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Ticks (also known as Infested) is a horror movie from 1993.

A bunch of troubled cityslicker teens are taken to the woods to learn teamwork and overcome their differences. Unfortunately to them, trouble is on its way in the guise of dangerous marihuana farmers and mutated overgrown ticks.

This film is infested with:

  • The End... Or Is It?: One of the cocoons survived back to the city.
  • Flat Character: Holly has no contributions at all to the plot and seems to be in the movie only to give Charles a girlfriend.
  • Hallucinations: Side effect from tick infestation.
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  • Ironic Nickname: Panic, "because he never does".
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: For a good chunk of the movie, Charles is an irresponsible jerk who snaps at the kids, leaves them unsupervised and often behaves like he doesn't even want to deal with them despite the fact that he's supposed to be in charge. Ultimately, however, he does fight hard to keep them alive once the danger has been made clear.
  • Kill It with Fire: Ticks blow up when they're touched by fire.
  • The Siege: The forest fire makes all the ticks come after our protagonists.


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