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King of the Hill

  • Coach Whitey Sauers is one to the Soccer Coach Lucas. While Sauers is passionate about winning the game, but uses extreme methods to attempt to whip the team into shape, Lucas however praises his players for practically doing nothing and doesn't seem particularly care to win his games.
  • Dale Gribble to Hank Hill, who is his complete opposite. Hank is handy, athletic, incredibly straight-laced, reliable, and extremely competent at his job, but is emotionally stunted and naive. Dale is paranoid, libertarian, scrawny, and incompetent at just about anything that doesn't have to do with killing bugs, conspiracy theories, or government loopholes, but is a loving family man with a broader perspective on life.
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  • Dale Gribble to John Redcorn who is even more dissimilar physically, since he’s stunningly Tall, Dark, and Handsome and has a luxurious glossy black mane. John Redcorn heals, whereas Dale exterminates. But in the end John Redcorn envies and resents Dale for his successful family life (Not to mention keeping the love of his life and his son).
  • Joseph Gribble to Bobby Hill, post-puberty. Bobby is short, fat and about as athletic as a stoned sloth, but despite this he manages to be pretty popular, especially with girls. Joseph is tall, handsome and incredibly skilled at sports but he has trouble getting a steady girlfriend and is generally disliked by everyone other than Bobby and his parents.
  • Boomhauer to Bill Dauterive. Where Bill is a fat, slovenly, self-hating cuckold whose wife cheated on, argued with, and eventually left him, Boomhauer is a lean, handsome-looking, relaxed, introspective ladies man.
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  • Boomhauer to Hank Hill. Hank is married to Peggy and has a son, Bobby, while Boomhauer is single. And while usually The Stoic, Hank is more prone to anger than Boomhauer is, though Boomhauer is more willing to display his emotions in general than Hank is.
  • Boomhauer to his older brother, Patch. Both are Casanova Wannabes, except Boomhauer is calmer and introspective. Patch is a womanizing sleazebag who's willing to cheat on his fiancee, Katherine, with underage girls like Luanne. And while Boomhauer is loyal to his friends/loved ones, Patch isn't, as he was willing to lie about Boomhauer's patronage of prostitutes to save his own skin.

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