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  • In Ah! My Goddess, the demon leader Hild has a creature that eats angels, which are effectively the goddess' souls. It is a gigantic, powerful leviathan. And she named it "Kittens".
  • In Baccano!, America's craziest and most terrifying assassin has the misfortune of being named Claire which, while not incapable of being attached to total badasses, doesn't exactly work that way when the badass in particular is male. Fans like to joke that this is the reason he keeps on making up new names. Also a bit of Have a Gay Old Time since prior to the 50s, Claire was a man's name. In 1930, his name would have been normal — the twist only comes for modern viewers who are used to it being a female name, although even in 1930, it was more common for women than for men in this particular spelling.
    • Out of omniscience-boredom, a reality-warping Eldritch Abomination decided to take human form and join the ranks of the Martillo family camorra. It's name is Ronnie.
  • The latest volume of the Baki the Grappler manga has Pickle, who is a giant defrosted caveman. Not only is he undefeated, but after beating Retsu, he tore his leg off and ate it.
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  • Early in Blood+, we are introduced to the Chiropterans: virtually unkillable monsters created in military experiments that rip apart humans and drink their blood. The military's codeword for them: Mouse.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Every major villain in the original Dragon Ball since Demon King Piccolo (with his henchmen, Piano, Tambourine, Cymbal and Drum), culminating in the unstoppable creation of the maniacal wizard Bibidi and servant of his son Babidi... Buu in Dragon Ball Z. The machine mutant Baby from Dragon Ball GT is one of the most glaring examples. According to the Japanese version, "Baby" is an Embarrassing Nickname given to him by his creator Dr. Myuu, but it's the only name he has.
    • Majin Buu deserves special mention as not only does he sound harmless but when after several chapters he finally appears he is a fat pink man wearing sweat pants and a cape... who makes the god of all gods quake in terror. He then proceeds to single-handedly kill each of earth's strongest fighters with no actual effort.
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    • After a series of increasingly powerful and masculine forms Goku and Vegeta turn him into his most basic one: Kid Buu, who looks like a surly teenager... who (while the weakest) is the least restrained form and by far the most destructive.
    • Battle of the Gods and Dragon Ball Super introduces the God of Destruction, who's capable of fighting a Super Saiyan 3 without even trying, made the King of Saiyans use himself as a seat, and he's an emancipated purple cat named Beerus.
    • Beerus' attendant, who happens to be many times stronger than him, is named Whis, after whiskey.
    • This applies to the heroes as well. Gohan, one of the strongest characters in the series, is named after rice and Vegeta's son is named Trunks. Also the Saiyans, the most feared warrior race in the universe, are named after vegetables with Goku's true name being a pun of carrots.
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  • Durarara!! has Celty's headless demon horse. His name is Shooter.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • "Lullaby" is the name of a powerful Black Magic artifact. The idea is that it lulls you into "eternal sleep".
    • Gajeel's Exceed partner is named... Pantherlily, Lily for short. Who just so happens to be 6 foot tall and wields a sword as big as he is. It does make more sense with his Sleep-Mode Size, however.
    • If you first read this series through scanslations, you got to know one of the world's strongest mages as "Mist Gun". This may be an intentional double meaning (it ties in with his magic), but the official spelling is the much more dignified "Mystogan".
  • GUN×SWORD has the Claw's Humongous Mecha, which when activated will overwrite the minds of all living humans with the mind of its pilot. He calls it Birthday.
  • In Hunterx Hunter the guard dog of the Zaoldyeck estate is a mindless killing machine to anyone who doesn't come in through the front door, and Gon, who is incredibly good with animals and befriended a bear, is scared of her. Oh, and her name is Miké.
  • Jojos Bizarre Adventure:
    • There are many characters and Stands who are named after famous musicians and songs. Sometimes, really dangerous figures get stuck with harmless names, like Vanilla Ice, user of Cream, who sounds like a hilarious Joke Character (which isn't helped at all by his dress sense), but is actually a highly dangerous vampire who can turn into an all-consuming void. He ends up with a higher hero kill count than Dio — he kills two, Avdol and Iggy, while Dio just kills Kakyoin.
    • Cioccolata from Part 5 has a name that means "chocolate" in Italian. He's a deranged sadist who drove 9 elderly medical patients to suicide and has the power to infect people with flesh-eating mold. He's so disgusting that Diavolo, his own boss, regards him as human trash, and Diavolo is willing to murder his own family out of sheer unjustified paranoia.
      • Cioccolata is the most obvious, but all the characters are named after Italian food, leading to gangsters named things that translate to salad, cooked cream (better known as panna cotta), fig cookie, lamb, melon, fish, ice cream, and cheese.
    • The Big Bad of Part 7 is not only the president of the United States, he also has an incredibly powerful stand that allows him to move between realities as will, meaning he can kill people by simply sending him to another reality and watch them get Ret-Gone from the paradox, that means he also applies We Have Reserves to himself, meaning he can get himself from another dimension if he's killed... and his name is Funny Valentine.
  • A recurring villain in Kinnikuman is one of the biggest chojin in the series, a living mass of sand who sadistically brutalizes his opponents. He was responsible for Prince Kamehame's death during the Dream Tag Tournament arc. His name? Sunshine. (He's named after the Sunshine Towers of Peru). There are some other dangerous villains with silly names, but at least they have the decency to look silly, too.
  • The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer: Its name is Biscuit Hammer; it is the destroyer of worlds.
  • In MÄR, Dorothy's most powerful Guardian is an enormous black dog that emerges from a crack in reality, looks like death on four legs, and attacks by devouring whatever it fights (including, in one case, Dorothy's opponent). What is Dorothy's nickname for the guardian? "Toto".
  • The Big Bad of Monster Rancher. He's an all-powerful tyrant, whose influence is slowly taking over the world. Cool costume, deep voice, and he commands an awesome presence. His name is...Moo.
  • Naruto:
    • The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist are terrifying warriors whose last names mean some type of fruit.
    • Naruto and many other characters count as well; Naruto himself is arguably the strongest person in the world by the time the manga ends, but his first name is short for a type of ramen topping.
  • In an episode of Ninja Nonsense, Shinobu names her giant, mobile, carnivorous plant monster Pochinosuke ("Pochi" being the Japanese equivalent of "Rover" or "Fido" and "nosuke" being an archaic boys' name ending). She's the only one who can keep it from wreaking havoc.
  • One Piece
    • Caesar Clown had, as a pet, a living mass of gelatinous slime that emitted acid and poisonous gas and could wipe out an entire island on its own, which he named Smiley.
    • Some of the nicknames given to both pirates and marines in this series can reach this level, especially considering the titles other pirates get. Among nicks like King of Snipers, Demon Child and Blood Splatterer, you find some of the most terrifying individuals are instead given such nicknames as Straw Hat or Blue Pheasant or Red-Haired.
    • A ruthless Yonkou commander, famous for his brutality and has a bounty of ONE BILLION? His name is Jack (albeit as part of a card value name theme with his fellows King and Queen).
    • Luffy is a rather cute name, just one letter away from Fluffy in fact. Said lad is now the terror of the seas.
    • Luffy, being a Fluffy Tamer himself, has absolutely no problem giving fearsome creatures he tames silly, non-threatening names. The kraken, a massive, tentacled sea monster, is dubbed "Surume", which means dried squid. Later on, he hitches a ride on a fearsome bull used in coliseum death matches and calls it Ucy, a pun on the Japanese word for bull, ushi. (Moocy in the english version).
  • Pokémon: Ritchie's "Zippo" will probably evolve into a Charizard eventually. In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, Zippo was introduced as one (but the official translation changed the name to Charley).
  • Ranma ½:
    • Kodachi has a pet named Mr. Green Turtle (Mr. Scaly Green in some episodes of the anime). It turns out to be a ferocious alligator.
    • Also there's Pantyhose Taro. Bathed in a Jusenkyo spring at birth where a yeti holding an eel and crane while riding an ox drowned. Later he bathes in a spring where an octopus drowned.
  • In one chapter of the Tenchi Muyo! manga, the gang is attacked by a seven foot bear-like creature called a Duodo, which is tough enough to block the Tenchi-ken. Mihoshi takes one look at it, cries out "FLUFFY!" and the creature runs over to her and starts purring like a kitten.
  • Battle Wolf Terry Cloth may be a cub when Toriko adopts him, but he can still rip apart foes that Toriko had trouble with. Terry later grows up massively, fitting the trope even more. There's also Coco's Emperor Crow Kiss, Sunny's Mother Snake Queen, and the small pink Wall Penguin Yun (named after the sounds he uses) will eventually be as big as its parents (and hopefully not as vicious).
  • Tora from Ushio and Tora. Despite claiming to eat humans he never does on screen. He gets distracted by the modern human world so much it fascinates him...and he accidentally gets ran over by cats and smashed into the wall comedic-ally. Also, he has a Weaksauce Weakness in that perfume and cologne repels him, even common jewelry bothers him due to its anti-Yokai properties. Hell an entire chapter is titled 'Tora's Civilization Allergy'.
  • In Yaiba, when the eponymous hero heard about a Kappa named Kerosuke, he expected a small, thin kappa, not a colossal, super-strong, fire-breathing carnivorous titan with a penchant for human flesh.
  • The main character in You Are Umasou is a Tyrannosaurus Rex named "Heart".
  • Yu Yu Hakusho featured a genetically-engineered monster named Helen, killed by hired villain Toguro as a display of his power.


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