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  • Dating Catwoman: Lupin and Fujiko. The possible examples are too numerous to count in their entirety, because she is the canon love interest for Lupin. No matter how many times she betrays him, dates other guys, or occasionally married short-term, he comes crawling back to her every time like a loyal dog. But he has a wandering eye for other ladies too. Though canonically, Depending on the Writer, they are occasionally at odds with each other and display it as a toxic one-sided relationship, with Lupin being the one-side and Fujiko being the toxin. It was rocky in Part 2, due to Fujiko's habit of frequently getting engaged and marrying other men, but mended elsewhere due to Negative Continuity between seasons and the episodic nature of the series ignoring continuity between episodes.
    • Their relationship is The Masochism Tango In Green Jacket, the relationship starts off bad and softens over time. In Red Jacket it goes in the opposite direction.
    • In Part 1, Fujiko and Lupin get married after Lupin tells Fujiko he only has a day left, but Mamoh makes Fujiko disappear for a few hours afterwards. This somehow annuls their wedding and they have a second wedding, which Lupin runs out on, screaming that he wants to remain single. Despite this, every episode after this, Fujiko cuts her hair short and begins dressing more conservatively, only betraying Lupin once after this and becoming a regular in the gang for the rest of the season.
  • Foe Romance Subtext: Zenigata and Lupin. Zenigata's canon one-sided obsession with Lupin is the primary source of Starboarding and Shipping Goggles, supplimented with the occasional mutual bromance episode, and the fact that Lupin considers being chased part of the fun of being a thief.
    • Castle of Cagliostro: Lupin and Zenigata working as a team, sharing a cigarette, running around in their underwear.
    • The Fuma Conspiracy: Zenigata, thinking Lupin dead, becomes a monk to pray for Lupin's spirit. Upon learning Lupin is alive, his purpose in life restored, he chases him relentlessly throughout the movie. The first time Zenigata sees Lupin's face, he looks relieved and happy. He very quickly and without question believes Lupin's accusation about the other cop he's with being a crook. Upon learning that Lupin is in a cave that's about to collapse, he tries to run in head-first to save him without a thought for his own safety.
    • Part 1: Green Jacket Series.
      • Zenigata starts off the series basically wanting Lupin dead more than arrested. At some point, he realizes chasing Lupin is his only goal in life. While he takes pleasure in successfully capturing him, he panics if someone doesn't break him out in a timely manner, getting furious when anyone else tries to arrest him.
      • Zenigata falls to his knees in tears when he thinks Lupin has died in an explosion. He imagines Lupin going to Heaven instead of Hell, in spite of all the crimes he's done. Realizing he's been tricked yet again, he swims out to Lupin and threatens to chase him all the way to America.
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    • Part 2: Red Jacket Series.
      • The series starts off with Lupin repeatedly kissing Zenigata on the cheek after not seeing him for 5 years. Zenigata calls him a pervert in response. This is followed by a scene of a mostly naked Goemon getting attacked by a burly man in the massage parlor. The episode ends with Lupin depressed that Zenigata died in the Sirloin ship fire. When Zenigata shows up riding a turtle, Lupin is pleased that their game of chase will resume.
      • Lupin sometimes blows Zenigata a goodbye kiss before running off.
      • Lupin and Zenigata getting shitfaced drunk together at a palace full of half naked women dancing around. They are pouring wine directly into each other's mouths, eventually clinging to each other in occasionally promiscuous poses.
      • Lupin and Zenigata meet in Morocco, where they spend the episode chained together at the neck. They disguise themselves as a local couple, and two men try to buy Zenigata. The first guy finds out Zenigata is a man and accuses them of having "that kind of relationship." He tells the second that he can't part from Zenigata because he loves "her". Later, Zenigata falls off a train and right into the hands of the legion they've been fleeing from. Instead of escaping, Lupin comes to heroically save Zenigata. The episode ends with Zenigata chasing Lupin into the sunset.
      • After being tricked by Fujiko over false treasure maps tattooed on two women's backs, Lupin is digging on an island when Zenigata comes out of nowhere riding a very phallic torpedo and chases him on it.
      • Zenigata hears that the assassin Puma has shot Lupin. First he refuses to believe Lupin is dead, then he completely breaks down in tears, saying Lupin is his only reason to live, then starts rubbing his cheek against the "deceased" Lupin's face. Then he runs out the door with a gun screaming that he'll shoot Lupin's killer, causing him to be immediately arrested by a fellow officer.
      • Fujiko and Zenigata get a bit of a role reversal in one episode, due to Fujiko defecting to the side of the law. Fujiko spends 95% of the episode trying to arrest Lupin while Zenigata rages over the idea of anyone arresting Lupin but him. At once point he actively sabotages Lupin's arrest by creating a dust screen and taking Lupin away from the cops in his Jeep. Zenigata repeats several times that his purpose in life is to catch Lupin. When Lupin points out that Zenigata could get kicked off the force for what he just did, Zenigata says "to heck with the force!", implying that he was not taking him to jail and had other plans. Lupin remarks that he is impressed by Zenigata's obsession. Unfortunately for Zenigata, Fujiko shoots his jeep off a cliff and Lupin gets away.
      • Lupin finds himself chained up in nothing but his boxers at an auction house. The second highest bid was 26 million dollars, with the man who placed it being Zenigata in disguise. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't match Dr. Mad's 30 million.
      • Zenigata steals a coin belonging to his ancestor, and begs Lupin to break into a collection and return it. The others back out because only Lupin has the heart to help his rival. When Lupin gets exhausted trying to break in after failing repeatedly, Zenigata talks about losing his job, then says "You and I will retire hand-in-hand. I think this is some sort of fate."
      • Lupin is about to be executed in a water tower prison cell by baking under a sun lamp. Zenigata hopes for a last request from Lupin along that will give him an excuse to get a message to his gang, but Lupin asks for cup ramen instead. When the time comes to pull the lever, Zenigata refuses to let the director do it and does it himself, then he violently bangs his head against the wall in tears. When Lupin manages to pull off an escape for his death trap, Zenigata cries in relief and pretends to chase after him.
      • In episode 82, Lupin rescues Zenigata from a violent terrorist organization that usually doesn't take live hostages. He compares Zenigata to a safe lock door and notes that an open safe offers no fun or challenge. Later in the episode, the gang fakes a helicopter crash. Zenigata breaks down in tears, not knowing that the Napoleon next to him is Lupin in disguise.
        Zenigata: Lupin... If you're alive, let's fight again. We were on opposite sides of the law, but I liked you.
        Lupin: I like you too.
  • Foe Yay Shipping:
    • Zenigata and Jigen has a following in Japan, despite begin regarded as a Crack Pairing due to a lack of canon examples to back up any subtext between them.
      • Part 2: Lupin and Jigen are trying to steal a golden lion from an impenetrable tanks that can't be cut or melted. Zenigata knows Lupin will manage to steal it, so he hides inside with the lion. Unfortunately for him, there is no air inside the tank since it's designed to be airtight. Jigen flips out over concern for Zenigata's safety and begs Lupin to return the tank, because Zenigata is, in Jigen's own words, a lovable, irreplaceable guy. Of course Zenigata has no clue that it was at Jigen's insistence, as Lupin had intended to just keep going. Zenigata is moved by the deed and intentionally crashes into Inspector Penguin's car, preventing Lupin and Jigen from being arrested.
  • Villainous Crush: If the villain-of-the-day is a woman, there's a 2 in 3 chance that Lupin will flirt with her for the rest of the episode. Though it won't stop him from stealing from her, or indirectly killing her in an act of self defense.

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