • The above leads to the standards in the academy to be increased for the graduates, so the genin become more proficient to face future threats.
    • Due to Tsunade living in the village instead of Walking the Earth Karin and her mother choose to settle there instead of Kusagakure, feeling that they would be better treated where there are other members of the Uzumaki clan. Karin ends up as one of Naruto's classmates as a result.
    • Several of the genin teams are reorganized different from canon:
      • Naruto, Hinata and Haku under Kurenai.
      • Kiba, Shino and Tamaki under Kakashi.
      • Sasuke, Sakura and Karin under Shizune.
    • Mizuki successfully steals the Scroll of Seals and delivers it to Orochimaru.
    • Since Orochimaru got his hands on a pair of Sharingan during the confusion of the Uchiha coup, he doesn't give Sasuke a curse seal or try to make him his new vessel. This, combined with Itachi not acting as a mole means that he is still a member of Akatsuki by the Part I timeframe.
    • Because of Jiraiya and Naruto's aforementioned visit to Suna, the Kazekage never conspires with Orochimaru to attack Konoha. This, combined with both him and the Raikage begin present at the finals forces Orochimaru to push back his invasion plans by several weeks.
    • With Itachi still living in Konoha instead of becoming a mole, Sasuke has a Morality Chain to keep him from defecting to Orochimaru.
    • Zabuza is arrested after aiding in the Uchiha Coup and forced to work as a Boxed Crook as part of his parole. This results in Mei Terumi approaching Konoha for aid in her rebellion because she was able to track him down after he served as Tazuna's bodyguard and wants him to be her second in command, which leads to the eventual formation of a three-way alliance between Konoha, Kiri, and Suna.
  • Team 8: The premise of the Fan Fic is that Kurenai takes on Naruto as her student instead of Kiba, but according to the author, the original nail in question is actually some unspecified event in Kurenai's backstory that led to the deaths of her old teammates, a recon-oriented team. Consequently, when she is offered a chance to form a new recon team, she decides to scout the class rather than simply take the students based on written reports.
  • One Eye Full Of Wisdom: An event in the past has made a few people have very different mindsets than from canon, most notably Kakashi. He is far more emotionally stable, and that manifests in being a much better teacher because he actually has the social skills necessary to turn the time-bomb that is Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke together into an actual team.
    • Chapter 41 reveals the (probable) point of divergence: Kakashi didn't manage to track down Rin after she was kidnapped and made into an unstable jinchuuriki, thus sparing him the trauma of her Suicide by Cop (that honor instead going to a passing Orochimaru). The guilt from her disappearance remained, but he survived and recovered in a way his canon self wasn't able to.
  • The Somewhat Cracked Mind Of Uchiha Itachi: The initial and primary nail is that Itachi meets Kisame right after he defects Kiri and convinces him to join Konoha. Sarutobi uses this incident to imply that he sees Itachi as a potential successor (despite Itachi himself having no personal interest), which prevents the coup from getting off the ground. This later leads to an inter-clan civil war years later when Naruto, who was Itachi's student, is noted to be Sarutobi's preferred successor. Apparently, the Uchiha Elders didn't want second best with an Uchiha teaching a future Hokage rather than being a future Hokage, as Fugaku lampshades.
    • This leads to the second major nail: since the Uchiha Clan Massacre never happened, Itachi never leaves Konoha and is significantly more light-hearted, if rather... odd. One day, he gets it into his head that he should start a summer camp for kids at the Academy, and everything spirals downward from there.
      • Sakura and Ino break out of their fangirl mindset much earlier than they did in canon because the summer camp allowed to see Sasuke as a person, causing neither of them to develop genuine romantic feelings for him along with retaining their close friendship.
      • The Konoha 12 in general forms much earlier than it did in canon because all the kids ended up meeting and befriending one another while at summer camp.
      • Thanks to some intervention at the hands of Naruto, Kisame, and Iruka, Mizuki never makes a Face–Heel Turn. He then effectively adopts Naruto with his best friend, Iruka.
      • Since Mizuki never made a Face–Heel Turn, he has no problem helping Iruka out by looking over some old files and deciding to look into an old classmate, leading to them accidentally making said classmate, Kabuto, paranoid in thinking his cover was blown, leading to Naruto and Sasuke finding out about the Kyuubi at age nine while Kabuto flees Konoha.
      • Since Itachi never killed the clan, Sasuke doesn't have an obsession with power. As a result, he ends up becoming Team 7's medic-nin instead of Sakura after Tsubaki impressed him with her demonstration during career day.
      • The Uchiha Clan's presence causes Orochimaru to spare Rasa, the Fourth Kazekage, as he needed another Kage-level shinobi to help even the playing field. This backfires on him, as Rasa hires the Akatsuki to aid in the Invasion with the promise of Gaara as payment. Both members, Sasori and Kakuzu, despise him too much to let him go, forcing his battle with Itachi into a Mêlée à Trois.
      • Itachi's continued presence in Konoha also delays Deidara's defection from Iwa, as they formed a rivalry thanks to a number of border patrol clashes, which resulted in Deidara bonding with Onoki over their shared hatred of Uchihas. When Deidara does decide to defect, Akatsuki sends Hidan to recruit him, which is (unsurprisingly) unsuccessful and sparks a fight. During said fight, Onoki shows up and reveals he can blow stuff up even better than Deidara can thanks to his Dust Release, which Deidara is so impressed by that he decides to stay in Iwa.
  • In Whirlpools Among The Eddies, Naruto being the one who saved Karin instead of Sasuke and finding out that he has family leads to the two spending the month between the Chuunin Exam preliminaries and finals getting to know one another, leading to discovering more about the Uzumaki Clan and the Mask Storage temple.
    • Karin's presence also encourages the Third Hokage and Jiraiya to tell Naruto about his Mother, which leads to him deciding to train harder and so he ends up being promoted to Chuunin after the Invasion fails.
  • In Without Naruto, Naruto's death during the Wave mission has unforeseeable consequences for the shinobi world. A major part of the cast dies as a result of Naruto not being there to influence them, leaving the story very bittersweet with Madara eventually taking over the world while Konohamaru and a redeemed Obito aim to stop him.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars: Discussed. On several occasions Shinji and Asuka talk with Daniel, Rayana or Ching about other alternate worlds, and their hosts tell them about other timelines where their counterparts made different decisions which changed their lives completely.
  • Advice and Trust: The premise of the story matches up exactly with Eva canon until during the kiss Asuka gives Shinji—he holds her back to stay upright (because he can't breathe and Asuka is holding his nose shut), which she interprets as the vital reassurance she was hoping for that he liked her, as well. Things tumble along from say the least.
  • The Child of Love: The nail was Asuka having an one-night stand with Shinji due to Gendo messing up with her hormones and getting pregnant. From that point events start diverging from canon considerably.
  • HERZ: The divergence starts out during the battle between Asuka and the MP-Evas. Rei felt Shinji's distress so she flew to help him instead of starting off Instrumentality. She broke the bakelyte blocking the access to the entry plug and both hurried to help Asuka. Meanwhile GEIST used a super-computer to disable five MP-Evas, making impossible the Ceremony. Shinji fought the remainder functional Evas and managed to win.
  • Higher Learning: The nail is Shinji, Asuka and Rei getting a new teacher (actually a time traveller). Their lessons teach them to look things from a different perspective and open their minds to new possibilities. Thanks to it the three kids become somewhat saner and more stable and eventually Shinji helps everyone to reject Instrumentality.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide, the point of divergence happens after episode 24: Gendo manages through political maneuvering to avert SEELE's attack for a time.
  • Nobody Dies: The nail is Yui aborting the Contact Experiment, and banning them altogether, which sees the survival of Kyoko, as well. From there, things change further, with Shinji being much better-adjusted, Asuka being a stuttering wreck who was (unintentionally) abused by her mother while she heaped praise on her older brother (who effectively gained the personality of Canon!Asuka), and Rei became...well, think of it this way: what would happen if she was raised by Haruhi Suzumiya instead of being a clone of Yui? The answer: antics that would make Fegelein smile.
  • The One I Love Is...: The nail is Rei watching and feeling several Shinji's memories during a synch test in Unit 01 and realizing she likes him but he is falling for Asuka. Rei decides she will not let Asuka have him, and subsequently she gives Shinji a chocolate box in Valentine’s Day. That action unleashes a succession of changes alter the relationships between the main characters profoundly and eventually lead to avert the end of the world.
  • Neon Metathesis Evangelion: The nail is the Angels arriving in a different order. So far, Touji is an actual pilot due to his unit surviving becoming Bardiel, Kaworu arriving earlier and becoming the pilot of Unit-04, Shinji, Rei, and Asuka becoming a couple, and considerable more friction developing between the pilots and the command staff.

Once Upon a Time
  • Mr and Mrs Gold: With Belle’s new characterization and influence on the story, changes are inevitable.
    • Henry gets confirmation that his theory that the book is true is brought in early when Rose (who gave him the book) accidentally slips that she is awake and aware of everything.
    • Mr. Gold concedes to Regina that he does in-fact remember long before he was meant to in-canon.
    • August decides to try and trick Rose into giving him the dagger instead of Mr. Gold. It still does not end well.
  • Freeze on the Stones: The premise is that Regina managed to elope to Daniel, causing Cora to marry King Leopold instead. As a result, Cora cast the Dark Curse instead of Regina and Storybrooke changes to fit Cora's more twisted personality.

One Piece

  • Boy With a Scar: This story is a day or so later than canon for most of the East Blue saga, leading to different issues of gradually increasing magnitude.
    • In Shells Town, Rika breaks her arm from being thrown over the fence since Luffy doesn't catch her.
    • In Orange Town, Nami loses the map of the Grand Line to Buggy's goons, hides out overnight, and then ends up caught by Mohji and Richie before she can sneak out of town, saved by Luffy and Zoro at the last minute.
      • Also, due to her spraining her ankle trying to get away and witnessing Luffy curb-stomp Mohji and Richie, she forms a proper alliance with the two of them instead of trying to trick them: she gets all the treasure if she pays for their food and booze.
    • In Syrup Village, they don't arrive in time to overhear Kuro's plan and develop countermeasures, leaving Usopp to face the pirates alone at first...but Luffy, Zoro, and Nami do meet and subsequently beat and rob the Black Cat Pirates the day before.
    • The Straw Hats meet Gin at sea after he leaves the Baratie but before he returns to Krieg, and share their food with him to develop a friendly relationship. Later, the day that Krieg arrives, Luffy and company don't enter the restaurant until Krieg has already recovered and is threatening the cooks.
    • In Cocoyasi Village, Nami arrives to find Arlong attacking the villagers for attacking him. The reason? Nezumi and his men destroyed Nami's tangerine orchard and stole the money she was saving up. And at first, there's no sign of Genzo or Nojiko, leading Nami to fear that they were killed.
      • Also, due to Luffy taming Mohmoo and meeting Hachi at Arlong Park, he stirs Hachi's memories of the Sun Pirates and Fisher Tiger. The guilt Hachi experiences from realizing how far they've gone from Fisher Tiger's wishes leads to him rebelling against Arlong at a crucial moment, saving Nami from getting maimed.
      • Nezumi arrives in the middle of the victory party over Arlong, and Nami is a lot more savage in taking her revenge. This results in her getting a bounty three sagas early, albeit a ฿1,000,000 one.
    • Luffy also meets Trafalgar Law two years before starting his journey due to Law washing ashore in Dawn Island.
    • Due to focusing much more on Luffy's wanted poster because of pondering how far he's come from when he came home, Ace witnesses Teach's attempted murder of Thatch for the Dark-Dark Fruit and nails the former with his St. Elmo's Fire technique as he flees. He also attempts to save Thatch's life; whether or not he was successful is yet to be seen.
    • After the crew arrives at Loguetown, Nami goes after Sanji to ask him if he found out Luffy's secret. As a result of this, she tells Zoro that she'll cover the bill for his swords after he picks them out. Since Zoro got Kitetsu III and Yubashiri for free, he escaped debt with Nami.
  • Second Wind:
    • After telling Ace of the truth, he offers for the Straw Hats to ally with the Whitebeard Pirates. This has the effect of having Vice-Admirals attack them as they leave Alabasta (to no avail) and steering Blackbeard clear of Jaya. This eventually leads to Aokiji attacking them at Water 7, and when that fails, the World Government sends Sengoku himself plus whatever forces he can muster against them at Sabaody to prevent them from joining Whitebeard in the New World.
      • After Enies Lobby, with the Straw Hats and Ace firmly out of Blackbeard's reach, he starts looking for a new target which is when Bonney confronts him. And when she and her crew are beaten, Ace comes to save her, and this time, he is prepared, retrained, pre-informed, and eventually triumphant.
    • After Zoro defeats Enel, Amazon takes the chance to kill him and avenge her Bilkan family's deaths, leaving the Goro Goro no Mi on Nami's trees. Luffy later gives it to Coby.
    • Events on Water 7 lead to Franky burning the Pluton blueprints in private rather than in public, leading to him being given a higher bounty due to the WG's paranoia that he still has them.
    • Due to Merry's old structure being built into the Sunny, Sunny develops a Klabautermann of her own, a reincarnation of their first ship.
    • Because Ace was never handed over to the Marines, Marineford only happens because the World Government jumped the gun and attacked the Straw Hats to stop them from entering the New World. And because of the different circumstances causing the situation, the Marines have no leverage to force Whitebeard to meet them on their terms. With no time table railroading them to make it to Marineford by a certain date, the Whitebeard Pirates are able to take out as many Marine Bases as possible while making their way to Paradise, with minimal to no casualties, severely hampering the amount of forces the Marines can amass when the pirates finally do attack. This results in Sengoku only managing to assemble fifty thousand marines for the upcoming confrontation, which is less then half the amount he managed in canon.
  • This Bites!:
    • Quoting this very trope, in fact. Back on Little Garden, the Unluckies were chasing Cross. Because of that, they didn't interrupt Sanji's conversation with Mr. 0. Because of that, Crocodile never had a reason to doubt Mr. 3's loyalty. Because of that, Mr. 3 got a chance to explain himself. Because of that, Mr. 3 is assigned to literally white-washing Rainbase with his powers. Because of that, countless Marines and civilians end up dead, the Straw Hats end up with no way out of Crocodile's cage, and Cross ends up in an Enemy Mine with Tashigi.
    • Because Cross told Smoker that they were helping Alabasta's "heir apparent", Smoker passed this information to his superiors, which went all the way to the top. And as a result of the pettiness of the World Nobles, Vivi was declared an associate of the Straw Hat Pirates, and hence, a pirate herself, something no royal status can protect her from. Thus, the only course of action is for her to join the Straw Hats full-time.
    • Because Cross and his group completely curb-stomped Satori, they proceeded on before Wiper had organized the Shandians to attack Eneru's territory. Because of this, Eneru's other priests were unoccupied at the moment, which means Ohm, the deadliest of the priests, is fully free to intercept them.
    • Luffy being pincushioned by Baron Omatsuri's Rain of Arrows, and it being broadcast on the SBS worldwide, including to the Revolutionaries, restores Sabo's memory of his adopted brothers way earlier than in canon.
    • Because Kokoro heard Yokozuna speaking (thanks to Soundbite), she got more drunk than usual. Because of this, hearing Merry's love for her crew hit her harder than usual, so she came up with a plan to get Tom's two apprentices to help the Straw Hats with their ship problem. Because of this, Franky and Iceburg met with the Straw Hats earlier than Cross expected, and Kokoro told them, as Tom's apprentices, to build a ship worthy of the Pirate King's successor... within earshot of the CP9 agents that were looking for Tom's apprentices, who were known to have the Pluton blueprints in their possession.
    • Thanks to the SBS, Lucci and Jabra find out about Luffy's Determinator status and fighting prowess long before they actually meet. When the assault on Enies Lobby comes, determined to get a good fight without Lucci getting in the way, Jabra is the one that ends up fighting Luffy on the roof, after taking out Blueno.
  • Twelve Red Lines leads to several altered nails with Jones' inclusion into the Straw Hat pirates.
    • Not long after she joins, she notices that they're passing by the rock where Johnny and Yosaku are. She is currently on the gun deck, where Luffy and Usopp would be shooting the cannon at the rock to test the weapon in the story. But given that she wanted space, they gave it to her, requiring her to load the cannon herself.
    • Before Nezumi and his goons can dig up Nami’s treasure, Jones incapacitates them with chloramine vapor and then ties them all up. Because they never see her face or any of the other Straw Hats', Luffy doesn’t get his first bounty. And likewise, Smoker has no reason to try going after them in Loguetown.
    • In an effort to save Ace and kill Blackbeard, Jones put a cryptic advertisement disguised as a love letter in the paper, asking Ace to meet Luffy in Alabasta and saying that one of his crewmates (her) could help track down the one who hurt Thatch. The thing is, it came out before Blackbeard attacked Thatch. Consequently, Thatch survives, albeit crippled; Ace embarked on his search on Whitebeard's actual orders as opposed to disobeying them; and the old man also ordered three other division commanders, including Marco, after Teach.
    • Thanks to bringing Sabo and Ace along with them, Crocodile is beaten on the first try in his own casino. As a result of that, however, Mr. 1—who had a video feed with Crocodile's base—musters all of the remaining number agents and their partners and leads them in an all-out assault on Alubarna.

Persona 4

  • One Man's Trash: Dojima keeps Adachi from being on Mayumi Yamano's security detail due to the risks. Adachi ends up testing his new powers at June's electronic center, leading him to meet with Teddie and reluctantly becoming his friend, including having Teddie's human form appearing months earlier. Their antics end up dragging Marie into the TV World, leading them to fight off her shadow, eventually starting a relationship

Persona 5

  • Two major events in the past change events in The Evil Queen.
    • Makoto is able to learn from Shiho about Kamoshida's true nature and takes proactive steps to expose him early on and have him removed from the Academy. This removes Kamoshida as the Starter Villain but now Makoto is the one ruling the school as a tyrant with a Palace of her own.
    • Rather than attack and imprison Igor from the beginning, Yaldabaoth openly challenges Igor to his game to determine humanity's fate. When he tries to recruit Akechi to play his part, Akechi rebels and attacks Yaldabaoth, which leads to his failure and destruction at Igor's hands when he tries then to overpower him.
  • In Unfiltered, instead of going to Hawaii for the school trip, Akira goes to an entrepreneurship course where she meets up with Akechi, becomes his friend, and leads him to have a Heel–Face Turn that leads to events in Wings of Rebellion.
  • In Which Things Are A Little Different: Goro Akechi meets and befriends Naoto in Inaba when he was a child, who became an older sister figure and led him to become a genuine detective (albeit one with enough stress from his celebrity life to develop his own Palace). A call from her even interrupts Yaldaboth's attempt to recruit him. However, this leads Shido to recruit Haru as his personal assassin in the Metaverse.
  • In Beacon in the Desert, the story diverges from Persona 5 when Ren checks the weather before heading to school and see it will rain that day. He picks up an umbrella and rushes past Ann and Ryuji, avoiding his voyage into Kamoshida's palace. When he gets back to Leblanc, he learns that Sojiro headed home for an emergency, and heads there to overhear his parole officer trying to reach out to Futaba, discovering her months earlier.
    • When looking for a part-time job, he runs into Tae Takemi, and asks her about a drug that can treat Futaba's depression, and in their discussion, he brings up Futaba's name and the word tomb (as a description of how she treats her room). This activates the Meta Nav app, and transport both Ren and Tae into Futaba's Palace.
  • The Wheels of Fate, Akira receives his Persona powers first in place of Akechi two years before the start of the series, which he used to kill of criminals through the Metaverse.
    • Without his assassin, Shidou still needs Wakaba's cognitive pscience research, and while she is alive, she is forced to work for him with Sojiro and Futaba's lives on the line. When she learns about Akira's powers, she recruits him to take down Shidou.


  • In Sylvia the Sylveon, Bolt, one of Sylvia's brothers, is caught by a trainer in front of Sylvia, who is unsuccessful in saving him. When Sylvia reunites with Bolt, we find out that he was treated well by his trainer, has become much nicer as a result, and was released so he could start a family.
  • A New Chance Series diverges from Pokemon canon after the fifth movie when Ash, through a soul bonding technique, is able to save the Latios he befriended. Out of gratitude and a desire for adventure, he and his sister Latias end up joining him on his journey, while Ash gains the ability to speak with Pokemon. Other changes include:
    • Ash arrives too late to Mount Silver to save Larvitar's mother from the poachers that stole him, so Larvitar becomes Ash's official Pokemon.
    • Ash places fourth in the Johto League
    • Bianca goes from a one movie character to a recurring character in the first story, and later becomes Ash's traveling companion in Hoenn in the second story.
    • Pidgeot returns to Ash after being reminded of his promise by Pikachu, and goes with him to Hoenn.
    • Team Rocket are robbed by Rico, only this time they lose Arbok, Weezing and Meowth. Ash and his Pokemon are able to rescue them, which among other things, convinces Team Rocket to give up stealing Pokemon
  • For the Mission deviates from canon in Explorers of Sky by letting the human keep his memories after being transformed into a Pikachu.
    • This means that he is aware of his mission to prevent the planet's paralysis even though he gets separated from Grovyle and the partner, Martha still persuades him to form an exploration team with her.
    • The human adopts an alias, Ian (his real name is Nate), and claims to be a Pokemon with amnesia instead of a human.
    • After their first exploration, he doesn't reveal that Wigglytuff had already been there. Also, he has their first recruit excavate two small crystals before the trap at the end of the dungeon washes them out.
    • Team Skull is caught in the act of eating all of the Perfect Apples after "Ian" stays up at night and hides to spy on them and reports it to Chatot. Suitably enraged, Team Skull plans to get revenge on Ian's team and follow them into Apple Woods to make them fail their mission. But that's what he wanted all along. The end result is the trio getting banned from the guild.
    • Above all else, Nate knows that after all is said and done, he will disappear.
  • Common Sense involves Team Rocket retaining the level of competence they had in the beginning of the series and, as the name implies, some common sense for their plans.
    • After their first loss, Jessie and James each catch a Pokemon to boost their ranks. As a result, Team Rocket nearly succeeds at stealing Pikachu in Viridian Forest by defeating Ash and Samurai's Pokemon (Misty got hers stolen by James before she could call any out). Only Ash having Pidgeotto use Sand-Attack to cover their fleeing stopped them.
    • Because of their pragmatic approach, Team Rocket's notable victories include catching a hive of twenty Beedrill, stealing the Moon Stone, stealing a majority of Pokemon Tech's Pokemon, and kidnapping the Squirtle Squad along with forcing them to join Team Rocket.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, as the result of the creation of the new timeline, has plenty:
    • The main and biggest one is the appearance of Bloodliners, which many canon characters became.
    • There is a Culture Clash between Trainer regions and Ranger regions, resulting in wars between the two ways of life, where it seemed both sides were at peace with each other in the original timeline.
    • Since the S.S. Anne does not sink and safely arrives to its destination, Ash's travelling route changes, and so does the order he challenges the Gyms after Vermillion: instead of going to Saffron City, he goes first to Celadon City and then to Fuchsia City for the next one. In the latter case, he fights against Janine instead of Koga.
    • Ash makes a point of legitimately earning his Kanto Gym Badges, recalling how more or less half of them were more reward than actual victories in the original timeline. So far, he has done this with the Boulder, Cascade, Rainbow, and Marsh Badges.
    • Ash and Misty have caught several of their Pokémon at different locations and points in time (in Ash's case, even from regions outside Kanto), in addition to new ones they didn't have in the original timeline.
  • Traveler diverges when Ash's mother wakes him up earlier than canon, allowing him to arrive at Professor Oak's with the other three prospective trainers. While Ash still doesn't get one of the starters, his first Pokemon is a male Nidoran instead of Pikachu.
    • Because Ash wasn't late, he ends up traveling with the other rookies (minus Gary) and meets a Pokemon Master named Michael shortly before arriving at Viridian City.
    • Meeting Michael inspires Ash to work harder and really devote himself to training his Pokemon.
    • Ash's seriousness leads him catching far fewer Pokemon (by the time of the Indigo League, Ash only has 10 Pokemon, one of whom can't battle and another is too young for the league) and training much harder with them instead of leaving most at Oak's lab to do their own thing.
    • Because of Ash's more serious training, he ends up coming in second place at the league and becomes an Elite Four trainee.
  • Journey of a Pokemon Master diverges from canon by having Serena move from Kalos and then meeting Ash at the Summer Camp. As a result, when Ash begins his journey, he's joined by Serena.

Ranma ½

  • Heated Storm Yields a Wild Horse's Heart diverges from canon with Ranma and Genma arriving at the Tendo dojo in their natural forms rather than their cursed ones. As a result, Ranma makes a better first impression on Nabiki and becomes engaged to her instead. Since Ranma isn't engaged to Akane, his first fight against Kuno occurs under different circumstances and Kuno learns of Ranma's curse before becoming smitten with "Ranko" and accepts the truth of the situation.
  • In Happenstance Gone Right, the Lady-killer Band-Aid incident ends with Ukyo and Shampoo successfully getting Ranma to sign marriage licenses to each of them. Besides nullifying Ranma's engagement to Akane, it also leads to him having a more stable romantic relationship with each who no longer fight over him since they've "already won".
  • The plot of Same Time Next Year is kicked off when the old woman who fed Ranma while he was trying to learn the Neko-Ken is not outdoors on the day he finally succeeds, which leads to him running all the way to Nerima and meeting Akane (who snuck out to visit her mother's grave), which leads to them developing a friendship that eventually turns into love.
  • The Silent Horse begins when Genma shakes a bee off of his hand and drops the postcard he was writing, which Ranma picks up and reads, leading to him learning about the engagement agreement earlier than in canon. This results in him running off, getting caught in the rain and turned into a girl, and knocking himself out after he sees a cat. When he wakes up, he's about to be gang-raped, but luckily Akane rescues him and takes him home, leading them to develop a much better relationship. Also, once Shampoo learns what female!Ranma went through, she decides to be merciful and simply knock her out instead of killing her outright, which causes her to return home without ever learning of Ranma's male form or becoming engaged to him.

Reborn! (2004)

  • Vigilante Tendency: Tsuna decides to take his idiot father's advice for once and thus tries to protect his crush Kyoko from some bullies. This leads to him starting a vigilante group in Namimori (much like his ancestor Vongola Primo) and befriending several of his allies and all of his Guardians earlier, along with destroying any sense of normalcy in his life and whatever was left of his sanity. And this was before the Vongola got involved.

Red Dwarf

  • In "Ace Rimmer: Part 1", looking at the first trip Arnold Rimmer took after he became Ace, he seeks out a reality where he is still involved with Nirvannah Crane, his love interest from "Holoship". He finds this reality, but while his counterpart is a more developed person who actually has the respect of the Cat thanks to Nirvannah encouraging his own personal development, he is shaken to learn that Lister is dead in this world, as Nirvannah's enhancements allowed Starbug to catch up with the stolen Red Dwarf only for Lister to be killed when Kryten's nanobots tried to defend themselves.


  • Professor Arc has Jaune becoming a member Beacon's teaching staff instead of Beacon's student body and his absence as a student has major repercussions on his friends and team.
    • Ruby and Pyrrha, for instance, felt lonely and left out as they never became close friends with Jaune Arc, so Professor Arc offered the idea of both girls forming a friendship which solves their loneliness. As for their feelings toward the professor himself, these are entirely exchanged due to his different status. Pyrrha remains professional at first but eventually befriends him while Ruby develops a crush on him as soon as they meet.
    • Others are not so lucky. Sun doesn't become a Love Interest for Blake because Professor Arc's significant role during the fallout of the reveal of her former involvement with the White Fang incidentally kept Sun from ever making much of an impression on the girl.
    • Similarly, Neptune greatly disappointed Weiss after pretty much ditching her once he realized that Beacon's High-School Dance involved actual dancing. Without Jaune Arc there to convince him to simply come clean to her as of the real reason, Neptune never redeemed himself and Weiss decided that he wasn't worth her time.
    • Former Team JNPR had it the worst because without Jaune's leadership and his knack to give Pyrrha, Ren and Nora a sense of belonging, plus their new member's compete refusal to see them as teammates, the new "Team" RVNN can be called such in name only.
  • The story of A New World on her Shoulders happens due to a number of nails being thrown in, such as Ruby being sent on the fast track to Atlas instead of Beacon and Weiss attending Atlas because her father deemed Vale to be to dangerous. These end up causing many changes to the story in Vale as well.
    • Because Ruby wasn't in Vale to stop Torchwick, his robbery goes unopposed.
    • Since Ruby isn't at Beacon, Raven sends Vernal to Beacon to convince Yang to join the tribe due to lack of positive influence (i.e. Ruby).
    • Because the in-canon events that led to their break up never happened, Adam and Blake are still together and Blake is still with the White Fang even after she enters Beacon.
    • Penny and Ruby's first meeting leads to Pietro realizing that it'd be best for her to meet and interact with others, resulting in her becoming a part of team SCRP.
    • Penny getting arrested alongside Ruby causes her robotic nature to be revealed earlier than canon and to a lot more people, resulting in all of her teammates knowing that she's an android.


  • Two doujins by the same author, Kazekoshi Buchou Monogatari, and Kiyosumi Captain Monogatari, take a look at what would have happened if Hisa, president of Kiyosumi's student congress and mahjong club had attended Kazekoshi, and if Mihoko, captain of Kazekoshi's mahjong club, had attended Kiyosumi, respectively. While in canon, it's implied that Hisa could not afford to go to Kazekoshi, resulting in Mihoko not being able to see her again for three years, the latter doujin has Mihoko tell Yuuki and the viewer what happened that resulted in her going to Kiyosumi. The former doesn't go into why Hisa is attending Kazekoshi, but implies that the circumstances that resulted in her dropping out of the tournament where she first met Mihoko, and changing her surname from "Ueno" to "Takei" never happened.


  • In En Tempus Veritas, Clark meets Tyme, a meteor freak who has the ability to show others what would happen if they made a different decision at a crucial point in their lives (Tyme first learned of her ability when she wished she's taken a different road than the one that led to her being exposed to kryptonite in the second meteor shower, but in her case it didn't make a difference as both roads were hit by meteors). Grieving Lana's recent death, Clark asks to see the world where he didn't crash Lex and Lana's engagement dinner while under the influence of red kryptonite, but all it takes is Clark/Kal and Lois not seeing the dinner invitation in Oliver’s loft for the two of them to spend a very pleasurable night in each other’s company, setting a new chain of events in motion that starts with Clark and Lois conceiving a son...

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Ned Stark Lives is about Ned Stark, well, being saved from execution by Joffrey when Varys drugs him to prevent Littlefinger's plans of starting a catastrophic war come to fruition. Apart from Jon's and Dany's stories remaining relatively unchanged, the state of Westeros is, in comparison to what happens in the books, much better because of this.
  • The Dragon Returns: Game Of Thrones deals with Rhaegar Taragryen, who had faked his death, who returns with his family to Westeros to take back the Iron Throne.
  • The Many Sons Of Winter has a small one in the years after Torrhen Stark surrendered his crown to Aegon the Conqueror, when the Starks hit on the idea of starting ranching a cow similar to Highland cattle after Torrhen discovers a herd of them. About 300 years later, the North is rich and prosperous, Winterfell is an enormous populated city, the Night's Watch never lacks for anything thanks to the North's support, Moat Cailin is not only fortified, but part of a large canal that crosses the continent...
    • From the same author, A Northern Dragoness has the Pact of Ice and Fire being fulfilled with the marriage of Daena Targaryen to Jonnel Stark. Not only is the illegitimate birth of Daemon Blackfyre averted, but Baelor's hold is weakened further when she lambastes him on her way out of the Red Keep, leading to discussions of establishing a regency for life. In an attempt to reinforce Targaryen authority, Aemon the Dragonknight is sent to rescue a noblewoman of House Swann from sexual slavery in Lys. His subsequent absence leads Naerys to die giving birth to twins, one of which survives.
  • Robb Returns is a Peggy Sue about Robb Stark being sent back in time after his death in canon. The entire story ends up pretty much made of this.
    • Domeric Bolton never meets his brother, because he is sent to Winterfell by his father and then becomes betrothed to Sansa while Ramsay meets a grisly death of his own.
    • Jon Arryn is not poisoned - and sends his son to foster with Ned.
    • Littlefinger's embezzling is discovered. And he gets captured before he can run away.
    • Theon casts away his allegiance to the Drowned God and the Old Way.
    • Jorah Mormont returns to the North.
    • Mance Rayder makes a deal with Ned to allow the wildlings to cross the Wall.
    • The Faith Militant reappears much sooner than in the books.
    • The direwolf not only survives, but gives birth to seven pups instead of six, the seventh becoming Theon's.
    • Robb lampshades that his Peggy Sue is this - showing his father what happened led Eddard to ask about the Others to his bannermen, so Greatjon checked on the Hearthstone and brought it to Winterfell, where the stone is used to call for help from the South.
  • Summer Crowns is built on a crucial change to the climax of Robert's Rebellion. Rather than leading his family's forces at the Trident while leaving Ser Arthur Dayne and Lord Commander Hightower in Dorne to guard Lyanna, Rhaegar does the reverse, sending them to fight while he stays behind. He thus survives the war and is able to flee to Pentos, where he crowns himself King and rallies the Targaryen loyalists.
  • The For Want Of A Nail Series, naturally enough, is based on this, in a way rather literal to the Trope Namer. Namely, Catelyn Stark's horse throws a shoe and it takes a day for a blacksmith to replace this. As such, she never needs to stop for the night at the Inn at the Crossroads, which means she never arrests Tyrion out of her mistaken belief that he's the one who tried to kill Bran. Thus, the Lannister-Stark conflict which kickstarts the War of the Five Kings is averted, and all of Westeros' history is radically changed.
  • In Were We Different Men, Brandon Stark survives his attempted garroting at the Red Keep and Jaime Lannister hesitates to kill him. Consequently, Jaime and Brandon escape the Red Keep with the aid of Ser Barristan Selmy, the Westerlands join Robert's Rebellion far sooner, Jaime marries Lysa Tully, the ensuing war takes place in the Reach, Robert Baratheon reconciles with Stannis, Tywin Lannister, Randyll Tarly, Balon Greyjoy and Hoster Tully die in the Rebellion while Quellon Greyjoy and Rhaella Targaryen survive. Aerys II destroys King's Landing with his wildfire plot, taking Viserys with him. Catelyn dies in childbirth, Brandon marries Barbrey Dustin and a new capital city is built. Oh, and a Myr-Lys-Tyrosh alliance invades.
  • In Good Company: Stannis Baratheon stays in King's Landing during Ned's tenure as Hand of the King and helps his investigations. As the story progresses, Robert's friendship with Ned deteriorates, Arya and Shireen strike an Odd Friendship and the War of the Five Kings is instead the war between House Lannister and the Iron Throne.
    • From the same author, The Distance has Ned die with Lyanna at the Tower of Joy, resulting in Catelyn being married to Stannis, who is named Lord Protector of the North. Benjen adopts Jon Snow as his son.
  • In The King in the Narrow Sea, Selyse Baratheon drinks with Maester Cresson and Melisandre, dying at the same time as Cresson. As a result, Melisandre is blamed for their deaths, she falls out of favour and gets killed by Lord Celtigar as she struggles to free herself. With Melisandre gone, Stannis listens to his other advisers and reaches out to the Lords of the Vale. Meanwhile, Tywin Lannister sends Kevan to take Dragonstone, with the promise of naming him Lord Kevan Lannister of Dragonstone.
  • Bequeathed from Pale Estates: There are two major nails:
    • Jon Snow was born Lyarra Snow. Or, to be more specific, Aegon Targaryen was born Visenya Targaryen. This subtly changes the dynamics of the Stark family, culminating in Lyarra being marked and betrothed to Oberyn Martell.
    • The Plague hit Westeros a few years prior to the start of the story. Completely indiscriminate, it struck noble and smallfolk alike, and killed off several prominent characters in canon (most notably, Petyr Baelish, who succumbed to inoculation fever). Only the Starks were able to avoid losing any family members and retain a positive reputation with its bannermen and smallfolk. This event radically changes the entire political situation of Westeros and weakens the Crown significantly.
  • The Flight Of The Imp: Catelyn Stark refuses to arm Tyrion when her party arresting Tyrion is attacked in the Vale by the Mountain Clans. Tyrion is forced to find cover; he misjudges a bush that is hiding a precipice and he falls off a mountain to his death.
  • Ghosts and Dreams:
    • With his parents' ghosts haunting him and his shared dreams with Aegon, Jae (Jon Snow) is far more confident and self-assured than he is in canon, complete with never displaying an outward desire to know who his mother is. He's also a lot more politically-minded, thanks to being tutored by both Stark ghosts and Targaryen ghosts.
    • Aegon is not entitled as he is in canon, nor does he just eat up everything Connington says. Most of all, he isn't easily manipulable; numerous Targaryens have warned him and Jae constantly of the dangers of King's Landing, enough that it's nearly put him off the idea of ruling at all.
  • Two nails exist in the fanfic The Lady Of Rivers And Storms:
    • Lysa miscarries her child with Petyr Baelish before her father Hoster finds out, meaning that she isn't made to drink an abortifacient that nearly kills her and messed up her chances of having more children.
    • Elbert Arryn fell off his horse when Brandon Stark headed to King's Landing to confront Rhaegar. Despite breaking his leg, he survives to have children of his own. Therefore, Jon Arryn doesn't feel pressure to marry again and Lysa is betrothed to Stannis Baratheon, who loves her in his own way and they have four children, all of whom are healthy.
  • In Purple Days, the nail is Joff being beaten by a "Groundhog Day" Loop into a great king, and thus keeping the services and loyalty of Ser Barristan Selmy. Unfortunately, this means he doesn't journey to Astapor, so there's no one to save Daenerys Targaryen from the manticore. This weakens her considerably; though she somewhat recovers, her arm snd some of her side remains crippled. Coupled with the loss of some of her most trusted advisors, by the time she invades Westeros she is very much her father's daughter.
  • In An Empire of Ice and Fire, the nail is a blight on the Karstarks' land that greatly damages their crops. Since it's too close to winter to plant more grain, Ned has to go to Pentos to buy grain, taking Jon with him. While in Pentos, Jon has an affair with Daenerys Targaryen; Daenerys learns how to wield a sword, enabling her to take over the khalasar when Drogo dies.
  • In A Dragon's Roar, there are a number of nails thrown in that cause events to go differently.
    • Daeron Targaryen, one of Aerys and Rhaella's children who died young in canon, survives infant-hood and grows up to be a respected and well-liked prince.
    • Joanna Lannister survives giving birth to Tyrion, and her influence ensures Cersei treats her baby brother better. Her influence also helps Tywin be a better father to his youngest son.
    • Cersei's duties prevent her from visiting Maggy the Frog, thereby never learning her prophecy.
    • Ser Harlan Grandison dies at Duskendale, leaving Ser Gwayne Gaunt alive, and Ser Alliser Thorne becoming the newest member of the Kingsguard.
    • Dark Sister returns to King's Landing.
    • Denys Arryn is born years earlier, making him available to be betrothed to Lysa when she's forced to realize that Petyr loves Catelyn instead of her.
    • Steffon and Cassana Baratheon succeed in securing a bride for Prince Rhaegar — a Volantene daughter of the Old Blood named Laela.
    • The influence of Daeron's friendship on Robert helps make him less selfish. Among other things, this means he takes more of an active role in Mya's upbringing, arranging for her to be fostered in Dorne rather than abandoning her in the Vale.
    • It's yet to be seen what effect it'll have, but Daeron is trying to prevent Viserys from becoming the entitled Royal Brat he was in canon.
    • To make Ned seem like a more appealing match for Ashara, Robert offers him land and a lordship in the Stormlands. Specifically, he becomes Lord of the Rainwood, a title which in canon went to Davos.
    • Arthur gets sidelined during the Kingswood Brotherhood affair, joining the party but not doing much of note in it. Daeron is the one specifically tasked by Aerys to hunt them down, Ned's the one that convinces Daeron to petition for more rights for the area's smallfolk, Jaime's the one that finally kills the Smiling Knight and Daeron's the one that knights him after he declines Barristan's offer to do so.
    • Petyr Baelish is killed by the Kingswood Brotherhood when they ambush Prince Daeron's party as they're heading to Storm's End. This prompts the Blackfish to come over and join the group assigned with hunting them down.
    • Howland Reed is killed by Rhaegar's loyalists after taking the fall for being the Knight of the Laughing Tree in order to protect Lyanna.
    • Robert kills Lord Commander Hightower during the first clash between Rhaegar and Daeron's factions at Harrenhal.
    • The conflict that eventually breaks out following the tourney isn't a rebellion against the Targaryens, but a Targaryen Civil War between Rhaegar

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • According to Word of God, the backstory of Sonic X: Dark Chaos diverges from the canon Sonic X in two specific ways. Both of these critical changes set off a chain reaction that leads to the Darker and Edgier Crapsack World of Dark Chaos compared to the canon Sonic X;
    • Tsali's entire story never happens and he doesn't become the Ultimate Weapon in the canon. In Dark Chaos, he does - which results in him exterminating Cosmo's race rather than the Metarex. He quickly turns the subsequent Metarex War into a brutal bloodbath that leaves much the galaxy in ruins and trillions of people dead.
    • An economic depression forces Maledict to abandon his plans and pull his forces out of the Milky Way, so the Demon Empire never appears in canon. In Dark Chaos, this doesn't happen - so Maledict's plan goes off without a hitch and leads to the Demon occupation of the galaxy (which in turns leads to the Angel invasion in Episode 65).

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

  • In Reign of Marco Toffee conquered Mewni when Star was still a child and she was sent to earth and adopted by the Diaz family resulting in several changes:

Star Trek

  • The Wrong Reflection: The established differences between the prime universe and the Mirror Universe mean that the typical "same crew as our side but EVIL" trope in Mirror Universe Star Trek stories doesn't apply to the USS Bajor. There is no ISS Bajor because Bajor is part of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, and because most of Prime Eleya's command crew are members of Terran-allied species, there's no mirror version of them either. Frankly they were lucky to even get a Mirror Eleya, and she's an officer in the Cardassian military rather than the Imperial Starfleet.
  • In Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, Charlie X returns 12 years after Kirk's supposed death in the Nexus and, angered that Kirk isn't there to be personally killed by him, uses the Guardian of Forever to kill Kirk's mother before his birth, thereby ensuring that James T. Kirk is never born. He succeeds, resulting in a completely different reality, although many faces are still familiar (since the change isn't that far into the past). There's no Federation in the new timeline. Instead, there's the Galactic Order, a tyrannical multi-species empire ruled by Curate Prime (actually, the super-powered Gary Miller, who made it off the planet without Kirk to stop him and took over the Federation). Instead of the USS Enterprise-B, there is GSS Conqueror, commanded by Evil!Harriman. Chekov leads a rebellion under the name Kittrick, while Uhura is married to Stonn, Spock's rival from the original timeline.
  • Through a Mirror Darkly looks at what would have happened if James Kirk never joined Starfleet: the Narada destroys both Vulcan and Earth, and the Federation collapses after losing a war that'd followed. The Romulans and the Klingons are at full-out war with each other, and James—who has also met up with Bones, Scotty, and Spock Prime—works with smugglers in order to survive. Then James and his crew come across the Botany Bay...
  • Eclipsed sees the Silver Blood duplicate of Voyager from "Course: Oblivion" survive their deaths and return 'home' ahead of the original crew simply because the 'duplicate' Doctor took samples of the original Silver Blood to try and use it to create a new body for himself.
  • "Brother on Brother, Daughter on Mother": The Mirror Universe is explained as having split off from a similar timeline to the prime universe, one where the Western Roman Empire took slightly longer to fall due to Flavius Aetius overthrowing Emperor Valentinian (instead of Valentinian assassinating him) and defeating the Vandals, "then the Nazis, Trumpers, Optimum, and the Krasnov junta were a little more successful."
    Reshek Taryn: But then import Borg from the future and—
    Gaarra: The rope, what, frayed?

Star Wars

  • Anakin's Creed starts off with a young Anakin escaping from slavery hiding away from the Jedi for several years by adhering to his own version of the Jedi code.
    There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
    There is no fear; there is power.
    I am the heart of the Force.
    I am the revealing fire of life.
    I am the mystery of darkness.
    In balance with chaos and harmony,
    Immortal in the Force.
  • The Unabridged Memoirs of Darth Plagueis the Wise is based on the divergence point that Plagueis stays sober enough to see Sidious' attempt on his life coming. Thus, he's able to survive it, killing Sidious instead, and thus the events of the Prequel Trilogy play out completely differently.
  • There is a Tumblr thread detailing what would happen if Anakin was placed into childcare instead of frontline combat during the Clone Wars. It ends up with him owning "The Galaxy's largest collection of refrigerator art" and the Jedi order lasting into the sequel trilogy.
    • Another thread starts with some trivia on China's Han Dynasty (a jailer turned rebel after he accidentally let a prisoner go, which carried the death penalty), and someone saying, "Yup, sounds like something Han Solo would do alright," leading to a situation where Han got conscripted into hauling prisoners, but one escapes. This leads to him pilfering a Star Destroyer, bombing the Emperor's palace, finding out that there's a "Dead Man's Shoes" policy on Imperial succession, leading to him installing Lando as Grand Vizier out of spite and reinstating the Senate at the earliest opportunity.
  • Where Precipice begins to diverge from canon is when Anakin decides to follow Windu's orders to remain at the Jedi temple while he and the others go to arrest Palpatine. This results in him instead being at the Jedi temple defending it when Order 66 is issued rather than lead the attack, fully preventing his fall to the Dark Side.

Stargate SG-1

  • The Power of a Kiss sees Sha're accompany Daniel and the others to the cartouch with the Stargate addresses, with the result that she isn't taken as a host for Amaunet but accompanies Daniel to Earth when he decides to join the SGC to rescue Skaara. The overall changes are slight, but one significant detail is that Sha're and Daniel adopt Cassie rather than Janet, and an android copy of Sha're is created (with her permission) to be with the android Daniel.
  • What You Already Know: Everything changes for the SGC after Daniel Jackson unlocks his psychic potential during training with biofeedback therapy, with changes including Janet Frasier and Jacob Carter living to see the end of the war with the Goa’uld, Earth making plans to establish an official offworld colony in the Milky Way galaxy, and the threat of the Wraith and the Goa’uld being ended for good after the final defeat of Anubis as opposed to a few stragglers such as Ba'al still hanging around.

Steven Universe

  • Revelations: Instead of pretending to be his mother during his trial like in canon, Steven decides to come clean and reveal that he's not Rose Quartz, but her son. While trying to make sense of this revelation, Blue Diamond gets a closer look at his gem and recognizes it as Pink Diamond's, leading Steven and the Diamonds to finding out that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond much earlier.
  • In What Might Have Been, it is revealed that the defining divergency in events was caused by Pearl secretly following Rose and Bismuth as she introduced the Breaking Point. Just as Bismuth nearly attacks Rose for rejecting what she thought was a winning option, Pearl interjects and accidentally reveals her true identity. It can be presumed that Pearl convinced Rose to let her reform in her tent rather than hide the truth. She eventually convinces Rose to let Garnet in on the secret and thus causes the chain of events that diverges from canon-events.
    • The war goes on far longer than it did in the canon series, Amethyst meeting her Famethysts right after emerging.
    • Garnet and Pearl manage to take over and evacuate the Human Zoo of its human prisoners, bubbled Rose Quartzes and Quartz guards right after it was finished.
    • Pearl breaks it off with Rose and saves herself a lot of jealousy and heartache brought on by Rose's promiscuity, eventually getting together with Bismuth.
    • Rose manages to have Steven without giving up her physical form, having encountered human-gem hybrids and learned of a way to reproduce more efficiently.

Stranger Things

  • The fanfic No Retreating is a Jonathan Byers / Nancy Wheeler ship fic that explores how differently their relationship would've developed if Steve hadn't had his heel face turn in the season 1 finale and they'd had to fight the Demogorgon on their own.note  Without Steve to interrupt their moment on the couch, Jonathan and Nancy end up sharing their first kiss before the Demogorgon arrives. They then part ways over the following weeks, with Nancy waiting for a month for Jonathan to make a move on her. Rather than go back to Steve, she decides to take the initiative herself and approaches Jonathan directly.


  • An Unexpected Child: The Mistress becomes pregnant with the Warden's child after the events of her debut episode "Ladies' Night". This of course leads to a strange chain of events, involving a maze in the center of the Earth and a circus that gets its entertainment from slaughtering, that ultimately result in Mistress having the baby, a one-month premature little girl whom she decides to name after her mother and also Warden's mother in their honor, at the end.


  • The fanfic Song Remains the Same already changes the series by giving Sam and Dean a sister in the form of Alex (Sam's twin), but when Balthazar saves the Titanic, one consequences of the new timeline is that Alex was separated from her brothers when she was very young because John got drunk on a brand of whiskey that never got made in the original timeline when its founder died on the ship and decided that she would have a better life without them. As a result, Alex commits suicide in her teens in a state of extreme depression and anger at the world, leaving Castiel horrified when he learns what Balthazar's actions have caused.

Teen Titans

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

  • Shards of a Memory:
    • In "Karai's Vendetta", Karai attempts to kidnap April, only for April to catch her off guard, kick her down a subway tunnel and escape. In Chapter 8, while April manages to draw first blood with a swift kick, Karai still managed to knock her unconscious to use her as bait.
    • In canon, Leo was the first Splinter told that Karai was Miwa. Here, it is April who finds this out when Shard calls Karai by her real name.
    • Instead of developing the power to control rats, Dr. Falco instead develops the power to control cats, becoming "The Cat King."


  • Black Wings, Black Sails diverges from the original series when Laurence is sent away early in His Majesty's Dragon, the very first book, to allow someone raised in the Aerial Corps to attempt to harness Temeraire in his place. Rather than remaining in the pasture as he did in the books and forcing someone to go fetch Laurence in the middle of dinner with his Navy friends, Temeraire flies off to search for Laurence and finds him openly re-accepting his post in the Navy after having come to accept the loss of Temeraire over dinner. Temeraire becomes fully convinced that Laurence never wanted him in the first place and reluctantly accepts Dayes as captain. Laurence goes to bed on the Reliant for the night, only to realize the next morning that he's made a horrible mistake about twelve hours too late and is unable to take Temeraire back.

Titanic (1997)

  • In "Our Future is Now", Jack, Fabrizio and Tommy are revealed to be part of a time-travelling expedition visiting Titanic to research the history of the third-class passengers, with their presence in the past causing a chain of events that lead to Titanic surviving its trip. Jack later reveals to Rose that, in the timeline where he was never present and Titanic sank as scheduled, she never jumped off the Titanic because she lost her nerve, but when the ship sank she let herself drown in Cal's stateroom out of despair at her future with Cal, while Cal lost his money in the 1929 stock market crash and her mother was reduced to working as a seamstress to support herself.

Total Drama

  • In Courtney's Crusade for Redemption Courtney's actions cause several changes in the new timeline.
    • Due to getting assigned to the Villainous Vultures from the start, Courtney has the chance to talk with Gwen and fix their friendship early on. This also changes the runners of the first challenge, which gets Sierra eliminated while Lindsay gets to stay.
    • Lindsay staying with the Heroic Hamsters is a big nail as well, as they do much better than in canon, which also gives Courtney the chance to eliminate several antagonists via voting them off whenever the Vultures lose.
    • As said above, Courtney orchestrates several eliminations. She also gets Chris to be more fair, mostly making it impossible for any contestant to sabotage the votes.
    • Courtney's intervention prevents Mal from taking over Mike's whole personality. Also, Mal is outed relatively early, so the other contestants are both wary about him and willing to help Mike to keep Mal's misdeeds under control.
    • Courtney and Scott become an Official Couple.
    • Courtney gets the immunity idol, so she's now protected from being voted off, and Cameron is voted instead.
    • Sierra, Duncan and Alejandro are eliminated much earlier than in canon.
    • Since Duncan gets assigned to the Heroic Hamsters from the beginning, he feels more pressured to protect his bad guy's reputation. This gets him to lose whatever respect the other contestants had for him when he's finally eliminated.
  • In Legacy, a delay of a few seconds has consequences that reverberate for years. To be specific, Gwen is killed by the psycho killer in "Hook, Line, and Screamer"; the story takes a look at how all the contestants and Total Drama itself were impacted by this.
  • Total Loud Island
    • With the addition of Lincoln and Dawn to the cast of contestants, several of the challenges that the Killer Bass canonically lost are won by them instead. This in turn leads to a few contestants being eliminated earlier or later than in canons, namely Tyler, Eva, and Trent.
    • Since Harold had Lincoln in his corner standing up for him, he doesn't sabotage the eliminations to get Courtney kicked off to get back at Duncan before being eliminated himself.
    • The new Sudden Death eliminations scream this, as suddenly a different factor or rule can send any character home at a different place than in canon. Just ask Geoff and Izzy.
    • As DJ wasn't eliminated in "Hook, Line, and Screamer" and Harold never rigged the votes, Duncan saw no need to try to get Heather's vote in "Wawanakwa Gone Wild", so he never helped her try to get her animal, nor did he clean the communal bathrooms afterward.
  • In Total Drama Underdogs, Ezekiel never makes his infamous sexist comments, so Courtney is eliminated instead of him. The changes get bigger and bigger as the story unfolds.
  • A Codette World Tour
    • Cody chooses to go over the pyramid rather than under for the Egypt challenge, which results in the team compositions being altered (Cody is on Team Victory, Izzy and Ezekiel are on Team Amazon, and Lindsay is on Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot). This, combined with Bridgette's breakup with Geoff between seasons, causes the whole story to snowball into a very different series of events and to develop a significantly different order of elimination.
    • Alejandro fails to get Bridgette eliminated in the Yukon challenge, which allows Team Victory to do much better and have its members reach the merge. Alejandro himself lampshades this in his confessionals, blaming his failure to destroy Team Victory on Bridgette staying in the game.
  • In Candy For Your Thoughts?, Cody's choice to come and comfort Courtney after Duncan cheated on her with Gwen causes the love triangle to go much better than in canon and Cody to fall in love with Courtney, among other changes.
  • Total Drama Redemption: Noah's decision to participate in the dodgeball challenge instead of slacking off gets the ball rolling to the point where the situation at the start of World Tour is nearly unrecognizable (Noah dated Izzy and later hooked up with Gwen; Geoff and Bridgette broke up, and the latter is having Ship Tease with Cody; Trent went completely off the deep end and is now a villain; etc.)
  • Twinning With a Twist: Because Sugar takes the parachute that Sammy got in canon, Sammy ends up on the Confused Bears, allowing for her Character Development to go further than it ever did in canon.


  • A Child Shall Lead Them starts when the mortally wounded Optimus Prime is taken to the repair bay after the battle at Autobot City, and tries to pass the Matrix to give it to Ultra Magnus, but drops it. Swoop quickly catches it and is transformed into Pterodactus Prime, the new leader of the Autobots.

True Blood

  • How Could You Forget? is an AU fic that explores how the events of season 4 and beyond would have been changed if the witches had erased Bill Compton's memories instead of Eric Northman's.
    • The point of deviation is when Bill sends Eric to break up a convent of necromancing witches. In the show, Eric bites Marnie, and in retaliation, she erases his memories. Here, on the other hand, Marnie lets him go, and he leaves, but not without making another threat towards her coven. Thus, the following day, Bill has to go visit the witches himself as Damage Control. He attempts to open a dialogue with Marnie, but she's so pissed off by Eric's visit that she decides to erase Bill's memories before he can offer new terms. The overall core of the main story is roughly the same, but some of the characters swap roles, some scenes are completely unaltered, and other events never happen. This is most apparent during the season 4 part.
    • Sookie never gets into a relationship with Eric, as a result of having to shelter Bill. Instead, her romance with Bill continues, although it's clear Eric still desires her.
    • Because of Bill and Eric swapping roles, that also extends to their respective progenies, Jessica and Pam. Sookie and Jessica are able to work much more closely with regards to handling Bill, since they have a mutual connection to him and equal interest (Sookie as his lover, Jessica as his progeny/surrogate daughter). Since Bill is the Vampire King of Louisiana, Jessica and Sookie have additional problems to deal with in hiding him and his condition, especially given Eric's volatility and efforts to undermine Bill. At first, Jessica glamors all of Bill's staff into thinking Bill is busy and unavailable, and to forward all important calls to her. This works until the witches curse Pam with the face-decomposing spell and Eric has to see Bill, only to deal with Jessica, who he pressures into admitting the truth about Bill. After much pleading from both Jessica and Sookie, Eric reluctantly agrees to help them cover up Bill's amnesia as they make plans to deal with the witch crisis. Which leads to the extra complication of Jessica needing to coach Bill so he can hide his memory loss from his vampire subordinates and give speeches on TV when need be.
    • Marnie's capture plays out the same, with a daywalker capturing her for the vampires to interrogate. Here, Eric chains her up in Fangtasia, and the vampire who ends up being mind-controlled to pass the message of "resurrection" on is Chow, one of the bouncers there, who Eric is forced to stake in self-defense.
    • While Pam still has the decomposing spell placed on her by the witches, what leads up to it is altered: in the actual show, she confronts the witches to try and get them to undo the spell on Eric. In this story, though, she is sent by Eric to check on the witches after Jessica pays a visit to Eric at Fangtasia trying to get some information about the witches that might help her and Sookie understand the witches that harmed Bill.
    • Eric still ends up getting captured at the cemetery by the witches, and brainwashed into attacking Bill at the tolerance rally. The entire fight sequence plays out the same, up to and including Bill's actions, but obviously, it means that when Sookie casts the ball of faerie magic that incapacitates Eric, it also ends up restoring all of Bill's memories.
    • The sequence behind Nan Flanagan's death is entirely unchanged, dialogue and all.
    • The altered season 4 events leads to subtle but significant alterations in seasons 5 and 6. In season 5, Bill never becomes the power-hungry Billith, although Eric's defeat of Russell Edgington manages to stay unchanged. While in season 6, it's Eric who ends up killing Governor Burrell, to avenge Nora, rather than Bill doing it while trying to find Jessica (while Jessica never kills Andy's faerie daughters). And rather than send Jessica to capture the scientist who synthesized tru blood, Bill himself brings the doctor in with bribery.
Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-
  • Reversal of Fate, by Tonight's The Night is set up on the basis that it is Syaoran, not Sakura the one who lost who lost his memories and Sakura would have to be the one finding the feathers. As their personality and experience are different, the story branches off almost immediately resulting in different sets of Character Development for them.

The Tudors

  • Handmaid: Two nails. One is the existence of the handmaid privilege, the other is that Anne falls in love with Katherine instead of Henry.
    • By taking Anne as his handmaid, Henry does not have to set Katherine aside, leaving Mary legitimate and easing tensions both at court and on the international field. Anne's own status at court is much more respected; while she isn't universally-loved, she isn't outright hated like she was in the show and in history. After Anne successfully delivers a son, securing her position, Henry has no reason to seek another spouse and remains with her and Katherine until his eventual death in 1547.
      • As a consequence, the English Reformation starts at a much slower pace, due to Henry having no need to break from Rome or disregard papal authority — taking a handmaid only requires the consent of the local papal legate, in this case Wolsey. The Sack of Rome isn't mentioned, most likely due to being less of a concern to Henry since he has no plans to divorce Katherine or annul their marriage.
      • Thomas Cromwell's own ascent is stalled due to Cardinal Wolsey never falling out of favor and Thomas More replacing the latter first after his death before his own resignation. When Cromwell finally does become chancellor, he deliberately stays neutral with the Boleyns despite suspecting they may have similar religious leanings to his, due to Anne's friendship with Katherine.
    • Since Anne starts coupling with Henry earlier, she has another daughter named Cecily before the historical birth of Elizabeth; who is born with a male twin named Edmund, who replaces Edward VI as Henry's legitimate heir. She also gives Henry a second son, named Owen.
      • As all of Anne's children are considered legitimate under the auspices of the Catholic Church, they're considered perfectly viable marriage partners by the rest of European Royalty straight from the beginningnote . Mary is allowed to marry the Duke of Bavaria since she has two younger sisters to make dynastic matches in her place and her children won't be threats to the royal succession. In turn, Cecily is engaged to the future Philip II of Spain, while Elizabeth is saddled with the Duke of Orleans. She later marries her childhood friend Robert Dudley after Charles dies soon after their marriage.
      • Edmund, Elizabeth's twin, is the one to marry Mary, Queen of Scots, instead of Francis II. Mary herself is implied to have been raised in Scotland rather than France, like she historically was.
    • Since Anne is in love with Katherine and not Henry, she never becomes jealous when Henry starts sneaking around with Jane Seymour; Henry himself is being a lot more discreet so as to not upset her during her pregnancy. This also means their relationship is much healthier, due to Anne not quarreling with him so much and only exerting her influence on him to either help her family out of the occasional jam or to convince him of something that Katherine can not on her own.
      • This has also a negative effect, in that Anne's lack of interference with the affair causes Jane to become pregnant with Edward far earlier and prompts her brother Thomas to attack Anne in hopes of killing her so she can be replaced by Jane. While Anne survives, it causes her to miscarry her and Henry's second child — the boy they and Katherine had all been hoping for.
      • Since his difficulties with Anne aren't as severe, Henry actually resolves himself not to blame her in case her "fall" was a genuine accident. After a barely lucid Anne wakes up and confirms that she was shoved, he has Cromwell and Suffolk interrogate everyone who might have motive, including Margaret, his sister and Suffolk's wife. This puts even more strain on the Suffolks' marriage, eventually causing them to briefly retire from court to fix their relationship.
    • Since his relationship with Anne isn't strained, Henry never truly attaches himself to Jane Seymour, viewing her as just another mistress but still feeding her false platitudes to keep her in his bed. Subsequently, after Thomas Seymour is revealed as Anne's attacker, Henry starts losing any fondness he once had for her, and after Jane accidentally reveals to Katherine that she knew about Thomas' guilt but decided to keep mum, he outright comes to hate her, going as far as to have her executed after she delivers Edward. This entire situation permanently ends the Seymours' ascent to power before it can even begin.
    • Since Margaret Tudor never contracted consumption, Charles Brandon never marries Catherine Willoughby. She instead joins Mary's household after her marriage to the Duke of Bavaria, eventually finding her own husband in Cleves.
    • Henry's other three historical wives have different (happier) fates as well:
      • Anne of Cleves marries the Duke of Lorraine and gives birth to his son. She also befriends Mary after meeting her during one of her visits to her cousin, Mary's husband, helping her with one of her pregnancies.
      • Katherine Howard is taken on as one of Anne's ladies-in-waiting after her ascension to Princess Consort before Katherine can be sent to Lambeth, preventing her from suffering sexual abuse from Henry Mannox or meeting Frances Dereham. As Henry has no need for another mistress or wife, this means she's completely free to marry Thomas Culpeper when they fall for each other. They later join Cecily's household after she departs for Spain to marry Philip.
      • Katherine Parr becomes one of Anne's companions after she becomes Henry's handmaid, and thanks to some happenstance, marries Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. Their happy marriage manages to temper his impulses, and they become Duke and Duchess of Norfolk upon Thomas Howard's death.
    • Thanks to the Boleyns' increased status in court, George never marries Jane Parker due to conflicts over the dowry. Eventually, he publicly stays a bachelor while carrying on a secret relationship with Mark Smeaton.


  • Before The Dawn: Bella decides to take a quick trip through Mexico after her mother's marriage, and as a result, she's abducted and brutally raped by a vampire trying to create an army of hybrids, Bella only escaping after she becomes a vampire herself.
  • Bonne Foi: Wandering into the wrong alley while suffering from the flu as a human, Edward is turned and abandoned by Victoria rather than becoming Carlisle's first 'son', with the result that he continues to kill humans well into the twenty-first century until he meets Bella while she's at college.

Warrior Cats

  • Wily and Proud takes place in an AU where Rusty was a stray, not a housepet. This change means that he becomes ruthless and paranoid in order to survive, and ends up joining ShadowClan instad of ThunderClan.
    Life as a stray comes with a number of hardships, he reasoned with himself. These hardships have changed me. This is not who I am. This is not my fault. I am an honorable cat. Nevertheless, the white tom lay dead at Rusty's paws, its fur matted with dirt.
  • Fire and Shadow is an AU where Rusty joins ShadowClan instead of ThunderClan.
  • In Bluefur's Choice, Bluefur decides to keep Stonekit, Mosskit, and Mistykit.


  • The Land of What Might-Have-Been diverges from canon when Fiyero/the Scarecrow is unable to send his note to Elphaba, but this sends them to another alternate world, over fifty years in the future, where things changed when Elphaba was shot down a few months into her rebellion against the wizard, starting a chain of events with devastating consequences.

World War

  • The confirmation of an alien invasion force on it's way to Earth has far more of an effect than one would expect as shown in Worldwar: War of Equals. For instance, some people die earlier than they did in OTL such as Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe, has people living past their date of death such as Muammar Gaddafi, has some leader stay in power longer such as Hosni Mubarak, has wars such as the Arab–Israeli Conflict and The War on Terror either put on hold or ended, among many others.


  • Quicken: The point of divergence is the attack in the alley. Emma doesn’t try to fight back and Shadow Stalker doesn’t save her. Then Emma fights back and triggers. As such, she never meets Sophia and she doesn't turn against her best friend.
  • Wyvern: Because Kenta got the QA Shard instead of the Escalation shard, Lung never existed and his claim to fame (fighting solo against Leviathan in Kyushu) never happened.

X-Men: Evolution

  • In the reverse of the episode "Joyride", where Lance tries to join the X-Men to get close to Kitty, Joyride Reversed has Kitty sneak out of the X-Mansion at night to enter his room. Without either of them in the mansion in the next couple of nights, the joyride streak by Bobby, Jubilee, and Sam isn't caught, letting them take the Blackbird out for a ride. Unfortuently, this leads them to be captured by Bolivar Trask, forcing Fury to recruit the Brotherhood to break the New Mutants out in the sequel, Sons of Liberty.

Yin Yang Yo!


  • The Dimensional Drifter: A lot of elements of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V start changing because of Judai's interference.
    • The Identical Strangers misunderstanding between Yuzu, Yuya and Yuto is solved very quickly. Therefore, Yuto never starts spying on Yuzu and Sora, which means that Sora never meets him, and Yuya is also informed of Yuto's existence much earlier than in canon.
    • Reiji never participates in the duel war between You Show and LDS, so the mass production of Pendulum cards remains a secret.
    • Judai makes Sora teach Yuzu Fusion summoning out in the open, so the entire scene with Yuzu, Sora, Yuto and Masumi in the warehouse never happens. This also means that Masumi never connects Yuzu to the assault cases of the LDS faculty members.
    • Judai interferes with Yuto and Kurosaki's attacks on LDS before they escalate too far, which means that LDS never succeeds in tracking them down. As a result:
    • The LDS trio never meets Yuto and Kurosaki or even learn about the situation.
    • Kurosaki never makes the deal with Akaba Reiji to work together; in fact, they never meet each other.
    • Yuya correctly pegs Sora as an Academia student, and never stops being suspicious of him. This is in contrast to the anime when he was fairly quick to trust Sora after a tense few first days.
    • Yuya learns about the different dimensions from Judai and Johan, and they manage to more or less put together a general outline of the conflicts between Fusion and Xyz. This happens a full season before canon. That said, they're unaware of the true porportions.
    • Yoko learns about the different dimensions. She also meets Yuto, which never happened in canon, and takes him and Kurosaki under her care. This also helps in easing tensions between Yuto, Kurosaki and Yuya (her son).
    • The magical abilities of Yuzu's bracelet are never revealed.
    • Yuya learns that duel monster spirits are real before the Maiami Championship is even brought up, while in canon he only found out in the final arc.
    • Yuto takes Kurosaki's place in the Maiami Championship.
  • Fallen King's events begin when Pegasus wins the duel instead of Yugi.
  • In a late chapter of Shadowchasers: Ascension Jeb is confronted by a being named Xon who can view realities like this; after offering to explain what he viewed if Germany won World War II (met by flat refusal by Jeb, who's already seen enough of those) Xon gives him one closer to home: how things would have turned out differently if Mayls' plot to murder Jamor Stormbringer had failed, and Jalal's father had survived. The answer Xon gives is not as happy as one would assume. (In short, without this tragedy that now defines his purpose, the Shadowchasers would not have been founded, and whoever took it upon themselves to mediate affairs between humans and shadows would not have nearly the ability nor desire to do so, leading to all-out wars of genocide leading to the Earth's destruction.) Of course, Xon is a Humanoid Abomination in league with diabolical beings, so his opinion is very likely skewed.

Yuri!!! on Ice

  • Rivals Series:
    • Right there in the summary "A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career." The single event in question is Yuuri's parents taking him to watch the Junior Grand Prix finals, where a callous comment by Viktor massively injures Yuuri's self-esteem and turns his admiration for the older boy into resentment. The sense of rivalry born from this encounter gives Yuuri additional drive in his skating, and his career progresses at a much faster pace compared to canon.
    • Yuuri's presence at Skate Canada for Phichit's senior debut distracts Viktor and causes him to botch a jump and injure himself, putting him out for the rest of the season, which changes the orders of his themes for the following years. This eventually results in the Stammi Vicino routine being crafted the same year as the Yuri on Ice routine, rather than it being the year before.


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