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Film / With Six You Get Eggroll

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With Six You Get Eggroll is a 1968 American romantic comedy film directed by Howard Morris, starring Doris Day and Brian Keith.

Abby McClure (Day) is a widow with three sons who meets widower Jake Iverson (Keith). A romance soon develops and they elope, much to the chagrin of Jake's teenage daughter, Stacey; and Abby's three sons, Flip, Mitch and Jason. The children make certain that neither Jake nor Abby can be comfortable at the other's home.

Notable as Doris Day's final big-screen role.

This film features examples of:

  • Blended Family Drama: Widowed Abby's three sons clash with widower Jake's daughter, but Abby and Jake fall in love anyway.
  • Daddy's Girl: Jake's daughter Stacey, to a point she zealously objects to having a mother figure in her life and couldn't get along with the momma boys Flip, Mitch and Jason.
  • Gilligan Cut: As Abby tells her sister she's not going to wear the red dress to the party, the camera shows her back, then immediately cuts to her back in the red dress at the party.
  • Momma's Boy: Abby's sons, Flip, Mitch and Jason, to a point they, especially the eldest Flip, zealously object to having a father figure in their lives and couldn't get along with the Daddy's Girl Stacey. Otherwise they are well-adjusted versions of the trope who simply have a close relationship with their mother.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: A whole group of them, in flamboyant clothes with slang-y speech and loopy pesronalities, help Abby out in the climax of the film.
  • Relative Error: Jake calls to cancel a date with Abby, citing his daughter's birthday, so Abby goes to a disco with her sister and brother-in-law, where they see Jake dancing with a pretty young girl. Abby gives Jake the cold shoulder, but later learns that the pretty young girl is actually Jake's daughter when she sees her at her son's high school graduation.
  • Title Drop: When the families go out for Chinese food, one of the kids notices that because they are a large group, they get something extra: "With six you get eggroll!"
  • You Answered Your Own Question: Flip asking how much sixteen-penny nails are sounds like this, but the term actually refers to the size, not price, of the nail.