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A very surreal experimental film that plays with identity, existence and (perception of) reality.

Gothenburg International Film Festival says: "You Are Here inhabits a borderland between detective story, scientific thesis, art video and hypnotherapy session. Cockburn, who makes his debut as feature film director, has been compared to both script-writer Charlie Kaufman and novelist Borges. The film manages to transfer the experience off the screen or the book page right into the brain. The viewer is the detective and the clues provided by the film have to be processed in our own minds."


Has examples of:

  • Big Brother Is Watching: And their phones never stop ringing from people telling them their current position and heading.
  • Flash Sideways: People experiencing alternate timelines
  • For Want of a Nail: Although this track only gets started.
  • Gravity Is Only a Theory: Or is it? If you walk through that door on the seventh floor (the one leading straight out in the air, not to a balcony or bridge or anything), there are only two things to fear as you fall toward the ground... that you will hit it. And that you won't.
  • Hive Mind: It's benevolent and a protagonist, but it's also very confused since it's actually composed of individuals who are simply ordinary people.
  • Rule of Symbolism: Arguably, everything in the movie.


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