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Five Man Band / Tabletop Games

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The more recent genre books from Hero Games like using this trope for the sample good-guy team.

Champions (5th edition)

The LeaderDefender
The LancerNighthawk
The Big GuyIronclad
The Smart GuyWitchcraft
The ChickSapphire (fan description: J-Lo with superpowers)

Fantasy Hero (5th edition)

The LeaderDrudaryon
The LancerValerius the Harper
The Big GuyHalfreda (a dwarf, but tougher than the paladin Drudaryon)
The Smart GuyDrago
The ChickTarina (more competent than a classic Chick, though)

Magic: The Gathering: Gideon's planeswalker team

The LeaderGideon Jura
The LancerSorin Markov
The Big GuyGarruk Wildspeaker
The Smart GuyJace Beleren
The ChickChandra Nalaar



The LeaderDefender X
The LancerLegionnaire
The Big GuyLaser Knight
The Smart GuySky Sentinel
The ChickNova ESR

Shadow Sun Industries

The LeaderZor-Raiden
The LancerZor-Macross
The Big GuyZor-Maxim
The Smart GuyZor-
The ChickZor-Magna


The LeaderTerra Khan
The LancerPterdax
The Big GuyArmodax
The Smart GuyRakadon
The ChickTyrannix

Elemental Champions

The LeaderThe Heavens element Metamorph
The LancerIncinerus
The Big GuyTectomoc
The Smart GuyAquiosa
The ChickHurricanus

Ubercorp International

The LeaderCyber Khan
The LancerRobo Kondo
The Big GuyGorghadratron
The Smart GuyMechacthugrosh
The ChickThe Collaborator-bot Metamorph

Empire Of The Apes

The LeaderKing Kondo
The LancerWhite Dajan
The Big Guythe cyborg Metamorph
The Smart GuyGeneral Hondo
The ChickGakura