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Wild Things 2 is a sequel to Wild Things, released in 2004.

Brittney Havers, a South Florida high school senior, is living with her rich stepfather Niles Dunlap after her mother committed suicide over a year ago. When Niles is killed in a suspicious plane crash, it turns out that his will stipulates most of his assets will revert to his company's trust fund unless a blood heir can be found. Maya King, a brash tomboy from Brittney's school, comes forward with evidence to prove her relation to Niles. A Gambit Pileup and lots of dead bodies ensue.


  • Asshole Victim: Niles Dunlap
  • Chute Sabotage: Brittney murders her jerkass stepfather, whose death she had previously helped fake, by replacing his parachute with newspapers before shoving him out of an aeroplane.
  • Executive Excess: Niles Dunlap is a CEO who turns out to have been a degenerate gambler and womanizer, to the point where he started misallocating company funds to sustain his addiction. He faked his own death with his stepdaughter's help so he could avoid any prosecution, unaware that she was actually using him as part of her own plot.
  • Faking the Dead:
    • Brittney's stepfather Niles turns out to have faked his own death with Brittney's and Maya's help, so he could get out from under any criminal investigation for having stolen money from his own company to feed his gambling addiction.
    • Brittney's mother is also revealed to have faked her suicide with Brittney's help, as part of a plot to get revenge on the abusive Niles.
  • Frame-Up / Blackmail Backfire: After getting fired, Terrence attempts to blackmail Brittney and Maya. Instead, Brittney shoots Maya dead, then frames Terrence for her murder before skipping the country.
  • Disposing of a Body: Brittney and Maya dispose of their fellow conspirator Julian Haynes when he's about to crack under pressure, then dump his body in an alligator-infested swamp. An insurance investigator who was tracking them leads the cops to the site, but they're too late to recover the body.
  • Hate Sink: Niles Dunlap is Brittney's wealthy and emotionally abusive stepfather, the reason why her mother supposedly committed suicide, and nearly screwed over his family with gambling debts to the cartels. While seemingly in on a scheme with his stepdaughter to fake his death, it's soon revealed his wife also faked her death, and he is the target of Brittney and her mother's revenge scheme.
  • No Dress Code: Definitely applies to Blue Bay High. The female students wear midriff tops, short skirts, extremely cut-off denim shorts, etc.
  • Same Plot Sequel: It's pretty much a carbon copy of the original, set in South Florida, two high school girls as the main characters (one a white trash tomboy, the other a feminine rich girl), a fraudulent court case that ends with somebody being awarded a lot of money, a threesome scene between the conspirators, then an ensuing Gambit Pileup with lots of other characters turning out to have been in on it all along, then either ending up dead themselves in a series of backstabs or revealed to have faked their deaths. There's even a montage of scenes over the ending credits to fill in the gaps in the plot. The biggest difference is that the seemingly vapid rich girl is the true mastermind this time.
  • Trapped by Gambling Debts: Niles Dunlap was deep in debt to various Cuban gangsters, and was misallocating funds belonging to his company to feed his addiction.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Maya King, Julian Haynes, Detective Morrison, Niles Dunlap, and possibly even Brittney's mother were all hapless pawns in Brittney's scheme to get rich. Terence initially wasn't a part of the scheme and almost becomes a Spanner in the Works when he tries to blackmail them, but ends up being framed for Maya's murder.
  • Wild Teen Party: Brittney hosts one after she wins the beach volleyball final. It results in girls swimming topless, kids breaking into her stepfather's booze, and the portrait of her mother being defaced. Her stepfather arrives home and breaks it up by threatening to call the cops.