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Visitor Q is a very darkly comic and highly controversial Japanese V-Cinema film created by auteur Takashi Miike. The movie starts with a documentary filmmaker having sex with his teenage prostitute daughter. On his way home, he's attacked by a seemingly random stranger who knocks him senseless with a large rock, before delivering him to his house. The stranger immediately begins with the man's Dysfunctional Family — which includes his prostitute daughter, prostitute junkie wife, and abusive son. All the while, the visitor is videotaping him and his family. And that's just the start of the film. It is infamous for its rather disturbing scenes of odd fetishes and violence; and was included on a list of the top 25 most mind-bending movies in the June 2010 issue of FILM magazine.


This film provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Attempted Rape: The father tries to rape his colleague but she dies of his strangling before he can get it in. That's not keeping him from trying again though.
  • Author Appeal: Lactation, which shows up in many of Miike's V-Cinema releases.
  • Black Comedy: Rape, violence, incest, drug addiction, and necrophilia are all on display and Played for Laughs.
  • Black Comedy Rape: The father gave a man-on-the-street interview to a local gang and ended up getting a microphone shoved in a very uncomfortable spot while they filmed it. His co-workers are horrified (especially since he went on to broadcast the footage anyway) and ask him to take some time off from work. This is played for very Dark Humor.
  • The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In: In the third act, the mother throws a knife at her son and it lands pointy end in on a floor board. A minute later she throws a screwdriver at one of her son's bullies and it penetrates his forehead pointy end in.
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  • Domestic Abuse: How the son mistreats his mother.
  • Drop the Hammer: A hammer is used to kill the school bullies.
  • Dysfunction Junction: The entire family is practically on the brink of madness.
  • I Love the Dead: In the climax, the father kills a young female colleague, then strips her body naked and has sex with her corpse.
  • Gainax Ending: The entire movie is surreal and hard to explain but the final scene involves the mother showering the father and daughter with breast milk, then feeding the family.
  • Gorn: The family fights back against the local gang and kill them pretty brutally. The climax involves the father also going on a killing spree in and around a girl's high school.
  • No Dead Body Poops: Almost all of the girls who are killed by the father avert this, as many of the girls are seen wetting themselves as they die, with their urine soaking through their panties and pooling on the ground around their bodies. Several of the girls' corpses are also shown with lumps of semi-solid brown substance oozing out of and staining their panties as they defecate in death.
  • Parental Incest: The father pays his daughter for sex.
  • Punk in the Trunk: The father moves the bodies of the dead school boys into the trunk of his car.
  • Trauma Conga Line: The entire family. The son gets bullied and comes home to a crazy family everyday and even then, they still pop up to throw fireworks at their house. The dad is not respected at work, gets beaten and raped by a gang, pays his disrespectful daughter for sex, then ends up going crazy and has a few more problems once he turns to necrophilia. The mother has an unloving husband, horrible kids, a drug habit, and ends up in prostitution.


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