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  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Believe it or not, the former Axis Trio was not always close. Like in canon, Germany was borderline abusive towards Italy while Japan was aloof. However, through Italy's refusal to be put down by them and continued kindness towards them, they warmed up to him. That, and having to work together through WWII and the Cold War also helped in cementing their bonds. Probably.
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  • Cenotaph features the Skitter and the Undersiders. Not as close as in canon yet, but still on good terms, and friendly... And also Purity, who joined up while Taylor was fighting the ABB. Both helped each other, Taylor giving Purity hope that her attempts to clean up Brockton Bay would bear fruit, and Purity giving Skitter an ally in a time when she felt very alone.
  • Remaining consistent with the original series, A:TLAR's Team Avatar never leaves a member behind, (except for that one time...) and every one of them will fight and die alongside the others, proud to have known such great warriors. However, they can be considered closer to Fire-Forged Friends than the original, due to the general hostilities between members. As time goes by, they will surpass numerous conflicts, including Katara and Aang's feud, Sokka and Suki's brief falling out, and Zuko and Iroh's temporary split from the team during Books Two and Three.
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  • Blind: While already on good terms, 3 years as missing-nin turns Naruto and Gaara as this.
  • The members of Hakumei fall under this.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Aria's assault squads end up fighting alongside geth who by their own words had never interacted with organics before.
  • This happens with Vale and Obsidian in the Hunger Games fanfic Some Semblance of Meaning. Initially, she distrusts him completely and hates him even past the point of rationality, while he views her as a nice person, but a rival nevertheless. However, after the two meet again in the arena while fighting a mutt that killed people that they both cared about, they become allies and friends... and even more than that.
  • Fate Zero Sanity: This happens between Saber and Berserker. While they were certainly on friendlier terms than most of the other Servants at the beginning of the fic, they were still enemies. Fast-forward three battles, with an official alliance and several emotional moments thrown in there, and they have the most positive relationship of all the Servants, proudly considering the other friend. So much so that Saber actually forgives the later (in her thoughts) when she stabs her in the chest to try and stop her from destroying the Grail, spending her last moments reflecting on their time together and thanking the Servant for that.
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  • Deliver Us from Evil Series: Mortality: Holmes and Watson, are, like counterparts are genuinely close to each other, but the events make them even more closer than they already were.
  • In Through the Looking-Glass, the crews of Serenity and the Demetrius had already tentatively agreed to work together after the Demetrius crashed, but after they team up to stop a gang of thieves trying to take Serenity’s cargo and kill or rape the crew, even the revelation that Sharon’s a Cylon doesn’t deter Mal and Zoe from affirming they will now consider the other crew their friends.
  • Sailor Moon: Legends of Lightstorm: Sailors Jupiter and Mars appear to have become this, going so far that they begin laughing after beating each other senseless during an unsupervised training match.
  • The Diva Army from the WWE fic, The Return-Remixed. At the beginning of the story, many of them were enemies, but united purely by their desire to vanquish DEAR. By the end of the story, just before the climactic battle royal, Natalya points out how she didn't particularly care for some of them a few months earlier, but now considers them friends and the ones she wants fighting by her side.
  • Son of the Sannin has a case of Fire-Reforged Friends with Sakura and Ino. Like in canon, they're rivals with each other, although Ino is no longer interested in Sasuke due to being bitter because Sasuke's mother killed Ino's father during the Uchiha Insurrection. During the end of Part I, they fight together against Sakon and Ukon, and after the experience they reconcile with each other and become friends once more.
  • Their Journey: All of the protagonists become this over the course of the story, most notably expressing itself at the end of Chapter 8.
  • This Bites!: Cross and Tashigi end up as this, or at least Fire-Forged Friendly Enemies. Anyway, the aftermath of the encounter with Mr. 3 results in Tashigi developing respect for Cross.
  • Corrin Reacts: Flora and Corrin's relationship begins like this. Back when they were younger, Flora, out of hatred for Garon and wanting to return home after being kidnapped, attempted to flee the Northern Fortress and nearly dies after falling into a canyon. Corrin saving her life and nearly dying himself in the attempt due to a blizzard instantly earns him her respect and both become fast friends after they recover.
  • Zootopia 2 The Movie: Because of his strong dislike of cops, Bart doesn't necessarily get along with Judy and Nick at first, especially not Bogo, and makes two attempts to escape from them while the mammals view Bart as trouble making nuisance with the potential to cause a panic and want nothing more then to be rid of him. But after having some fun at a hotel they are hiding out in and saving Judy's life Bart starts to become friends with Judy and Nick and vice versa. He also gains a grudging respect for Bogo after he comes to their aid during the Final Battle.
  • In Avengers: Infinite Wars, when Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Scott Lang find themselves on the planet Naboo in the middle of a Separatist invasion, they all prove themselves to the Republic when they immediately leap to the defence of the Naboo civilians without knowing anything about the wider context of the current war. As more Avengers are discovered, Rhodey, Hope Pym, Pietro Maximoff, Peter Parker and Matt Murdock are each confirmed to have made a similar impression on the natives of the worlds they arrived on (Natasha went undercover until she could rejoin the others and T'Challa, Vision and Wanda arrived on more peaceful planets).
  • A few sidestories of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines have this dynamic:
    • In the Gardenia Interlude, the title character ventures into the Eterna Forest to find Cheryl, who has gone missing for a week. A challenger named Sho shows up as soon as she exits her Gym, and ends up following her to the forest and eventually to the Old Chateau to find Cheryl.
    • In the Laramie Gaiden, Leeroy Laramie, a Trainer, and Jenkins Jackrum, a Ranger, have to set aside their differences to survive when they end up stranded on a Deserted Island (their respective nations are at war with each other over conflicting philosophies about Pokémon).
    • The Agatha & Sam Gaiden shows an adventure of Elite Four Agatha and Professor Samuel Oak when they were young trainers and rivals. They are forced to venture into the depths of Drowning Woods when Agatha's younger brother goes missing.
  • Reimu and Megas's crew become these in Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness as a result of the fight between Coop and Yuuka. It's not until after Megas leaves Gensokyo that Gensokyo's protector is able to admit this to herself, though.
  • Fighting through the massive disadvantages of fighting on the villain team, training together and fighting alongside each other in the civil war exercise made the Villain Team in Hero Class Civil Warfare become friends despite their previous animosity or indifference towards each other.
  • In The Slayer Prophecy, Batman and his allies adopt the identity of ‘Uncle Matches’ and his children as a convenient cover to interact with the Scooby Gang in a civilian environment. While the identity is just a convenient cover at first, after the two groups have worked together to defeat Rack, the Joker, Dala and the Monk, in their final solo conversation in Buffy’s house, Batman and Buffy refer to each other as uncle and niece when they don’t have to keep up a pretence for anyone, with Batman acknowledging his respect for the Scoobies' abilities as he and the others return home.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.):
    • Sabrina and Danny work together to stick it in Vlad's craw when he tries to ruin their date.
    • Similarly, Danny and Kara end up working together to deal with various threats, with their friendship solidified during a fight with Skulker.
  • Dekiru: The Fusion Hero!: This literally happens in the case of Izuku's human fusions. Every time he fuses with someone to create a new fusion, they become much friendlier with him after de-fusion, to the point of being on a First-Name Basis with him. After all, it's hard to remain aloof with someone you've physically and mentally fused with. This also applies to multiple-person fusions, for all the component partners. After Tsuzuru de-fused, Minoru and Tsuyu weren't just friendlier with Izuku, but also with each other as well.
  • The Raven's Plan:
    • Jonos Bracken and Tytos Blackwood have set aside their life long animosity and become Heterosexual Life-Partners after having to fight the Others together.
    • The main reason why Jaime isn't executed by just about every House after everything he did in the last life is because he fought and died alongside them during the Long Night. The fact that he and Tyrion were the only members of House Lannister to volunteer to fight (and the fact that he actually killed Cersei, ridding them of her madness) earned him their respect.
  • In Cross Cases, nearly every development in Sam and Harry's brief friendship is brought upon by one of the fic's several fight scenes, each one bringing them closer together (and also revealing something new and scary about Sam in the process).
  • With This Ring:
    • Invoked by the Paragon protagonist when recruiting Prince Ragnar for the Orange Lantern Corps. Ragnar is proud, and upset by having lost a duel to Paul, which means his desires are focused on beating and deposing Paul — which is a problem when wielding a ring powered by avarice. Paul takes him on a dangerous mission to Qward so they can work together and bond; by the time they've fought their way into the core of the planet, Ragnar has gained a lot of respect for him.
    • The Renegade protagonist starts off on the wrong hoof with Princess Luna when they first meet, with her thinking that he's King Sombra, and attacking him. After they get trapped together inside his mind, though, and have to fight against distorted copies of the Elements of Harmony spawned by the Anti-Life fragment embedded in his soul, she warms up to him a lot, and they later start dating.
  • Outsiders: Louise and Saito, when they first meet, can't stand each other. After an attack by a horde of Beedrill, however, the two learn to work together and end up becoming best friends.


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