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Five Man Band / Professional Wrestling

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The NWO (1996-97)

The LeaderHollywood Hogan
The LancerRandy Savage
The Big GuyScott Hall
The Smart GuyKevin Nash
The ChickElizabeth

D-Generation X (1998)

The LeaderTriple H
The LancerX-Pac
The Big GuyBilly Gunn
The Smart GuyRoad Dogg
The ChickChyna (subversion: she often was an emergency Big Guy)

The Radicalz (2000-01)

The LeaderChris Benoit
The LancerEddie Guerrero
The Big GuyPerry Saturn
The Smart GuyDean Malenko
The ChickTerri Runnells

The Cabinet (2004)

The LeaderJohn "Bradshaw" Layfield
The LancerOrlando Jordan
The Big GuyDanny Basham
The Smart GuyDoug Basham
The ChickAmy Weber