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The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in film:

The A-Team

The LeaderHannibal
The LancerFace
The Smart GuyHowlin' Mad Murdock, in a way
The Big GuyB.A.
The Chick Sosa

Air Buddies series

The LeaderB-Dawg
The LancerMudbud
The Smart GuyBuddha
The Big GuyBudderball
The ChickRosebud
Sixth RangerShasta, Spunick, Gravity, Puppy Paws, Tiny, Eddy, and Pip

Alpha and Omega: The Omegas

The LeaderHumphrey
The LancerShakey
The Smart GuySalty
The Big GuyMooch
The ChickReba, Janice

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

The LeaderRon Burgundy
The LancerBrian Fantana
The Big GuyChamp Kind
The ChickBrick Tamland
The Smart Guy/Sixth RangerVeronica Corningstone
Team PetBaxter

The Brave Little Toaster

The LeaderToaster
The LancerLampy (Kirby occasionally fills this role as well)
The Smart GuyRadio
The Big GuyKirby
The ChickBlankie

The Breakfast Club

The LeaderBender
The LancerClaire
The Smart GuyBrian
The Big GuyAndy
The ChickAllison

Cars 2

The LeaderMater
The LancerFinn McMissile
The Smart GuyTomber
The Big GuySiddely, Stephenson
The ChickHolly Shiftwell

Conan the Destroyer

The LeaderConan
The LancerMalak
The Big GuyZula
The Smart GuyAkiro
The ChickPrincess Jehnna
Sixth RangerBombatta

Dawn of the Dead (2004) (the ones who make it to the boat)

The LeaderAna
The LancerMichael
The Smart GuyTerry
The Big GuyKenneth
The ChickNicole


The LeaderAladar
The LancerEema
The Smart GuyZini
The Big GuyBaylene
The ChickSuri
The HeartPlio
Team PetUrl
The MentorYar (only on the island)
Sixth RangerBruton

Dumbo - The Crows

The LeaderJim
The LancerPreacher
The Smart GuyGoggles
The Big GuyFatty
The ChickStraw Hat
Sixth RangerDumbo and Timothy Mouse

Dungeons & Dragons

The LeaderRidley
The LancerSnails
The Big GuyElwood
The Smart GuyMarina
The ChickNorda

Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God

The LeaderBerek
The LancerNim
The Big GuyLux
The Smart GuyDorian
The ChickOrmaline

The Fall

The LeaderThe Black Bandit
The LancerThe Italian
The Smart GuyCharles Darwin
The Big GuyThe Indian and Otto Benga
The ChickSister Evelyn
The Sixth RangerThe Mystic
Team PetWallace the monkey
Tagalong KidAlexandria

Fantastic Voyage

The LeaderCharles Grant
The LancerDr. Michaels
The Big GuyCapt. Bill Owens
The Smart GuyDr. Peter Duval
The ChickCora Peterson

Fish Story

The LeaderShigeki
The LancerRyoji
The Smart GuyOkazaki
The Big GuyTetsuya
The ChickGoro

Flash Gordon (1980)

The LeaderFlash Gordon
The LancerPrince Barin
The Big GuyPrince Vultan
The Smart GuyDr. Hans Zarkov
The ChickDale Arden
Sixth RangerPrincess Aura

The Fugitive: The U.S. Marshals

The LeaderSamuel Gerard
The LancerCosmo Renfro
The Big GuyRobert Biggs
The Smart GuyNoah Newman
The ChickErin Poole
Sixth RangerDr. Richard Kimble


The LeaderPeter Venkman
The LancerRay Stanz (interacts the most with Peter)
The Big Guy/Sixth RangerWinston Zeddemore
The Smart GuyEgon Spengler
The ChickJanine Melnitz
Team PetSlimer

Grease: The T-Birds/Burger Palace Boys

The LeaderDanny
The LancerKenickie
The ChickDoody
The Big GuySonny
The Smart GuyRoger/Putzie

Hocus Pocus

The LeaderMax
The LancerAllison
The Smart GuyBinx
The Big GuyBilly (also a Sixth Ranger)
The ChickDani (also the Tagalong Kid)


The LeaderDom Cobb ("The Extractor")
The LancerArthur ("Point Man")
The Big GuyEames ("The Forger")
The Smart GuyYusuf ("The Chemist"), sometimes Ariadne
The ChickAriadne ("The Architect")
  • Note: N.B. Saito is the sixth man in this group, and is referred to as "The Tourist."

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The LeaderIndiana Jones
The LancerMutt Williams a.k.a. Henry Jones III
The Big GuyGeorge "Mac" McHale
The Smart GuyProfessor Harold "Ox" Oxley
The ChickMarion Ravenwood
  • Note that Indy and Mutt both feature elements of both The Leader and The Lancer, and can arguably be traded back and forth between roles as the movie progresses.

The Italian Job (2003)

The LeaderCharlie (stealthy thief)
The LancerLeft Ear (explosives)
The Big GuyHandsome Rob (wheel man)
The Smart GuyLyle (computer genius)
The ChickStella (safe cracker)

The Jungle Book: The Vultures

The LeaderBuzzy
The LancerDizzy
The Smart GuyZiggy
The Big GuyFlaps
The ChickLucky
Sixth RangerMowgli

Kung Fu Panda: The Furious Five

The LeaderMaster Tigress
The LancerMaster Monkey
The Big GuyMaster Mantis (he's not big in size, but he's strongest)
The Smart GuyMaster Crane
The ChickMaster Viper
Sixth RangerPo
The MentorMaster Shifu
Big GoodMaster Oogway
Sixth Ranger TraitorTai Lung

Kung Fu Panda 2

The LeaderMaster Po, the Dragon Warrior
The LancerMaster Tigress
The Big GuyMaster Mantis
The Smart GuyMaster Crane
The ChickMaster Viper
Kid-Appeal CharacterMaster Monkey
The MentorMaster Shifu

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

The LeaderSoren ("The Leader")
The LancerGylfie ("The Navigator")
The Smart GuyDigger ("The Tracker")
The Big GuyTwilight ("The Warrior")
The ChickMrs. Plithiver ("The Heart")

Lemonade Mouth

The LeaderStella
The LancerOlivia
The Big GuyWen
The Smart GuyMo
The ChickCharlie
Sixth RangerScott

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning: The Catfish Club Band

The LeaderSebastian
The LancerRay-Ray
The Big GuyCheeks
The Smart GuyShelbow
The ChickInk Spot
Sixth RangersAriel and Flounder

Man of the House: the cheerleaders

The LeaderAnne
The LancerTeresa
The Smart GuyEvie
The Big GuyHeather
The ChickBarb
Team DadSharp (the main character)

The Marx Brothers

The LeaderGroucho
The LancerChico
The Big GuyHarpo
The Smart GuyZeppo (or equivalent)
The ChickMargaret Dumont (or equivalent)

Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

The Meisters

The Leader/Big GoodSetsuna F. Seiei
The Lancer/Token Evil TeammateH/Allelujah Haptism
The Big GuyLockon Stratos II
The Smart GuyTieria Erde
The ChickMarie Parfacy/Soma Peries
Sixth RangerGraham Aker

The Ptolemios crew

The Leader/Big GoodSumeragi Lee Noriega
The Lancer/The HeartFeldt Grace
The Smart GuyIan Vashti
The Big GuyLasse Aeon
The ChickLinda Vashti
Tagalong GirlMileina Vashti
Team PetsHaro(s)

The Earth Sphere Federation army

The Leader/Big GoodKati Mannequin
The LancersPatrick Colasour and Andrei Smirnov
The Big GuyDescrates Shaman
The Smart GuyBilly Katagiri
The ChickMeena Carmine
Sixth RangerGraham Aker (The Leader of the special forces)

Mystery Men

The LeaderThe Shoveler
The LancerMr. Furious
The Smart GuyThe Blue Raja, Dr. A. Heller
The Big GuyThe Spleen
The ChickThe Invisible Boy
Sixth RangerThe Bowler
Big Brother MentorThe Sphinx

Pirates Of The Caribbean

The LeaderJack Sparrow
The LancerJoshamee Gibbs
The Big GuyCotton
The Smart GuyMarty
The ChickAnamaria (later Elizabeth Swann)
Sixth RangersPintel and Ragetti

Planet of the Dinosaurs: At the end of the film

The LeaderCaptain Lee Norsythe
The LancerJim
The Smart GuyCharlotte, who also functions as The Medic
The Big GuyChuck
The ChickNyla

The Princess and the Frog

The LeaderTiana
The LancerNaveen
The Big GuyLouis
The Smart GuyRay
The ChickCharlotte
The MentorMama Odie
Team PetJuju

Pulp Fiction: Fox Force Five

The LeaderSomerset O'Neill
The LancerRaven McCoy: Knife expert and jokester
The Big GuyThe Japanese Fox, whose specialty is kung-fu
The Smart GuyThe Black Fox, whose specialty is demolitions
The ChickThe French Fox, whose specialty is sex

Return to Oz

The LeaderDorothy
The LancerBillina
The Smart GuyTik-Tok
The Big GuyGump
The ChickJack Pumpkinhead


The LeaderJewel, in the beginning, but then Blu becames this
The LancerRafael
The Big GuyThe Red-Crested Cardinal, Pedro
The Smart GuyNico
The ChickBlu, in the beginning, but then he becomes The Leader and makes Jewel The Chick
Team PetLuiz the bulldog

Rio Bravo:

The LeaderSherrif John T. Chance
The LancerDude
The Big GuyStumpy
The Smart GuyColorado Ryan
The ChickFeathers

Robin Hood

The LeaderRobin Hood, a fox
The LancerLittle John, a bear
The Big GuyFriar Tuck, a badger
The Smart GuyAlan-a-Dale, a rooster
The ChickMaid Marian, a vixen
Tagalong KidSkippy, a rabbit

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

The LeaderRobin Hood
The LancerAt'Chu
The Big GuyLittle John
The Smart GuyWill Scarlet
The ChickBlinkin'

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

The LeaderRobin Hood
The LancerAzeem
The Big GuyLittle John
The Smart GuyFriar Tuck
The ChickMaid Marian (also a Sixth Ranger)
Sixth RangerWill Scarlet


The LeaderChris
The LancerStan
The Smart GuyJeremy
The Big GuyLuey
The ChickMarcia
Team DadUncle Herb

The Smurfs

The LeaderClumsy Smurf
The LancerGrouchy Smurf
The Big GuyGutsy Smurf
The Smart GuyBrainy Smurf
The ChickSmurfette
Team DadPapa Smurf


The LeaderBishop
The LancerCrease
The Big GuyMother Roskow
The Smart GuyWhistler Emory, Carl Arbogast
The ChickLiz

The Spy Next Door

The LeaderBob
The LancerColton
The Big GuyFarren
The Smart GuyIan
The ChickNora
Sixth RangerGillian

Star Trek

The LeaderKirk
The LancerMcCoy
The Smart GuySpock and Scotty
The Big GuySulu
The ChickUhura
Tagalong KidChekov
Sixth RangerScotty

Star Wars

The original trilogy as a whole:

The LeaderLuke Skywalker
The LancerHan Solo
The Big GuyChewbacca
The Smart GuyR2-D2 and C-3PO
The ChickPrincess Leia

A New Hope:

The LeaderLuke Skywalker
The LancerHan Solo
The Big GuyChewbacca
The Smart GuyObi-Wan Kenobi
The ChickPrincess Leia

The Phantom Menace:

The LeaderQui-Gon Jinn
The LancerObi-Wan Kenobi
The Smart GuyR2-D2
The Big GuyCaptain Panaka
The ChickPadme Amidala
The HeartAnakin
Kid-Appeal CharacterJar Jar Binks

Super Troopers

The LeaderRamathorn
The LancerFoster and Mac (who also has elements of both The Big Guy and Wacky Guy)
The Big GuyFarva
The Smart GuyUrsula (also The Sixth Ranger)
The ChickRabbit
The MentorO'Hagen

Total Recall (1990) (1990)

The LeaderQuaid
The Lancer/Sixth Ranger TraitorBenny
The Smart Guy/Big GoodKuato
The Big GuyTony
The ChickMelina


The LeaderOptimus Prime
The LancerJazz
The Big GuyIronhide
The Smart GuyRatchet
The ChickBumblebee (also a Kid-Appeal Character)

Tropic Thunder

The LeaderTugg Speedman (or so he thinks)
The LancerKirk Lazarus
The ChickJeff Portnoy (more of a Plucky Comic Relief, but considering he's the least helpful...)
The Big GuyAlpa Chino
The Smart GuyKevin Sandusky

Warriors of Virtue

The LeaderYun, Virtue of Benevolence, Warrior of Water
The LancerLai, Virtue of Order, Warrior of Wood
The ChickTsun, Virtue of Loyalty, Warrior of Earth
The Smart GuyChi, Virtue of Wisdom, Warrior of Fire
The Big GuyYee, Virtue of Righteousness, Warrior of Metal

Wet Hot American Summer

The LeaderCoop
The LancerAndy
The Big GuyVictor
The Smart GuyNeil
The ChickKatie
Sixth RangerMcKinley, Ben, and Susie

X-Men: The Last Stand

The LeaderWolverine
The LancerStorm
The Smart GuyBeast
The Big GuyColossus
The ChickShadowcat
The HeartIceman