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A small group of college students decide to go into Mexico and make a documentary about illegal immigration into the United States of America. They begin by things pretty well by managing to get themselves in good with an immigrant smuggler who agrees to help them. However, as they are in the process of crossing the border, they are caught by a group of people who capture immigrants attempting to cross the border. When their status as American citizens are discovered, their captors are kind and tell them they can leave on one condition: they film what they do at the facility. The students agree and are introduced to a world of torture and horrible misdeeds....

  • Big Damn Heroes: Near the end of the film, the captive Mexicans who were released pull this when they tackle and beat one of the guards looking for the Travis, Liz and Alberto.
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  • Camera Abuse: The camera is used as a weapon a couple of times, both when on-screen and when the viewer is looking through it.
  • Found Footage Films
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Done a few times.
  • Groin Attack: This is tried once during one of the student's numerous escape attempts.
  • Karma Houdini: Pretty much everybody at the facility gets away with their actions.
  • Kick the Dog: The people at the facility seem to have made a living off of this trope.
  • Men Are the Expendable Gender: While a couple of women do die, the death toll of the men is far higher.
  • One-Word Title


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