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    Total Drama 

Total Drama

Total Drama Island

  • Courtney and Heather. Both girls are arrogant, domineering Alpha Bitches who will resort to any means to win the competition, are the leaders of their teams in Season 1, both serve as the Big Bad of a season, both formed multiple alliances (notably both with Beth), and both garnered a lot of hatred from their teammates. However, while Heather was a Card-Carrying Villain who revels in her villainy and prefers to manipulate others into doing her bidding, Courtney sees herself as a hero, wins most of the challenges on her own merits (skill, strength), but has a bad case of Moral Myopia and believes her actions are justified while having trouble processing when she is doing wrong. Heather starts off unrepentant and ruthless in her crusade to win, before she gradually mellows out and becomes an Anti-Hero after her Island defeat and has a Hazy-Feel Turn. Courtney starts off as a harsh but heroic well-meaning girl, before being corrupted by Duncan and turning to the dark side, and jumps down the slippery slope into self-serving villainy. Their antagonistic approaches are also quite different; Heather playing The Chessmaster and manipulating others to orchestrate eliminations, while Courtney exploits Loop Hole Abuse in conjunction with her lawyers to get ahead in the game.
  • Gwen to Owen. While both ended up as finalists of Island, they have otherwise complete opposite personalities. Owen is the Big Fun party guy, Nice Guy, and All-Loving Hero who magnetically attracts friends to him. Gwen is a Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold and falls into Good Is Not Nice and has bitter rivalry with Heather. While Owen ain’t the brightest bulb and not very fit, Gwen is one of the more intelligent contestants and a Jack-of-All-Trades when it comes to her physical performance.
  • Noah and Owen are best of friends but otherwise are polar opposites in virtually every single way. Owen is a big, fat, and none-too-bright optimist with an enthusiastic attitude, love for having fun, and an eagerness to make friends, while Noah is a small, scrawny, and highly intelligent cynic with an apathetic view of the world, a lazy nature, and a condescending attitude towards most people.

Total Drama World Tour

  • Alejandro is essentially a Spear Counterpart to Heather. Both being the Big Bad of a season and orchestrated numerous eliminations, while forming several alliances to safe guard their place in the game. However unlike Heather, who was a Alpha Bitch who governed her alliances through fear and earned a bad reputation for herself, Alejandro's approach involved winning over the trust of others by feigning kindess and kept his true nature hidden from the public. As Noah puts it, he's like Heather only with social skills.

Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island

  • Cameron to Lightning. Both are black male finalists who faced off against each other in their debut season and were determined to win, but are otherwise polar opposites. Cameron is small and scrawny while Lightning is tall and muscular. Cameron is a very timid Impossible Genius and a Nice Guy who was willing to put aside the opportunity to defeat Lightning to instead rescue his fellow campers from rampaging mutants and then split the money with everyone after he won, while Lightning is an incredibly arrogant and stupid Jerk Jock who continued to focus on trying to defeat Cameron in the same situation and then kept all the money for himself in his ending. Cameron's determination to win was in order to prove how far he came, while Lightning's came from simply being obsessed with coming first at everything. Cameron has an overprotective mother who clearly cares a lot about her son, while Lightning's father barely pays any attention to his son, not even showing his face to him when given the opportunity to contact him.
  • Jo to Lightning. From early on they're established as counterparts. They're the first to reach the finish line and therefore are the establishing members of their respective teams. They both use violence to keep their teams in line in "Truth or Laser Shark" and they both pick on the team nerds. The difference is that Lightning is just competitive, while Jo is competitive and dominating. She establishes herself as her team's leader, while Lightning is fine leaving leadership to others (as long as he isn't being bossed around). Relatedly, Jo picks on Cameron because physically he's the team's weakling, but she also takes him under her wing to improve the team average, which creates a mentor-student relationship between the two. Lightning just antagonizes Sam, which Sam reminds him off during the finale. Funnily enough, because Lightning is a bully, every other contestant roots for Cameron during the finale, with the sole exception of Jo, who wants Lightning to win.
  • Mal:
    • To Alejandro. Both end up being the most vile of the villains to date, usurping their predecessors in how cruel and sadistic they are. Both also like to play the Big Bad Friend, pretending to be an ally while secretly plotting the downfall of others, and both are very skilled Manipulative Bastards. However their antagonistic approaches are very different. Alejandro charms his fellow contestants and often helps them out in order to win their support or to lull them into a false sense of security. Whereas Mal is often impulsively evil and will commit many acts solely For the Evulz (especially early in the season where he hadn't gained full control of Mike's body). Alejandro pulls many others into alliances to safeguard himself, while Mal mostly stuck to an alliance with Zoey and Cameron (and a one-off with Alejandro that didn't amount to anything). While Alejandro has the highest elimination count for any villain in the series, Mal has one of the lowest (being only directly responsible for Alejandro and Courtney) and most of his evil actions towards others involve directly physically harming or ruining their life in some way. Finally, Alejandro is The Chessmaster who comes up with elaborate plans to achieve his goals, while Mal tends to act on impulse with little regard for the consequences.
    • Mike and Mal. While Mike is a Nice Guy who wants makes many friends and goes out of his way to help people, Mal is a cruel and cold-hearted sadist who delights in spreading terror and inflicting pain upon others. In addition, Mike is cheery, meek, and friendly, while Mal is snarky, manipulative, and rude (although he's able to feign kindness while pretending to be Mike. More subtly, Mike is a Bad Liar who comes up with lame excuses to justify his odd behavior, while Mal is a Master Actor able to near-perfectly mimic Mike and mostly remains undetected even to those closest to him like Zoey and Cameron.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island

  • Jasmine to Dave. Both are the love interest to the season's finalists, and both of their relationships with their lovers serve as a major plot point. Jasmine is physically strong, immediately establishes herself as The Leader, while Dave is weak, is often ignored by his team, and often serves as The Lancer to his team leaders. Dave keeps trying to get with Sky but gets rejected and only interested in her instead of the competition, while Jasmine pushes Shawn away herself and wants to focus on the contest. During the finale, when they have to stop Shawn and Sky from reaching the finish line, Jasmine starting feeling bad for hurting Shawn and helps him get out of the avalanche, while Dave will gladly hurt Sky, with Sky buried in the avalanche in Shawn's ending. Jasmine ultimately gets together with Shawn, while Dave and Sky part on bad terms. Ironically they both sabotaged each other's love interests, with Dave convincing Shawn to hit Jasmine with a baton in A Blast from the Past and causing Jasmine to hate him for the next few episodes and Jasmine encouraging Sky to ignore Dave and focus on the game.
  • Shawn to Sky. Both are The Leader for Team Maskwak, possible finalists of the season and by extension The Protagonist, both are exceptionally athletic and possess Super Speed, and both were involved in the two main relationships of the season. However while Sky is one of the sanest characters in the season, Shawn is a Cloudcuckoolander. There's also contrasts in their relationships. While both started off not wanting to get involved in love, it's for different reasons as Shawn believes Love Is a Weakness while Sky is a Competition Freak. Shawn ends up messing up his relationship with Jasmine and spends a large part of the season trying to make amends, while Sky pushes Dave away herself. Both Shawn and Sky are forced to pick between their love or the money, but while Shawn eventually comes round and picks Jasmine, Sky still prioritizes the money and instead exploits Dave's feelings to help her win. Shawn ultimately gets together with Jasmine, while Sky and Dave part on bad terms.
  • Sugar:
    • To Ella, being set up as a complete opposite. Both girls love to perform, dress in pink, and are ditzy. However, Ella is an Actual Pacifist and by far the kindest character on the show who wishes to help everyone smile, while Sugar is rude and selfish with an inflated ego and antagonized several other contestants, especially Ella herself. It's even seen in their labels, with Ella being a princess and Sugar being a queen. Ironically both of them get eliminated due to their singing.
    • To Sky. Sky is athletic, smart, and believes in fair-play. Sugar is overweight, unintelligent, and constantly stoops to cheating. It's little surprise that they become Arch Enemies by the end of the season.

    Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race 

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

  • Kelly and Taylor, Mom and Daughter, to Dwayne and Junior, Father and Son. Both are Parent Child Teams whose child believes that their parent is amazingly embarrassing. However, Taylor treats her mom Kelly with no respect and fails to pull her own weight, which ultimately causes Kelly to put her foot down. While Junior might laugh at his dad's misfortunes occasionally, he and Dwayne have a comparatively more healthy relationship.
  • Rock and Spud are this to each other. Rock is very determined to succeed, but also very emotional and easily discouraged. On the flip side, Spud is laid back to a fault, but better at staying calm under pressure.