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Fix Fic is a fanfiction trope, after all...

For non-specific examples, see Fandom-Specific Plot.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Code Geass:
    • One fic has Zero Requiem happen as it did in canon until Suzaku is in position to slay Lelouch, where he instead apparently hesitates, letting Lelouch's troops have enough time to gun him down. It turns out Suzaku sabotaged Zero Requiem so that he would not only be killed, but he'd take the blame for both Lelouch's atrocities as emperor and earlier actions such as the deaths of Britannian royalty.
      • Notable in that the Super Robot Wars series has even tossed its hat into the ring, as it has done with so many other series: Should you fulfill a number of unlisted prerequisites or play a New Game+, you can prevent the Black Knight's betrayal and thus the entire Zero Requiem.
  • Dragon Ball, being such a big franchise, has entire genres of fix fic, and it's all too easy since the series has a canonical Reset Button.
  • Gate: The fanfic Manifest Destiny, whose author has set about to better portray issues such as local economics, culture, global politics, and most noticeably psychology, issues that the original either glossed over, oversimplified, or ignored. The result is much Darker and Edgier story, more along the vein of Heart of Darkness than its source.
  • Any Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fic that affects the overall plot will fix something horrible that happened to the characters. Over half of them also involve Shinji and Asuka's relationship.
    • A Crown of Stars tries to fix the Canon and two fanfics, “A Throne of Bayonets” and “The Way Out Is Through” to give Shinji and Asuka and the rest of the cast a happier ending. After the events of "A Throne Of Bayonets", Shinji and Asuka are physically and emotionally burned and wrecked, but then a stranger shows up and makes an offer...
    • Advice and Trust fixes Shinji and Asuka's relationship, giving both teenagers the skill to have a civil conversation, and injecting a generous dose of waffiness.
    • Ghosts of Evangelion tries to fix the psychological damage done to the main characters and their relationship.
    • In Last Child of Krypton, Shinji gets Kryptonian powers and an early lesson on power and responsibility. As a result of it, he tries to use his powers to help people. When he is summoned to Tokyo-3, he is still shy and soft-spoken, but he is more emotionally stable and more compassionate than his canon counterpart, he is committed to help and protect others, and he is powerful enough to fight anything thrown at him.
    • Another specific example is Shinji And Warhammer 40 K, where the changes begin with Shinji discovering a case with some Warhammer 40,000 sourcebooks and miniatures early in his childhood. The butterfly effect takes hold with the result that every change following flows mostly logically from the previous changes, until you're halfway through the whole thing and Shinji is holding a nuclear explosion in his hand, and you wonder how the heck you ended up there.
    • Its "sister" series Thousand Shinji has a more direct connection with the 41st Millennium, with Shiji meeting and training under a Thousand Sons Chaos Sorcerer as a child. The story fixes a few things, only to later come back and break them in new and interesting (and often horrifying) ways.
    • Its "parent" series Children of an Elder God fixes some little things (Shinji is less meek, Asuka's childhood is less horrid...) before sending everyone and everything straight to Hell.
    • Nobody Dies keeps Yui Ikari and Kyoko Sohryu alive through the series, which in turn manages to make Shinji reasonably well adjusted, turns Asuka into the woobie, and turns Rei into...Rei.
    • Mobile Fighter Evangelion has succesfully turned the original series into a complete Reconstruction of what it deconstructed. So far we have Landshark killing Shinji, Mad Scientist!Ritsuko, Gundams piloted by Pen-Pen, and a Grappling Hook!Gendo. It's as awesome as it sounds.
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide fixes Shinji and Asuka's post-war relationship, among other things.
    • Once More with Feeling consists in Shinji going back to the past and trying to fix the monumental mess that the original timeline was.
    • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton gives Asuka Supergirl's powers. As a result, Asuka becomes a super-heroine, learns her existence is not worthless without Eva, evolves into a better person and has a real chance to avert the end of the world.
    • In The Second Try, Shinji and Asuka manage to get over their worst issues, get together and go back to the past to save the world.
    • Going Another Way is all about averting the Third Impact and fixing many of the characters' Dysfunction Junction and their relationships. The climax reveals that this is an In-Universe example as well, as it turns out that Rei, horrified at what the Third Impact truly brought about, decided to Set Right What Once Went Wrong by employing a few changes to the past to prevent the disaster.
  • One Parasyte H-doujin reinterprets Reiko's death as That Man Is Dead, and ends with her starting a human family with Mamoru.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica's concept is that the life of a Magical Girl is very tragic and that it doesn't have a truly happy ending. As you can probably guess from that concept, a lot of fanfics are dedicated to saving someone from death. It doesn't quite help that one of the main characters is looping time over and over to save the titular character for an unknown amount of times, which simply added fuel to the fire.
    • Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella arguably plays with this trope. While the characters are now capable of finally getting their happy endings, the fights that take place cause collateral damage on par with your average war. Add to the fact that a potential class X-4 apocalypse is heading over the horizon and you have yourselves a problem.
    • A Hero, another Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfic, is a subversion. On one hand, it adds Dalek Sec to help fix things. On the other, it also adds the rest of the Whoverse to screw things up even more.
    • As Time Diverges: The Mitakihara Case adds a quirky yet genius detective and equally smart grad student to the mix, and while L catches onto what the antagonist is planning right away, but this soon gets subverted as the events still play out, and soon get worse as Light face heel turns and kills Kyouko. It gets double subverted though, as L goes back in time and fixes much of the problems that belied their first loop... Though it gets triple subverted when L decides to kill Kyousuke and have Sayaka become a Witch... Would you believe this is quadruple subverted, since this was L's plan to invoke the Decon-Recon Switch?
    • "I've Managed To Save Mami-san" is a remarkably straightforward fancomic in which the timely application of a Dragonslayer to the face manages to, well, save Mami. The author continued in the same vein with Guts Big Damn Hero-ing Sayaka, Kyoko and (in an Attack on Titan crossover) Mina.
    • After the end of the series, roughly seven hundred thousand stories or doujins were written where Homura and Madoka find a way to meet again. Bringing Sayaka with her is optional.
    • After the release of Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion, viewers have observed that the ending almost seems to deconstruct these types of fics. On the other hand, given the more contentous nature of the movie's ending, more Fix Fics have been created to remedy the film's ending. The fact that it ends in a Sequel Hook of sorts and there is no sequel to be seen on the horizon only increases the efforts. An example of an interesting take in the Rebellion Fix Fic is The Persistence of Memory, as it restores the Law of Cycles world, while managing to get Homura's cooperation so that the Law of Cycles members can keep in touch with their loved ones- and take care of the incubators (in comparison to most fix fics of rebellion, that simply bring the Law Of Cycles system back).
  • Cross Ange: Futatsu Sekai no Border is a Continuation of the original series that focuses on the Mana people, after the events that lead Mana to ruin. Mana has traded places as being the unfair victims of Mind Control and Laser-Guided Amnesia. The story follows Ange's sister Sylvia, who, after undergoing Character Development to become a heroic Action Girl, helps to show the Mana people in a more complex and likable light than their canonical Always Chaotic Evil portrayal.
  • Lyrical Nanoha has an odd example in Game Theory. The basic premise is that Precia, while still cold and manipulative, is not openly cruel to Fate. While this does not necessarily sound like a Fix Fic, it quickly becomes clear that part of the story's agenda is to fill in some rather large holes in the canon setting—it provides explanations for (and dwells upon the consequences of) concepts the original show basically Hand Waved, such as familiars, Dimensional Space, and Yuuno's shapeshifting, as well as elaborating on just what the heck was going on with Al-Hazard (called Alhazred in the story) and Ancient Belka. The end result is something quite a bit more complex and sci-fi-feeling than the source material.
  • One of the best-known examples is The Hill of Swords by Gabriel Blessing, which does this for The Familiar of Zero. The original series is frequently criticized as being a waste of a good plot which is ruined by fanservice and harem antics (the anime especially) and an excessively abusive relationship between a tsundere with a hair-trigger temper and an idiot of a male lead who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut around her. Gabe's solution? Replace Saito with Shirou Emiya, and watch in awe as the Belligerent Sexual Tension vanishes, the harem dynamics disappear almost entirely, and Louise is Rescued from the Scrappy Heap and develops into a character who is not only likable but admirable. While it has its share of flaws, it proved successful enough to spawn a massive following of fics with similar "Replace Saito with _____" premises.
    • He later does the same thing with Sekirei with In Flight. With Shirou having the experience of partipating in another secret tournament, he's much more competent, serious, and prepared than Minato, the story is much different than Sekirei. It also made the reunion of Kusano and Shiina happen much earlier, made Akitsu an official Sekirei, and saved Chiho before Uzume's main/canon death. Also, with how the story's progressing, it has lessened the chance of Shirou becoming Archer. With more action and badassery (courtesy of Shirou), it won't be going too far if one says it's better than the original. It seems it will end in a different way than the original.
  • In Memoriam does this for A Certain Magical Index, essentially reconstructing the setting and the characters from the ground up.
  • Keena & the Defendants of Constan Magic Academy is a Fix Fic of Demon King Daimao, focusing more on Keena Soga as she Takes A Level In Badass, by making her into quite a hero and then forms a Badass Crew as a result. Interestingly, the fic has Akuto, Junko, Kurone and Fujiko Put on a Bus, likely to focus on this group more. Bonus points also go to Eiko being the Big Bad, as fans of the anime series felt she was a better built-up villain than Boichiro (who, despite his antagonism, barely qualified as a villain).
    • Chapter 8 crosses the fic with Loups=Garous thanks to an Alternate Universe portal, so it's now turned to two Fix Fics in one.
    • As of Chapter 22, Akuto, Junko, and Kurone have now appeared, and it seems Fujiko is also getting a similar treatment as Eiko by being a more capable villain than the sort-of a joke character she was turned into in the actual canon.
  • My Life Can't Lose Its Normality, an Oreimo fic with the premise that Kyousuke is cool. He goes from someone who just does whatever his sister says into a Chick Magnet of a martial-arts master who leads a vigilante group more effective than most military forces.
  • The Trainer from a Far-Away Land acts as a Fix Fic for the Pokémon anime, for people frustrated with Ash's Not Allowed to Grow Up status and Flanderization into an Idiot Hero. While most Fix Fic make Ash/Satoshi into a badass uber-genius, this fic maintains Ash/Satoshi's childishness and thoughtlessness but has Satoshi learn from his past experiences. He grew as a person along with growing older with his Aura powers from the eighth movie not being forgotten.
    • Although the above has only four chapters that went on a years long break before updating and leaving the fic's status in the air, fans can still be entertained by three other, extremely well-written, Fix Fics — Ashes of the Past, the A New Chance Series, and Pokémon Reset Bloodlines. All of them make Ash not be an Idiot Hero, but in different ways: the former is a Peggy Sue fic, thus providing a logical explanation for this, and for the Adaptational Badass status of every single character, whereas the latter simply diverges from canon after Pokémon Heroes, by giving Ash a legendary Pokémon in a way that actually makes sense, and uses this to have him mature as a trainer in a believable manner. The latter fic is inspired by Ashes and uses a similar set up for fixing things, though the fic is more focused on targeting smaller issues like Pidgeot and the Counter-Shield than a full rewrite of canon Ash's attempts (as the time jump creates enough of an alternate universe repeating things isn't the easiest thing in the world to do).
  • The Digimon Adventure fanfic Angel Hearts fixes the events of Wizardmon's Gift - namely, it turns out that Wizardmon was saved by Gennai, and is still alive.
  • Bleach:
    • A Protector's Pride is basically all the characters being a lot smarter and pragmatic than their canon counterparts. For example, Ichigo, Orihime, and Chad devoting more time to actually mastering their powers, Orihime being willing to use her powers offensively in battle, and Ikkaku using his Bankai during the Fake Karakura Town arc.
    • Downfall is an example of a fic that starts out much lighter than canon — several characters that were dead in backstories are alive — only to start killing off several others in heartrending ways. Also, Unohana makes a great villain. Somehow, it still manages to feel like a fix fic.
  • The Crimson Garment is most certainly a Kill la Kill Fix Fic. It's Darker and Edgier compared to the anime it's based on, removes much of the zaniness and World of Ham qualities, and makes the twist that Life Fibers are aliens common knowledge, which causes the main cast to make more competent decisions than their original counterparts. It also considerably cranks up the amount of angst the main cast goes through especially Satsuki.
  • Ask The New Hope's Peak is this, a Continuation Fic, a Character Blog, and a Recursive Fanfiction that follows Danganronpa 3 and its somewhat controversial ending. It elaborates on the fact that, even if the Tragedy itself is over, things are definitely not all sunshine and rainbows for everyone.
  • Extra Life fixes Chiaki's execution in Danganronpa 3, having Izuru secretly resuscitate and then hide her from Junko. Besides chronicling her recovery and Character Development, it also fills vague canon details or wraps up dangling plot threads, offering some Worldbuilding about the time of the Tragedy, an explanation for the Neo World Program's construction, screentime for underused characters like Miaya, and a resolution for the Towa City captives.
  • Sword Art Online Abridged turned into this for Sword Art Online, even combining the Big Bad's motivations and the fan-observed shortcomings of SAO's game elements into a far more believable scenario.
  • Son of the Sannin at first glance comes across as a very traditional Naruto Fix Fic, but it goes also into meta-level. The premise starts with Jiraiya and Tsunade raising Naruto together as he grows up, and sticking around Konoha during those years. The introductory arc shows them preventing canon tragedies such as the sacrifice of Hizashi Hyuga or Gaara turning into an Ax-Crazy murderer. However, other interesting What If? scenarios are explored, such as the aftermath of the Uchiha Clan pulling off their coup, resulting in Konoha losing a lot of its military manpower, including clan leaders Hiashi Hyuga and Inoichi Yamanaka, and Orochimaru taking advantage of the ensuing chaos to snatch the Sharingan for himself. As a result of this, Konoha is forced to up the standards in the Ninja Academy to ensure that the graduates are better prepared to handle future threats. The story goes out of its way to fix many of the plot holes left in canon while still staying true to the spirit of the series.
  • At least one Yuki Yuna is a Hero fanfic, the oneshot Endings, rewrites the ending of the anime so that the characters keep their disabilities instead of Throwing Off the Disability. The girls learn to live with their disabilities.
  • Sound! Euphonium: Even before the final film already came out, there was already a Fix Fic for its Relationship Upgrade between Kumiko and Shuichi. The oneshot a quest in three acts explains that Kumiko is only dating Shuichi due to internalized homophobia. Even though she isn't into men, she feels obligated to date Shuichi and treat him as her Beard because she feels that's what she "should" be doing. After her friends call her out on forcing herself into a onesided relationship, Kumiko eventually dumps Shuichi.
  • Emergence is an infamous and highly controversial H-manga that depicts a young woman falling victim to sexual abuse and drug addiction, ending with the heroine Driven to Suicide via drug overdose while heavily pregnant. One reader, aghast at this, created a new ending simply titled "I'm Gonna Fix That Girl", wherein Josuke Higashikata and Okuyasu Nijimura find her shortly after shooting up a lethal dose of heroin, and Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to save her life and give her the happy ending she deserved. The ending scene from the original H-manga, which was a Dying Dream of the heroine with her daughter, is changed so that she actually lived thanks to Josuke. The edit is so popular that hentai sites often feature it despite it having no sexually explicit content of its own.
    • As a variant to the above, one fully-animated version involves Jotaro Kujo in his Stardust Crusaders incarnation appearing to rescue Saki very close to the start, right before the events that took place in the original H-manga were set in motion. Before Saki's father can commit incest on her, Jotaro arrives with Star Platinum, and let's just say, a healthy burst of justice gets meted out.
  • Rebuild of Pocket Monsters: The Animation is an attempt to make the Pokémon series closer to Takeshi Shudō's vision: a family-aimed (rather than kid-aimed) work that grows with its audience.
  • Resurrection F: The Prince's Due changes the ending of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ so Vegeta manage to stop Frieza from destroying the Earth in time before obliterating him.

    Comic Books 
  • Chick Tracts have become a magnet for Remix Comics and Fix Fic of this sort, thanks to their endemic research failures. Most of them completely change the worldview espoused by the comic, but there are some exceptions: Morrakiu's Dramatic Reading of The Poor Revolutionist" is just as anti-communist as the original, but is far more intelligent about it.
  • A Better Class of Criminal seems to be leaning this way, retelling Batman: No Man's Land with a supervillain elected mayor and made responsible for holding society in Gotham together.
  • Chris Dee's Cat Tales series Fix Fics every piece of bad characterization and Retcon inflicted on Catwoman in the past thirty or so years of comics — the Wangst-filled past as a ghetto prostitute, the string of Squicky non-Bat love interests and the infamous goggle-wearing costume change are cleanly slate-wiped as the machinations of a low-brow tabloid, to which the real Catwoman responds in a... unique... way. The series has evolved into an Alternate Universe Fic with over 50 stories.
  • A lot of Dark Mark's DC and Marvel stories Fix Fic developments that the author didn't agree with: Hellsister Trilogy and Kara of Rokyn change the Crisis on Infinite Earths' outcome so The Multiverse is saved and Supergirl survives, X-Men 1970 has the original X-Men retire shortly after their original run, thus sparing them from later tragedies, Fire! has Gwen Stacy survive Norman Osborn's attempted murder...
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf revisits Papa Smurf's infatuation with Smurfette from "Romeo And Smurfette" (both from the comic books and the cartoon show) and puts the issue entirely to rest by Smurfette telling him that she could never love him the same way that she would the other Smurfs. Of course, an alternate timeline tale has her confess her love for Papa Smurf, leading to a May–December Romance that eventually has most of the entire village revolting against it.
  • League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Tempest Rewrite is, well, a rewrite of the final volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  • Not a Typical Civil War is not just a fix fic about Marvel's Civil War, it actually has instructions by the author on how to fix stories every chapter. According to him, he does little fix fics in his mind all the time, and this is just one of them he's decided to write.
  • Oracle: Re Birth is a one-shot that fixes the New 52 retool of Barbara Gordon. It turns out Barbara is still Oracle (and wheelchair bound) but someone else - who turns out to be an android with her memories - has been masquerading as Batgirl while Barbara is held hostage.
  • Secret Empire was critizised for its ending. After committing many crimes as a US dictator, Captain America is simply "fixed" by a cosmic cube, and returned to his usual self. Many felt it as a Karma Houdini and a complete cop-out. Many fans did not like either that the Ultimate Marvel ceased being published a couple of years before, and the cameo of the original Ultimates in Ultimates 2 #100 felt like very little. Secret Empire: The Ultimate Ending fixes all this, by making the Ultimates bring the Secret Empire to an end earlier.
  • The Five Earths Project is a Fix Fic series of stories that restore the original DC Comics Multiverse continuity that existed before Crisis on Infinite Earths by having the merged Post-Crisis universe be split again into five separate universes, with Superboy-Prime being Happily Adopted as the son of the Earth-2 Superman and Lois Lane to avert the tragic life turn that was made on the character in the mainstream continuity.
  • Whatever Happened To Elfstar is a retelling of the Chick Tracts story Dark Dungeons which gives a rational explanation for the events of the story and cuts out the demonization of role-playing games.
    • Ms. Frost, here named Gina, is given a motive for killing off Marcie's character Black Star (she was jealous of how close Marcie was getting to Debbie, whom she wanted for herself).
    • Marcie reacts so negatively to her character dying, even being Driven to Suicide, not because of the game itself but because she was repeatedly being bullied by Gina and got kicked out of the group for calling her out on it, leaving her friendless.
    • Debbie finds the preacher's words condemning D&D as witchcraft absurd, but decides to quit the friend circle and burn her D&D stuff not becuase it is "evil occultic material", but as a symbolic gesture of putting her past with Gina behind her, as she realizes what a Poisonous Friend Gina was and wants to cut off all contact.
  • With this Ring... (Green Lantern) fixes the events of the Green Lantern lore so that Katma Tui doesn't get murdered, Hal Jordan doesn't go nuts, and Hal and Carol get married.

    Comic Strips 
  • Foob's Paradise can only be described as a Fix Comic that seeks to address the very bitter feelings many fans have had about the last few years of For Better or for Worse and its ending. Namely by portraying the final canonical plotline about Liz's wedding as the delirious fantasy of a broken Elly Patterson while the webcomic's plot deals with what "really" happened, mostly from Liz's perspective.
    • Foobar is a Fix comic that assumes that the new-runs are the result of a magic spell Elly cast immediately after Liz's wedding in order to fix everything that she thinks went wrong with her life; the problem is that the characters born before 1979 also have their 2008 personalities in their 1981 bodies leaving the rest to fend for themselves in an adult-free 2010. Both factions are communicating by April's ability to time travel and are trying to resist this.
      • The strip is celebrating the transition to straight reprints by having April and the other characters call Elly out and forcing her to send them back to their 2010 lives. Elly agrees to this because she realizes that she can't actually change the past to any great extent. The end result is that while the other characters use the insights they derived from the change to better themselves, Elly, who is at this point been divorced for six months, is more or less isolated, having learned precisely nothing except that she was destined to be a housewife. Eventually, public discussion of the time warp leaves her trapped in her own body, endlessly replaying the past.
    • Finally, a group of bloggers have written unofficial continuations of the monthly letters that used to appear on the website called The New Retcons; the final development is Elly Patterson's death as the result of a bungled attempt to murder John by a third party; the logic behind that is the strip is going into straight reprints because Elly is dead and we're seeing her life flash before our eyes.
      • One of those bloggers went on to write The Unauthorized Liography of the Patterson Family, and while more a backstory fic, the ending falls squarely under Fix Fic. Michael realizes he's become Elly, seeks therapy, and becomes a Cool Old Guy, Liz realizes she made a mistake marrying Anthony, divorces (with Therese, of all people acting as her attorney), and marries Warren, April reconciles with her siblings, and John and Elly...die within minutes of each other from bad eating habits. Hey, for the fans, that was an improvement.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Of the few The Children's Hour fanfics that exist, almost all of them make Karen break open Martha's bedroom door a few seconds earlier, which in turn has Martha's suicide failing. Angsty romance may follow. (Un)Natural is one example.
  • A fair amount of The Favourite fanfiction has Queen Anne not believe or pardon the accusations of money embezzlement that Abigail leveled at Sarah, thus allowing Sarah to remain at court. Particularly idealistic fics may follow with Sarah and Abigail becoming very Vitriolic Best Buds and maybe lovers. A good (and SFW) example of this is a glorious triptych.
  • Jurassic World fanfiction often produces stories where the Indominus Rex became a heroic character. One example is It's not the Raptor DNA, in which Indominus Rex is recognized as sapient in the middle of her rampage, giving her a chance to recover and redeem herself.
  • Star Wars Fix Fic that's actually fanfiction is practically a genre unto itself.
    • A number of fix fics purport to do a better job of making the prequel trilogy justifiably fit into continuity better than George did himself: The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster, a story presented essentially as Darth Vader's personal journal during the events of the original trilogy (making a number of references to the prequels) and the short, almost essay-length A New Sith or Revenge of the Hope: Reconsidering Star Wars IV in the light of I-III.
    • After The Thrawn Trilogy came out, and books following that were...less well regarded, fanficcers developed a mini-genre of "Zahn fixes," such as "How Timothy Zahn Could Fix This Mess," versions One and Two. It's still going post-New Jedi Order, with How Zahn Could Fix This Mess II. The general theme seems to be shunting everything into an Alternate Universe or bad dream.
    • Sidereal and Tyranny Reborn are Fix Fics where the author explicitly states that they are AU according to how he wanted the franchise to go and specifically named Dark Empire, the Jedi Academy trilogy (which these stories are specifically to override), New Jedi Order, Dark Nest, and Legacy of the Force as what he was avoiding. (Sidereal begins five weeks after the end of The Thrawn Trilogy.) This one from a different author is more of a straight AU, but has a specific point that it takes off from (right after The Truce at Bakura) and goes in an intentionally far different direction from the profic. (In general both authors seem to reject the idea of Luke Skywalker, "tame Jedi.")
    • Phantom Menace: The Unauthorized Rewrite is the first in a series of three attempts by a fan to squash the prequel trilogy into a more palatable substance in novel form. Read: No Jar-Jar, no Midi-Chlorians, no 14-year-old elected Queens and no wee Anakin staring wide-eyed at anything and everything. It's pretty dark with a major focus on Dooku and pre-cyborg Grievous even in the first volume. The sequel is even darker, rewriting Attack of the Clones to include blood, gore, even sex.
    • Star Wars: Cerulean retcons the events of the Revenge of the Sith film: Bly disobeyed Order 66 and instead of killing Aayla Secura, he just faked her death. Part 1, prequel.
    • Legacy of the Sith is a fanfic series that replaces the last two books of the New Jedi Order and continues on afterwards, with the premise being that Anakin Solo was not killed by the Yuuzhan Vong but rather captured and brainwashed, and has just managed to escape. It wraps up the NJO in a manner largely reminiscent of the canon (though with different characters filling different specific roles) and then goes in a wildly divergent course. It's awesome.
    • There was a short fic in Russian (a translation to English exists) about how the events of the Naboo occupation were distorted when the First Episode was made (due to Historical Hero Upgrade, Rule of Cool, and certain other things featured on this site). Instead of a pointless dispute over taxing a remote world, for example, you have a dispute over a very profitable drug trade, Watto was ready to accept dataries, but only in cash, and the Federation droids didn't shut down... actually, they defeated the Gungans right when the station blew up, and simply received no pursuit orders.
    • Another fix it fic for the prequels is Before the Dark Times that fix alot of the prequels screw ups on not fitting in with the OT canon wise in certain regards, actually had Obi-Wan and Anakin's relationship as brothers, no Jar-Jar, no Midi-Chlorians among other things.
    • The Sith Resurgence is a Sequel Trilogy rewrite that discards of most of the trilogy's contentious content (such as most of the twists, the similarities to the Original Trilogy, much of the established romantic storylines, potentially others) in favor of a more streamlined experience that differs as a result of the addition of new characters.
    • The Properties Of Redemption is a rare example of a Ben lives fic, only with a twist in both it being canon compliant (Ben is resurrected) as well as having Ben not end up with Rey, but Poe.
  • Emael Mosekhesailho is partially a fix fic for Star Trek: Nemesis, using a reconstruction to explain how the Military Coup against the Romulan government could've possibly succeeded. Among other things a Tal Shiar officer theorizes a massive conspiracy within the military and political establishment that's going to take years to unravel, and Shinzon avoids public appearances to hide the fact that he's human, and his service record as a Slave Mook during the Dominion War is made classified and hidden behind a firewall.

  • Animorphs:
  • Much of the Bridge to Terabithia fix fics have Leslie not dying, or as the fans call it, LDD, which stands for Leslie Didn't/Doesn't Die. [[Bridge to Terabithia 2: The Last Time further delves into Jess and Leslie's life as college pals before eventually getting married with children.
  • Harry Potter
  • These ones are also known in the His Dark Materials fandom, to bring Lyra and Will back together.
  • Les Misérables, as a story where almost every sympathetic named character dies by the end, has plenty of these. One common Fandom-Specific Plot of Les Mis fix-fics is the genre known as "Post-Seine", where the canon divergence is that Javert's suicide attempt, instead of succeeding as in canon, fails by Valjean's intervention; an example of this genre is A Reflection of Starlight.
  • The Redwall series has quite a few Fix Fics dedicated to reviving Rose, Martin's love interest. Some try hard to keep it within Canon and provide a legitimate reason for her being Only Mostly Dead. A Mask and a Song is an example of such a story.
  • From the Inheritance Cycle, we have the 'A dance of Shadow and Light' series by Ocadioan, which seems to fall right into this trope with The beginnings of the Shadow, where Islanzadi gets to live and Eragon and Arya's relationship troubles finally gets resolved. It is then ultimately subverted by the second story, where all the little changes done in the first story proves to bring quite horrible results for Alagaësia as a whole. Especially for the protagonists. Oh, and did we mention that the male protagonist is ultimately revealed to be a Sociopathic Hero that is also The Unfettered and a Manipulative Bastard to boot?
  • Twilight:
    • There is Luminosity, which fixes Twilight, period. Utilizing a simple What If? scenario where Bella was "derailed" into a more rational, thinking person turned much of the Hatedom of one of the most divisive modern literary works into fans. Many readers should be warned that reading this fic might make them sympathetic to the actual franchise.
    • Similar to Luminosity was Sunspot, written by raxistaicho of Das Sporking, though he has since deleted it from the Internet. Though it was, in fact, a bashfic, the canon characters got off surprisingly easy since the focus was not on them but on an organization of Vampire Hunters who are much better written and actually sympathetic, complex characters, note  and the author’s past as a sporker allowed him to notice and fix many issues the canon has. It’s also much more action-packed than canon.
  • The classic 1950's short story The Cold Equations (immortalized as a Trope Namer) has inspired more than one Fix Fic – one recent example is "The Cold Solution" by Don Sakers, which provides a razor-sharp solution to getting rid of the necessary mass.
  • Warriors:
    • Warriors Redux revamps the first arc from the ground up. It makes the characters more cat-like, fixes genetically inaccurate designs, diversifys the Clans, and completely redoes the lore. It also fixes plot issues, such as Rusty ignoring his twolegs after being asked to join a Clan, Rusty getting into a fight and winning against a seasoned warrior (instead Rusty's owner removed his collar and Rusty was voted into ThunderClan), and Bluestar being Mistyfoot and Stonefur's mother (which was felt as a contrived element added onto an already convoluted plot).
    • Warriors Rewrite is a rewrite of the series. Amongst other changes, it changes the Warrior Code (for example, the ban on Cross-Clan relationships is not present), emphasises and changes relationships, expands the culture of the Clans, and adds more LGBT characters.
    • The Fire Has Burnt Out is a rewrite starring Sandstorm instead of Firestar. It aims to improve the general world of Warriors, add proper genetics, and fix things that annoy the AU's creator.
  • Earth's Children:
    • Broud's Destiny by Stephanie is a Pseudocanonical Fic. Broud gradually becomes more mature and tries to be a good leader, especially after he meets a young widow from the Others who is utterly unlike Ayla, and they feel compelled by the spirits, as well as by circumstances, to be together. It also fixes the "Ayla's clan are all dead/The Clan will die out" business by showing how the Clan as a whole, and Ayla's adoptive family, will survive through joining their destinies with some of the Others.
  • "The Sun Shone on Venus", by Ravenbell is a sequel to Ray Bradbury's tragic "All Summer in a Day", tying in another important element of Bradbury's Venus. The author explains here how she created the story, which she does not see as a Fix Fic, just a sequel.
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries qualifies toward the end. At the time Pride and Prejudice was written, Lydia marrying George Wickham was the best possible ending for her, as otherwise she'd be seen as "tainted" and never be able to marry someone better. By moving the story to modern times, Diaries gets rid of that problem, and she splits up with George for good. Also, Bing isn't quite so Easily Forgiven for dumping Jane just because his friend told him to.
  • Right Behind, a community devoted to fixing and expanding Left Behind.
  • The Storm Dragons is a well-written fanfic series presenting the world of Inheritance Cycle from the perspective of a family of Dragons, the titular storm dragons, and from Galbatorix. Turns the canon series on its head, and worth a read at least once.
  • Subverted in Ward Peggy Sue fanfiction Warp (per Word of God). Although she certainly wants to avert future tragedies, Victoria wasn't one of the key players in the novel "Warp" is a sequel to, which means her capability to influence events and her knowledge thereof is limited.
  • One fix for The Silmarillion is to ship Túrin with Finduilas, which would prevent the whole Surprise Incest plot. Finduilas already loves Túrin, so the fix is if Túrin returns that love. Of Turin And Finduilas makes that fix.
  • Many fans dissatisfied with Susan Pevensie's fate at the end of The Chronicles of Narnia have written continuation stories about her life after Narnia. C.S. Lewis himself encouraged this by saying that Susan's story was not finished yet. When the film adaptations in the 2000s came out, music videos on YouTube were common. One notable, using a mixture of clips from the Narnia films, Labyrinth and Titanic (1997) - depicted an elderly Susan with an imaginative granddaughter who helped her rediscover her Narnian memories. It ended with Susan dying in her sleep but joining her siblings in Aslan's Country.

    Live-Action TV 
  • There are a pair of fixfics focused on fixfic-ing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer by exploring the premise of Xander wearing an Obi-Wan Kenobi costume during the Halloween episode, not a soldier costume. Example: Part 1 and Part 2. (Part 2 is a work in progress).
    • There's a Buffyverse fixfic listed on the Fan Fic Recommendations page, I Am What I Am, wherein Xander wears a different Halloween costume, and really is able to fix everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything, because he has the memories of a 97-year-old Xander who remembers almost everything bad that happened to any of the Buffyverse characters.
    • There are dozens of fanfics that fix the death of Tara Maclay. Difficult to Fight Against Anger is a two-part alternate ending to season six, where Tara Maclay lives. It still manages to be Darker and Edgier, though, as Tara is instead raped by Warren Mears.
  • One fic changed some of the events of season 3, so that Wesley and Giles were in a relationship and Wesley tried to help Faith instead of having the council take her away; though he did ask them for help, they were a lot more civil about it. Played With a bit, since it actually seemed like Faith would accept their help, but it was just an act and she ended up working for Mayor Wilkins anyway. Although, Wesley actually chose to stay in Sunnydale instead of deciding to go back to England (and ending up in LA.)
  • Doctor Who:
    • A blog once rewrote the entire Colin Baker era in order to "correct" the influence of Eric Saward, whom the writers despised. Read what's been finished on this blog.
  • Firefly has many stories that undo Wash's death in the Big Damn Movie. Here's one of them.
    • Dyce's "Horseshoe Nail" series fixes both Book and Wash's deaths through the Butterfly Effect of Jayne becoming closer to River. Somehow it works.
    • There's also Forward, which also undoes Wash and Book's deaths, though in a much more straightforward Retcon.
  • ER fans who hate the way Doug Ross was written out will appreciate the story "One Candle Burns", in which he decides to join the Doctors Without Borders organization, thus providing a more palatable reason for his absence during Carol's pregnancy.
    • Another one written by a woman named Robin Jackson has him returning to Chicago after several months to open a clinic and reunite with Carol.
  • The Gossip Girl story 'Coming Home' is more of a continuation ignoring the epilogue. The only major difference is that Rufus does not date Lisa Loeb and instead gets back with Dan and Jenny's mother Alison.
  • Glee: Hunting the Unicorn is a Deconstruction Fic of the Kurt/Blaine relationship involving liberal amounts of Cerebus Retcons, Backstory, and Fridge Horror for Blaine — which turns him from a Relationship Sue into a severely damaged person who desperately needs a hug. The author mentions that if the writers had given Blaine less songs and more writing, his characterization could have been similar.
    • Glee The Virtual Season Four, from the same fandom, is written as a backlash to season three and takes some elements of the real season four while repairing some of the things it and preceding seasons did. For example, the mass ship sinking of "The Breakup" is averted; the characters still have their problems with separation and loneliness, but deal with it in other ways (some better than others).
  • Heroes: This Peter/Claude fan community has a bunch of Fan Fic that treats Peter Petrelli as a competent person while keeping the naivete and innocence that are an integral part of his character. Essentially, they make him a much more interesting character than canon has of late.
  • iCarly: Changing the end of several episodes:
    • iKiss: Carly and Freddie kiss and not Sam and Freddie. Or Sam doesn't actually like the kiss (in Carly/Sam works this usually leads to Sam realizing lesbian).
    • iSpeed Date: Freddie notices Sam and runs after her, not the actual ending with Carly and Freddie dancing after not noticing Sam.
    • iOMG: Adding a post-script which solves the cliff-hanger. Freddie gently letting down Sam then going after Carly or having Carly come after him, the same but with Carly going after Sam, or just having Freddie respond to Sam positively.
  • Kamen Rider has seen outright editing the footage to make the show be watched in chronological order... which leads to a very interesting experience, with a Kamen Rider show devoid of Riders for the first three episodes, a great deal of time put into character development and world building, and calling it Kamen Rider IXA.
  • The Our Miss Brooks fanfic, "The Reunion Assembly", dismisses the last season of the TV series (where Madison High School is suddenly torn down for a freeway, and Miss Brooks becomes a teacher at an L.A. private school) as All Just a Dream. [1]. This may be a unique case, as the writer used this trope to reconcile Canon Discontinuity. The concurrent radio series and the subsequent movie Grand Finale continued at Madison High as per usual.
  • Most "virtual sixth seasons" of Sliders follow Rembrandt as he earns a happy ending by separating Quinn and Mallory, freeing Colin from the vortex, and finishing off the Kromaggs for good.
    • This one story, "Slide Effects," has Quinn Mallory waking up to find time has been rewound to the Pilot, with only Quinn remembering sliding, and cheerfully resets the show to just after Season 2.
    • Another fix fic that doesn't just redo the show after season 2 (and can even count as a short virtual season 6) is Sliders Reborn by the same author as "Slide Effects". In which the author uses what was established in the show to explain how Quinn, Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt can all be reunited and how the Kromagg invasion of Earth prime can be undone.
  • A classic Star Trek example, fixing an apparent continuity glitch — in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Khan and Chekov recognize each other upon meeting. However, "Space Seed", the episode of Star Trek: The Original Series in which Khan appears, is a first season episode, and Chekov did not join the cast of the show until the second season. The semi-official retcon (not explained in any of the shows or movies, but widely propagated by producers and actors in convention appearances) is that Chekov was on the Enterprise at that time, he just wasn't part of the bridge crew yet and thus didn't appear on screen. A very funny fanfic distributed in print ('zines, photocopies, etc.) not long after the movie came out expands on that, envisioning Khan and Chekov bumping into each other in the bathroom.
  • A Whole New World basically undoes the events of the Boy Meets World series finale, but in a way that makes sense and explores things the original canon long since abandoned.
  • Taaroko's Buffy the Vampire Slayer does this to the Angel episode "Shells"; when Angel called Giles in an effort to get in contact with Willow to save Fred from Illyria's possession, Giles simply tells him that Willow can't be contacted because she's in the Himalayas on an astral plane, and flat-out refuses to help him at all after confirming Angel is still working for Wolfram & Hart. Here, Willow was captured by the agents of the latest threat at the same time Fred was infected by Illyria's essence, and was simply unable to help Angel save her either way.
  • Reimagined Enterprise devotes some episodes to resolving Continuity Snarls from the Star Trek canon, especially the guest episodes written by Thande.
  • The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs is an Alternate Universe Fic of Star Trek: Voyager that's partly meant as this. They start out by killing off Captain Janeway on page one, and rewrite a number of episodes with commentary.
  • Season 8 Redo rewrites the detested ending of That '70s Show The fic begins in the last quarter of season 7 and then rewrites the end of 7 before redoing season 8 and moving on in to season 9.
  • The Being To Timelessness fanfic series is an Alternate Universe Fic of David Tennant's tenure on Doctor Who from "School Reunion" onwards to depict how things would go if Rose and the Doctor formed a telepathic link. While most of the episodes stayed relatively the same (apart from changes made to accomodate Rose in the rewrites of series 3 and 4), the author strongly despises Steven Moffat's work and felt Moffat had no respect for the Doctor's relationship with Rose, and rewrote those stories to make the Doctor and Rose more in-characternote . Some episode rewrites also saved the lives of secondary characters who were killed in the original storiesnote  Martha's crush on the Doctor is eliminated thanks to the Doctor and Rose being married, so Martha's character moments are more emphasizing on her own strengths. Donna also keeps her memories at the end of "Journey's End" thanks to an alternate means of defeating Davros.
  • Love&Carbonite is a novel-length,100 plus chapter fic that fixed Aubrey and Jessica’s break up in the finale of Bones along with a few other loose ends. It’s by a pair of authors writing as Lachelle Nepper. One of the authors, mphs95, has an ongoing sequel called The Aubrey Chronicles that gives glimpses of later parts of the timeline.
  • An Empire of Ice and Fire is an AU for Game of Thrones in which Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen get together a lot earlier than in canon and end up becoming Emperor and Empress of the Seven Kingdoms. Additionally, later on in the fic, the author's goal extends towards fixing a lot of the problems with Season Seven and especially Season Eight- all Daenerys' dragons live to the end of the book, along with a lot more heroic characters, the Night's King doesn't end up being an Anti-Climax Boss, Bran Stark actually gets to do something with his Three-Eyed Raven powers, and Daenerys never undergoes a forced Face–Heel Turn.


    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000
    • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device is an interesting case of a Fix Fic that has two layers. On one hand, the series's main premise is the Emperor fixing the setting's in-universe's problems, like reforming the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition and redeeming Magnus the Red. On the other hand, the series also retcons, ignores, or at the very least makes fun of those aspects of the lore which are widely disliked by the fanbase. Characters considered to be Mary Sues, like Kaldor Draigo or the Ultramarines, are made more grounded or become comic relief, the Flanderization of the Chaos Gods is reversed (though the more nuanced take on Chaos is mostly provided by Magnus and Uriah, so take it with a grain of salt), and the more controversial aspects of new editions are disregarded or introduced in a different manner. More widely, the dynamic plot of the series was at least initially a response to the perceived unwillingness of Games Workshop to advance the setting's storyline, but as the new editions started to bring more plot developments, often similar to those introduced in the ''TTS''-verse, this is now a moot point.
    • Tales of the Emperasque is an older take on the same concept as TTS. It can be summed up as "God Emperor hijacks a body of a giant lizard and goes on to fix everything wrong with the 'verse and save the Imperium". Awesome ensues.

  • You have, back in the 17th century, Nahum Tate rewriting King Lear to give it a happy ending, keeping Cordelia alive and marrying her off to Edgar. (Incidentally, Tate's version was incredibly popular; it kept Shakespeare's original off the stage for decades.)
  • In 1611 John Fletcher wrote The Woman's Prize, or the Tamer Tamed, a sequel to The Taming of the Shrew in which the gender tables are turned and Petruchio the "tamer" is "tamed" by his second wife Maria.
  • A lot of Spring Awakening fans fix Moritz's death by having him walk Ilse home instead of staying and shooting himself. Unfortunately for fans who want to fix the other death in the musical, it's really hard to "fix" a botched abortion.
    • A few have fixed this as well by having Wendla realize the danger she's in and flee before the procedure can be performed.
  • Wicked:
    • Post-musical Verse fics make sure Fiyero is turned human again (often without explanation) as fast as possible are pretty common.
    • Fics where Glinda and Elphaba are reunited are a dime a dozen.
  • Gregory Austin McConnell created one for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  • Many Hadestown fanfics are built around Orpheus and Eurydice reuniting in some way. Some simply have Orpheus not turn around at the end, or run with the idea of the story being retold by having the characters be aware of and break the endless loops, allowing them to be happy. Post-canon Hades/Persephone reconciliation fics tend to include Hades bending the rules so Orpheus and Eurydice can reunite, while others have them reunite after Orpheus dies like in some versions of the myth.

    Video Games 
  • Jonathan Joestar, The First Jojo fixes most of the problems that plagues its source material. Such as making Jonathan more prominent in the story, and featuring more interactions between characters that didn't have much screentime together.
  • Final Fantasy VII also houses many of those, often with some time travel and centering on Cloud. Some of them can be very entertaining as they explain it with quantum mechanics, didn't forget any characters somewhere and threw in a reference to the Revolutionary Knitting Circle for extra flavour.
  • Fan-made remakes of older PC games sometimes do this. Among the more notable examples are AGD Interactive's remakes of King's Quest II and King's Quest III. Besides expanding on the plot, characterizations, and backstories of both games, which were made at a time when technological limitations simply did not allow for much by the way of storytelling, they also fill in the plot hole of who imprisoned Valenice in the first place and why, explain how Graham knew about lifting the curse on the winged horse, and provide a way for Alexander to learn about what happens to Manhannan's slaves, among others. Most ambitiously, in both games they gave the foundations for a Myth Arc spanning the entire King's Quest series and explaining why Daventry's royal family had such a knack for getting on the bad side of evil magic-users.
  • Thanks to the feelings of many gamers towards the ending, Mass Effect 3 is starting to have many fics that are trying to fix this problem. They tend to either throw out the controversial last decision, keep it but allow EDI and the geth to survive the Destroy Ending, or rework much of the story.
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash has been receiving several alternate fan tellings, in order to have the game better align with the first three in the series and suggest fixes to the gameplay. One such example is Director's Cutout, featuring more unique designs among the Toads and some Goombella cameos.
  • There's one fic out there for Persona 3 that does this - but from a gameplay standpoint, it actually makes sense. After finishing the game, a New Game+ option appears, allowing you to keep your level, Persona Compendium, all items and social stats - but forcing the player to stay on the rails when all they really want to do is change what they know is going to happen. Of course, opinions vary, but all in all the "Fixed" elements were handled quite well. Shinji is saved, though it is explicitly mentioned that the side effects of his medication mean he will die within a year. Minato lives by holding back Erebus with the combined power of his social links, though he mentions he doesn't know if that will hold back The Fall forever.
  • There are already several fics out there that "fix" the ending of Portal 2 in which Wheatley is either not sent out into space, or brought back to Earth some time after the game's end, Such as Blue Sky.
  • A common sore spot for many players of Undertale is that one character is Doomed by Canon, turning the Golden Ending somewhat bittersweet. The fact that Asriel will turn back into Flowey and lose all memories and emotions of the people who love him at the end of the Pacifist Run has left more than a few people upset. Thus, there are multiple Fix Fics, including A Dreamer Reborn, where the player character goes back to save them. Some fan writers also save the first Fallen Child (i.e. “Chara”) bringing them back to life with their own body and soul and able to interact with the rest of the cast. This is usually done either for shipping purposes, or to call out people who bash the character. (The reasons for which are too complicated to go over in detail here.) Often the fics won’t even explain how Asriel and Chara were restored to life at all, but it just happened before the first chapter.
    • Though most fanfic writers who want a happy ending will set their Continuation Fics in the True Pacifist timeline, some have tried their best effort at salvaging the events after the Genocide Route, undoing the Soulless Pacifist Ending if at all possible. Of these, the longest and most thought-out is Betrayed,note  which was ironically enough labeled a Crack Fic by its own author in the first chapter’s notes. But don’t be fooled, it takes the subject matter with all the gravity it deserves, and not only does the story avoid Deus ex Machina all the way through, but the heroes aren’t even able to begin to fix things until they go through a whole train of soul-searching and acknowledgment of the fatal flaws that got them into this mess in the first place. It also allows for the possibility that some things really are unfixable in an alternate ending.

Visual Novels

  • Several Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony fanfics, such as I'd Trade My Life For Yours and Three-Point Shot often have Kaede Akamatsu survive the first chapter; the former does this by having Shuichi be convicted of the murder in her stead and the latter does this by having Shuichi discover that the shot put couldn't have hit Rantaro, enabling him to expose the true murderer.
  • felix-the-judge's fangame Home is this for Off. It basically retells the game from the point of view of the Judge, who makes sure that the events of the original game turn out better by preventing the Batter from killing the Guardians. Instead, the Judge "cures" the Guardians (driving a spectre out of Dedan to make him friendly and reasonable, splitting Valerie and Japhet without killing either of them, etc) and frustrates the Batter at every turn. It's best symbolized by the title screen: where Off has a big red X, Home has a big green plus sign.
    • In the newer versions, the entire plot was rewritten to be more close to the original. The guardians die and the world gets purified, but the Judge saves Hugo from the Batter, so he revives everybody.
  • Gaige's ECHO Logs, a Borderlands 2 Script Fic, is a downplayed example. It hews extremely closely to canon, but still makes an effort to smooth out a few of the plotholes in the original. The most obvious would be the question of why, if the Vault Hunters all had their action skills in the opening cinematic, they had to level up and learn them again (their ECHO devices were destroyed, and they had to get new ones). The author later did a companion story which explains why Krieg wasn't present in the story until the events of the Tiny Tina DLC (which confirms that all six Vault Hunters are together in a group).
  • The Command & Conquer fanfic Tiberium Wars was written more or less as a Fix Fic aimed not at the game itself, but at the official Novelization. Even though its not even past the first act of the game thus far, the general consensus among the readers is that it has well surpassed the actual novel.
    • Surpassing the novel itself isn't really that much of an achievement, considering how stupid and awful it was. Some people are speculating, though, that this fic could surpass the game.
  • Final Fantasy VII fanfic The Fifth Act is a Fix Fic with Cloud accidentally time-traveling to fix the events of Crisis Core. While Cloud is a borderline Villain Protagonist in his quest to kill the currently innocent Sephiroth for his future crimes he accidentally saves Genesis, Angeal and Zack on the way, becomes a Soldier First Class and give his past self some needed advice and confidence boost.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening fanfic Pretender addresses things that the video game Hand Waves for things never explained in story, such as Chrom never noticing that Robin had Plegian-style robes and had the mark of Grima on their hand. In fic, Chrom takes the time to study the marks on Robin's hand and clothes and finds out Robin's origins long before The Reveal.
  • The Kantai Collection fan work Pacific: World War II U.S. Navy Shipgirls averts a lot of things the source material is plagued with, in particular flat characters and Excuse Plot. It even explores elements that were Out of Focus in the original game such as giving the fairies in-depth personalities and traits.
  • In the Kingdom Hearts fandom, The Reluctant Father Universe has Xion (the author's favorite character) get a promotion to a full member of Organization XIII. Even the author admits that this derails the plot, but he felt like she needed a break.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Originally, in Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog fell into the Earth's atmosphere and "died" after fighting the Biolizard with Sonic's help. Since then, Eggman resurrected Shadow, who'd develop amnesia, and even went far as to develop Shadow androids to confuse Shadow, and in turn, the player. So, one fanfic author developed two fanfics explaining the alternate ending where Sonic actually saves Shadow from falling into the Earth. That way, Shadow won't be able to whine, complain, and mope about his past, instead vowing to protect Sonic and friends as his new friends, while Eggman doesn't build the Shadow androids at all to confuse Shadow and the player. The first fanfic takes place through Shadow's perspective, while the second takes place through Cream's perspective, to explain Cream the Rabbit's addition to the story.
    • The same author wrote an alternate version of the same story in Sonic Adventure to correct the problems with not only Sonic's character-development, but also every other Sonic character, including Big the Cat as well as two new additions, Cream and Rouge. The fic is told through Sonic, Cream, and Rouge's perspectives, similar to Sonic Adventure's multiple-perspective storyline. In the alternate version, each character goes through a moment of development; Sonic struggles to learn what it means to rely on friends just as much as to protect them, while Cream learns the value of growing-up and protecting the people she cares for, and Rouge becomes more of an honorable thief with compassion for all life.
    • Making Sonic Forces Again is a rewrite video of Sonic Forces where the plot is rewritten in an attempt at improving it.
  • This short Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time fan fiction attempts to explain Penelope's utterly nonsensical Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome by having her complete change in personality caused by brainwashing from contact with Clockwerk's eye.
  • The Star Trek Online Foundry mission "Divide ut Regnes", for the infamous official storyline mission "Divide et Impera". It uses a Stable Time Loop to explain why Admiral Zelle is still standing motionless in Admiral T'nae's office after the Undine impersonating her uses you to get her into a Romulan medical facility to Kill and Replace its commander, and Mind Control to explain the more-blatant-than-usual Railroading. It also does some Arc Welding, incorporating little details from other missions' briefings to make the rather disjointed storyline hang together better.e.g. 
  • The Final Fantasy X comic Guardian centers around Lulu's backstory and takes the opportunity to either explain or alter things that didn't make much sense in the game. Lulu's unusual fashion sense is explained by being born on a snowy island before moving to Besaid, Chappu's "likeness" to Tidus is shown when he gets an Important Haircut to join the Crusaders, and Lulu staring as a level one mage despite twice being a guardian is due to her Heroic BSoD after Ginnem's death. Additionally, Yuna never loses her "goodbye" sphere, as the author dislikes the scene where Tidus hurls it from the airship.
  • Tectonic Divergence is this to World of Warcraft. This series takes in an Alternate Universe where Deathwing not only survives but gets reformed into turning back to Neltharion. The author is kinder to other dragons, too.
  • The Hours Verse is a series of Persona fics, changing the ending of Persona 3 so that the protagonist and Ryoji survive and covering the events of Persona 4 and Persona 5.
  • Pokémon: Only Flowers Fall is a one-shot that fixes a part of the end of Pokémon Sun and Moon that many disliked: Lillie forgiving Lusamine and traveling to Kanto with her. In the fic, Lillie has PTSD and Thicker Than Water does not apply to her here. She ends up cutting ties with her abusive mother.
  • An interesting example: There’s a three part series of fan level packs in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number that change the ending of the story- the Fans are not killed by the Son and end up freeing Jacket and taking down both the Russian Mafia and 50 Blessings.
  • ''Kyrat Zindabad'' serves as an alternative ending for Far Cry 4 for all those fans who were unhappy with the sheer level of Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy caused by the Multiple Endings. Ajay kills Pagan Min, instead of letting him escape and be a Karma Houdini, kills Amita to prevent her from becoming just another Pagan, and reveals that he did not kill Sabal on her orders. Later on, he finds out from a reformed Sabal that he is in fact a legitimate descendant of Kyrat's last king, and promptly uses that authority to get Bhadra released from Durgesh Prison. Ajay finally is crowned The Good King of Kyrat, and promises to undo the atrocities that Pagan Min carried out upon its people.

    Web Comics 
  • Archie Sonic Online is a fan continuation of the original continuity of Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics), before the unfortunate circumstances that led to the series being rebooted.
    • Knuckles: Endangered Species is a three-part miniseries, reimagining the events of issues 244-246, the last three parts of the actual Endangered Species. In the original, the last three parts were heavily rewritten to have a majority of characters created by Ken Penders to just disappear from the storyline and never seen again. So in essence, this is a Rewrite of a Rewrite.
  • Red Dead Virgo wasn't this originally, but for a time became this after certain events in the canon. To quote the author: "Stay tuned for updates to the RDV-verse, where everything is actually pretty fucking happy and functional and sane. Who woulda thunk!"
  • Girl Genius fanfic Well Met at Mechanicsburg revolves around Barry joining forces with Klaus more than a decade prior to the canon storyline and in doing so manages to fix pretty much everything while addressing major plot points and relationships from the canon story.
  • Summerteen Romance is this In-Universe in the Paradox Space story of the same name, also for Homestuck. Unusually, this is lampshaded in ways that are both funny and... not funny.
  • Five Years Later is this primarily for two series the creator finds to have been mistreated by their networks and creators: Danny Phantom and Ben 10. Both series are given a chance to continue and expand themselves in ways they were not allowed. A third series, Invader Zim is also intended for a similar purpose, but its role was reduced after Enter the Florpus was announced as the series was considered less needing of fixing.

    Web Original 
  • Belated Media has the three-part series What If the Star Wars Prequels were Good?, an in-depth reimagining of the Star Wars prequels designed to fix some of their most criticized elements (complete with drawings to show what it might have looked like). In particular, Michael criticizes the Prequel Trilogy's excessive Call Forwards and over-reliance on Original Trilogy characters, and argues that the movies suffered from a general lack of tension because they revolved around a Foregone Conclusion. To remedy that, R2-D2, C-3PO and Chewbacca are nowhere to be seen, Anakin doesn't don the classic black armor, Palpatine doesn't proclaim himself Emperor, and Padmé actually lives until the end. To elaborate:
    • The Phantom Menace: Obi-Wan takes a much more active role in the plot as the protagonist, he and Padmé have a Will They or Won't They? dynamic reminiscent of Han and Leia, and he's something of a hothead who gets tired of peacetime and wants to prove himself as a warrior. Anakin is aged up to a young adult, he's a first-time podracer who gets pushed into a race by Qui-Gon as a ploy to test his latent Force powers, and he doesn't take part in the final battle. Plus, Jar-Jar isn't in the movie, Yoda is only mentioned, and Darth Maul survives to the end.
    • Attack of the Clones: Owen Lars is a major supporting character (portrayed as a Badass Normal space pilot in Padmé's employ), Padmé is the Queen of Alderaan instead of the Queen of Naboo, Bail Organa is Padmé's brother, Palpatine is a high-level Senate bureaucrat who heads the Jedi Council, Count Dooku is a sympathetic Well-Intentioned Extremist who rebels against the Republic and the Jedi because he knows that they're controlled by the Sith, Anakin is portrayed as Obi-Wan's more charismatic foil, the plot hints at a romantic rivalry between the two over Padmé's affections, the Clone Wars start with the Sith assassinating leaders on both sides to provoke a conflict, there's no side-plot about Obi-Wan hunting down the secret Clone Army, Obi-Wan gets to have a personal rematch with Darth Maul in an attempt to avenge Qui-Gon (though Maul escapes), and the movie ends with Dooku choosing to die as a martyr as the Clone Army bombs his stronghold.
    • Revenge of the Sith: Anakin and Padmé's secret marriage happens offscreen (making it a surprise when they're revealed to be a couple), we actually see Grievous' kidnapping of Palpatine, Grievous is a truly dangerous warrior (á la Star Wars: Clone Wars), and Darth Maul dies on Grievous' flagship in place of Dooku. At the climax, Obi-Wan's friendship with Anakin collapses when Anakin discovers that Obi-Wan only trained him to fulfill a promise to Qui-Gon, and Anakin gets booted from the Jedi Order for killing Darth Maul, only for Palpatine to appoint him the new leader of the Jedi Council. In the end, there's a full-on battle on Mustafar preceding the climactic duel, where a power-mad Anakin purposely sends most of the Jedi to their deaths by making them serve as cannon fodder. Afterwards, Obi-Wan lies to Padmé and tells her that Anakin died in battle, and Owen personally offers to raise Padmé's child away from the chaos of war. Yoda also never battles Palpatine; he and Obi-Wan simply go into hiding to wait for the right moment to strike back at the Sith-controlled Republic.
  • RWBY:
    • Youtuber adel aka has a series of videos where he completely rewrites characters arcs in order to fix them of any issues he sees with them. There's also no romance because it's felt that the romantic plots drag down the series.
    • Breaking The Chains fixes the Blake vs Adam scene in Volume 6 so that it involves Weiss instead of Yang. This is a "fix" because the writer felt that it fit Blake, Weiss, and Adam's arcs better that way and that it was a missed opportunity that Weiss never met Adam considering his SDC brand.
    • Fixing RWBY is a web series where one man describes how he'd rewrite the show in order to improve upon it.
    • The video series RWBY Alternate is an attempt at revamping the series from the ground up.
    • REMNANTS is a rewrite project that retools and reworks the series.
    • RWBY: Scars is a Darker and Edgier complete rewrite of the series.
  • SCP Foundation has SCP-3922 which will subject any film a copy of it comes in contact with to this, turning that copy into a version where an army of technologically advanced soldiers interrupt the story to stop all illegal activities and punish all criminals. It tends to go a bit Knight Templar with it.
  • While mostly still a parody, Sword Art Online Abridged is noted for not hesitating to play some of the original show's dramatic and emotional scenes completely straight, and even trying to ADD weight to them in some cases as well as rewriting some plot points purely to remove perceived plot holes and characterization inconsistencies.
  • Worm: Several stories often feature Taylor's bullies getting their just desserts.
  • The You Tube Channel Angelo di Carpio has several "Hyperreal Evolution" videos that show what famous musicians and entertainers who died - often those who died young and are part of The 27 Club - would look like if they were to live longer. These videos show morphing photographs which after a certain point in history - often the death of the subject - will be speculative age-enhanced photos. Some of the videos, such as the ones for Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Jim Morrison, will show the subject's photo waver or blink, or even have a shadow over the face, to signify a diverging timeline. The ending can be a Tear Jerker when the person dies and the words "Sorry. I was just imagining" appear.

    Western Animation 
  • There are a few fanfics of the Arthur episode, "Arthur's Big Hit", where both Arthur and D.W. get punished for their actions, as opposed to just Arthur. One in particular removes the massive Broken Aesop, has Binky tell Arthur why hitting him would be wrong instead of actually hitting him, and has D.W actually learn her lesson and make a sincere apology to Arthur.
  • Some Codename: Kids Next Door fan fics portray the Splinter Cell being an actual villain organization bent on ridding the world of all adults instead of being cover-up for the GKND, either with the GKND still coincidentally in existence, or removing the GKND entirely. The KND Splinter Cell's nature and motives vary depending on the author writing the fanfic. One example is titled Operation SPLINTER CELL. Funnily enough, when the show's creator tried to pitch a sequel series years later, the proposed plot was that the GKND turned out to be a villain organization that wishes to rid the universe of adults.
  • A few episodes of The Fairly OddParents have recieved alternate endings or rewrites, such as "Information Stupor Highway", "Movie Magic" and "Vicky Gets Fired".
  • The Loud House: Lincoln Gets Limber has a downplayed example. While the fanfic is about Lincoln joining a gymnastics class because he discovers he likes the sport but hides it from most of his family and friends out of fear of mockery, Chapter 59 reveals that the extremely controversial parts of "No Such Luck" (the family locking Lincoln out of the house, not believing him when he told the truth that he wasn't bad luck, and forcing him to wear the squirrel suit when they thought it canceled out his "bad luck") was nothing more than a really bad and traumatizing nightmare Lincoln had. After he woke up from the nightmare and confessed about lying that he was bad luck, his parents and sisters reveal that they knew the whole time (they were just excluding him from a few family activities to pressure him into confessing), and they reassure him they would have never done what their dream counterparts did to him.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The Pony POV Series isn't solely a Fix Fic, but the author typically does major edits with every new episode to integrate the canon into the story, in the process providing explanations that, in the universe of the fic, make perfect sense and actually explain a Plot Hole or two. For example, Rainbow Dash's behavior in "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" was the result of her trying to cover up/compensate for her Heroic BSoD resulting from how she handled Discord's Sadistic Choice.
    • A sort-of in-universe example occurs when Twilight ascends into Princess Amicitia, becoming the Alicorn of Friendship, Magic, and Happy Endings. As the personification of Happy Endings, her duty is to travel to various Crapsack Worlds throughout the multiverse and give mortal ponies the encouragement or inspiration they need to achieve their own happy endings, or to discreetly prevent terrible things from happening or Disaster Dominoes from being set in motion. Many of the "bad worlds" she repairs are from existing grimdark fanfictions written by other authors.
      • Cupcakes: Pinkie Pie's murderous insanity is explained as the result of her brain becoming infected by a parasprite larva hiding in a cupcake she ate after the events of "Swarm of the Century". Amicitia tells Gummy to knock the tray of cupcakes off the table, preventing Pinkie from eating any of them.
      • Sweet Apple Massacre: Right before Big Mac is about to torture and murder the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Amicitia reminds him how much he loves his little sister Apple Bloom, how he's always loved and protected his family, and that he would never do this if he was in his right mind. Horrified at what he's done, he frees them, leaving them terrified but unhurt and alive. Big Mac laments that his family will never forgive him, but Amicitia sets him down the path to redemption.
      • Lil Miss Rarity: Rarity briefly thinks of killing her cat Opal when it claws her face open, but Amicitia counters the thought and reminds her that even the best child can hurt their mother without meaning to, and calls Sweetie Belle to get out the first aid kit.
      • Pages Of Harmony: Amicitia convinces Twilight not to experiment on her friends because the knowledge she will gain isn't worth the price she and everyone else will pay for it. Twilight ends up getting therapy and moving back in with her parents, with support from her friends.
      • Rainbow Factory: In her fillyhood, Rainbow Dash discovers the horrors of the Rainbow Factory. With Amicitia's encouragement, she goes straight to Princess Celestia and tells her all about it, who dismantles the Factory and removes the majority of Cloudsdale's officials from power.
    • The Friendship is Magic fanfic Whisper explains the parasprite infestation in "Swarm of the Century", and Twilight's attempt to fix it going horribly awry, as the work of sabotage by the Great and Powerful Trixie, who wrongly blamed Twilight for an apparent curse (actually a case of poison joke) that spoiled Trixie's stage presence.
    • There are also a number of fanfics (and at least one fan comic) that try to end the events of "The Best Night Ever" on a less bittersweet note.
    • In a similar manner, there are a handful that try to address the minimal apology Twilight received at the end of "A Canterlot Wedding", which range from sweet (Post Nuptials) to dark (Faith and Doubt,).
    • My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic is a fix fic which also happens to be a Hate Fic, with the author trying to change the entire universe and its concepts to fit his ideas (for example, he absolutely hates the idea of friendship (the main concept of the FiM universe), and thinks that the power of belief is the strongest there is (whatever he means by that)). It's not a Troll Fic. The largely negative reception to the fic resulted in several Fix Fics of it (including Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship and My Brave Pony: Starfleet Nemesis), which revolve around deconstructing and "un-fixing" the changes made by Starfleet Magic while also fleshing out the original characters it introduced (who, to be frank, have very little in the way of actual character).
    • Similar to the Pony POV Series example listed above, the fix fic "No Hard Feelings" takes place right after the events of "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well", where the rest of the Mane Cast have a Jerkass Realization over how their plan to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson in humility ended up unintentionally hurting her feelings.
    • Cupcakes has created many, many alternate endings by fans who hated the ending. For good reason. It's popular to explain the entire events of the story as All Just a Dream of Pinkie's or Dashie's, have them be shocked and horrified, then have them comfort each other. The Light in the Darkness is perhaps the most beloved example.
    • The Conversion Bureau story Ten Minutes: Aftermath was written by Chatoyance as a response to the pro-human sentiments of the original story Ten Minutes, intentionally subverting the message of the original in order to fit the author's own work into her setting. It wasn't well received, however.
    • The TCB universe in general has received several kinds of Deconstruction Fics aimed at examining the Fridge Horror implications the original and its more "pro-conversion" spin-offs gloss over.
    • The Conversion Bureau: Not Just Ponies is a more conventional Fix Fic for the setting in the sense the idea is rewriting it into something without the Unfortunate Implications of the original, the Ron the Death Eater aspects many Conversion Bureau fics use, or the 'humans wipe out ponies.' The end result in the merger of the worlds is not an invasion, but a natural cataclysm neither side can stop, the ponies aren't forcing the transformation on anyone but humanity needs it to survive, technology is being preserved and modified so the humans can use it correctly in their new forms, and, as the title suggests, humans have far more options than just ponies and free choice of what they become. As a consequence of this, the PER and HLF are both Knight Templar groups who grossly misunderstand the true nature of situation. Overall, the setting has been very well received.
    • Today, Tomorrow, and Forever is about a loving mother, Derpy Hooves, having her daughter taken away by the Foal Protection Service for being unfit to care for a foal. This was too heartbreaking for many, so a different ending (''And Forever Together'') was written when it turned out the whole case was handled incorrectly, several ponies vouch for Derpy's qualifications as a parent, and they are reunited happily.
    • "Consequences – A Bad Apple Comedy of Justice" is two Fix Fics in one: The author saw Babs Seed as a bit of a Karma Houdini (right down to mentioning the trope name in his Author's Notes), so he wrote two short stories where Applejack intervenes shortly after Babs' Face–Heel Turn in the first, and a reformed Discord actually shows Babs the original episode in a dream for the second one.
    • "Light Born From Regret" is a Fix Fic to Siege of the Crystal Empire, primarily dealing with the common view of Radiant Hope being Unintentionally Unsympathetic and having a Lack of Empathy for anyone except Sombra. As the writer detests Fix Fics that are actually Accusation Fics in disguise, this is accomplished by having Hope, after all is said and done, simply having a Delayed Reaction and it hitting her exactly what she'd done, to the point of having nightmares about what she could have caused, and ultimately accepting like Sombra she has a lot to make up for, rather than being chewed out by other characters for it.
    • Many fans were not happy that Starlight Glimmer was Easily Forgiven at the end of the Season 5 finale. Some have taken it upon themselves to write fanfics where she receives proper comeuppance for her actions.
      • In Step Right In and Start Again, because of Starlight's tampering with the time spell in the original episode, she has trapped herself in a permanent time loop where every day she reappears in Twilight's castle with no memory of the previous day, awaiting her punishment from Twilight and the Mane Six. It got a fix fic in the form of Starting Over Again, where Twilight creates a magic crown for Starlight to wear that stores and retains her memories as she goes through each time loop. When she realizes that she is now immortal and will outlive every living thing in existence, Starlight devises a potion of eternal youth and gives it to her friends and the rest of Equestria to use. Everypony becomes an immortal alicorn, the races of Equestria explore and colonize the galaxy, and Starlight lives to the end of the universe with her friends, where her time loop is finally broken and she transforms into an alicorn like everyone else. The story ends with a new universe forming, with every character we know and love being present to watch it.
  • Post-Grand Finale, many Samurai Jack fanfics feature some way of Ashi coming back after getting erased from existence so she and Jack can be together, often with alternate timelines or universes, or even her soul somehow being reincarnated. One particular example is these comics which does it via a crossover with Rick and Morty. In short: Rick brings an Ashi from another dimension to Jack (and apologizes for the infamous April Fool's joke in which the unexpected airing of the third season premiere pre-empted Samurai Jack that night), and in return, Jack gives Rick the recipe for the Mulan Szechuan Dipping Sauce mentioned in "The Rickshank Redemption".
  • Some SpongeBob SquarePants fics fix the notoriously bad endings some later season episodes have (e.g. in "Breath Of Fresh Squidward", at Squidward's party, Patrick calls out SpongeBob for breaking Squidward's feelings and making him leave, resulting in SpongeBob being booted out. He goes and apologizes to Squidward (shocked by the electric fence again) for his actions at the party AND for his and Patrick's actions at the beginning of the episode. It ends with him and Squidward both going back to the party.). - There are fixes for "A Pal For Gary", "A Breath Of Fresh Squidward", "SpongeBob, You're Fired!","One Coarse Meal" and "Little Yellow Book".
  • Teen Titans fics that resurrect Terra after her Heroic Sacrifice are almost as endemic are those that inflict Die for Our Ship on her. After it's revealed that she actually was resurrected by unknown means, it changed into fixing what the author didn't like about that approach. One of them, part of the "Sanza Salazar Saga", has Terra revived by the actions of a group of villains, mostly so the Titans can get to her before she decides I Just Want to Be Normal like she did in the show.
    • Quite a few fix "Things Change" where Beast Boy is able to successfully convince her to come back to the team.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine:
    • There have been some alternate ending fanfics of the episode, "Duck and the Slip Coaches", where Emily gets a proper shed to sleep in when Duck is staying at Tidmouth Sheds for the night. One in particular has Emily sleep in James' spot at Tidmouth Sheds, giving the latter Laser-Guided Karma for stealing Duck's idea about using Slip Coaches and bumping the Slip Coaches.
    • Fanfiction author Hufflepuff Batboy (formerly ThomasAngryBirds and Shimmering Sparkles) has a whole Thomas & Friends fanfiction series known as Railway Series Evolution. Half of the stories are devoted to re-writing episodes from the later seasons. Examples of fixes include putting a different character in the main role (i.e. Henry instead of Edward in the infamous "Edward Strikes Out"), making accidents the faults of humans instead of engines (i.e. having a haughty driver cause Thomas to go off prematurely in "Wonky Whistle" instead of Thomas doing it on his own volition), and even re-writing Thomas and the Magic Railroad with a better origin for Lady, relegating Diesel 10 to a secondary antagonist role, introducing a new, nastier villain, replacing Splatter and Dodge with pre-existing characters 'Arry and Bert, and replacing Mr. Conductor with a human character named Mr. Brenner (a tribute to then-current series head writer, Andrew Brenner). He also gave pre-existing HiT-era characters fleshed-out origins, such as having Emily be #4 on the Sodor and Mainland Railway (one of the North Western Railway's constituents), making Paxton and Sidney replicas, making Dennis and Neville experimental Bulleid designs tested on Sodor, and having Belle be one of the eight engines who subbed for the original eight in "The Eight Railway Engines".
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 7 was so hated by the fans, one of them even took the initiative to rewrite an entire screenplay, aptly titled "Voltron Season 7 Fix It Script".
  • Adventure Time:
    • Her Loyal Friend, an Adaptational Alternate Ending of the infamous "Red Throne" episode that rerails Finn from a love-maniac who would flirt with his ex at every opportunity to annoying levels into a hero who would do anything to help his girl, even if he must put aside his feelings for her. They end up getting back together at the end.
    • Exceptional Beasts, a fic that not only fleshes out Finn and Huntress Wizard's relationship between and during the events of certain episodes ("Flute Spell", "The Wild Hunt" and "Seventeen") but also gives them both a romantic closure, something that the Grand Finale lacked and ended upsetting a lot of fans. Even the author admitted that it was their own way of giving them both closure after the finale. It even got a sequel.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    "I think both Katara and Aang deserve better than each other. So I am making my own fic to make the ending more palatable to myself and hopefully you guys too!"
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy has It smelled like an Ed, at least, an Adaptational Alternate Ending for the much-maligned episode "If It Smells Like an Ed".
  • The Fairly OddParents:
    • A Lonely Girl tries to fix the episode "Just the Two of Us" by changing Trixie's personality to be more in-line with her pre-flanderization one (with Trixie's persona being a just an act and her having Hidden Depths behind her rich "popular girl" image). Instead of freaking out because Timmy's the only one around to adore her, she freaks out because she and Timmy are the only people left. Her asking Timmy to tell her she's pretty is a self-esteem boost.
    • The All New Fairly OddParents! is seen as one towards seasons 9 and 10 of the original show, due to the author's dissatisfaction of the direction that the original series took in those seasons, and goes back to the roots of the earlier seasons while also giving attention to plotlines that haven't been used by the show in years.
  • Frankie Rules, a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends fic set after an 8-year Time Skip, features fixes for some less-than-popular episodes of the series (for example, the events of "The Little Peas" are revealed to be a wild rumor started by Bloo, and in the final chapter Frankie gets even with Goofball John McGee from "Impostor's Home for Make-Em-Up Pals"). There's also a prequel by the same author that makes amends for one of Madame Foster's most controversial actions.
  • Infinity Train
    • Down And Out: In response to the ending of "The New Apex", wherein Simon dies from having his soul sucked out by a Ghom. Here, Grace is stated to have saved him at the last second, which allows him one final chance to work for redemption.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes The Movie: Misery Loves Company: The author describes the story as being intended to give the show a more satisfying ending that expands upon the setting and repairs many of the mistakes of Season 2, such as undoing Beezy's sudden breakup with Saffi and retconning several controversial plot points used in Season 2 episodes, such as the existence of Heloise's family.
  • The Little Pony Legend is a Crossover that serves as Fix Fic for both The Legend of Korra and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. While trying to adhere to canon as closely as possible, it does fixes for a lot of different canon elements with the crossover, the most significant of them being shipping elements for humans and ponies.
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf is this to some degree for The Smurfs, primarily focusing on what happened to Papa Smurf's infatuation with Smurfette in "Romeo and Smurfette".
  • The Scooby-Doo fanfic Broken Circle retcons the 2002 film's twist ending of making Scrappy Doo the villain by revealing that it was actually an imposter.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Monsters Mewmans Magic is a Fix Fic (with the author speaking in the notes about dissatisfaction with the direction the series took in Seasons 3-4), Dark Fic (showing the ramifications of Toffee's plan and overall taking a darker tone than the series), and a What If? since it starts from Toffee succeeding in his plan to destroy magic in Mewni.
  • The author of Connie and the Crystal Gems made Connie the main protagonist instead of Steven, and is effectively rewriting the whole series from scratch out of frustration at the later seasons of Steven Universe, not in the least because they think Steven was Flanderized beyond return.
  • The Thomas the Tank Engine fic Restoring Lost Honour serves as one for Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, particularly the Fat Controller's treatment of Thomas. After Thomas is unfairly punished for the dynamite incident, and Donald and Douglas start spreading the news of the Fat Controller's unfairness, Emily gives him one hell of a "Reason You Suck" Speech (the author's M.O. is Thomas/Emily fics that somehow features them kissing and holding each other, which is physically impossible for them; it has been theorized that they either have the ability to hyper-extend their faces à la Shed 17, have the unwritten ability to turn into humans, or use the exaggerated movements introduced in Journey Beyond Sodor; the author has invoked the MST3K Mantra on several occasions). Not only does Emily manage to change the Fat Controller's appraisal of the Thomas situation, she also leaves him a quivering wreck. The cherry on top, though, is a scene made specifically for the fanfic, in which Thomas is about to leave Sodor, only for the Fat Controller to give a very heartfelt apology, and Gordon gets some Laser-Guided Karma for his teasing of Thomas that lead to the incident with the coaches in the form of being made to watch scrap get melted down. After this, the fic follows the special closely, with the Fat Controller being more supportive of Thomas, though otherwise, the climatic chase with Sailor John is unchanged.
  • In "[[Thomasthe Tank Engine S 5 E 13 Stepney Gets Lost Stepney Gets Lost]", Arry and Bert faced no consequences for attempting to scrap Stepney. This picture on Deviantart, however, depicts them being towed away to the mainland to be scrapped as punishment for their murder attempt.
  • Total Drama:
    • Cast Swap: Due to the Pahkitew Island cast debuting in 'Revenge of the Island and vice versa, many plots go much better than in canon (especially during the All-Stars season). Dave and Sky's failed relationship ends more bittersweetly, Sugar and Scarlett's villain statuses are better executed, Sammy's Character Development is stronger, Feral Ezekiel is restored to his human self, Gwen and Courtney make up for good, Gwen breaks up with Duncan on amicable terms, etc.
    • Courtney's Crusade for Redemption: Courtney's actions are set to correct all the things that went wrong with her and other characters in the canon season.
    • Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite is a fanfic that rewrites the events of All-Stars, fixing many of the issues that people had with the season (such as the numerous continuity errors or the infamous reset button) as well as including characters that fans felt the canon series missed out on an opportunity to have and giving the first two generations of contestants a proper farewell in the post-season special.
    • The Total Drama Comeback Series, an alternate version of Total Drama's second season, wasn't intended as a Fix Fic at first... but when the actual Season Two aired, many people started to see it that way.
      • The Comeback series author, The Kobold Necromancer, later started a purposeful Fix Fic for Season Three called TDWT Reducks Redux, a season he despises primarily for what it did to Ezekiel, his favourite character. Other than the main fix of having Ezekiel actually participate in the season instead of getting booted first again and then turning into a monster, Kobold also addresses other issues he had with the season, such as Team Victory's treatment (especially Harold and Bridgette, two other favorites of his) and the character of Alejandro (who is one of his most despised characters).
    • Candy For Your Thoughts? is an alternate version of the second half of World Tour, which mostly addresses the infamous Courtney/Duncan/Gwen love triangle, but also fixes other things the author had major problems with, such as Alejandro's Invincible Villain qualities, Ezekiel's treatment, and the Gainax Sudden Downer Ending.
    • While not a direct Fix Fic (more of an Alternate Universe Fic), A Codette World Tour "fixes" many of the controversial or unpopular elements of World Tour due to the author's hatred for the canon season. These fixes include the treatment of Team Victory and many of its members (especially Ezekiel, Bridgette, and DJ), the characters of Alejandro and Sierra (who are both disliked by the author), the Courtney/Duncan/Gwen Love Triangle, and the finale itself.
    • Twinning With a Twist The author has stated that they were unsatisfied with how Sammy's character development was portrayed in canon, and is writing the story to give her one that is more healthy and positive.
  • The Transformers: There's Fix Fics like The Big Capture of 1999/2006 which try to find a way that the Transformers that died (or appear to have died) in The Transformers: The Movie actually survived (hint: shades of the The Transformers episode A Prime Problem), or Prequel to Hunter In the Night which tie into Big Capture and attempt an alternate origin for the Sweeps (as well as Galvatron and Cyclonus).
  • Young Justice: Darkness Falls and Young Justice Titans are fix fics for the Young Justice universe in some ways. For example, with such an emphasis on hard timescales, the 5-year jump felt abrupt and problematic for some parties concerned, so in order to keep things more grounded, Angelus-v1 picks up Darkness Falls right from after the end of Season 2, so as not to disorient readers going in again. There's also the discussion of Vandal Savage's accusations about the League's "protecting" evolution, with the Big 3 discussing how what they're really in a fight for is against the malcontents of a society. And of course, as mentioned above, Wally ceasing ties in nicely with what his plans are with Darkseid.
  • Final Stand of Death, Celebrity Deathmatch fic, pretty has Marylin Manson finally facing the consequences of his actions from the incident at "Deathbowl '98". Knowing this was going to happen, Manson just accepts his faith though allow for one more fight against one of his fallen victims.

  • The Infinite Loops can sometimes contain examples of Loopers going through their original storyline, or that of popular fanfics, and doing things "right" this time around. Then again, the Loopers are equally likely to just screw everything over for the lulz, or to engage in oddball shenanigans also for the lulz. Notably, characters getting too obsessed with "fixing" things can sometimes cause problems and cause a Looper to break under the strain, especially if they come to believe that "fixing" the events of their baseline will get them out of the Loops.
  • The author ElfCollaborator wrote a series of fics, called the This Is The Part Where... Dies series, based on deconstructing and fixing canonical—or in the first case, fictional—deaths via Insane Troll Logic, Lampshade Hanging and Breaking the Fourth Wall:
  • Citadel of the Heart has many examples of this, some more obvious than the others.
    • Digimon Re: Tamers is one for Digimon Tamers in regards to Jeri and Impmon. Jeri gets promoted to the main character and ends up avoiding becoming a Damsel in Distress for too long as a result, although Leomon is Adapted Out but with a twist; Impmon becomes her partner Digimon instead. Out of a perceived uselessness in his character from the canon until he becomes Beelzemon, Impmon gets a better chance to shine as he also gets to show his Champion and Ultimate forms in this fic.note  Ryo is depicted as a Team Dad character with a case of Adaptational Nice Guy due to his ego being toned down immensely, as then he and Cyberdramon actually address the Elephant in the Living Room from Canon!Tamers by making a plot point out of how Cyberdramon is the result of ZeedMillenniummon and Monodramon DNA Digivolving together. Oh, and Ruki and Ryo are both given an Age Lift to make things less creepy than their canon ages in regards to Ship Tease.note 


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