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Foe Yay can refer to different things:

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  • Doctor Who has its own page.
  • Supernatural has its own page.
  • Two pairs in Boston Legal. Alan Shore and Melvin Palmer, but Jeffrey Coho and Brad Chase are more so.
  • Although they're not enemies per se, laid-back Hawkeye and strict Margaret from M*A*S*H qualify. In fact, this relationship has evolved over time, from being enemies, to respecting each other as professionals, to a one-time, spur-of-the-moment love affair in the Season 6 Cliffhanger (which ended in a falling-out in Part 2, unbeknownst to the rest of the cast), to being passing friends for the rest of series, culminating in a long, heartfelt kiss in the Grand Finale. There was one episode where Margaret mistakenly thought she was pregnant, which aired not long after the aforementioned Cliffhanger. To be fair, she was married to mostly off-screen character Donald Penobscott at the time (although she was starting to resent it by Season 7, adding to the drama). But, yeah...
  • In Heroes Sylar has sexual tension with everyone, much to their discomfort:
    • Dr. Mohinder Suresh and Sylar. The subtext becomes so glaringly obvious at times that during an interview with both actors, Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder) himself jokingly suggested the idea of "Sylar and Mohinder: The Sitcom" as a fictional spin-off. (Mind you, he has also suggested a "Heroes: The Bollywood Musical" episode a couple of times.) In fact, the actors named their own slash pairing in that interview, as in "Sylinder: The Sitcom". They liked "Mylar", too, though.
    • There's also Sylar/Peter. The breathy "You came for me?" and "I wasn't going to leave you." Their fights and bickering in general have quite an amount of Foe Yay in them, especially with a shirtless encounter in Sylar's prison cell and a fight inside Primatech had then nearly touching noses in between punching each other's lights out. It gets especially ramped up with a particularly nasty brawl between them that ended with Peter straddling Sylar to a table and using a nail gun. Cue the hurricane of "Sylar gets nailed" jokes. The final two episodes of the series veers them right into Ho Yay territory with The Wall in which Peter and Sylar are trapped in a dream world inside Sylar's head where they are the only inhabitants and time moves much faster. They spent the majority of the time in there seething at each other. When a shocked and deeply annoyed Parkman demands how they escaped the mental prison in the following episode, they reply in unison, "It's a long story". Hell, one of the bad guys, Eli shows up right after Sylar and Peter escape from the dream world and apologizes for breaking up "the love fest". Sylar and Peter then proceed to cement their new-found Foe Yay turned Ho Yay relationship with plenty of lingering touches, smiles, and finishing each other's sentences.
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    • The writers certainly seemed to be playing with this with Sylar and Claire as well in the last episode of the third season, amping up the creep factor for all it was worth. Made at least a little less squicky by the fact that they're apparently not really related after all. And again in the fourth season when Sylar telekinetically pins Claire to a couch and kisses her so that he can use his new found power of empathy; her furious reaction is stab him in the eye.
    • From the same show, HRG and Sylar. They're both obsessed with one another, to the point that Sylar PRETENDS TO BE NOAH'S WIFE and break up with him. Just for kicks. Oh yes, did we mention Sylar seems to be spending a lot of time female lately? I can only begin to imagine some of the fanfics that will be spun out of this particular plot thread.
    • And Sylar/Angela. Kind of awkward and neared towards Squick during the periods in which Sylar though that Angela was his mother, but once he realizes she was lying to him, he's back to messing with her. He even kisses her, saying she was a level of evil that he can aspire to. Naturally she doesn't take this very well.
    • Sylar and Elle are canon Foe Yay.
    • ...and Sylar/Danko. "...and then you got into bed with Sylar."
    • There's also Adam/Hiro.
      Adam (to Hiro): You were more than a friend... (and) you taught me how to love!
    • Adam/Peter falls under this to a certain extent. Adam manipulates Peter into following his villainous plan in season two for quite a while until Peter finally realizes that Adam's up to no good.
    • Also the volume 3 Bad Future version of Peter/Claire. "I've always loved you Peter." Right before trying to kill him!
      • Evil Future Claire in volume 3 also gets this with present-day Peter. Present-day Peter ends up traveling to the future and Claire gets her hands on him and starts torturing him. By the way, this torture involves Peter being tied up, shirtless and helpless while the Haitian blocks his powers and Claire carves on his chest with a scalpel.
    • Elle/Claire started as Foe Yay then turned into regular Les Yay and possibly Foe Yay again. One could wonder if Elle had "other" plans for Claire upon capturing her...
  • The Borg Queen and Data... and Picard... and Seven of Nine... and Janeway... In short, the seductive voice she uses for everyone makes her a Foe Yay goldmine.
    • Picard/Q. Though they weren't exactly enemies, even if Q made Picard's life harder.
      Picard: To learn about you is, frankly, provocative. But you're next of kin to chaos.
      • And Janeway/Q. He deigned to offer her the opportunity to make a baby with him! And he appeared in a bubble bath with her, to her unpleasant surprise.
    • Spock and McCoy from TOS anyone?
    Spock: Doctor, I do believe you are a sensualist.
    McCoy: You bet your pointed ears I am.
    • Captain Kirk and Commander Kor, the Klingon from 'Errand of Mercy'. They spend half of the episode standing a foot and a half apart and staring into each other's eyes! Not to mention being alone together in Kor's office... twice.
    • Captain Kirk and Finnegan, the school bully from "Shore Leave". Yes, The One with... the backrub scene. Theodore Sturgeon is very fond of subtext.
  • Hannibal:
  • Farscape villain Scorpius is obsessed with getting the wormhole knowledge stored inside hero John Crichton's brain. And possibly getting inside his pants, considering all the times he looms very close to Crichton to intimidate him. And the episode he repeatedly implored him to "Insert the rod, John! Insert it... insert the rod...", which was only slightly less homoerotic in context. And there was episode Scorpy cemented a blood vow with Crichton, only to enthusiastically suck Crichton's finger. Also he once pinned John bodily to the floor to make a point. The Foe Yay is not lessened by the fact that Scorpius wears what amounts to leather S&M fetish gear. With a codpiece.
    • Repeatedly lampshaded by John himself. Including the referenced scene.
    • Then there's Grayza, who says "Frell subtext" and out-and-out rapes John. Or so it seems: after the fade to black, we find out that Grayza likes to be tied up. John chooses this opportune moment to reveal that Grayza's pheromones don't affect him.
      • Grayza's pheromones do affect John and the first time she rapes him. The next time, he uses the "Zanax drug" thing and he manages to deceive her and tie her up.
    • That's just to start. It gets so bad in the series that some people working on the show jokingly describe it as one American man's descent into the Australian S&M scene. Hell, one might consider the early tension between John and Aeryn to be Foe Yay.
    • Aeryn and Crais: He tried to kill her, got her exiled from the Peacekeepers, paid bounty hunters to dispose of her. She left him in a torture machine turned up to full. One season later she's offering him her body (albeit to save John), and he's inviting her to move in with him.
    • And John and Crais, before John moves on to Scorpius. Especially the "Take That!" Kiss in "Mind the Baby"...
    • Maldis and Zhaan.
    • Stark and... well, a lot of people (Crais, the Aurora chair (yes he has Foe yay with an inanimate object... yeeeeaaah)). Because he's the resident mental case, has wide mood swings, is quite vulnerable emotionally, and has a lot of evil dark stuff in his head, none of his relationships with anyone are exactly typical.
  • Given the fact that Justin and Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place compete to win the Family Wizard title and that they spend most of their time arguing, getting back and throwing insults at each other, it's not wrong to say that they indeed are rivals, bordering on a Cain and Abel type of relationship. They even declared their absolute, brotherly hate they have for each other. On the other side, due to all the Slap-Slap-Kiss that's going on between them and to other factors (Relationship Writing Fumble, UST, Getting Crap Past the Radar), the relationship seems to evolve into something else entirely... against the creators' will.
  • Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek from The X-Files. Seriously, Krycek kisses Mulder on the cheek in one episode. And the fact that Nicholas Lea and David Duchovny have read Mulder/Krycek slash...they apparently found it quite entertaining. Hell, Krycek has a level of Foe Yay with half his enemies. It's definitely most evident with Mulder, though.
  • Ben and Locke of Lost. Heck, Jack and Locke can be classified as Foe Yay now.
    • But especially Ben and Locke.
      Locke: You see what's behind you?
      Ben: It's a door. How 'bout that.
      Locke: Not just a door, Ben. It's the door to the hatch where you and I first met. (pause) Do you mind if I ask you a question?
      Ben: I'm a Pisces.
    • Honestly, with the way their alliances shift, any pairing involving Ben or Locke will be Foe Yay at some point.
    • Following the Season Five Finale, the Internet fandom nearly drowned in the Foe Yaytasticness that is Ben/Jacob. It doesn't help matters that Ben's motivation for stabbing Jacob seem reminiscent of that of a spurned lover, painting Ben in a new, rather yandere-ish light. The fangirls approved.
    • And as of "Dr. Linus", we have some rather amusing undertones for Ben and Ilana.
    • The episode "The Last Recruit" gives us hints of UnLocke/Jack. Especially when UnLocke carries Jack to rest against a tree after he got knocked over by an explosion and tells him, "It's ok, Jack. You're with me now."
  • Angel and Lindsey have this in Angel, but Lindsey is absent for most of the series. When Angel recruits Lindsey to help take on evil in "Not Fade Away", he says:
    Angel: I want you, Lindsey. [beat] Thinkin' about rephrasing that.
    Lindsey: Yeah, I think I'd be more comfortable if you did.
    • Also referenced in "Darla":
    Darla: It's not me you want to screw.
    Lindsey: What?
    Darla: It's him.
    • This is finally resolved when Lorne unexpectedly shoots Lindsey. As Lindsey dies, he sputters in disbelief that Angel sent a flunky to kill him, instead of doing it himself.
    • Angel also has Foe Yay with Lindsey's rival, Lilah. He never has any comprehension of "personal space" when it comes to her, plus that time an old man possessing his body made out with her. Yay?
      • Lilah herself was canonically in a relationship with Wesley, and the trope is lampshaded after they first have sex.
      Lilah: "What? No sweet kiss? No 'When can I see you again?' (Wes gives her a look) Watch the dirty looks. That's what got me going in the first place. (Lilah begins to pull on her clothes) I'll give you this — you sure know how to channel your rage, frustration, and hate. Always a bigger turn on than love."
    • Faith has some with Wesley, starting in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but far more so in Angel. He failed at being her Watcher, she tortured him extensively, and then he helps her escape the prison in season 4.
  • Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso in Scrubs are always at odds with each other that it borders on obsession.
    • In "My Nightingale" Kelso tried to make Cox publicly call him the love of his life. And, of course, the two slept together in "My Own Worst Enemy".
    • They even have a "secret" friendship in the latest season. Very Brokeback Mountain thing.
    • Also The Janitor and J.D. The Janitor even laments "I don't know're doing these things to me..." Of course that quote's taken out of context, but eh.
      • The following exchange between the two, which occurred after JD saw Janitor taking a shower in "My Interpretation", says it all:
        JD: Look, it was just a coincidence, man! I mean, if you had looked out the window, you'd have seen my penis, you know!
        The Janitor: What!?! Why?
      • As if to cement the Foe Yay, the instant Janitor learns that JD has left the hospital, he dusts his hands and walks out, never to be seen again.
  • Firefly's Mal and Saffron. Bonus points because they're actually legally married according to Triumph marriage laws and neither took the time and effort to get it annulled. Of course, Saffron gets married a lot, and then Foe Yay results, so...
    • The ever-present River/Jayne dynamic. Jayne outright says that River is "cute," and comments that while she's not all there in the brainpan, not all of her has to be.
      • The "Copper for a kiss..." line from "Ariel", and this exchange from "Trash":
      Jayne: Well, as a rule, I say girlfolk ain't to be trusted.
      River: Jayne is a girl's name.
      Jayne: Well, Jayne ain't a girl!
      [to Simon]
      Jayne: She starts in on that "girl's name" thing, I'll show her, good an' all, I got man parts!
      Simon: I'm trying to think of a way for you to be cruder. It's just... it's not coming.
      • The "Gorrammit, girl, it's me!" part of the big Maidenhead fight from Serenity, which River responds to by grabbing Jayne's crotch. Admittedly, Jayne was trying to restrain River and River was going for a Groin Attack, but still...
      • In the behind-the-scenes stuff, Adam Baldwin actually said he personally 'shipped River and Jayne (then again, he also shipped Jayne with Inara). In another behind-the-scenes bit from the Maidenhead bar fight scene, after Adam shot the fight with Summer, he admitted in a very giddy tone that she was hot.
    • Adam Baldwin actually said that there was going to be some planned Simon and Jayne subtext in future Firefly episodes before the series got canceled.
    • In the earlier episodes, when there's still quite a bit of animosity between Mal and Simon, there seems to be extreme amounts of UST as well.
    • You know, it's pretty easy to accidentally infer some one-sided Foe Yay from the Operative toward River in the movie, what with all those rather disturbingly delivered lines about Mal "keeping her from me" and how he wants to "bring her back home" and "reach out and bring her back to us." Not to mention the way he stares at her in the hologram room. It's really kind of creepy.
      • The same is also true of Jubal Early in "Objects in Space". There's that bit where he commented that maybe River sleeps with someone else on the ship. His tone makes it sound like he almost wanted it to be true. And how he keeps calling River "darlin'," and how he said "Best to go on with ol' Early...." Plus, the implied raping threats. Suddenly, Early is a thousand times creepier.
      • "You crawl inside me uninvited...." River, you are not helping with dispelling the No Yay of this episode.
  • The character of Stephen Colbert regularly insists that he "hates" Jon Stewart, that Jon has victimized him in vague but terrible ways, that they don't speak to each other, et cetera, et cetera... then does things like panic when Jon appears to go missing, and apparently set up cameras in Jon's office. Not to mention all the unintentional innuendo ("So that would be like me eating Jon Stewart? Think about it, Jon!"). A one-sided variation of this trope, as Jon remains almost uniformly Zen no matter what Stephen's mood of the moment is.
    • However, Jon at least seems to indulge Stephen's mood swings. When Stephen took offense to Jon's criticism of Geraldo (who character-Stephen adores), Jon sneaks into The Colbert Report and formally apologizes to Geraldo to make Stephen happy, even agreeing to wear a Geraldo-esque mustache to 'truly understand Geraldo'.
    • Stephen once did a rather long joke (starts at 4:03), telling the story of how he once seduced and was in a relationship with a gay man (named Jonathan) for years, only to dump him, as part of a plot to rid the world of gays who were willing to get married. He ended the tale in tears, saying "What have I done?" Saved marriage, that's what.
    • Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell, back when they were both on The Daily Show. ("YES!" "NO!" "YEEEESSSS!")
    • Colbert also has occasionally has foe yay with his number one enemies: Bears. In the recent Christmas special, Colbert and a bear sing "What's So Funny ('Bout Peace, Love and Understanding)" before ending up under the mistletoe....
  • Since we're talking about Jon Stewart, whenever he has NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams on The Daily Show as a guest, their constant bickering totally comes off as this.
    Jon Stewart: You have three nipples!
    Brian Williams: I didn't hear you complaining last night.
    Jon Stewart: Settle down!
    • In the Chatroulette bit, Jon's last encounter is with Williams, who is totally not, like, cruising or anything. Jon enthusiastically attempts to get his pants off before he's quickly nexted.
      Jon Stewart: So, uh... Wanna get this party started? Let's do this, baby!
  • A recent BBC biopic about famous moral campaigner Mary Whitehouse actually shipped her with the controversial and liberal Director General of the BBC, Sir Hugh Greene, complete with the two obsessing the other and even an imagined sex scene.
  • The Wild Wild West: Loveless's craving for revenge against West tends to take precedence over the ostensible goals of his Mad Scientist schemes (notably in "The Night Dr. Loveless Died").
  • Blackpool: It's really hard not to read this into Ripley Holden and DI Peter Carlisle's relationship after the These Boots sequence.
  • Cappie and Evan in Greek.
  • "Your hair. It's so pretty...." It does not help that Cameron and Allison literally look exactly alike. In anyone else, we'd call it narcissism, but it only makes sense that even Summer Glau wouldn't be able to resist Summer Glau.
    • There's also more than one scene involving Derek and Cameron, such as the bit in "The Demon Hand" where he finds himself staring at Cameron for a prolonged period while she does a complex and beautiful ballet dance.
      • "To The Lighthouse" has some of this as well, particularly when Cameron and Derek are in the supply bunker together, complete with a very suggestive series of shots involving Derek shoving Cameron up against a wall. Though Derek was pointing a gun at Cameron's head at the time, but that might just make it worse.
  • In Power Rangers in Space, Silver Ranger Zhane and Dragon/Big Bad Astronema even went out on a date (it ended badly due to giant monsters). It probably helped that they later found out that Astronema was the Red Ranger's brainwashed sister and she did a heel face turn.
    • Leo and Damon in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy openly admit, simultaneously, that they think Trakeena is cute.
    • In Power Rangers Dino Thunder, there are one or two hints that Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer were... more than lab partners, if you know what I mean. The latter even tells his adopted son that they no longer work together in language usually reserved for parents explaining a divorce to their children. This Ho Yay persists, however, even with Anton's Superpowered Evil Side Mesogog, the Big Bad to Tommy's Mentor. Mesogog even coming pretty damn close to nuzzling a captive Tommy he had strapped to a table at one point.
      Tommy: I hate when he gets like this.
      • But then, Dino Thunder has some canon Foe Yay between Tommy and Mesogog's Dragon, Elsa. Officially, he's not interested (and by Word of God is still involved with fellow ex-Ranger Kat) and she hates him but was ordered to stick close to him as his boss, Principal Randall. Still, at least one episode has everybody noticing that there seems to be a thing between Tommy and Randall.
    • In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie, Goldar takes Ivan Ooze's disparaging comments about "that cute little Pink Ranger" the wrong way, responding, "You think she's cute, too?"
  • Dexter and Miguel Prado near the end of season 3 of Dexter. Doesn't help that it started out as Ho Yay.
    • Before that in season 1, there's Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer, which is a big, steaming pile of No Yay even before he's revealed as Dexter's brother, after which the Foe Yay reaches escape velocity.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Glory has Foe Yay with everyone. Between holding and licking Tara's hand, or ripping her dress off before fighting Willow, or asking Buffy if she's "Had a long day at work, sweetie?", or pinning Spike to a bed and straddling him when she kidnaps him. And every interaction she has with Dawn is some horrid combination of "comforting big sister" and "child rapist".
    • Faith had a good amount, especially with Buffy. They were always rivals with large amounts of sexual tension, especially after Faith's Face–Heel Turn.
      • In "Touched", the First, who gains all of a person's knowledge and memories when they die, appeared to Faith as the Mayor, saying that all she wanted was for Buffy to accept and love her. Since he probably knew Faith better than anyone, this basically confirms that Faith was in love with Buffy. Some of their interactions make it easy to believe that Buffy loves her as well including Faith serving as a dream guide for Buffy in "Graduation Day Part 2".
    • Holden Webster in "Conversations With Dead People": "I was afraid to talk to you in high school, and now we're, like, mortal enemies. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we became nemeses?"
    • Warren and Buffy, which was noted by Willow: "That's why you always had a mad-on for the slayer. She was the Big 'O', wasn't she?"
    • Drusilla and Kendra. The final scene between them in "Becoming Part 1" has been described as "almost sexualized" and "a G-rated lesbian interlude"
    • Giles and Ethan, who are so obvious some thought it was actual text instead of subtext. Cordelia even picks up on it in "The Dark Age" when they meet in the library.
    Ethan: Hello Ripper.
    Giles: I thought I told you to leave town.
    Ethan: You did. I didn't. Shop's lease is paid 'til the end of the month.
    Cordelia: *aside to Xander* Why did he call him Ripper?
    *Giles grabs Ethan by his hair and hauls him to his feet, bringing them almost nose-to-nose*
    Giles: You should have left when I told you.
    Cordelia: *with a look of dawning comprehension* Oh...
    • Willow has this with herself in "Doppelgangland" when her vampire self from an alternate timeline blatantly hits on her. This was before the real Willow had come out, but was the first hint that she was gay, a full season before she came out.
    • The spin-off series Angel has been mentioned above, but once Spike joined the series as a regular character during its final season, the long-time immortal rivals Angel and Spike are forced to work together... guess what happens. Spike even hints in a throw-away line that he and Spike a.k.a. "William the Bloody" may have slept with each other once while soulless. Joss himself has joked (sort of) that they're his One True Bromance.
  • Colonel Klink and Colonel Hogan of Hogan's Heroes. Hogan's attempts to manipulate Klink are often coupled with behavior and dialogue that borders on flirting, even to the extent of lines like "what, you don't love me anymore?". It usually works.
  • Stargate SG-1 has its fair share of this. Replicarter especially likes to toe the line with both Carter and Daniel. Then there's Hathor and everyone, Ba'al and everyone, Daniel and Adria, Daniel and Osiris, Daniel and Vala (before she joined the team)... and this is just some of the recurring ones. Sam especially seems to have a bad guy or two trying to woo/buy her every few episodes.
  • Quark and Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
    • Also Sisko and Dukat.
      • Eh, what about Kira and Dukat? A textbook example way beyond subtext (and could have gone much further into main text if Nana Visitor didn't object to the writer's idea of Kira having an affair with Dukat).
      • Garak even calls Dukat out for trying to impress her during Civil Defense.
    Garak: She's much too busy trying to save the station to be impressed with your incessant posturing.
    Dukat (embarrassed): Garak!
    Garak: And even if she weren't, she has much better taste than to be attracted to you. You, a married man!
  • Burn Notice:
    • Many fans thought the show was heading towards an ill-advised Michael/Carla hookup before Carla was killed at the end of the second season.
    • Michael and Victor, man, Michael and Victor. As Michael Shanks says in the S2 finale commentary (re: the fuzzy pink rearview mirror): "It's like everything Victor touches turns pseudo-homoerotic."
    • And it's ramped up to eleven with Season Three's Psycho for Hire Gilroy. Gilroy is constantly touching him, referring to Michael's (supposed) alliance with him as a 'relationship'. Michael seems to be playing along slightly, if only to make Gilroy trust him, so it's almost a Foe Yay masquerading as a Ho Yay.
      Michael: I like you, but as a friend—
      Gilroy: You're cute, but shut up. [goes into his business proposition]
      • Even the soundtrack gets into it; in "Partners in Crime" Gilroy arranges to meet Michael in a hot tub (no, really) while the background singer is going "I've got a mad little crush on you..."
      • Then there's his death scene, where Gilroy gently touches Michael's arm and tells him to run before the bomb attached to Gilroy's chest goes off.
    • Michael's Evil Mentor Larry goes to a lot of trouble to get to work with him again. That Not So Different speech to Fiona- Michael's girlfriend- about how they both connect with him in a similar way is as eyebrow-raising as anything Gilroy has done.
    • Can we just say 'Michael and every Ax-Crazy psycho who crosses his path' and be done with it? In the third season finale, Simon had a pretty intimate obsession with him and their wrestling got very...interesting.
    • In the beginning of season 3 detective Michelle Paxson sent to investigate and find enough evidence on Michael to put him away seems to have an obsession with her target that borders on admiration. This might be a trope in and of itself and is not always romantic but her friendly tone of voice and smile meant to be sarcastic doesn't always seem sarcastic. She also seems to enjoy visiting and following him for purposes of surveillance but in a way you might expect someone to follow their crush Michael himself asks her are you flirting with me.
  • Dollhouse:
    • An odd variant in its opening arc. Mellie and Ballard start out with very straightforward UST, but unlike most examples it's RST by the sixth which point it's revealed she's not just the cute, curvy girl next door, but an Active, November; it's doubly odd in that neither are aware it's Foe Yay.
    • Now, Alpha and Echo.
    • Speaking of canon Foe Yay, in the second season premier, Whiskey decides to express her intense and undying hatred towards Topher by crawling into bed with him. The resulting dialogue provides the page quote.
    • As of the "The Public Eye"/"The Left Hand" duology, we have Topher/Bennett. (Really, Topher just racks up the Foe Yay.) She gets a Heel–Face Turn, and they briefly turn into a couple. Then Whiskey shoots her.
    • Bennett also got some nasty Les Yay with Caroline and thus Echo, especially when she ties Echo down to her table and starts torturing her... but Bennett then stops and gives Echo some water and wipes her tears, all in a very gentle way.
  • Oz:
    • Though their conflict is mainly a struggle for influence over the other inmates, feared Nigerian gangster Simon Adebisi, an insane murderer and rapist of other inmates, lampshades this trope with Muslim leader Kareem Said, who has become his cellmate in order to gather evidence against him.
    Adebisi: "I know you have come here to destroy me."
    Said: "What are you going to do — kill me?"
    Adebisi: "Kill you? I want to kiss you. But because I admire you more than I desire you, I won't."
    • And Schillinger/Beecher, what with Schillinger calling Beecher "sweet pea" and going out of his way to fucking with Beecher's head...And having sex with him.
    • And Keller/Beecher pretty much switched back and forth between Ho Yay and Foe Yay throughout the entire series run.
  • Prison Break has T-Bag being his predator self towards Michael. T-Bag does call Michael "Pretty" almost all the time.
  • Carter and Stark from Eureka. From the moment Stark was introduced to Carter all they ever really do is bicker like a married couple up until Stark's death in season 3. They continue this when Carter hallucinates Stark in "The Ex-Files". Stark even appears shirtless in one scene for some reason. Clearly, a part of Carter wants to see what Stark has to offer.
  • Battlestar Galactica. Admiral Cain's hatred of Cylon prisoner Gina seemed so personal, the writers decided to put a lesbian relationship into their backstory in "Razor". Which had already been foreshadowed in their final confrontation.
    Gina: Can you roll over, do tricks, beg?
    Cain: Frak you.
    Gina: You're not my type. (shoots her)
  • Veronica Mars:
    • Logan and Weevil. Their shared girlfriend makes it worse. "If you're asking me to prom again..." "You look awful comfortable with that thing in your mouth..."
    • Veronica and Sheriff Lamb. "'Why do I want this position?' How much of an ass-kiss would I be if I say it's to be closer to you? Seriously, why do birds suddenly appear every time you're near?"
    • Logan and Veronica in early season 1. Logan especially seems to enjoy the verbal sparring with Veronica, and her wicked smile after this exchange in episode 5 suggests she quite enjoys it too:
      Logan: Thanks for the ride. Does this mean you're gunna play nice now?''
      Veronica: "Walk in front of the car, we'll see.''
    • Kendall and Cassidy, ever more so because she's his (young and hot) stepmother. They spend a lot of time yelling at each other, but they also seem to be the only people who fully appreciate each other's abilities; he did hire a PI to find out who she was sleeping with (and get photographic evidence), and of course, this bit:
      Kendall: Do you ever think... maybe I'm the smart one? [she starts to pull at his sweater] That maybe, this delightful packaging... is just a means to outwitting my adversaries?
  • Played up almost certainly deliberately between rivals Captain Blackadder and Captain Darling in the fourth season of Blackadder, with Darling's unfortunate name playing a defining role in it. Really, it's set down most definitively by Darling's first appearance, wherein Blackadder walks into his office and greets him with an almost blatantly flirtatious "Hello, Darling" before we know that's his name. If nothing else, the amount of Blackadder/Darling Slash Fic ought to convince you.
  • The Thick of It abounds with Foe Yay, due to Malcolm Tucker's habit of bullying people in an oddly magnetic way. In the Loop has Foe Yay between Jamie and Judy, as he tries to wangle information out of her.
    • Also Malcolm and Nicola Murray in S3, with her even mourning him in the series finale.
    • And the American spinoff Veep has Dan and Jonah, whose mutual loathing culminates in a scene where Dan pins Jonah against a wall and shoves a burrito in his mouth.
      Dan (to Jonah): Look at his big gaping mouth. Let's put stuff in it.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess:
    • The long-running subtext between Xena and Callisto. Callisto's endless obsession, nicknaming Xena pretty, getting upset when she's 'rejected', constantly trying to murder Gabrielle... The funny thing is, it's almost reciprocated. Xena continually tries to redeem or save Callisto, despite the latter being decidedly Ax-Crazy. To the point where filker Tom Smith whipped up a hilarious song about it.
    Ah, Callisto, put Xena in irons. I hope you take Gabrielle over your knee. Ah, Callisto, why does Xena obsess you. You do it to her, but I wish it was me!"
    • And how about Xena and Ares? It's reciprocated and canon!
    • Even Ares and Gabrielle have a few moments, usually leading to Ares dissing Gabrielle in his true fashion.
  • Blake and Avon from Blake's 7. Though they're technically on the same side, the idealistic Blake and amoral Avon clash at every opportunity. And yet they frequently end up in each other's personal space, sometimes after Avon has protectively thrown his arms around Blake when encountering some turbulence. Add in some choice comments showing they really do care for each other (Avon: I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care, or, indeed, why it should be necessary to prove it... at all.) and Avon's obsession with finding Blake in later seasons, and you have some choice Ho Yay. The face that the series ended with Avon shooting Blake because he thought he betrayed him really doesn't discredit this interpretation.
  • From Babylon 5, there's Ambassadors Mollari and G'Kar. For people who didn't watch the show, this eventually got to the point that the writer finally admitted that he was deliberately putting the two characters into slash fiction cliche situations, including being stuck in a lift, temporary telepathy, bodyguarding...
  • Kate and Ari from NCIS. In fact, the blatant Foe Yay contributed indirectly to the former's death by sniper. After Kate hesitates in their first encounter because of "his eyes", Ari is left to roam free and eventually shoots Kate as part of a plan to get to Gibbs. He does apologize after he pulls the trigger.
    • Then there was the whole thing with him kidnapping her and then being, for want of a better word, a complete darling towards her. It would be a perfectly plausible and acceptable ship if he hadn't killed her.
  • LazyTown: Sportacus and Robbie.
    • "Hello Sportacus"- Robbie says this in his sleep in one episode.
    • In several episodes, Robbie even JUMPS into Sportacus' arms. I think we can conclude that Robbie doesn't want Sportacus to leave town FOREVER.
  • Sonny and Chad. They're always sniping, yet manage to have an "Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other" moment just about every show, and the UST is so thick, if you lit a match, the room would blow up. Which turned into a canon relationship.
  • Chuck Bass and Carter Baizen on Gossip Girl. Fans speculate, and it has been implied, that Chuck's past experiments with same sex love included Carter.
    • Chuck Bass and anyone, really. Chuck Bass and everyone.
    • Blair has this skill as well. She takes her battles so personally, that it's not hard to ship her with whoever she's currently trying to take down. And, like Chuck, her worst insults always seem to have a flirtatious undertone.
  • Captain Grisham and the Queen of Swords. Their first meeting involved the Queen putting a sword between his legs, and the episode "End of Days" involved them trapped together in a mine. Also, to a lesser extent, the Queen and Montoya.
  • The fistfight between Cain and Zero in Tin Man could definitely get read that way, especially on Zero's part.
  • Demetri Noh on FlashForward seems to attract a lot of this. He and Vogel have a fairly intense relationship... and then there's the fact that he and Janis have surprisingly good chemistry, despite her being a) a lesbian and b) apparently a mole.
  • Criminal Minds:
    • There's some pretty blatant Foe Yay between The Reaper and Hotch. Especially Squicky since The Reaper might really have actually raped Hotch, depending on how you might have interpreted a certain scene between them. But one thing's for sure: the entire script certainly made that knife scene very sexualized. Especially with how The Reaper seemed so hellbent on proving to Hotch that he's very wrong about how serial killers who use knives are impotent. And he decides to do this to Hotch after stripping off his shirt. Considering that Hotch at one point suggests that the Reaper uses stabbing of his female victims as sexual release, it was definitely metaphorical, at the very least.
    • On another note, there's some of this between Reid and Hankel (in his Charles persona, at least) as well. There are plenty of ways to beat someone that *don't* involve stripping off his shoes and socks and holding his bare foot in your lap...
  • Glee.
    • Will and Sue. Textualized in "Funk." For a bit.
    • Will and Bryan Ryan in Dream On, very obviously.
    • Also Kurt and Rachel. Particularly in "Sectionals" when Kurt suggested they tie up Rachel in his basement which is also his bedroom. Their incompatible orientations actually makes this more interesting.
    • And now with the latest episode, we have Karofsky kissing Kurt. One-sided, but canon!
    • Anyone who's watched the show then read fanfiction has noticed the 'Rachel' 'Quinn' (Faberry) Foe Yay moments.
    • Sebastian and Santana's "Smooth Criminal" duet. Despite them both being gay, the duet is just oozing sexual tension. You only need the thinnest Shipping Goggles to make the leap that they're together in a case of If It's You, It's Okay.
  • PrettyLittleLiars:
    • As far back as season one we've got Paige and Emily. Much like the Glee example above, Armoured Closet Gay Paige kisses Emily after spending what little we've seen of her trying to intimidate her. She does apologise for the mean things she did before this happens though and is on better terms with her when the kiss happens.
    • Mona and Alison
    • Paige and Alison
    • Mona and Hanna
    • Spencer and Paige: the unresolved sexual tension between them when Spencer though Paige was A did not go unnoticed making them one of the most popular crack ships in the fandom. In fact their crack ship is second to only their canon main romantic interests.
    • Alison and Emily
  • Community:
    • The episode "Physical Education" features Jeff feuding with his new billiards instructor. They later have a pool match which features both of them getting naked. It turns into Ho Yay when the instructor walks up to Jeff while both are still naked (after Jeff won the pool match) then kisses him on the lips, calling him a "magnificent son of a bitch!"
    • Britta and Chang in Geography Of Global Conflict. They even get romantic music playing over their scenes.
    • Dean Pelton and Dean Spreck of City College appear to have channeled a raging, burning and barely suppressed desire for each other into an over-the-top school rivalry.
  • Ashes to Ashes (2008): The fact that Daniel Mays and Philip Glenister both apparently have chemistry with the linoleum only goes so far towards explaining how very, very personally Jim Keats feels about taking Gene down...
  • Played for real in Hex, where it forms half the plot of the second season.
  • Invoked by Lucretia in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as part of a brutal Bed Trick.
  • Survivor is a very competitive Reality Show, and hence provided many examples.
    • Colby Donaldson and Jerri Manthey. Oh brother..
  • Rizzoli & Isles: Jane and the serial killer Hoyt.
  • Once Upon a Time - the Fan-Preferred Couple is Swan Queen, the Saviour and the Evil Queen, and hoo boy do they have chemistry. "How to get the Saviour to taste my forbidden fruit", indeed.
    • And then came along Captain Swan, or Hook/Emma, which quickly became another Fan-Preferred Couple thanks to their flirty fighting and grudging respect for each other.
    • Season 7 brings us Step Believer/Hivy between Henry Mills and Drizella Tremaine/Ivy Belfrey, which almost immediately became a Fan-Preferred Couple out of general consensus being that Henry has way better chemistry with Ivy than with his actual love (Cinderella/Jacinda). Even after Ivy was revealed to be Evil All Along, this only seemed to increase the amount of shipping, especially after she immobilized him with magic and began unbuckling his coat and playing with the buckles before preparing to cut his heart using a dagger with a drop of poison magic to he and Ella never share True Love's Kiss without him dying - it very much plays out like she's a Clingy Jealous Girl and having an If I Can't Have You... moment.
  • Psych: Shawn and Lassie have buckets of Ho Yay right from the first episode. Shawn even namedrops their (most common) fandom shipping name, Shassie, in "The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Episode," along with Shassiter and Sharlton. It doesn't help that he's telling Lassiter that by working on a case together, they'll "become like one."
  • Eric and Bill from True Blood. For two vamps fighting over the same girl they seem to be very... in each other's space. The scene in the clothes shop adds to this. It's even lampshaded by the Queen when she says "You two should really just have sex and be done with it."
  • Stargate Atlantis:
    • Rodney McKay and Radek Zelenka. They constantly bicker like an old married couple, and it's lampshaded in one episode:
      Sheppard: Shouldn't you two be bickering?
      McKay: We've got nothing to bicker about; he's run out of bad ideas.
      Zelenka: If we survive this, I'm putting in for a transfer.
      McKay: Oh please, we both know you've done your best work under me.
      Zelenka Under you?! I'm my own department head!
      McKay Come on! We both know that department's a joke!
      Sheppard Why don't you two just make out and get it over with?
    • Todd and Shepard seem to have this heavily implied via references to their 'unique relationship'.
  • Nathan and Duke from Haven.
  • Damon and Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries, not to mention Jeremy and Tyler in season 1.
  • iCarly: Nevel and Carly have a little Stalker with a Crush Foe Yay, although it gets very creepy when Nevel ends up putting zoomed in close up videos of Carly all over the monitors in his Hacker Cave.
  • Alias:
    • Sydney Bristow and Julian Sark.
    • Sark and Vaughn had their share of tension, too. Really, Sark and anyone. He's like Spike in that anyone he comes across, he has UST with. Including Marshall, who seems to be a bit in awe of him when they first have a telephone conversation.
    • Sark and Rachel's Foe Yay is actually canon. They slept together the first time they met. Of course, that was before either knew the other was their enemy.
    • Sydney and Anna Espinoza smile so much when they see each other you half expect them to burst into song. Then there's Anna leaving a big wet kiss on some glass separating them; a few episodes later, Sydney returns the gesture.
  • Ugly Betty played this trope for laughs in the season four episode "Blackout": The rising tension between Daniel and Wilhelmina gets to the point where they are tricked into seeing a therapist. The therapist arrives to the conclusion that the reason for Wilhelmina's hostility towards Daniel is sexual tension, and tells Daniel as such, comparing her behaviour towards him as a female animal "presenting herself" (those exact words). Then Hilarity Ensues when the titular blackout occurs while the two are stuck in an elevator. Daniel decides to "relieve" the tension by kissing Wilhelmina and saying he knows she's giving him a hard time because she wants him. Nope, she just wants his position, and lets him know as such by punching him out.
  • Merlin:
    • Merlin has this with Morgana (as of Season 3). They spend half their time spoiling each others plans, engaging in intense sword-fighting, or simply eyesexing each other across the room every time they meet. The Great Dragon also claimed that their 'futures are "joined forever". Let's not forget how Morgana ties Merlin up and crowds him in 4x06. Then there's Morgana's obsession with Emrys, and Merlin refusing to kill her multiple times despite Morgana constantly trying to kill Arthur.
    • Season 5 presents us with Mordred and Merlin, which begins more as straightforward Ho Yay.
  • Sherlock:
    • Sherlock has this with Moriarty. When he first meets Sherlock he uses the gay persona of Jim from I.T., later asking him if he liked "the little touch with the underwear". His first words to Sherlock through the hostage are "Hello sexy" and his first words in person are: "I gave you my number... thought you might call." Not to mention some of the other lines during the confrontation such as: "Is that a British Army Browning L9 A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me? to which Sherlock replies "both" and, "Take this as a friendly dear. Back off. Although, I have loved this, this little game of ours." When Sherlock is later asked how he know Moriarty, he says "We met twice, five minutes in total. I pulled a gun, he tried to blow me up. I felt we had a special something." It has gotten to the point where after it is revealed Sherlock faked his death, an in-universe fangirl speculated Sherlock and Moriarty both faked there deaths to be together.
    • Some hints of John/Moriarty as well. Again, Moriarty's fault.
  • Victorious: Jade and Tori share some Les Yay Foe Yay.
  • Considering the sheer amount of shifting alliances and admiring of worthy opponents going on in Three Kingdoms, it's not surprising that a whole lot of foe yay turns up. Special mention, though, has to go to Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi, whom the writer has compared to a pair of lovers in an interview.
  • Homeland features what may be the most triumphant example: Carrie Matheson falls madly in love with Nicholas Brody, and he with her, even as she is trying to get proof that he is a terrorist. When they spend the weekend together at her cabin, both she and the audience lose sight of whether she is still trying to lull him into giving some key piece of information away, or if she just wants to be with him because he makes her happy.
  • Comes up on Chuck:
    • Sarah and Shaw, after his Face–Heel Turn
    • As Ms. Fanservice, Sarah is often called on to use her looks to distract, if not outright seduce, male villains.
    • At least one female one heavily flirts with her before the Designated Girl Fight.
    • For that matter, Shaw develops quite an unhealthy obsession with Chuck after his supposed death.
    • Though she's not an outright antagonist and more of a rival, Casey has this with Verbanski.
    • Awesome is the target of a rather one-sided case of this via a female Ring agent who believes him to be a spy.
    • Ellie, likewise, is the victim of a bit of this from Shaw's operative Justin.
    • Roan Montgomery specializes in invoking this trope: He's the CIA's leading expert on seduction of enemy agents.
  • From The Walking Dead, we get Merle/Everyone. Yes. Everyone. Michone, Andrea, Maggie, not to mention that whole creepy scene where he trailed his knife all oer Glenn's face, all the while talking about what Glenn's and his girlfriend do in their, ahem, alone time.
  • Between Nick and Adalind in Grimm. Whenever the two have crossed paths or are begrudgingly advancing the same goals, there is always some sexual tension there. Examples include the forceful kiss each have planted on the other on separate occasions, Adalind disguised as Juliette sleeping with Nick, and Juliette disguised as Adalind sleeping with a knowing Nick. And to top it off, Adalind is now pregnant with Nick's child, forcing him to spend more time with her and protect her.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hits Ward and Simmons hard with this, post reveal. Special mention to episode 2x06 though for the following:
    • Skye finding Simmons alone, and pouring over the camera feed into Ward's cell, Ward at the time is shirtless and in the middle of a work out. She says that she's watched him every day since he was locked up before her undercover op, and every day since she's been back.
    • Ward beginning to say something and grinning at her as he's black bagged, after she threatens to kill him if she ever sees him again.
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? has Peter towards Danielle in "The Tale Of The Captured Souls". He is shown to spy on Danielle and her family through his mirrors as part of his place to steal their youth. The cameras include views of the tub in the bathroom and the bedroom. He also lays on his bed when Danielle's in his room and she asks "What do you do for fun around here?" He responds "What do you wanna do?" He also calls her "lovely" and has No Sense of Personal Space around her. And when she does pull ups in his room randomly he says "I've always admired a strong girl."
  • Supergirl (2015) has a lot of this between Alex Danvers and Maxwell Lord. Not only do they frequently get VERY close in each other's faces as they argue passionately, and not only do they seem to really enjoy their heated verbal sparring (well, Maxwell does at least), they even have a dinner date together!
  • Suits Harvey and his Evil Counterpart Travis Tanner. Tanner seems downright obsessed with getting under Harvey's skin and way too smug and pleased when he does. When in one episode he shows up claiming to have changed, Harvey's suspiciousness reads like a scorned ex wary of being hurt again.
    • That very same episode starts out with Harvey having a nightmare about walking in on Travis and Donna in bed together, something that could just as easily be interpreted as a fantasy.
    • Tanner outright says "It's good to see you, Harvey" with a huge grin—the kind of greeting someone gives an old friend or acquaintance—indicating that he's genuinely relishing the opportunity for them to be at each other's throats yet again. Harvey himself, when warned by Mike "every time you go up against him, it gets brutal" declares "That's exactly what I need right now", suggesting that he's looking forward to it too.
  • It's revealed in the second episode of Law & Order: UK that CP James Steel once had a relationship with the defense attorney Beatrice McArdle. In all of her appearances, despite their clashes, it's also obvious that there's still a very strong attraction between them.
  • Strike Back. Zarkova and Coltrane during the Revolution season. Neither of them trusts each other—understandable, as she's a Double Agent, and he even has Water Torture inflicted on her at one point, yet dialogue implies that they can't keep their hands off each other.
    • Novin dislikes and distrusts Zarkova as well, but is also somewhat attracted to her.
  • In the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode "Allison From Palmdale", some fans see some distinctly creepy sexual chemistry between Cameron and the original Allison in the interrogation flashbacks.

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