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1934, Warsaw. Henryk Kwinto, the master safecracker, Just Got Out of Jail. He steadfastly refuses his old pals propositions for getting back into business - fully intending to clean up his act and live as a musician from now on. The past is in the past. Except, of course, for his non-criminal best friend Tadeusz, whom Kwinto goes to visit right after getting out.

And learns that Tadeusz was Driven to Suicide by financial problems, resulting from being conned out of his money by Kramer's less-than-honest bank. And Kramer, incidentally, is the guy who got Kwinto into jail in the first place...

The debut of Juliusz Machulski (who went on to make Sex Mission and Kiler), it's a cool, suave, mind-screwy in-universe and out (really, Shell Game of a movie - watch it closely! or leave confused) heist movie cum Comedy. An Up to Eleven sequel was also made, but we're not concerned with it right now.


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