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Five Man Band / Anime N To R

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Naruto: In the Konoha History Arc

The LeaderShikamaru
The LancerNaruto
The Smart GuySakura
The Big GuyChoji
The ChickIno

Ninin Ga Shinobuden

The LeaderShinobu
The LancerSasuke
The Big GuyOnsokumaru
The Smart GuyMiyabi
The ChickKaede

Noein: To Your Other Self

The LeaderYū Gotō
The LancerIsami Fujiwara
The Big GuyAi Hasebe
The Smart GuyMiho Mukai
The ChickHaruka Kaminogi

Princess Tutu - Near the end

The LeaderMytho
The LancerPrincess Tutu
The Big GuyAutor
The Smart GuyFakir
The ChickRue

Psycho Busters - The young phychics

The LeaderKakeru
The LancerJoi
The Big GuyKaito
The Smart GuyXiao Long
The ChickAyano

Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Student Council functions like a warped version of a Five Man Band:

The LeaderTouga
The LancerSaionji
The Big GuyJuri
The Smart GuyMiki
The ChickNanami

Robotech: Second Generation (Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross)

The LeaderDana Stirling (Jeanne Francaix))
The LancerSean Phillips (Charles de Etouard)
The Big GuyAngelo Dante (Andrejz Slawski)
The Smart GuyLouie Nichols (Louis Ducasse)
The ChickBowie Grant (Bowie Emerson)

Ronin Warriors

The LeaderRyo
The Lancer Sage/Seiji though the former better fits the mold
The Big GuyKento/Shuu
The Smart GuyRowen/Touma (ostensibly)
The ChickMia/Nasuchi (Team Mom,

The Rose of Versailles

The LeaderOscar Francois de Jarjayes (the local Action Girl and main character)
The LancerAndre Grandier (Oscar's childhood friend and borderline Morality Pet. He's more agreeable than most Lancers, though)
The Big GuyAlain de Soissons (to whom Oscar applies Defeat Means Friendship)
The Smart GuyBernard Chatelet (fast in making plans and strategies, an Intrepid Reporter)
The ChickRosalie Lamorliere (Oscar's close friend, very emotional and sensitive)


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