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Total Drama

  • Courtney and Heather. Both girls are arrogant, domineering Alpha Bitches who will resort to any means to win the competition, are the leaders of their teams in Season 1, both serve as the Big Bad of a season, both formed multiple alliances (notably both with Beth), and both garnered a lot of hatred from their teammates. However, while Heather was a Card-Carrying Villain who revels in her villainy and prefers to manipulate others into doing her bidding, Courtney sees herself as a hero, wins most of the challenges on her own merits (skill, strength), but has a bad case of Moral Myopia and believes her actions are justified while having trouble processing when she is doing wrong. Heather starts off unrepentant and ruthless in her crusade to win, before she gradually mellows out and becomes an Anti-Hero after her Island defeat and has a Hazy Feel Turn. Courtney starts off as a harsh but heroic well-meaning girl, before being corrupted by Duncan and turning to the dark side, and jumps down the slippery slope into self-serving villainy. Their antagonistic approaches are also quite different; Heather playing The Chessmaster and manipulating others to orchestrate eliminations, while Courtney exploits Loop Hole Abuse in conjunction with her lawyers to get ahead in the game.
  • Trent and Courtney. Both of them were major characters in Island who had major romance arcs with one of the final four contestants. Both of them were eliminated in the same way. Both of them promptly break up with their respective love interests in Action and are paranoid that their love interests are interested in the other one's love interest. Both are also rather easy to manipulate by playing on their relationships. However, Trent had natural chemistry with Gwen right from the very beginning, to the point that by Episode 5, Gwen was conceding, if reluctantly, that she had a crush on him, and Trent was acknowledging the same thing. Despite Trent abandoning Gwen to be buried alive, it was by accident, Trent was clearly guilt-ridden over it, and Gwen forgave him. While Heather did manage to damage their relationship briefly, once they learned the truth, the two reconciled and actually began to date. When Trent developed an obsession with Gwen, especially over concern about Duncan having a relationship with her, and begins to throw challenges purposefully, Gwen urges him to let her win fairly, and it is not until he does it again that she breaks up with him, and reluctantly urges Trent's team to vote him off. Although the breakup angers Trent, he acknowledges that he played a major role in it, defended Gwen from the other cast, and when Gwen does start dating Duncan, he accepts the relationship and moves on. By very stark contrast, Courtney frequently conflicted with Duncan, and although she had a crush on him, she would not hesitate to yell at him. Furthermore, the relationship was marred by abuse. Courtney frequently abandoned Duncan, injured and crippled him, and showed open disdain and hostility to Gwen over suspicions of the two involved. While Trent accepted Gwen for who she is, Courtney was adamant that Duncan had to change to be perfect. When Duncan voted her off at the end of Action, a furious Courtney swore bloody vengeance. Upon learning about Duncan and Gwen's relationship, Courtney could not move on and repeatedly tried to throw challenges to get the two eliminated while flatly refusing to accept her role in Duncan's decision to leave her.
  • Harold to Cody. Both serves as the resident geeky nerd on there teams. Both of them are seen as useless by the vast majority of the teammates, they are often bullied, they both have an unrequited crush on someone, and they prove to be surprisingly effective when push comes to shove. The very real difference is in how they are presented. Harold is depicted as a good person who unintentionally annoys his teammates; while Cody gets along with most of his teammates, he has some seriously perverted personality traits. Harold has often proven to be a reservoir of hidden talent, having managed to save his team in multiple challenges at the last minute, while Cody helps out far less often and sometimes verges into The Load. Harold did not make his feelings obvious for Leshawna, and when Leshawna found out about it, she did briefly kiss him. Cody's attraction to Gwen becomes very obvious, and Gwen does not reciprocate. In the Island special, Leshawna makes it clear to Harold that their kiss was in the heat of the moment, and she just wants to remain friends with him, and although Harold does occasionally make a move on her, he primarily respects her wishes and they work well together in challenges. Cody, despite being fully aware that Gwen was not into him, would not hesitate to try to flirt with her whenever he had the chance, even if it did not help the team, and would even commit actions that are tantamount to sexual harrasment. Harold is very much Cody with morals and restraints.
  • Gwen to Owen. While both ended up as finalists of Island, they have otherwise complete opposite personalities. Owen is the Big Fun party guy, Nice Guy, and All-Loving Hero who magnetically attracts friends to him. Gwen is a Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold and falls into Good Is Not Nice and has bitter rivalry with Heather. While Owen ain’t the brightest bulb and not very fit, Gwen is one of the more intelligent contestants and a Jack-of-All-Trades when it comes to her physical performance.
  • Noah and Owen are best of friends but otherwise are polar opposites in virtually every single way. Owen is a big, fat, and none-too-bright optimist with an enthusiastic attitude, love for having fun, and an eagerness to make friends, while Noah is a small, scrawny, and highly intelligent cynic with an apathetic view of the world, a lazy nature, and a condescending attitude towards most people.
  • Alejandro is essentially a Spear Counterpart to Heather. Both being the Big Bad of a season and orchestrated numerous eliminations, while forming several alliances to safe guard their place in the game. However unlike Heather, who was a Alpha Bitch who governed her alliances through fear and earned a bad reputation for herself, Alejandro's approach involved winning over the trust of others by feigning kindess and kept his true nature hidden from the public. As Noah puts it, he's like Heather only with social skills.
  • Alejandro and Duncan. They're near perfect opposite of each other. Duncan maintains a tough, hostile exterior but scratch the surface and you'll find a softer caring side. Alejandro puts on a charming act to hide a vileness underneath. Duncan starts off with few friends due to alienating himself with his intimidating bully act, but soon garnered quite a few friends after they got to know him. Alejandro was initially adored by everyone, sans Heather, before he betrayed each of them one by one until he was left with no one but Heather. Further contrasts are seen with their relationship with Owen: while Duncan is one of Owen's best buddies, Alejandro came to despise Owen from the start. Duncan also gets along well with his brothers, while Alejandro had a Big Brother Bully and it's implied this Sibling Rivalry is part of his Freudian Excuse.
  • Alejandro to Owen. Aside from both being male finalists, they are otherwise as different as night and day, which is little wonder why Alejandro despises Owen so much. Owen is an All-Loving Hero and an all round Big Fun Nice Guy who is adored by all. Alejandro is a Big Bad Friend who pretends to be a gentle soul, but in reality this is an act and he cares for no one but himself and winning. Owen is an unathletic ditz with an occasional challenge he excels at (most notably eating), Alejandro is The Ace and an Evil Genius who excels at everything and on rare occasion shows a weakness (notably having a weak stomach to disgusting food). Owen went into the finale surrounded by friends with the majority rooting for him, while Alejandro's finale had almost no one supporting him (save for a few girls still under his charms) and with everyone yearning for his downfall.
  • Cameron to Cody and Harold, his predecessor nerds. Both Cody and Harold were characterized as being dorks who tried to be cool and seek attention, while Cameron is a Shrinking Violet who remains shy and timid through most of his appearances but later grows out of it over the course of the season. Both Cody and Harold possess unexpected physical resourcefulness to their teams, while Cameron is almost always useless in physical challenges. There are also differences in intellect, with Cody and Harold being more circumstantially smart by displaying MacGyvering abilities, while Cameron is an Impossible Genius able to construct futuristic tech like Powered Armor and rocket engines. Finally, Cameron has never chased/pursued any girls, which was a major character arc for both Cody and Harold.
  • Cameron to Owen, with both of them being the unexpected underdog who became a finalist of their debut seasons. While both are Nice Guys and All Loving Heroes, the similarities end there. Owen is the Big Fun party guy who is easygoing towards everyone, while Cameron is a Shrinking Violet who has to be coaxed into social interaction. Owen is dimwitted and overweight, while Cameron is an Impossible Genius with possibly the lightest body mass out of the entire cast. Owen didn't care in the slightest whether he won, while Cameron had something to prove in how far he made it. Owen went into the finale surrounded mostly by his friends (with the exception of Heather) and ended up having a friendship finale, while Cameron's had to go up against three of his adversaries (Jo, Scott, and Lightning).
  • Cameron to Lightning. Both are black male finalists who faced off against each other in their debut season and were determined to win, but are otherwise polar opposites. Cameron is small and scrawny while Lightning is tall and muscular. Cameron is a very timid Impossible Genius and a Nice Guy who was willing to put aside the opportunity to defeat Lightning to instead rescue his fellow campers from rampaging mutants and then split the money with everyone after he won, while Lightning is an incredibly arrogant and stupid Jerk Jock who continued to focus on trying to defeat Cameron in the same situation and then kept all the money for himself in his ending. Cameron's determination to win was in order to prove how far he came, while Lightning's came from simply being obsessed with coming first at everything. Cameron has an overprotective mother who clearly cares a lot about her son, while Lightning's father barely pays any attention to his son, not even showing his face to him when given the opportunity to contact him.
  • Jo to Duncan, taking his place as The Bully type character of her generation and the Lesser of Two Evils. Both bullies had favored targets, with Duncan picking on Harold, while Jo would torment Cameron and Brick. Both have also had their respective nerds eventually get revenge upon them and win over their respect. However the differences becomes apparent when Duncan is revealed to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who uses the tough guy visage to hide a softer side, while Jo has a tendency to be Faux Affably Evil to manipulate others and is for the most rotten on the inside. Furthermore, Duncan legitimately makes quite a few friends, while Jo drove away virtually all her allies with her vileness. Finally, Duncan is known for being very laidback with a "who cares" attitude, while one of Jo's defining characters is a competitive drive to be the best at everything.
  • Jo to Scott, in a more direct example. Both are the Token Evil Teammate of their respective teams, but have complete opposite approaches to their antagonism. Jo plays Drill Sergeant Nasty and pushes her team through the ringer to get them perform at their best, while feeling the weaker members are expendable. Scott is a Team Killer who tries to make his team lose so that he can vote off strong players that he deems to be threats. Jo typically intimidates and bullies others into complying, while having a rare moment of Faux Affably Evil or Pet the Dog. Scott is a Manipulative Bastard who primarily plays the Big Bad Friend, while rarely being open about his true rotten nature such as when he blackmails Mike or extorts Cameron for information.
  • Mike and Mal. While Mike is a Nice Guy who wants makes many friends and goes out of his way to help people, Mal is a cruel and cold-hearted sadist who delights in spreading terror and inflicting pain upon others. In addition, Mike is cheery, meek, and friendly, while Mal is snarky, manipulative, and rude (although he's able to feign kindness while pretending to be Mike. More subtly, Mike is a Bad Liar who comes up with lame excuses to justify his odd behavior, while Mal is a Master Actor able to near-perfectly mimic Mike and mostly remains undetected even to those closest to him like Zoey and Cameron.
  • Mal to Alejandro. Both end up being the most vile of the villains to date, usurping their predecessors in how cruel and sadistic they are. Both also like to play the Big Bad Friend, pretending to be an ally while secretly plotting the downfall of others, and both are very skilled Manipulative Bastards. However their antagonistic approaches are very different. Alejandro charms his fellow contestants and often helps them out in order to win their support or to lull them into a false sense of security. Whereas Mal is often impulsively evil and will commit many acts solely For the Evulz (especially early in the season where he hadn't gained full control of Mike's body). Alejandro pulls many others into alliances to safeguard himself, while Mal mostly stuck to an alliance with Zoey and Cameron (and a one-off with Alejandro that didn't amount to anything). While Alejandro has the highest elimination count for any villain in the series, Mal has one of the lowest (being only directly responsible for Alejandro and Courtney) and most of his evil actions towards others involve directly physically harming or ruining their life in some way. Finally, Alejandro is The Chessmaster who comes up with elaborate plans to achieve his goals, while Mal tends to act on impulse with little regard for the consequences.
  • Dakota and Lindsay, set up as a contrast of the 'blonde pretty girl' stereotype. While both are Daddys Girls with fathers who spoil themselves silly, there is an important difference. Lindsay is happy with what she has even though she doesn't have everything (hence wanting to win the million), Dakota is spoiled to the point where she has everything money could buynote  but was not satisfied as the one thing money couldn't buy was fame. While Lindsay was beloved by all, Dakota ended up annoying quite a few with her spoiled attitude and her paparazzi. Lindsay is a Dumb Blonde who makes a lot of ditzy moves, while Dakota has a reasonable degree of common sense. Lindsay also ended up in a stereotypical cheerleader-jock relationship with Tyler, while Dakota ended up getting together with resident nerd Sam in an odd case of Opposites Attract.
  • Dawn to Bridgette and DJ as the kindhearted nature lover, even taking DJ's spot on the log in the opening. However, while Bridgette and DJ are generally well-liked by their peers, Dawn comes off as a Creepy Child who many are campers are disturbed by. In addition, while all three are All Loving Heroes, Dawn takes it the furtherest of all by being The Empath who tries her hardest to see the good in people. Also specifically to DJ, while both are a Friend to All Living Things and attached to animals, for DJ it tends to not be mutual and constantly gets attacked, while with Dawn she is The Beastmaster with animals assisting her whenever they can.
  • Lightning to Tyler, especially if one takes Tyler's online bio into account. Both are determined athletes who are very confident in their abilities, and tend to be The Ditz (although Lightning more so than Tyler). Additionally, it’s implied both also get their sports-driven natures from their fathers (as Tyler's bio reveals his father is a sportscaster while Lightning’s father owns five championship rings). But unlike Tyler who often overestimates what he’s capable of, Lightning backs up his claims and excels in anything physical. While Tyler is a Lovable Jock who’s unfailingly loyal to those he cares about, Lightning is something of a Jerk Jock who often prioritizes winning over others. While Tyler has his fair share of misfortune and brushes aside losing quite easily, Lightning is a Sore Loser to the point where it makes him undergo a Face–Heel Turn. And finally, it is implied Tyler has a good relationship with his father, seeing as how he gets all his sports gear from him, while Lightning has a strained relationship with his father, who ignores him unless he succeeds in every competition he participates in.
  • Sam to Trent. Both characters are among the more ordinary contestants of their generations, Nice Guys, and major pain magnets of their debut season who were heavily involved in romantic plots with a girl (Gwen and Dakota respectively) and played a major role in helping said girl develop as a character. However, whereas Trent is a smooth, handsome, and confident Chick Magnet, Sam is instead a scruffy, overweight nerd with a low opinion of himself.
  • Scott to Alejandro and Heather. Both his predecessor villains made numerous alliances throughout the game and played dirty to make sure their teams would win. Scott tries hard to make his team lose so he can vote off his competition, and never makes a single alliance in his debut season.
  • Scott to Duncan. Both have reputations as the devious troublemakers of their generation, however while Duncan was The Bully who openly tormented others, Scott chooses to be Schemer who keeps his true nastiness hidden from public eyes. Both also end up as the primary nemesis of the generation's nerd (Harold for Duncan, Cameron for Scott). All-Stars has fun with this by having both boys taking a level in kindness with waning villain threats. The cherry on the cake, both of them ended up dating Courtney at some point, showing Courtney Has a Type.
  • Max to Mike's evil persona, Mal. Both seem to love committing petty crimes, have only one letter separating their names, are Card Carrying Villains who take pride in their evil, and unlike most villains they are more interested in being bad for the sake of it than the money, but whereas Mal was played as a serious threat without a shred of humanity in him, Max is largely played as a joke who can't accomplish one successful scheme without Scarlett's help and has a redeeming feature in that he loves babies.
  • Max to Alejandro. Both are contestants labelled as "villains" with Eviler Than Thou being a heavily emphasized aspect of their character, but are otherwise opposites in every other way. Max is a Card-Carrying Villain who openly boasts about being the evilest contestant ever, but is in fact completely incompetent and self-deluded in his Eviler Than Thou beliefs. Alejandro, on the other hand, is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who hides his evil nature with a charming persona, is The Ace, and indeed proves himself to be Eviler Than Thou to the point of making previous Big Bad Heather the hero in his debut season. Furthermore, Max is short, fat, and gonky, while Alejandro is tall, well-built, and extremely handsome.
  • Scarlett a sharp contrast to the previous nerd characters like Harold, Cody, and Cameron. All of her predecessor nerds were characterised by being bullied and taken advantage of by The Bully of the season, while Scarlett herself is the one who bullies and manipulates Max. All her previous nerds are not considered very physically attractive, while Scarlett herself excels in the looks department. But the most important contrast of all, the previous nerds were all heroes (often the main hero) who triumphs against a villain. Scarlett herself is the villain and ends up getting defeated.
  • Topher to Sierra, as another Ascended Fanboy obsessed with Chris. However the differences are that Sierra's affection for Chris is genuine, until she finally sees Chris for who he is and abandons all her respect for him. Whereas Topher knows fully well just how twisted and sadistic Chris is and loves him for it, but is eventually revealed to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing and attempts to usurp Chris from his job.
  • Beardo to B, whom he physically resembles his predecessor, with both having tendencies to not talk while having early eliminations. The important contrast is B was an asset to his team and was targeted for elimination by Scott because of his resourcefulness, while Beardo was considered The Load and did nothing but annoy his team who had no hesitation in eliminating him after the first episode.
  • Dave to Noah. Both come off as being Deadpan Snarkers who are reluctant to help their team, but their characters quickly diverge after this. Noah couldn't care less what anyone else thinks, actually knows his limits and is still able to be an asset to his team when he feels like it. Dave constantly has something to prove, keeps stepping outside his capabilities and ends up paying for it, and is the biggest load to his team after Beardo and Leonard are eliminated. Furthermore, both have an arc of pursuing a girl which had an effect on their in-game performance, but while Noah did manage to win her over and may have had a Relationship Upgrade, Dave Did Not Get the Girl and became a Green-Eyed Monster determined to get revenge on her.
  • Dave to Mike. Both have a similar color scheme and a mental disorder that proves to be troublesome, and are part of a couple (with Sky and Zoey respectively) that serve as a major plot throughout their seasons. However, while their relationships seem similar at first, they end up going in near opposite directions. Both relationships involved trust issues between the two lovers, but for Mike and Zoey it was the boy keeping secrets, while for Dave and Sky it's the girl who is withholding the truth. Mike was able to pull through due to his love of Zoey, while it's Dave's love for Sky that destroyed him and left him a wreck. Mike ended up getting the girl and the money, while Dave Did Not Get the Girl or the money and is left with an Uncertain Doom.
  • Ella to Dawn. Both are Nice Girls, All Loving Heroines and have a special connection with animals. Both possess some degree of supernatural power, with Dawn having Psychic Powers while Ella has a Compelling Voice that can create Mind-Control Music when she sings. Both are also overly-trusting Actual Pacifists who never try to harm others, with the very worst being Dawn trying to get Scott eliminated and that was only after discovering how vile he was. There are a few contrasts, however, such as Dawn being a Creepy Child who often scares people, while Ella is generally well liked albeit sometimes considered annoying. In addition, Dawn is noted to be exceptionally smart and figured out Scott on her own, while Ella is too naive for her own good and never realizes Sugar is a bad person despite being openly bullied by her.
  • Ella has quite a few similarities to Lindsay: both are labelled as "Princesses", both have major conflicts with "Queens" (Heather for Lindsay, Sugar for Ella) which end in their elimination, both placed 9th in their debut seasons, and both are associated with the same light, fluttery music. However the difference is, while Lindsay is a Nice Girl, she does come to be aware of Heather being the vile person she is and even gets back at her. Ella remains blissfully unaware of how nasty Sugar is and to this date still thinks of her as a friend. Also, Ella is the pale skinned brunette to Sugar's fair skinned blonde, which is the other way around for Lindsay and Heather.
  • Shawn can be seen as one to Owen and Cameron, as the socially-weird male finalist of each generation. Like his predecessors he's a Nice Guy, a coward, and has No Social Skills. However, while his predecessors both performed very poorly in physical areas, Shawn displays genuine skill and athleticism that allows him to perform well in challenges. His load status instead comes from his zombie paranoia.
  • Shawn to Sky. Both are The Leader for Team Maskwak, possible finalists of the season and by extension The Protagonist, both are exceptionally athletic and possess Super Speed, and both were involved in the two main relationships of the season. However while Sky is one of the sanest characters in the season, Shawn is a Cloudcuckoolander. There's also contrasts in their relationships. While both started off not wanting to get involved in love, it's for different reasons as Shawn believes Love Is a Weakness while Sky is a Competition Freak. Shawn ends up messing up his relationship with Jasmine and spends a large part of the season trying to make amends, while Sky pushes Dave away herself. Both Shawn and Sky are forced to pick between their love or the money, but while Shawn eventually comes round and picks Jasmine, Sky still prioritizes the money and instead exploits Dave's feelings to help her win. Shawn ultimately gets together with Jasmine, while Sky and Dave part on bad terms.
  • Sky to Zoey, being set up as a parallel to her. While they are both Action Girls, Zoey was a Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak, an Everygirl who unexpectedly gained incredible physical ability, while Sky was a Tomboy with a Girly Streak, having trained all her life to be an athlete. They both serve as Team Mom and defacto leaders at some point, except Zoey is an All-Loving Hero who puts others before herself, while Sky (despite being a Nice Girl) still prioritizes winning over all else. There is also a very strong contrast in their relationships, as even though they initially seemed to have the similar dynamic of a Nice Girl and a quirky boy who she found weird. Zoey began a relationship with Mike and has Undying Loyalty where she is even willing to put her own life at risk for his welfare, gets her heart broken by Mike on accident, and ultimately does become an Official Couple with him. Sky despite gaining feelings for Dave ultimately does not put him over the competition, eventually rejects his love and breaks his heart intentionally, at one point even uses his love to manipulate him into helping her in the competition, and the two do not get together and ultimately part on bad terms.
  • Sugar to Ella, being set up as a complete opposite. Both girls love to perform, dress in pink, and are ditzy. However, Ella is an Actual Pacifist and by far the kindest character on the show who wishes to help everyone smile, while Sugar is rude and selfish with an inflated ego and antagonized several other contestants, especially Ella herself. It's even seen in their labels, with Ella being a princess and Sugar being a queen. Ironically both of them get eliminated due to their singing.
  • Sugar to Sky. Sky is athletic, smart, and believes in fair-play. Sugar is overweight, unintelligent, and constantly stoops to cheating. It's little surprise that they become Arch Enemies by the end of the season.
  • Sugar to Heather. Both are dubbed Queens in their contestant labels, are the primary antagonist in their debut season, resorting to manipulation and cheating, and come in third place. However the similarities end there. Heather is extremely cunning and intelligent, intimidating others into doing things for her. Sugar is The Ditz and Book Dumb, and while very brash and rude mostly just annoys others. While both are able to manipulate others, Heather is The Chessmaster who makes elaborate plans, while Sugar acts on sight and has very little idea how she'll carry on. Heather is very classy and hates people with repulsive behavior like Owen, while Sugar is pretty much Owen's Distaff Counterpart and acts exactly like him.
  • Sugar to Lindsay. They are both Dumb Blondes (although Lindsay's not a natural one) who are very determined and ambitious during the competition, even if they aren't the brightest contestants of the show. The main difference is that Lindsay has of a Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold personality, while Sugar herself has more of a Spoiled Brat one.

    Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race 

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

  • Chris McLean is this to Don. Both of them are the hosts of their respective shows (Chris for Total Drama and Don in The Ridonculous Race). While Chris and Don are narcissists, they also have distinguishing personalities. Chris is willing to torture cast members for ratings, a trait more noticeable in the later seasons. However, Don would like to take things easy with the show after confirming with the producers, the same producers that inform Chris that what he is doing is dangerous. Most of the time, Chris bends the rules to his whim, resulting in some unfair eliminations. Don, on the other hand, stays more faithful to his rules and doesn't hesitate to penalize [some] teams who break them. Chris is hated by the vast majority of the contestants (including the first generation contestants that had to put up with his crap since TDI), while Don has less haters (Gerry, Laurie, Jacques, and Josee).
  • Emma to Courtney: Both are highly driven girls with designs of being lawyers some day. However, Emma starts out cold, but later grows into a much warmer and cheerful person, while Courtney starts rather nice, but turns into a much nastier person. In terms of romance, both try to push away the idea that they like their crush(crushes in Courtney's case), before later getting together with them, but having some sort of flaw put strain on their relationship. However, while Emma is able to grow pass her crazy, almost stalker like behavior and make up with Noah, Courtney's bossiness and Chronic Backstabbing Disorder leads to both Duncan and Scott breaking up with her.
  • Rock and Spud are this to each other. Rock is very determined to succeed, but also very emotional and easily discouraged. On the flip side, Spud is laid back to a fault, but better at staying calm under pressure.
  • Jay and Mickey to Cameron. Their immense physical disadvantage and being crippled with ailments mirrors their predecessor, however they lack the intellectual strengths Cameron boasted. In addition, while all the boys entered the reality show in order to prove their work, Cameron managed to make it all the way to finale, while the Twins made it to a moderate 12th place, but were nonetheless still proud of their achievement.

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