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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in music.


The LeaderSteven Tyler
The LancerJoe Perry
The Smart GuyBrad Whitford
The Big GuyTom Hamilton
The ChickJoey Kramer (according to a certain breed of fangirl)

Barenaked Ladies (1996-2009 lineup)

The LeaderSteven Page
The LancerEd Robertson
The Smart GuyKevin Hearn
The Big GuyTyler Stewart
The ChickJim Creeggan

The Beach Boys(Classic Line Up)

The LeaderBrian Wilson
The LancerMike Love
The Smart GuyCarl Wilson
The Big GuyDennis Wilson
The ChickAl Jardine
Sixth RangerBruce Johnston

The Byrds -Original Line up

The LeaderRoger Mcguinn
The LancerGene Clark
The Smart GuyDavid Crosby
The Big GuyChris Hillman
The ChickMichael Clarke

Chameleon Circuit

The LeaderAlex Day
The LancerCharlie McDonnell
The Smart GuyLiam Dryden
The Big GuyEd Blann, a.k.a. "Eddplant"
The ChickMichael Aranda
The Pete BestChris "Ginger Chris" Beattie

Def Leppard

Classic lineup

The LeaderJoe Elliot
The LancerSteve Clark
The Big GuyRick Allen
The Smart GuyPhil Collen
The ChickRick Savage

Current lineup

The LeaderJoe Elliot
The LancerPhil Collen
The Big GuyRick Allen
The Smart GuyVivian Campbell
The ChickRick Savage

Dir en grey

The LeaderKyo
The LancerKaoru
The Big GuyDie
The Smart GuyToshiya
The ChickShinya

Duran Duran: "Fab Five" lineup

The LeaderSimon Le Bon
The LancerJohn Taylor
The Big GuyAndy Taylor
The Smart GuyNick Rhodes
The ChickRoger Taylor

Fleetwood Mac

(Blues Years 1967-1970)

The LeaderPeter Green
The LancerDanny Kirwan (from 1968)
The Smart GuyJeremy Spencer
The Big GuyMick Fleetwood
The ChickJohn Mcvie
The Pete BestBob Brunning (1967)

(Struggle Years 1970-1974)

The LeaderMick Fleetwood
The LancerDanny Kirwan (until 1972), Bob Welch (1971-1974)
The Smart GuyJeremy Spencer (Until 1971), Christine Mcvie (from 1971 and also The Heart during Jeremy still in the band))
The Big GuyBob Weston (1973)
The ChickJohn Mcvie
Sixth RangerDave Walker (1973) and also Peter Green as Guest Guitarist for their album "Penguin" (1973) and 1970 Tour after Jeremy suddenly left the band

(Classic Years 1975-1987, 1997-1998)

The LeaderMick Fleetwood
The LancerLindsey Buckingham (as The Leader as well)
The Smart GuyChristine Mcvie
The Big GuyJohn Mcvie
The HeartStevie Nicks

Friends For Change (on the Disney Channel): Original lineup

The LeaderMiley Cyrus
The LancerJoe Jonas
The Smart GuyNick Jonas
The Big GuyKevin Jonas
The ChickDemi Lovato
Sixth RangerSelena Gomez


The Leader / The ChickShirley Manson
The LancerDuke Erickson
The Smart GuyButch Vig
The Big GuySteve Marker


The LeaderTakuro
The LancerTeru
The Smart GuyHisashi
The HeartJiro
The Big GuyToshi Nagai -the Support Drummer
Sixth RangerD.I.E. / Seiichiro Nagai - the Support Keyboard Player
Big Brother MentorMasahide Sakuma - the Producer since their major album 'Speed Pop'

Iron Maiden

The LeaderSteve Harris
The LancerBruce Dickinson
The Smart GuyAdrian Smith
The Big GuyNicko McBrain
The HeartDave Murray
Sixth RangerJanick Gers
The MascotEddie

The Jackson Five/The Jacksons

The LeaderMichael Jackson
The LancerJermaine Jackson
The Smart GuyJackie Jackson
The Big GuyTito Jackson
The ChickMarlon Jackson
Sixth RangerRandy Jackson

Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship

The LeaderMarty Balin (the group's founder)
The LancerDavid Freeburg (guitarist)
The Big GuyDonny Baldwin (drummer)
The Smart GuyPaul Kantner (the group's co-founder)
The ChickGrace Slick (Duh?)
  • Note: They've had lots of personnel changes, but this is a representative sample.

Jethro Tull

Benefit - Aqualung

The LeaderIan Anderson
The LancerMartin Barre
The Big GuyClive Bunker
The Smart GuysJohn Evan and David Palmer (the latter of whom is a Sixth Ranger)
The ChickGlenn Cornick, later Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond

Thick As A Brick - Stormwatch

The LeaderIan Anderson
The LancerMartin Barre
The Big GuyBarriemore Barlow
The Smart GuyJohn Evan and David Palmer
The ChickJeffrey Hammond-Hammond, later John Glascock (if only due to his fragility)


The LeaderLorena "Lungs" Porter
The LancerCheryl "Unruly" Cooley
The HeartBernadette Cooper
The Smart GuyLynn "Lynnie Pies" Malsby
The Big GuyJoyce "Fenderella" Irby
Sixth RangerRobbin "Space Baby" Grider

Linkin Park

The LeaderMike Shinoda
The LancerBrad Delson
The Smart GuyJoe Hahn
The Big GuyRob Bourdon
The ChickDavid Farrell
Sixth RangerChester Bennington

The Bloody Crumpets

The LeaderEmilie
The LancerNaughty Veronica
The Smart GuyThe Blessed Contessa
The Big GuyCaptain Maggots
The ChickAprella

Ministry: Classic lineup

The LeaderAl Jourgensen
The LancerPaul Barker
The Big GuyMike Scaccia
The Smart GuyBill Rieflin
The ChicksChris Connelly and Louis Svitek


The LeaderMichael Weikath
The LancerAndi Deris
The Big GuyDani Löble
The Smart GuySascha Gerstner
The ChickMarkus Grosskopf

Luna Sea

The LeaderRyuichi
The LancerSugizo
The Smart GuyInoran
The Big GuyJ
The ChickShinya

Malice Mizer (1995-1999)

The LeaderGackt
The LancerMana
The Smart GuyKözi
The Big GuyKami
The ChickYu~ki

The Moody Blues

The LeaderJustin Hayward
The LancerJohn Lodge
The Smart GuyMike Pinder
The Big GuyGraeme Edge
The HeartRay Thomas

My Chemical Romance

The LeaderGerard Way
The LancerFrank Iero
The Big GuyBob Bryar
The Smart GuyRay Toro
The ChickMikey Way

New Edition

The LeaderRalph Tresvant
The LancerBobby Brown
The Big GuyMichael Bivins
The Smart GuyRicky Bell
The HeartRonnie Devoe
Sixth RangerJohnny Gill

Nine Inch Nails (1994-1997)

The LeaderTrent Reznor
The LancerChris Vrenna
The Big GuyDanny Lohner
The Smart GuyCharlie Clouser
The ChickRobin Finck



The LeaderNoel Gallagher
The LancerLiam Gallagher
The Big GuyPaul "Bonehead" Arthurs
The Smart GuyPaul "Guigsy" Mcguigan
The ChickTony Mccarroll (91-95), Alan White


The LeaderNoel Gallagher
The LancerLiam Gallagher
The Big GuyGem Archer
The Smart GuyAndy Bell
The ChickAlan White (until 04), the support drummers: Zak Starkey (04-08), Chris Sharrock (08-09)

Primal Scream -the most well known line up

The LeaderBobby Gillespie
The LancerAndrew Innes
The Big GuyRobert "Throb" Young
The Smart GuyMartin Duffy
The ChickDarin Mooney
The Sneaky GuyMani

Psycho Le Cemu

The LeaderDaishi
The LancerLida
The Big Guyseek
The Smart GuyYura-sama
The ChickAya
  • They take this to an extreme as every new anime-inspired cosplay has each guy playing these roles exactly.


The LeaderThom Yorke
The LancerJonny Greenwood
The Smart GuyColin Greenwood
The Big GuyEd O'Brien
The ChickPhil Selway
Sixth RangerNigel Godrich/Stanley Donwood

Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers

The LeaderRoger Clyne
The LancerJim Dalton
The Smart GuyP.H. Naffah
The Big GuyNick Scropos
The ChickJason Boots

The Rolling Stones: Original lineup

The LeaderMick Jagger
The LancerKeith Richards
The Smart GuyCharlie Watts
The Big GuyBill Wyman
The ChickBrian Jones

The Runaways: The most well-known lineup

The LeaderJoan Jett
The LancerCherie Currie
The Big GuyLita Ford
The Smart GuyJackie Fox
The HeartSandy West

Spandau Ballet

The LeaderTony Hadley
The LancerGary Kemp
The Big GuyJohn Keeble
The Smart GuySteve Norman
The ChickMartin Kemp

Steam Powered Giraffe: The Jon's era

The LeaderRabbit
The LancerThe Spine
The Smart GuyMichael Reed "The One Man Band"
The Big GuySam Luke
The ChickThe Jon

Suede (aka. 'The London Suede' for U.S. Market)


The LeaderBrett Anderson
The LancerJustine Frischmann
The Smart GuyBernard Butler
The Big GuyMat Osman
The ChickSimon Gilbert


The LeaderBrett Anderson
The Lancer/ The Smart GuyBernard Butler
The Big GuyMat Osman
The ChickSimon Gilbert

1995-2001, 2010-Present

The LeaderBrett Anderson
The LancerRichard Oakes
The Smart GuyNeil Codling
The Big GuyMat Osman
The ChickSimon Gilbert

Taking Back Sunday

Pre-2003 and post-2007

The LeaderJohn Nolan (the main songwriter and talent)
The LancerAdam Lazzara (his foil)
The Smart GuyShaun Cooper
The Big GuyEddie Reyes
The ChickMark O'Connell


The LeaderAdam Lazzara
The LancerFred Mascherino
The Smart GuyMatt Rubano (already an accomplished bassist even before TBS)
The Big GuyEddie Reyes
The ChickMark O'Connell (keeps everyone together, even keeping in touch with John and Shaun)

Uriah Heep - classic line up

The LeaderKen Hensley
The LancerDavid Byron
The Smart GuyGary Thain
The Big GuyLee Kerslake
The HeartMick Box


The LeaderKamijo
The LancerHizaki
The Smart GuyJasmine You
The Big GuyYuki
The ChickTeru
Sixth RangerMasashi

X Japan(1987 - 1992 era)

The LeaderYoshiki
The LancerToshi
The Smart GuyHide
The HeartPata
The Big GuyTaiji

(1992-1998 era)

The LeaderYoshiki
The LancerHide
The Smart GuyHeath
The HeartToshi
The Big GuyPata

(2008 - Present era)

The LeaderYoshiki
The LancerHeath
The Smart GuySugizo
The HeartToshi
The Big GuyPata

Rock Bands

Big Good/The Smart GuyLead Vocals/Songwriter
The LeaderLead Guitar
The LancerBass Guitar
The Big GuyDrums
The ChickKeyboards
  • Due to the nature of this genre, it swings between this and Five-Bad Band.

String Instruments

The LeaderFirst violin
The LancerSecond violin
The Big GuyDouble bass
The Smart GuyCello
The ChickViola

The Wave of new Post-Hardcore and Screamo-based bands

The LeaderTouché Amoré
The LancerMake Do and Mend
The Smart GuyPianos Become the Teeth
The Big GuyDefeater
The ChickLa Dispute (as much The Leader and the popular one, but whinier)
Sixth RangersNative, Balance and Composure