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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in webcomics:

Anthros And Dungeons

The LeaderHugues
The LancerMikael
The Big GuyPeklakot
The Smart GuysHugues and Karel
The ChickJacynth
The Sixth RangerVincent


The LeaderEthan
The LancerLucas
The Big GuyZeke
The Smart GuyScott
The ChickLilah

Daily Grind

The LeaderHowlett
The LancerMr. Tharka
The Big GuyJolene
The Smart GuyDr. Chalko
The ChickMrs. Teasdale

Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures: Main original cast

The LeaderDan
The LancerWildy San
The Big GuyLorenda
The Smart GuyJyrras
The ChickMab

Darths & Droids

The LeaderJim (Qui-Gon Jinn, later Padmé Amidala)
The LancerAnnie (Anakin Skywalker, later Leia)
The Big GuyBen (Obi-Wan Kenobi)
The Smart GuyPete (R2-D2)
The ChickSally (Jar Jar Binks, among others)
The Sixth RangerCorey (introduced in Episode IV playing Luke Skywalker)


The LeaderDigger
The LancerShadowchild
The Big GuyGrim Eyes
The Smart GuyEd
The ChickMurai

Elf Blood


The LeaderTKO
The LancerShanna
The Big GuyJN
The Smart GuyIxnay
The ChickFliss
The Sixth RangerMara


The LeaderKing
The LancerSKO
The Big GuyBuma
The Smart GuyGipsy
The ChickMint
The Sixth RangerMara

El Goonish Shive: Moperville North Students

The LeaderElliot Dunkel
The LancerTedd Verres
The Smart GuySusan Pompoms
The ChickSarah Brown
The Big Guy/Fifth RangerCatalina Bobcat

Goblins: Life through their eyes

The LeaderComplains of Names
The LancerThaco (also Mentor Archetype)
The Big GuyBig Ears
The Smart GuyChief
The ChicksFumbles and Senor Vorpal Kickass'o

Grrl Power

The LeaderMaxima
The LancerDabbler
The Big GuysAnvil and Heatwave
The Smart GuyHarem
The ChickHalo

Guilded Age

The LeaderByron
The LancerGravedust
The Smart GuySyr'nj
The Big GuyFrigg
The ChickBandit

Hitmen For Destiny

The LeaderAnnette
The LancerBianca
The Big GuyRolf/Jymre
The Smart GuyLostclock
The ChickMaythorn

Homestuck: The exiles

The LancerWayward Vagabond (was The Leader as Warweary Villein)
The LeaderPeregrine Mendicant
The Big GuyAimless Renegade
The Smart GuyWindswept Questant
The Chick/Team PetSerenity The Firefly
Sixth RangerWrit Keeper

Housepets!: The Good Ol' Dogs Club

The LeaderBino
The LancerFido
The Big GuyRex
The Smart GuyFox
The ChickSasha
Team PetSpo


The LeaderFlynn
The LancerRanger
The Big GuyMcKaela
The Smart GuyKira
The ChickRoss


The LeaderLeo
The LancerKira
The Big GuyMr. Reynder
The Smart GuyFletcher
The ChickTaylor

Rumors of War

The LeaderElysia
The LancerNenshe
The Smart GuyObadai
The Big GuyIllyra
The ChickOccela


The LeaderSandusky
The LancerBunker
The Big GuyChamp
The Smart GuyKashmir
The ChicksSedona and Sierra

Sluggy Freelance

The LeaderTorg
The LancerZoe
The Big GuyBun-bun
The Smart GuyRiff
The ChickGwynn
Team PetKiki

Later, in the bRoken arc, we get possibly the oddest Five-Man Band in history. Quoth Sasha "are you sure we're the good guys?"

The LeaderTorg
The LancerBun-Bun
The Big GuySam the "Sampire"
The Smart GuySasha
The ChickZombie-Head-On-A-Stick (a.k.a. Jane)
Sixth RangerChaz (an evil sword powered by the blood of the innocent)

Trigger Star

The LeaderAvacado
The LancerHash
The Big GuySaukraut
The Smart GuyBreadbun
The ChickSnacktray
Team PetFresca


The LeaderTroy, sometimes Rigo
The LancerJorge
The Big GuyNick
The Smart GuyRay
The ChickDerrick
Tagalong KidHalle


The LeaderTrace
The LancerKeith
The Big GuyNatani
The Smart GuyEric
The ChickFlora

Wapsi Square

The LeaderMonica
The LancerShelly
The Big GuyBud
The Smart GuyBrandi
The ChickJin
Sixth RangerTina


The LeaderZap
The LancerReona
The Big GuyGrontar
The Smart GuyKasey
The ChickRobot