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Five Man Band / Foot 2 Rue

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Even though there are more than five members in an ensemble, there is a rule were only five members must play street football. For example, The Rifflers have seven members. Due to their victory in the first street football World Cup, every team must have a girl.

The Rifflers: France - Season 1

The HeroTag (The captain)
The Lancer/ The ChickEloise (Was the Sixth Ranger when Tony bailed out).
The Big GuyTek and No
The Smart GuyGabriel
Tagalong KidLil Dragon
The MentorGrandma Riffler, Chrono and Fede. Soon joined by Albert, Saleem and Gretti.

The Rifflers: France - Season 2

The HeroTag
The LancerJeremy
The Big GuyEloise
The Smart GuyGabriel
The ChickSamira
The Sixth RangerTek and No
Tagalong KidLil Dragon, Ben Webert and Baby Momo
The MentorFede, Chrono and Mrs Riffler

The Rifflers: France - Season 3

The HeroTag
The LancerJeremy (He was made captain 4 times in this Season).
The Big GuySamira
The Smart GuyGabriel
The ChickEloise
The Sixth RangerTek and No
Tagalong KidLil Dragon
The MentorChrono ,Fede and Dario
  • Note: Nicolas Anelka guest starred as himself in two episodes so he doesn't count at all.

The Rifflers: France - Season 4

The HeroTag
The LancerJeremy
The Big GuyEloise
The Smart GuyNo
The ChickSamira
The Sixth RangerYacine
The MentorFede, Chrono and hopefully Pablo

The Rifflers: France - Season 5

The HeroTag
The LancerEloise
The Big GuyNo
The Smart GuyYacine
The ChickSamira
The Sixth RangerGabriel
The MentorFede
  • Note: To be fair, Samira Eloise and Tag have every element of the Five-Man Band . If Tag was ever going to leave, Eloise would take the job as The Hero since she owns the middle school and that she's the closest to Tag in leadership skills.

The Mangas of Tokyo: Japan

The HeroAkira
The LancerTakeshi
The Big GuyBunji
The Smart GuyHiro
The ChickAtsuko
Those Two GuysSanji and Genki

The Dolphins of Oceania: Kiribati

The HeroOscar
The LancerFara
The Big GuyTubo
The Smart GuyHarry
The ChickNatho
The Sixth RangerVictoria
  • The original team where the current team's younger brothers. They took their place after they struk a deal with Victoria.
  • Both Oscar and Victoria share joint roles as The Hero.

The Wolves of the Carepates: Romania

The HeroVictor
The Lancer(s)Zamfir and Dinu
The Big GuyLukas
The Smart Guy(s)Matho and Nicu
The Chick(s)Genika and Elena

The Dreads of Kingston: Jamaica

The HeroBruce
The Lancer(s)Will and Al
The Big GuyMarvin
The Smart GuyNelson
The ChickRita
Tagalong KidRichard

The Devils of the Bronx: America

The HeroSinead
The LancerRose
The Big GuyJane
The Smart GuyJody
The ChickMary
Sixth RangerLindsay

The Panthers of Soweto: South Africa

The HeroAria
The Lancer(s)Baji and Durah
The Big GuyPrenda
The Smart GuyFelicity
The ChickCrystal

The Sharks of the Port: France

The HeroShark
The LancerPous Mousse
The Big GuyBulldog
The Smart GuyCartoon
The Quiet OneHammer
The ChickAzur
  • Note: It might be stated that Azur is Shark's cousin from Nice.

The Tigers of Malaysia: Malaysia

The HeroShan
The LancerFaris
The Big GuyBorneo
The Smart GuyAmad
The ChickFarah (Amir also qualifies because he posed as her)
Sixth RangerMauella

The Children of the Ball: Russia

The HeroVasilly
The Lancer(s)Sonya and Dmitri
The Big GuyVladimir
The Smart GuyBorris
The ChickIllena
The Sixth Ranger/Team PetNatascha

The Iroqouis of Quebec: Canada

The HeroYouma
The LancerMato
The Big GuyChugan
The Smart Guy(s)Billy and John
The ChickLen
  • Note: Except the fact that they got Tag sidelined and convinced every other team not to talk to him even his own crew ignored him.

The Suns of Tunis: Tunisia

The HeroAli
The LancerMehdi
The Big GuyFarid
The Smart GuyJamel
The ChickMalika

The Eagles of Jerusalem: Israel

The HeroMochi
The Lancer(s)Shakir and Wasim
The Big GuyOisine
The Smart GuyYasim
The Chick(s)Aya and Fatma

The Meninos of Brazil: Brazil

The HeroZangezinho
The LancerEduardo
The Big GuyMilton
The Smart GuyMiguelinho
The ChickPepigna
The Sixth RangerRicardo

The Celts of the Highlands: Scotland

The Hero/The ChickSandra
The Lancer(s)Liam and George
The Big Guy(s)O'Shay,Dylan and Niel
The Smart Guy(s)James and Sean
  • Every single one of them are The Big Guy(s) except for Sandra who's the youngest of all of them.

The New York Galaxies: America

The HeroKhalil
The LancerElizabeth
The Big GuyVictor
The Smart GuyZanon
The ChickNatacha

The Kings: Spain

  • Consisting of the captains of each team in Europe. With the exception of Mask,none of them are Spanish
The HeroMask(Spain)
The LancerBen(France)
The Big GuyVictor(Romania)
The Smart GuySandra(Scotland)
The ChickVictoria(France)

The Sky Runners: France

The HeroPaul
The LancerJordan
The Big GuyAlex
The Smart GuyRon
The ChickEstelle
The Sixth RangerJeremy

The Diehards: France

The HeroSteven
The LancerMartin
The Big GuyHugo
The Smart GuyMatt
The ChickNorah

The Megakillers: France

The HeroFred
The LancerMarco
The Big GuyPaddy
The Smart GuyBruno
The ChickLydia

The parents of the Rifflers do count.

The HeroPablo
The LancerTek and No's dad
The Big GuyCount Riffler
The Smart Guy(s)Gabriel's parents
The ChickMadame Riffler
The Sixth RangerSamira's dad

The staff of French Bulldog Productions also count.

The HeroSteven Roux
The LancerGuile
The Big GuyAlan Marmet
The Smart Guy(s)Patrick Lemordan and Remi Dousset
The ChickKaren Boccanfuso
Team PetPopeye

  • Considering the fact that his has his own avatar designed by Steven, you'd also think Guile was The Hero as well until you realise that Karen has also worked on Foot 2 Rue, thus making her a second Lancer.

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